Art Moves Africa – Retracing Roots and Tracing New Routes: Mobility and Touring in North Africa

A study by Lara Bourdin for Art Moves Africa, October 2019

A study by Lara Bourdin for Art Moves Africa, October 2019

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4.<br />

Support the<br />

structur<strong>in</strong>g of the<br />

arts <strong>and</strong> culture<br />

sector(s) <strong>in</strong><br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Africa</strong><br />

—<br />

QUOTE:<br />

« Grants are there for artists to concentrate<br />

on the artistic <strong>and</strong> not the economic sides<br />

of their work. That’s where grants get<br />

<strong>in</strong>terest<strong>in</strong>g. I would never have travelled as<br />

much <strong>in</strong> <strong>Africa</strong> if I hadn’t had the help I got.<br />

I received AMA grants, grants from the Institut<br />

Français, which was much more open <strong>and</strong><br />

generous; it was a different system.<br />

It changed my outlook once I was on the spot;<br />

I wasn’t caught up <strong>in</strong> the same calculations,<br />

the same deception <strong>and</strong> disillusionment.<br />

It’s important that those k<strong>in</strong>ds of structures<br />

cont<strong>in</strong>ue to support artists’ travels.»<br />

H<strong>in</strong>d Benali,<br />

Dancer <strong>and</strong> choreographer, Compagnie Fleur<br />

d’orange, Casablanca/Nouméa*<br />

—<br />

With visa issues the most frequently cited<br />

obstacle to mobility, it seems vital to work<br />

to reverse the dramatic trends currently<br />

underway through advocacy, monitor<strong>in</strong>g<br />

<strong>and</strong> <strong>in</strong>formation-shar<strong>in</strong>g:<br />

100<br />

Conclusion & Recommendations<br />

Strengthen<strong>in</strong>g mobility goes h<strong>and</strong> <strong>in</strong> h<strong>and</strong> with<br />

strengthen<strong>in</strong>g the cultural sector as a whole. Various<br />

stakeholders can participate <strong>in</strong> advocacy efforts<br />

for the follow<strong>in</strong>g objectives:<br />

4.1 Advocacy for <strong>in</strong>creased public support for<br />

arts <strong>and</strong> culture, especially <strong>in</strong> countries which have<br />

the budgetary capacity to do so (e.g., Algeria)<br />

4.2. Advocacy for greater transparency about public adm<strong>in</strong>istrations’<br />

<strong>and</strong> <strong>in</strong>ternational organizations’ budgets <strong>and</strong><br />

allocation of funds<br />

4.3. Multiply opportunities for tra<strong>in</strong><strong>in</strong>gs for cultural managers<br />

4.4 Encourage grassroots-level organizations to federate,<br />

organize <strong>and</strong> advocate for greater structuration at the<br />

local level<br />

5.5 Reduce dependency on foreign organizations <strong>and</strong> cultural<br />

<strong>in</strong>stitutes<br />

5.<br />

Advocate for freedom<br />

of movement for<br />

artists <strong>and</strong> cultural<br />

practitioners<br />

5.1. Create spaces for debate, exchange, solidarity <strong>and</strong> <strong>in</strong>formation-shar<strong>in</strong>g<br />

to emerge amongst cultural actors as a first step towards improved advocacy,<br />

for example through round-tables at events<br />

5.2. Monitor cases of visa refusals <strong>and</strong> build database<br />

5.3. Create a secure hotl<strong>in</strong>e that artists / cultural operators can contact <strong>in</strong><br />

case of emergency (Tamizdat <strong>in</strong> the USA could be a model)<br />

5.4. Advocate for true bilaterality <strong>and</strong> equitable treatment at the level of European<br />

<strong>and</strong> other foreign cultural <strong>in</strong>stitutes<br />

5.5. Advocate for freedom of movement for artists <strong>and</strong> cultural operators at<br />

the national <strong>and</strong> supra-national levels, namely by leverag<strong>in</strong>g <strong>Art</strong>icle 16<br />

of the UNESCO 2005 Convention on the Protection <strong>and</strong> Promotion of the<br />

Diversity of Cultural Expressions

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