Organic Farmer October/November 2019


at the farm every other week throughout

the growing season. The farm

delivers bulk orders of heirloom apples

and seasonal produce to local restaurants,

co-ops, and small grocery stores

in Eugene, Salem and Portland.

Farming Philosophy

Homanics, who lives at the farm,

really likes the idea of creating community—chatting,

sharing ideas, and

generally getting to know the neighbors.

“Everyday happenings are important,”

Homanics said.

He’s been pleased to observe the influx

of younger people interested in farming.

He thinks it’s great when neighbors and

customers bring their children to the

orchard. The children enjoy looking for

interesting rocks and insects. Homanics

enjoys watching them horse around and

play. He loves to hear the sound of their

exuberant laughter.

“We’re raising a community,” Homanics

said about the farm. “It’s the heartbeat

of the earth kind of idea.”

Redfree is a PRI and co-op series apple.

It comes from a disease-resistant breeding

program cooperative among several


Williams Pride tastes like strawberries,

Homanics says. “It has a very, very

fruity note.”

Gruzhovaka of Moscow is a coddling

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40% Average Reduction Compared to Insecticide Alone *

Simply tank mix with insecticide application

moth resistant variety and stores well.

Spokane Beauty “Such a juicy, crispy

apple,” Homanics said. “It really is a

beautiful apple.”

Enhanced Codling Moth Larval Control!

For conventional and organic apples and pears!!

Available in 10, 20 and

40 acre container sizes!

Favorite Varieties

With approximately 25,000 named

varieties of apples in the world, it’s hard

to choose favorites, but Homanics and

Berg, who are always looking for the

very best apples for organic growing,

have managed to come up with this

partial list:



Belle de Bokoop is a variety that comes

up in conversation with Homanics and

Berg over and over. It’s a tart, greenish-yellow

skinned apple. Great for

baking. The trees have a classic heirloom


Giant Red Russian Crab “Its flesh

is blood red and bleeds like a beet,”

Berg said.

Blairmont is one Homanics mentions

as a scab and coddling moth resistant




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PLEASE: ALWAYS READ THE LABEL *Based on USDA analysis global data base.

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CIDETRAK ® DA MEC contains a novel, patented kairomone in a micro-encapsulated liquid

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Additionally, Codling Moth adult control is significantly enhanced when mixed indirectly with airborne

Codling Moth pheromone applied as a mating disruption treatment.

• What it does: Disrupts oviposition. Changes larval behavior:

Stops/delays locating fruit; stops/delays fruit entry and reduces damage.

• How to use it: Simply tank mix with each insecticide application.

• Longevity: More than 14 days following application.


October/November 2019


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