Art Moves Africa – Retracing Roots and Tracing New Routes: Mobility and Touring in North Africa

A study by Lara Bourdin for Art Moves Africa, October 2019

A study by Lara Bourdin for Art Moves Africa, October 2019

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33<br />

Summary of Outcomes<br />

Overl<strong>and</strong> travel <strong>in</strong>to <strong>and</strong> out of Libya is not recommended<br />

due to the presence of militias<br />

along the road.<br />

Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria <strong>and</strong> Egypt also have<br />

decent to good road networks connect<strong>in</strong>g major<br />

cities. Morocco boasts the region’s most developed<br />

rail system, with high-speed rail <strong>in</strong> place<br />

between Tangiers <strong>and</strong> Casablanca <strong>and</strong> plans to<br />

extend the network east to Oujda <strong>and</strong> south to<br />

Agadir via Marrakech. The national rail operator<br />

is the ONCF. Algeria <strong>and</strong> Egypt also have rail<br />

systems connect<strong>in</strong>g major cities, namely along<br />

the coast <strong>and</strong> the Nile river <strong>in</strong> Egypt.<br />

—<br />


—<br />

Dancer Jenny Mezile perform<strong>in</strong>g at Harambee Days<br />

at L’Uz<strong>in</strong>e, 2018.<br />

Photo: Ahlam Maroon/L’Uz<strong>in</strong>e.<br />

The closure of the Morocco <strong>–</strong> Algeria border makes<br />

road travel between the two countries impracticable.<br />

Likewise, entry <strong>in</strong>to Western Sahara via<br />

road is subject to controls, which can be unpredictable,<br />

especially <strong>in</strong> periods of strife.<br />

Algeria’s road system <strong>in</strong>cludes the Trans-Saharan<br />

Highway’s Route 2, which l<strong>in</strong>ks Algiers to<br />

Lagos via Tamanrasset, Agadez <strong>and</strong> Kano. The<br />

highway is almost complete, with the exception<br />

of a 200 km-long segment <strong>in</strong> the north of Niger.<br />

Cairo is connected to Khartoum via road. However,<br />

border cross<strong>in</strong>g has been complicated due<br />

to diplomatic disputes between Egypt <strong>and</strong> Sudan<br />

<strong>and</strong> arms smuggl<strong>in</strong>g at the border.<br />

Due to the above-described impediments to road<br />

travel <strong>and</strong> the large distances between major<br />

<strong>North</strong> <strong>Africa</strong>n cities, air travel is the preferred<br />

method of transportation. Flight connections<br />

are frequent between capital cities, provided by<br />

national air carriers Royal Air Maroc, AirAlgérie,<br />

TunisAir <strong>and</strong> Egypt Air. The exception is Tripoli,<br />

which is at present only connected to Tunis <strong>and</strong><br />

Cairo (although the latter is subject to change).<br />

Royal Air Maroc (RAM) is emerg<strong>in</strong>g as the region’s<br />

most active carrier, creat<strong>in</strong>g connections with<strong>in</strong><br />

the region <strong>and</strong> the cont<strong>in</strong>ent that used to only<br />

be possible via European cities such as Paris<br />

<strong>and</strong> Barcelona. In recent years, RAM has exp<strong>and</strong>ed<br />

its network <strong>in</strong> <strong>Africa</strong> significantly, rivall<strong>in</strong>g<br />

Ethiopian Airl<strong>in</strong>es as the cont<strong>in</strong>ent’s number one<br />

carrier. RAM currently connects Casablanca to<br />

26 dest<strong>in</strong>ations <strong>in</strong> <strong>Africa</strong>. AirAlgérie <strong>and</strong> TunisAir<br />

are also develop<strong>in</strong>g their connections <strong>in</strong> West<br />

<strong>Africa</strong>, connect<strong>in</strong>g with 9 <strong>and</strong> 11 dest<strong>in</strong>ations,<br />


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