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When There is Order in the House,

There is Peace in the Home

This is especially true for seniors who are wanting or needing to leave

their family home. Seniors delay this process for four reasons.

1 Seniors are overwhelmed with the amount of

“stuff” in their homes and the thought of sorting

through it, selling it, giving it away, or throwing

it away.

2 Their children are busy or don’t live close by, and

the thought of going through their possessions

by themselves delays the process of downsizing

to a more affordable and easy to manage living

situation, sometimes by years.

Contact Lisa Hoerler at Lisa Organizes: 708-516-4410

To help the senior in your life.

3 Seniors don’t have the physical or

emotional strength and stamina to sort,

organize, pack, sell, or toss their most

prized treasured possessions.

4 Seniors have memories around

everything in their home and they fear

that when they “lose” the item, they will

lose the memory. And today the loss of

their “memory” is what seniors fear most.

Lisa Organizes creates an environment of great care and compassion around all of

the above when working with seniors. Lisa understands it’s not just “stuff” to a senior.

It’s their lifetime of memories that are being displaced. She works easily with

a senior to keep the most important and to sell or donate the not needed.




For more information, visit


2020 EXPO

Financial Focus: Not

too soon for end-ofyear

financial moves

We’ve still got a couple

of months until 2019

draws to a close, but it’s

not too early to make some

end-of-the-year financial

moves. In fact, it may be a

good idea to take some of

these steps sooner rather

than later.

Here are a few


• Boost 401(k) contributions.

Like many

people, one might not

usually contribute the

maximum amount to

their 401(k), which,

in 2019 is $19,000, or

$25,000 if someone is

50 or older. One should

ask their employer if

their 401(k) contributions

can be increased in

2019, and if a bonus is

received before the year

ends, they may be able

to use that toward their

401(k), too.

• Add to IRA. People have

until April 15, 2020, to

contribute to their IRA

for the 2019 tax year, but

the more they can put in

now and over the next

few months, the less

they’ll have to come up

with in a hurry at the filing

deadline. For 2019,

one can put up to $6,000

in their IRA, or $7,000 if

they’re 50 or older.

• Review portfolio. It’s

always a good idea for

someone to review their

investment portfolio at

least once a year, and

now is as good a time as

any. But don’t make any

judgments based solely

on results over the past

10 months. Instead, look

carefully at how the

portfolio is constructed.

Is it still properly diversified,

or has it become

overweighted in some

areas? Does it still fit

risk tolerance, or is there

excessive worry about

short-term price swings?

These are the types of

factors that might lead

someone to make some

changes, possibly with

the help of a financial


• Don’t forget about

RMDs. Once someone

turns 70-and-a-half,

they generally needs to

start taking withdrawals

– the technical term

is “required minimum

distributions,” or RMDs

– from a traditional IRA

and 401(k) or similar

plan. After the first

year in which one takes

these RMDs, they must

take them by the end of

each year thereafter. If

one doesn’t withdraw

at least the minimum

amount (calculated

based on age, account

balance and other factors)

they face a penalty

of 50 percent of what

they should have taken

out – a potential loss of

thousands of dollars. So,

one should take RMDs

before Dec. 31. The

financial services provider

that administers an

IRA or 401(k) can help

determine the amount

one must withdraw.

• Think about next year’s

opportunities. It happens

to almost all of us:

A year has passed, and

we haven’t taken the actions

we had planned.

So, start thinking now

about what to do in 2020

from a financial standpoint.

Is it affordable to

ratchet up investments

in retirement plans?

If one has children or

grandchildren, has saving

for college started?

Has there been consideration

to protect financial

independence if some

type of long-term care

is needed, such as an

extended nursing home

stay? If these or other

items are on one’s financial

to-do list, start planning

now to get them

done next year.

Time goes quickly – so

don’t get left behind without

having taken the steps

to keep moving toward financial


Submitted by Edward Jones,

Financial Advisor.

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Purposeful living at Clarendale of Mokena

The new community on

Wolf Road just south of

Route 30 has undergone

significant changes since

its opening in October of

2015. Pre-opening, there

were 90 depositors waiting

for the finishing touches for

the community to be complete.

The residents who

decided to move after just

reviewing blueprints were

not disappointed with any

of the final selections made

by Life Care Services.

LCS is both management

and owner of Clarendale

Senior Living, and

Mokena’s location is first

of 12 locations nationwide.

Offering Independent,

Assisted Living and

Memory Care, the intentionally

planned community

gave local residents

a chance for residential

senior living as a rental

option. Condo-style apartments,

underground parking

and a Pub reiterated

the philosophy that “community

living enriches life;

it doesn’t detract or limit

you.” The philosophy is

consistent for those needing

care: independence is

promoted, but additional

support is offered to allow

more carefree living and

peace of mind with staffing

and nurses available

around the clock.

Longevity and a longterm

perspective has differentiated

Life Care Services

communities in their dedication

and passion to serving

seniors for 50 years.

While Clarendale of Mokena

has seen new faces,

including recent changes

of the leadership team and

Executive Director, Tricia

Stoudt, many familiar

“founders” are still present.

Those people include

Jimmy Johns, “The Face

of Clarendale” as the Life

Enrichment Transportation

Specialist, marketing directors

Bridget Fogarty and

Kathryn Dietrich, and residents

like Marie Chopard.

Chopard has called Clarendale

of Mokena “home”

for the last four years and

has participated in 333

round trips on Jimmy’s

green Clarendale bus.

“I moved in, and it didn’t

take me long to fall in love

with the place,” Chopard

said. “…The food is very

good. The people here are

wonderful. There’s always

something going on, there

are things for us to do, play

cards and so forth. You’re

not lacking anything here.

If you are it’s your fault. I

just love it.”

Residents like Chopard

have opportunities for personal

appointments and

off-site activities such as

Starved Rock Boat Tour or

local restaurant outings.

The mission and signature

programs of Life Care

Services incorporated at

Clarendale of Mokena

creates distinction among

facilities providing Assisted

Living Memory Care.

At Clarendale of Mokena,

many residents stay

through hospice and end of

life care in their [private]

apartment without transitioning

to cost and environment

of skilled nursing.

Ken Gignac chose Clarendale

for that reason.

“I never realized how

little I rested and run-down

I was from being her caregiver,”

Gignac said. “But

when she came to Clarendale,

I slept so soundly

knowing she was getting

the care she needed. I had

put it off knowing she

wanted to live at home

with me, but the move was

the best thing for both of


Clarendale of Mokena

can be the start of a “new

lease on life”, for the caregiver

or the one needing

care. Care-free living options

and public events

including educational lectures

and monthly support

groups are just a few ways

Clarendale of Mokena

supports seniors and families

in the South Suburbs.

Submitted by Clarendale of

Mokena, 21536 Wolf Road,

Mokena. For more information

on purposed living, a list

of upcoming calendar events

or employment opportunities,

visit ClarendaleOfMokena.

com or call (815) 464-4418.

Learn Social Ballroom Dancing


You’re Invited

to Experience Clarendale of Mokena in

Some Upcoming Events!

Saturday, November 2nd

10:30 – 12

A Practical Guide

to Understanding

Veteran’s (and Spouses)

Federal Pension

Benefits presented by

VA Accredited Attorney

Barry Bergstrom.

RSVP by 11/1

Saturday, November 9th

10:30 – 12

Assisted Living and

Memory Care, What’s the

Difference and

How do you Know?

Followed by a Tour and

Take Home a Pumpkin Pie!

RSVP by 11/7

Enjoy the Benefits of Dancing

Exercise in aFriendly


Enjoy Social interaction

Relieve Stress

Succeed with our Unique

System of Teaching

Developed by Fred Astaire Himself

Taught by our Certified Instructors

Guaranteed to Make your Learning Rewarding






em info@ClarendaleOfMokena.com web ClarendaleOfMokena.com

(815) 464-4418

21536 South Wolf Road | Mokena, Illinois 60448

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Tech-forward Artistic Dentistry keeps growing

This isn’t one’s grandfather’s

— or even their

father’s — dentist’s office.

At Artistic Dentistry,

14811 S. Founder’s Crossing,

Homer Glen, dental

work continues to evolve

in stride with the technology

age, providing patients

with a more efficient and

comfortable service experience.

The newly renovated

practice continues its dedication

of offering a wide

range of the latest treatment

options for facial esthetics

and smile enhancement

by expanding its

services even further with

the addition of injectables

such as Botox and Juvederm,

and Medspa. Botox

has garnered worldwide

favor as the treatment

of choice for retaining a

youthful appearance but

while Botox certainly can

be used effectively in a

dental office for cosmetic

wrinkle reduction, its

most exciting uses in dentistry

aren’t cosmetic at

all. Botox can be administered

to treat various types

of Temporomandibular

Joint Disorder, bruxism

and clenching, reducing a

high lip line or, “gummy

smile,” without surgery

and edentulous patients

can benefit from Botox

treatment in cases where

the lip muscles have become

repositioned due to

decreased vertical dimension.

Dental and facial imperfections

can be a strain to

a person’s self-esteem, and

Artistic Dentistry is proud

to work to end that feeling,

according to the practice’s

manager Jeanette Akroush.

“We are devoted to providing

the highest quality

family dental and medspa

services,” she said. “Our

skilled and trusted providers

always utilize the most

advanced techniques, devices,

and procedures with

great expertise, safety and

integrity. We love to enhance

our client’s well being

and natural beauty. We

demonstrate that each client

is personally valued and



Serving Orland Park and Surrounding Suburbs

important to all of us.”

Since opening, the practice

has focused on researching,

installing and

offering the latest options

for dental treatment.

Aside from the newest

addition of Botox, Artistic

Dentistry uses state-ofthe-art

technology, such


Computer guided dental

implant surgery:

• The Cone Beam CT



We provide: • Companionship Services

Light Housekeeping • Bathing Assistance

Medication Reminders • Transportation

Ambulation Assistance

Meal Planning & Preparation

In-Hospital Sitter Service

Available 24 Hours

Scan, which minimizes

radiation exposure by

200 times while producing

high-quality 360-degree


• Intraoral digital cameras

that give high-resolution

photos that help both

doctor and patient

• Digital X-rays that also

emit less radiation than

conventional X-rays and

are available in seconds

• Digital dental impressions

which eliminate

the uncomfortable,

messy impression-taking


Venus Glow, a powerful

skin cleansing treatment

that uses a vacuum,

360-degree rotating tip

and two ultra-fine jet

streams to open and deep

clean pores, restoring a

more radiant healthierlooking


Venus Legacy and Venus

Versa offer a full range

of options for today’s most

sought-after treatments to

improve the appearance

of skin tone, elasticity, and

texture quickly and effectively.

The Venus Concept

devices offer treatments

for wrinkles, acne, scars

and cellulite reduction,

skin discolorations, body

shaping, and hair removal.

Artistic Dentistry and

Medspa is led by Dr. Joel

Akroush, a graduate of

Loyola School of Dentistry,

who opened the Homer

Glen practice in 2012. With

27 years of experience, he

has been recognized as the

top Zoom provider in Illinois,

as well as awarded

as a Platinum Partner from

Nobel Biocare, an industry

leader in dental implants.

Dr. Akroush has continued

his education and training

at The Dawson Academy

and American Academy of

Facial Esthetics, is a member

of the Illinois State

Dental Society, American

Academy of Implant Dentistry,

American Academy

of Facial Esthetics, American

Dental Association

and American Academy of

Cosmetic Dentistry.

Akroush and company

can perform a full suite of

dental procedures, from

cleanings and restorations

to root-canal therapy and

dental implants to lip enhancements,

Botox injections

and wrinkle reduction

in an upscale, modern

atmosphere. Call the office

for a free consultation and

learn how Artistic Dentistry

can help.

Submitted by Artistic

Dentistry, 14811 S. Founders

Crossing, Homer Glen.

For more information, visit

artisticdentistry-pc.com or

call (708) 301-6060.

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Are STEM CELLS the Answer

To Knee, Hip, Back & Shoulder Pain?

Avoid Surgery...Regenerate before you operate!


If you suffer from ANY of the

following symptoms YOU


• Knee Pain

• Arthritis

• Back Pain

• Hip Pain

• Neck/Shoulder Pain

• Swollen, Stiff & Sore Joints

• Elbow, Wrist and Hand Pain

• Ankle and Foot Pain



To reserve your place, please call

(708) 315-2469

Beyer Stem Cell Institute

17023 S. Harlem Ave • Tinley Park, IL


Saturday 10/19 in Naperville at 11:00am

Tuesday 10/22 in Oak Lawn at 6:30pm

Tuesday 10/29 in Beverly at 6:00pm


Wednesday 10/30 at 6:30pm

and Saturday 11/2 at 11:00am

(The Tinley Park seminars will discuss stem cells and erectile dysfunction)

Visit our website at www.beyerstemcellinstitute.com

for details and other upcoming seminars.

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Stem cell therapy now available in Tinley Park

Dr. Ed Beyer, of Beyer

Natural Health Solutions,

has partnered with Dr.

Scott Hanlon, D.O. of Little

Company of Mary Hospital

and Predictive Biotech labs,

to offer FDA-regulated human

umbilical cord stem

cells to patients suffering

from chronic degenerative

arthritis, osteoarthritis and

rheumatoid arthritis that can

cause debilitating pain in

the following areas:

• knees

• hips

• neck and low back

• shoulders

• elbows

• hands and feet

Dr. Beyer has been practicing

functional medicine

in Tinley Park for over 30

years. When asked why he

decided to venture into stem

cells he said, “I have had my

eye on the potential of stem

cells to regenerate broken

down joints ever since my

father passed away from the

consequences of an FDAapproved

drug he was taken

for arthritic pain. At that

time, stem cells were in their

infancy stages. With the advancement

of research, that

is no longer the case.

“Now, when it comes to

proper, and I emphasize

proper, stem cell therapy

for regeneration of arthritic

joints, there is simply no

better option. Research now

confirms this, and we are

seeing it on a daily basis

in our clinic. People with

‘bone on bone’ joints told

they need surgical replacement

are finding relief and

avoidance of surgery with

proper stem cell injections.”

He went on to say even

Mayo Clinic uses stem cell

and regenerative medicine.

He further states that “the

future of joint repair is here


Dr. Beyer and Dr. Hanlon

know that there exists a

lot of false information and

misunderstanding when it

comes to stem cells. For this

reason, Dr. Beyer is holding

free informational seminars

in the area that answers the

following questions:

-What science and research

say about what stem

cells can help and what

can’t they help?

-Is the FDA involved in

stem cell therapy?

-Which type of stem cells

should be used to regenerate

arthritic joints?

-Are there any dangers to

stem cell therapy?

-Does insurance cover

this type of therapy?

-What kind of results can

be expected, and how long

will they last if I am a good

candidate for stem cell therapy?

These one hour seminars

are being offered

free of charge at the following


• 11 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 19,


• 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct.

22, Oak Lawn

• 11 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 26,

Carol Stream

• 6 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 29,


• 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, Oct.

30, Tinley Park

• 11 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 2,

Tinley Park

The Tinley Park seminars

will include a discussion on

stem cells, as well as erectile

dysfunction. Seating is

limited, so register now.

Submitted by Dr. Edward

Beyer and Dr. Scott Hanlon.

For more information, visit

beyerstemcellinstitute.com or

call (708) 315-2151.






















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Peace Village in Palos Park offers value,

security to all in its senior living community

If one is considering a move

to a senior living community,

they are in the midst of one of

the most important decisions

they will ever make — how and

where to spend the future. With

a decision this important, it’s

essential to have all the facts.

Research shows that lifestyle

choices, living environment

and the habits developed make

a world of difference in how

people age. Studies reveal that

senior living communities offer

benefits and opportunities in

these areas.

Value, security and a carefree

lifestyle are some of the reasons

why a growing number of older

adults are moving to senior living

communities. They let go of

responsibilities like home maintenance

and yardwork, and gain

a private residence in a community

of friends, wellness programs,

social clubs and events,

day trips and cultural excursions,

and on-site restaurantstyle


Peace Village in Palos Park

is a perfect example. This community

offers all these services

and amenities and more. Peace

Village’s vision is to enhance

the lifelong well-being and potential

of seniors, and all those it

serves. The community delivers

a progressive, engaging lifestyle

that maximizes independence

and leads to more enjoyment

and better health for residents.

If additional care is ever

needed, Circle Inn assisted living

at Peace Village is available

on campus, providing just the

right amount of professional assistance

and the very best care

and amenities. The Courtyard at

Peace Village offers high-quality

memory care for those dealing

with Alzheimer’s or other

forms of memory loss. The

community also offers in-home

aide services, respite stays and

wellness evaluations, making

every experience at Peace Village

as dignified and personally

satisfying as possible.

Many senior living communities

like Peace Village are

not-for-profit, which benefits

residents in several ways:

• The community is driven by

a mission to provide quality,

choice and value to its residents

— not by profit potential.

• Funds generated are reinvested

into the community.

• Favorable tax credits, exemptions

and preferred pricing

help control operating costs,

resulting in more stabilized

monthly fees for residents.

• A foundation is available to

provide support if a resident

experiences financial difficulty.

• A dedicated local board of directors

guide decisions and

provide oversight.

Keep in mind that not all communities

are the same. Floor

plan selection, size of apartments,

services and amenities,

access to health care, and costs

can all vary. Some, like Peace

Village, add value with speakers,

events and helpful resources.

In fact, we invite people to

request our free Cost of Living

Worksheet to help determine

potential savings after move in.

Explore different options,

separate fact from misperception

and make the most informed

choice. For genuine

value, come visit Peace Village.

Call (866) 951-2998 to schedule

a convenient time. And visit us

online at PeaceVillage.org.

Submitted by Peace Village, 10300

Village Circle Drive, Palos Park.

For more information, visit peacev

illage.org or call (708) 361-3683.

At Peace Village, it all begins with options. Your

residence. Your dining choices. Entertainment. Fitness

and recreation. Creative arts. Spirituality. We even offer

a range of move-in options designed to find your

financial sweet spot.

Peace Village is in beautiful, comfortable, affordable

Palos Park, where you can relax, have fun, and do all the

things you love. That’s real value — your best retirement

living value in Chicago’s southwest suburbs.

For event information or to arrange a tour, call

1-866-951-2998. We’re online at PeaceVillage.org

10300 Village Circle Drive | Palos Park, IL 60464

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Midwest Orthopaedic Consultants in

Orland Park offer skillful care to patients

Exploring common questions about Medicare Advantage plans

At DuPage Medical

Group, our patients often

approach us with questions

regarding Medicare coverage

and which plans might

be right for them. One

such option is Medicare

Advantage, which can offer

improvements in both

cost and overall care.

What are some of the

extended benefits?

Medicare Advantage

plans offer the same

coverage as traditional

Medicare, plus additional

features through Medicare-approved


companies. Coverage under

Medicare Advantage

When one has been serving

patients for more than

three decades and have

highly trained surgeons on

staff, one is likely doing

many things right.

The staff at Midwest

Orthopaedic Consultants,

with locations in both Oak

Lawn and Orland Park, has

served the region with more

than 80 years of combined

orthopedic experience.

“Midwest Orthopaedic

Consultants brings university

level ortho care

close to home. All of our

surgeons are fellowship

trained in a specific body

part, making them more

experienced in treating the

symptoms you’re having,”

said Todd Mensik, MOC’s

vice president.

Back on one’s feet

Ranges of orthopedic

services are offered at

MOC, including injections,

surgeries, MRIs and

X-rays, urgent care and

physical therapy. Both offices

have all of the services

needed to diagnose and

treat all types of injuries.

“From X-ray to MRI to

PT, we’re able to get you

back on your feet faster

and streamline your recovery,”

Mensik said.

The keys to Midwest

Orthopaedic Consultant’s

success are the doctors.

“They are caring, compassionate,

educated and

motivated to get our patients

better and bring

them back to the lifestyle

they’re used to,” he said,

adding that surgeons on

staff continuously educate

themselves on the

latest technology to “help

in your recovery process

while knowing their limitations.”

Midwest Orthopaedic

plans often includes preventive

care and wellness

services such as disease

prevention, chronic care

management and even

gym memberships. Dental

and vision coverage

are also common features

included in Medicare

Advantage plans. Lastly,

most Medicare Advantage

policies include Medicare

prescription drug coverage

— also known as “Part

D” — and do not require

Medigap (supplemental)


Who are good candidates?

Medicare Advantage

can be the perfect solution

Consultants includes 18


Roots in patient care

The practice began in

1995 when five orthopedic

surgery specialists from

the Oak Lawn area met

to discuss changes in the

practice of medicine. Their

principal concerns were

on improving patient care,

for seniors looking to take

more control of their health

through expanded healthcare

services. Medicare

Advantage policyholders

secure coverage for a

number of services which

would not be deemed

“medically necessary” under

traditional Medicare

plans, potentially offering

them more peace of mind

when it comes to their

health. With a variety of

different plans to choose

from, people will be able

to find a Medicare Advantage

policy that’s best

suited to their lifestyle and

healthcare needs.

streamlining delivery of

care and maximizing outcomes

for its patients. As

orthopedic surgeons, they

“were best fit to handle

those challenges,” according

to Mensik.

Since that time, Midwest

Orthopaedic Consultants

has grown and evolved.

While the practice started

How does it work?

Each Medicare Advantage

plan operates a little

differently, making the options

more flexible. However,

Medicare Advantage

costs also change on an

annual basis depending on

factors like co-payments,

deductibles, plan network

policies and charges for

extra benefits.

When is a good time to

consider plans?

Any time is good for

starting your research. We

encourage patients to discuss

health care decisions

with their family members

and meet with a licensed

in a small building in Oak

Lawn, it very quickly outgrew

that site. Its primary

headquarters is now in

a large center in Orland

Park, and upgrades were

done to a new Oak Lawn

location on 95th Street.

Affordable care

Midwest Orthopaedic

Consultants delivers affordable,

quality and convenient

orthopedic care.

Midwest Orthopaedic

Consultants provides one

of the few self-contained

orthopedic facilities in the

nation, centered on assuring

comfort and convenience

for its patients and


The goal of the physicians

and staff is to provide

hig-quality care and

a comprehensive range of

diagnostic, surgical and

rehabilitative services to

meet all the orthopedic

insurance agent to compare

their plan options.

Since Medicare costs and

plan benefits do change

every year, it’s important

to review how these fluctuations

may impact health

care the following year.

In preparation, here are

some other important

questions to consider:

• What will the plan

cost, and is it yearly or


• Will I pay something at

the time of a provider


• Will my current medications

be covered?

• Do I need a referral to see

needs of patients. This

also includes keeping up

with the latest medical

technological advances,

such as iPod joint replacement

technology and ultrasound-guided


Midwest Orthopaedic

Consultants have been

helping patients for more

than 30 years.

“Patients aren’t just a

number; they are family,”

Mensik said. “Being a private

practice, we can still

offer a personal touch that

is sometimes lost in larger

groups. They get to know

not only their provider but

also the staff who assists in

their treatment.”

Submitted by Midwest Orthopaedic

Consultants, 10719

160th St., Orland Park. For

more information visit or

thoexperts.com or call (708)


a specialist?

• Which hospitals are in

the plan network? Are

there exceptions?

• How will this plan coordinate

with the healthcare

provided by my

(former) employer or

veterans benefits?

• Are there special programs

that I qualify for

this year?

DuPage Medical Group

helps coordinate Medicare

education seminars at

many of our offices.

Submitted by DuPage Medical

Group. To learn more,

please visit dupagemedical


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Don’t be fooled

Knowthe facts about arthritis treatment

options and who’s providing them

Q: What type of services does Midwest OrthopaedicConsultants(MOC)offer forarthritis treatment?

A: At MOC, we offer convenientaccess to all of the essential orthopedic services under one roof.FromMRI, X-rays and ultrasoundguided

cortisone injections to ultrasound-guided gel injections,physicaltherapy, and if necessary—the option to have full replacement

surgery. The single-siteconvenienceoffered byMOC also eliminatesthe need for outside referrals for additional tests and treatments.

Onceapatientarrives, everything can be handled in-house atMOC.

LuisJ.Redondo, M.D.

Joint Reconstruction and

Sports Medicine

George Branovacki, M.D.

Joint Reconstruction,

Revisions, Sports Medicine

Q: Areyour doctors trained in orthopedics?

A: All of our doctors arefellowship-trained boardcertified orthopedic specialists,who exhaust all noninvasivetreatmentoptions before

discussing if surgical intervention is necessary. Oncesurgeryisdiscussed,MOC acts as ateam to generateaplan, which will create the

maximum potential forapositiveoutcome foreach patient. This is not aone-size-fits-all approach forour patients.Weare evaluating

and creating individual,custom plans based on the unique situations and needs of each patient.

Q: What separates MOC from institutes providing injections?

A: At MOC, we provide the convenienceof accessing all possible orthopedic treatmentoptions under one roof and the abilityfor our

patients to receivetreatmentbyfellowship-trained board-certified orthopedic specialists.Weare committed to developing individual

treatmentplans thatare distinctly fit foreach unique patient’sneeds,with an absolutegoal of maximizing outcomes.Wewantall of

our patients to get back to their expectedlifestyles as quickly—and as completely—aspossible.Everything we do is based on those

expectations— and results.

Q: What type of imaging does MOC use fortheir injections?

A: We use Ultrasound Guided Technology,which benefits the patientbyexposing them to less radiation than X-rays.Italso provides a

moreprecise image thatin-turnallows us to deliver amoreprecise injection. Themoreprecise the injection, the better the results for

our patient.

Q: Does MOC followthe American AcademyofOrthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) guidelines fortiming and dosing?

A: We have adopted our strictMOC guidelines in order to ensureour patients benefit from all of the research and the distinctguidelines

established by AAOS. This alignmentensures our patients aregetting maximum outcomes thatbegin with establishing the correct

timing andreceiving the correctdosing levels.Midwest Orthopaedic Consultants has twolocations: 10719 W. 160th St. in Orland Park

and 4220 W. 95th St., Suite100, in Oak Lawn. Formoreinformation, visit orthoexperts.com or call us at 708.226.3300.

Midwest Orthopaedic Consultants • 10719 W. 160th St., Orland Park • 4220 W. 95thSt., Ste 100, Oak Lawn • 708.226.3300

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Sterk Family Law Group

Empower ourselfWith Options

5 Reasons to Prepare an Estate Plan

To protect yourself and your loved one.

Having aplan in place ensures you are in control and all of your

concerns are addressed.

To save yourself and your loved ones time and money.

Thecosts of Estate Planning pale in comparison to thepotential attorneys’

fees and costs associated with probate.

To makeyour wishes known and leave guidance on your


Designate aguardian for your children and spell out exactly what you


To plan for theunexpected.

Estate Planning is not just about dying; having aplan in place in case is

necessaryifyou are temporarily or permanently incapacitated &can’t

takecare of yourself.

To give yourself piece of mind.

Knowing that your Estate Plan is complete is ahuge weightoff your

shoulders. Youcan rest assured your loved ones will be best cared for

based on your wishes.

11508 W183rd Place, NW

Orland Park, IL 60467



Advertising Material

The importance of

estate planning

People work hard their

whole life to provide for

themself and loved ones.

While many of us spend a

great deal of time planning

and preparing for the future,

one of the most commonly

overlooked plans is

called an estate plan.

While estate planning

may cause a person to feel

like he or she is facing their

morbidity, the reality is that

these are important plans to

ensure that loved ones and

their estate are cared for

upon their death.

Estate planning is the

legal process to formally

determine and document

how a person’s estate will

be distributed through

wills, trusts, or a power

of attorney. A person’s estate

may include bank accounts,

investments and

bonds, property, automobile,

life insurance, and

even pets.

A will is a document to

declare a person’s wishes

regarding the distribution

of their property, the care

of any minor children as

well as methods of payment

of debts and taxes

one may owe when they

die. Wills may also contain

instructions for managing

property including putting

it into a trust or excluding

certain people from receiving

any of a person’s


Trusts allow people to

legally set aside specific

property for someone to

be held until a later date.

People can leave money

to someone in your will;

but a trust is its own legal

entity that will help avoid

probate and allows you to

name specific distributions

with more specific stipulations.

This could mean money

is banked until a child

turns 18 or an investment

that gets distributed to a

friend on a specified date.

Trusts can be set up in a

few ways:

• A revocable trust: A

flexible arrangement

which allows a person to

change the terms of the

eventual financial distribution

while they are

still alive

• A special needs trust: A

distinct type of arrangement

which allows a person

to set aside assets for

another person to be used

after death, while still

legally allowing them to

collect needs-based government

benefits. This

is important for minor

children and children or

adults with disabilities

whose wellness could be

put in peril without this

special protection.

• A pet trust: This allows

someone to set

aside funds that will be

used for a pet’s care and


A guardianship names a

person or people who may

become the legal guardian

of minor children or

a disabled adult. Naming

a guardian might be one

of the most important estate

planning decisions to

make because in the case

of the death of both parents,

a guardianship order

names a person or people

who now become the legal


Some estate planning

doesn’t have to do with

death, but addresses what

will happen if someone becomes

incapacitated. Powers

of attorney specify who

should care for people’s

Please see sterk, 12

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Medicare Advantage (MA) plans may offer seniors options that improve quality

of care and reduce overall costs. While covering all Medicare services, most MA

plans include prescription drug coverage. Many also offer coordinated benefits

such as vision, dental and even gym memberships.

Learn more at DuPageMedicalGroup.com/MA

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55+Active Adult

Visit us and ask about our Move in Specials!

Great Time to Select the Perfect Apartment!!

Spacious one and two bedroom apartments

Friday 10/25 & Saturday 10/26


Refreshments served

No appointment necessary

Hanover Place an

exceptional community

to call home

Every year, many active

seniors decide that owning

a home or a townhome is

just too much work and expensive

to keep up. There

are utilities that have high

costs to heat or cool large

spaces, property tax bills

to pay and inevitably there

are repairs.

But even beyond the

home, seniors are looking

for more and more options

for socialization and exciting

things to do beyond a

favorite television show.

Hanover Place can combine

the pleasure of living

alone in a maintenance

free apartment, offering

lower costs when you

combine all of the utility

costs when you combine

all of the utility costs and

upkeep of your own private

home. Our design is

simple. We provide lovely,

comfortable 1-2 bedroom

apartments, with amenities

in a friendly, social community.

Our residents and families

enjoy our movie theater,

library, fitness gym,

bistro lounge, game room

and even our beauty shop.

We feature an activity calendar

with daily events

both inside the community

as well as field trips and

outings to local shopping,

restaurants and entertainment.

Just six months ago,

Greystar took over management

at our community.

They have expanded

on our activity program to

include at least one large

event every month. These

are designed not only for

our residents to enjoy, but

also for our community.

Spend some time with us,

enjoy some refreshments

and take a look at a whole

new lifestyle.

We will continue to

place ads for our events in

your local papers. I hope

that you will consider joining

us. Our staff goes to

great lengths to provide

a different experience for

each and every event. We

hope that as you make

your decisions to move,

you will already have a

great comfort in our community

at Hanover Place.

Please join us.

Submitted by Hanover Place,

16851 Harlem Ave. in Tinley

Park. For more information,

call (708) 633-1700 or visit




16851 Harlem Avenue | Tinley Park, IL 60477


708-633-1700 | www.HanoverPlaceIL.com


From Page 10

medical needs and financial

matters if that person

becomes disabled in such

a way that does not allow

them to make decisions

for themself. It’s a difficult

scenario to consider, but

setting up a power of attorney

lets a person put someone

they trust in charge of

decisions related to their


Estate planning can

help you protect yourself

and your loved ones but

can also give you piece

of mind to plan by ensuring

that your wishes are

known and that your loved

ones can be best cared for.

Submitted by Gwendolyn

Sterk, 11508 183rd Place,

Orland Park. For those who

have questions or would like

to schedule a free, no obligation

consultation to discuss

an estate plan, contact Sterk

Family Law Group at (815)

600-8950 or sterkfamilylaw.


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Orland Township home to

vast array of social activities,

health programs, more

Orland Township offers

a vast array of social

activities and health programs

for older adults,

ranging from the weekly

drop-in center where seniors

can enjoy coffee

and a snack while playing

Bingo, cards and mingling

with friends to larger annual

events such as the

Senior Dating Game, Senior

American Idol and

Dancing with the Senior

Stars. Some of the Township’s

regular social activities

include monthly

luncheons, dinner dances

and trips.

Orland Township is also

committed to the well-being

of local seniors and offers

weekly classes to promote

healthy lifestyles.

Classes include yoga,

strong and fit, tai chi,

knitting, line dancing and

computer courses, such as

the Dakim BrainFitness

class, which is designed

to improve memory, focus

and concentration among


At the Township, seniors

can also participate

in valuable and convenient

seminars, such as

senior driver safety, Medicare

information seminar,

and CPR courses. The

Senior Citizen Advisory

Council allows seniors

to work in part with the

Township’s Supervisor

and Board of Trustees to

ensure the programs and

services provided are both

helpful and enjoyable for

local older citizens.

On Thursday, Nov. 21,

the Township will host a

free movie day. November’s

pick for the monthly

series is “The Upside.”

The show starts at noon

and popcorn will be

served. Space is limited so

reservations are required.

Call (708) 403-4222 to reserve

a seat.

Seniors interested in

learning CPR may attend

the Township’s CPR

class Tuesday, Dec. 10 at

1 p.m. There is no cost to

attend, but registration is

required. Call (708) 403-

4222 to register.

Residents are invited to

join Orland Township for

their annual Thanksgiving

dinner on Tuesday, Nov.

19 from 11:30 a.m.-2 p.m.

Winston’s Market is providing

a holiday meal with

all the trimmings: roasted

turkey, stuffing, mashed

potatoes with gravy along

with sautéed carrots and

cranberry sauce. And of

course, Thanksgiving dinner

is not complete without

delicious pumpkin

pie with whipped cream.

Seniors will also enjoy

Simply Patsy — Patsy

Cline tribute singer Mary

Pfeifer. Stop in at Orland

Township to purchase a

ticket today.

On Friday, Dec. 6 from

4:30-9 p.m., seniors can

join Orland Township for

the Chicago Trolley Holiday

Lights Tour. Residents

will be whisked on a

journey of dazzling lights

and holiday sights including

Zoo Lights at Lincoln

Park Zoo, The Magnificent

Mile, State Street and

Macy’s Holiday windows.

They will be caroling all

the way to the Millennium

Park and much more. A

light snack of a sandwich,

chips, cookies and a beverage

will be served once

everyone has boarded the

trolley. This trip will surely

get everyone into the

holiday spirit.

For seniors who are living

a more isolated lifestyle,

Orland Township

offers many resources to

try to get them connected.

The Township’s transportation

service offers frontdoor

transportation to and

from the Township and

medical appointments.

Orland Township also

works in part with organizations

such as PLOWS

Council on Aging, who

offer home checkups and

services to get older citizens

active in the community

once again.

“We hold our seniors

close to our hearts at Orland

Township,” Supervisor

Paul O’Grady said.

“We are happy we can

provide so many helpful

services and even happier

that so many smiling faces

take advantage of what we

offer. “

From the senior picnics

to monthly blood pressure

clinics and total lipid testing,

Orland Township is

a place for seniors to embrace

their age and thrive.

Submitted by Orland Township,

14807 S. Ravinia Ave.

Orland Park. For more

information, call (708) 403-

4222 or visit orland

township.org. To stay up to

date with what is happening

at the Township, follow

Supervisor Paul O’Grady on

Facebook at facebook.com/





















Live Well • Feel Well • Age Well

Providing Quality Services &

Award-Winning Programs

for Senior Citizens 55 years & older

who reside in Orland Park,

Orland Hills & Tinley Park

Senior Transportation

Social Opportunities

Dinner Dances • Luncheons

Trips • Drop-In Center

Senior Dating • Movie Day

Knitting Group • Senior Chorus…

Wellness Programs

Blood Pressure & Blood Sugar Checks

Cholesterol Screenings

Podiatry & Hearing Screenings

Adult Immunizations, Pneumonia

& Flu Shots…


Dance • Driver Safety • Technology

Brain Training • Fitness…and so much more.

Come Visit Us…

Orland Township Seniors!


14807 Ravinia Avenue

Orland Park, IL 60462

(708) 403-4222


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Join Phil and Amy

for music and travel

Chicagoland’s singing

and traveling duo Phil and

Amy return to Starved

Rock for their Christmas

Treasures Shows, Dec. 2, 3

and 4. Call for reservations

early because the past several

years of summer and

Christmas appearances

have all sold out since

their debut at the lodge.

Audiences again raved

about their charming performances.

St. Christopher

Tours travelers enjoyed the

options of one-day trips as

well as overnight stays at

the lodge. Those interested

can purchase seats through

philnamymusic.com or by

calling (708) 687-3302

which includes the St.

Christopher Tours motorcoach,

luncheon and performance.

Departure and

return locations are in Tinley

Park and New Lenox.

Inquire about overnight

lodge stay options.

When not on stage, the

husband and wife team

love hosting one-of-a-kind

motorcoach tours. They

are fresh back from tours

to beautiful Cape Cod

and the New England Islands,

Mackinac Island,

The Shrine of Christ’s

Passion in St. John, Indiana,

and a nostalgic tour

down Illinois’ Route 66.

Maybe it’s the right time

to be on board with Phil

and Amy’s St. Christopher

Tours deluxe motorcoach

excursions for carefree

travel. For over 25 years,

Phil and Amy have been

hosting one day and overnight

luxury motorcoach

trips. Their St. Christopher

Travelers have toured all

around Chicagoland and

the country to exciting getaway

destinations across

the United States and Canada.

Once again, St. Christopher

Tours takes care of

all the planning details so

travelers can enjoy amazing


St. Christopher Tours is

set to depart for another

fun-filled three day visit to

Frankenmuth, Michigan.

This tour provides wonderful

fall colors, a great

Bavarian getaway and a

visit to Bronner’s: The

World’s Largest Christmas

Store. Next June, the travelers

will be heading West

again featuring a breathtaking

scenic 11-day tour

to The Grand Canyon and

the Southwest Canyonlands.

The ever-changing

landscapes of Canyon

Country are something

that everyone should witness

in their lifetime. Each

stop will leave you in awe

of its unique beauty, a

beauty that only the forces

of nature can accomplish

over centuries of time.

Bryce Canyon and Zion

National Parks, Glen Canyon

Dam and Lake Powell,

world famous Scenic

Highway 12, amazing visits

by the River in Moab,

Utah, famous Colorado

sights, and a horse-shoe

shaped round-trip that features

“Kicks” of historic

attractions of Route 66 on

the westward leg.

Later in June 2020, St.

Christopher Tours visits

one of their favorite treasures,

Mackinac Island,

Michigan; The Mackinac

Bridge, bikes, horses and

carriages, famous fudge

and the historic Grand Hotel.

Upon arrival in the Upper

Peninsula, enjoy a meal

overlooking beautiful Lake

Huron and an optional visit

to a local casino.

Check out the list of one

day trips that include many

theatre opportunities, Phil

and Amy performances at

Starved Rock, December

2019 and August 2020,

and other 2020 calendar

dates featuring Drury

Lane’s American in Paris,

Paramount – Aurora’s,

Kinky Boots and downtown

Chicago’s Lyric Opera’s

42nd Street.

Submitted by Colony Productions,

5348 Forest Trail, Oak

Forest. For more information,

visit philnamymusic.

com or call (708) 687-3302.

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Alvernia Manor Senior

Living a hidden gem

Is mom living alone? Is

the family concerned of

her safety? Is she able to

reach out quickly for assistance,

should something

happen? Is there worry

if dad is taking his daily

medications as prescribed

and eating nutritional

meals? Is the hired home

care provider giving that

special aunt all the care,

attention and socialization

she needs and deserves?

Alvernia Manor Senior

Living is the “hidden gem”

that can ease a family’s

concerns. The mission of

this unique senior living

community is to provide

seniors a loving, safe and

caring home. Alvernia

Manor has a warm, homey

setting, its walls brimming

of compassion, fulfillment

and fun. Amenities include

three daily meals plus

snacks, staffed healthcare

services, 24-hour emergency

call system, housekeeping,

furnished private

rooms, and a calendar full

of activities and socialization.

In addition, there are

no annuities or endowment

fees. For over 45 years, the

School Sisters of St. Francis

of Christ the King and

their dedicated staff have

cared for seniors as their

own family with respect,

love and concern. Family

and friends refer Alvernia

Manor as their “hidden


Alvernia Manor is located

on a hilltop in the

southwest suburb of Lemont.

With its beautiful

bluff location, the vivid

colors of the four seasons

are played out annually in

panoramic view. The Little

Bit of Heaven pavilion

is a favorite spot for residents

to take in the scenery

and enjoy the fresh

air. Residents also have

the opportunity to enjoy

several other secured patios

or common areas, relax

in the privacy of their

room or spend spiritual

time in the Chapel. Keeping

a resident’s body and

mind healthy and active

is the goal the Sisters and

staff strive for. Games, exercise,

movies, bingo, best

buddy visits, shopping

trips, entertainment and

other special outings like a

trip to Brookfield Zoo are

among the many activities

on Alvernia’s monthly activity

calendar – definitely

fun times enjoyed by all.

Alvernia Manor’s Wellness

Coordinators and

healthcare staff ensures

residents’ medications are

dispensed, vitals taken and

daily health monitored.

Fresh meals are prepared

daily and all housekeeping

needs attended to. All this

adds up to no more worries

for you.

In addition, adult day

services or short term stay

are other available options

for families. Loved ones

receive the care and recreation

they need in a safe,

loving environment while

caregivers go to work or

get a much needed break.

Whether for a few hours a

day or a longer period of

time, Alvernia Manor may

be exactly what one’s family

is looking for.

Come see all Alvernia

Manor Senior Living offers.

The care, charm and

beauty are undeniable.

Submitted by Alvernia Manor

Senior Living, 13950 Main

St., Lemont. To find out more

about this “hidden gem” and

how Alvernia Manor can

help, visit their new website

alverniamanor.org or call

(630) 257-7721.

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Stay active and healthy to make later years enjoyable

With life expectancies on

the rise, staying physically active

and healthy will make our

later years more enjoyable. As

the Mayor of New Lenox, we

brought in the Safe Communities

Program that is recognized by

the World Health Organization.

This program deals with a

variety of topics and includes

classes specifically designed for

our mature adult population. Our

Fit and Strong class, as well as

our Matter of Balance class,

have been attended by many

adults from New Lenox, Mokena

and Frankfort. The classes

are free of charge and have been

very well received by those that

have participated. Please contact

Dan Martin for further information

at dmartin@newlenox.net

or (815) 462-6400.

Another area of concern is our

financial health. After working

hard for so many years, seniors

shouldn’t have to worry about

being taxed out of their homes.

In New Lenox, we have issued

property tax rebates to our residents

for the past decade; totaling

over $10 million dollars

returned. At the school district

where I am superintendent, we

have issued property tax rebates

for the past four years; giving

back approximately 20 percent

of the residents’ taxes paid to the


I have always believed that

government should use the tax

money they need to provide essential

services, and give the rest

back to the residential taxpayers.

Furthermore, for the past

few years, my wife and I have

donated my $18,000 per year

mayor’s salary back to those in

need in our community. That donated

salary has helped residents

to pay for medical expenses, utility

bills and groceries.

I have spent 30 years as a public

servant. My parents raised me

to be kind to others, work hard

for what I have and not to expect

anything to be handed to me. My

22-year law enforcement career

and 12 years as mayor have allowed

me to protect and serve

so many people. My eight years

as an educator has afforded me

the opportunity to make a positive

difference in so many young

lives as well. Serving others is

what I enjoy doing the most.

With the love and support of

my wife, children and grandchildren,

I have been able to give so

much back to the communities

that have given me so much. I

hope to have the opportunity to

continue to serve the residents

of the 37th District as your next

State Representative. I have a

proven track record and ask for

your support so I can bring a

common sense approach to governing

and fiscally responsible

policies down to Springfield.

Thank you,

Tim Baldermann, Candidate

for State Representative-37th


Submitted by Tim Baldermann,

Mayor of New Lenox.

Learn about the keys to improving health

Who wants to change

and improve their health?

And who wants to have

more energy and feel better?

Where does one start?

Plain and simple, there

are no quick fixes or secrets

to getting results.

There are seven essential

areas that make up a

healthy lifestyle:

• Sleep: Sleep has the biggest

impact on mental,

emotional, and physical

performance. Sleep

affects hormonal response,

weight, pain

levels and disease. It’s

not just how long someone

is sleeping, but it’s

the quality of sleep gotten

each night.

• Breathe: Breathing is

easily overlooked and

undervalued. Breathing

has biological and physiological

functions that

affect people’s nervous

system, stress management,

and weight. Here’s

a simple tip: when resting,

a person’s breathing

should be in and then

out the nose. When taking

a deep breath, the

belly should expand,

filling up the lungs.

• Hydration: A heart beats

and the blood flows, but

who knew that they play

an integral role in how

that happens? Blood is

made up mostly of water,

almost 92 percent

volume. A person’s level

of hydration affects all

bodily functions which

is why learning how to

organize drinking habits

is essential to optimize

the day as well as performance.

• Nutrition: Food choices,

this is where most

people start when they

think of optimizing their

health. However, sleep,

breathing and hydration

all affect hunger, satiety

and cravings. People

need to come up with

a nutritional belief system

that works for them.

One can change the definition

of how they view

certain foods, not just

how culture views food.

Burgers and pizza can

look a lot different and

can be enjoyed with a

healthy lifestyle.

• Movement: This does

not just mean exercise.

Our bodies are meant to

move and need to move

in order to affect our

health, digestion, joint

health and metabolism.

• Social Network: Our

family, friends and coworkers

play a vital role

in what habits and lifestyle

choices we make.

No one can rid themself

of certain people,

but people can take the

first step in communicating

and leading those

around them to be a better


• Exercise: Yes, it comes

last. It is important and

essential, but the first

six basics of a healthy

lifestyle directly affect

exercise, how one

functions during their

exercise session, and

ultimately how they recover.

Exercise and performing

at an optimum

level is an expression of

how all the other areas

work together.

For those interested in

delving into these points

further, contact Thera-

CORE Fitness Studio.

We will be holding a Fall

Seminar Nov. 4th from

6:30-8:00 p.m. to dive

deeper into habits and

routines to create a wellbalanced

healthy life.

These topics and more

will be broken down into

principles and truths that

will help one make a lasting

life change. Cost is $20

per person. The class will

be held at our Lockport

Fitness Studio 16622 W.

159th Street, Suite 503,

Lockport. We hope to see

those interested there.

Submitted by TheraCORE,

16622 W. 159th St. Ste 503,

Lockport. For more information,

visit theracorept.com/

or call (815) 838-5071.

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South Chicago retirement

community celebrates

30th anniversary

Waterford Estates Retirement Community,

built in 1989, is celebrating its 30th

anniversary of service to senior adults in

Hazel Crest and the surrounding area. The

253-unit, 256,000 square foot community

is on 12.5 acres near 175th Street and

Kedzie Avenue.

In 1992, Waterford Estates was sold to

Affordable Community Housing Trust, a

national housing non-profit organization.

Waterford Estates is managed by Triad

Senior Living, a leader in the senior living

community since 1989. Our goal is

simple: To provide affordable housing to

a growing elderly population by allowing

them to age within a residential setting

they are proud to call home. At its start,

Waterford Estates offered Independent

Living and Assisted Living, and in May

of 2013, they added a Memory Care Unit

called Reflections.

At Waterford Estates, residents enjoy

restaurant-style dining, dedicated activities

program and staff, on-site health

providers, planned transportation, housekeeping

and personal assistance options

uniquely suited to their own retirement

goals. Complimentary tours of the property

are offered along with lunch or dinner.

Located in the Homewood, Tinley

Park, Olympia Fields, Flossmoor, and

Hazel Crest corridor of the South Chicago

suburbs, Waterford Estates’ ultimate

mission is to ensure our residents

are met with warm, compassionate, and

respectful service from all who are working

to make their retirement experience

personalized and life giving. This quality

service is a proven legacy for over 30

years, and will continue for the next 30

and beyond.

Waterford Estates offers Independent

Living, Independent Living Plus, Assisted

Living and Memory Care.

Submitted by Waterford Estates, 17400

Kedzie Ave., Hazel Crest. For more information

visit waterford-living.com.

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Fox’s Restaurant

still about family

after 50 years

Starting at


Available 7 Days a Week

from 11am - 3pm

Daily Specials


Monday Snacks


50% off Cheese Pizzas

(Carry-out & Delivery Only)

Taco Tuesday


50% off Cheese Pizzas

(Dine in Only)

Pasta Night


1/2 Off Wine

Specialty Burgers

$6 Build Your Own Burgers


Fish Fry

(Dine in Only)


Chef’s Special Menu Entrees


30% Off Seniors

(55 or Older, Dine in Only)

Sunday Classics Menu

$16 Large Cheese Pizzas

(Carry-out & Delivery Only)

9655 W. 143rd St. Orland Park



Three generations from

its inception, Fox’s Pizza

Restaurant and Pub is still

providing quality food and

service to residents all over

Chicago’s south side and

the surrounding suburbs.

Thomas and Therese Fox

started their restaurant with

a simple desire to serve

great food to other families.

The rich history of the restaurant

is kept alive today

by Thomas Fox’s descendents,

and Fox’s is now a

beloved spot by residents

not only at its original location

in Chicago’s Beverly

neighborhood, 9956 Western

Ave., but also in Oak

Lawn, 9240 S. Cicero Ave.

The restaurant also has

a strong tie to a key part of

Chicago’s rich history.

“In 1963, my grandpa

bought his first carry-out

store front on Walden Parkway

in Beverly,” said Ryan

Fox, general manager of

the Oak Lawn location.

“From there, he expanded

from two storefronts to

three, and then in 1967

May Capone, Al Capone’s

sister, had a delicatessen on

Western (Avenue).

“She and my grandpa

used to trade meats and

pizzas. Eventually, she said

that she wanted to get out

of the business and sold the

building to my grandpa —

which is now Fox’s Beverly.”

Fifty years later, Fox’s

Irish Pub still serves up everything

from tasty pizza

to classic Italian fare and

more at a fair price.

The Foxes expanded

their family of restaurants

to open locations in Oak

Lawn in 1971, Orland Park

in 1973 and Mokena in


Fox’s prides itself on offering

customers a familylike

atmosphere that serves

fresh, in-house-made meals


That quality is endorsed

by the regulars who return

year after year.

“I think one of the biggest

things that makes us

unique is we’re really big

on family,” Ryan Fox said.

“Everything is made fresh

in house: We make our

own pizza sausage, our

own dough and we grind

our own cheese.”

Live entertainment for

families on the weekends

also makes Fox’s Irish Pub

a go-to spot to bring the


For those who want to

bring a quality meal home,

Fox’s also has an extensive

catering menu to help take

the work out of special occasions.

Its catering menu offers

Italian food with an American

influence and includes

everything from salads and

pasta to hamburgers.

“I’m proud of what my

family has accomplished,”

Ryan Fox said of the family

business. “I like making

people happy when they

come in.”

Submitted by Fox’s Irish

Pub, which has three locations:

9956 Western Ave. in

Chicago’s Beverly neighborhood;

9655 W. 143rd St. in

Orland Park; and 11247 W.

187th St. in Mokena. For

more information, including

hours and menus, please visit


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Youdeserve to haveitall! We dareyou to compare.

FunRewards Checking with Interest:

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MarquetteClub membersmust be 55 yearsorolder and have aFunRewards Checking with Interest account. 8 Safedeposit contents arenot bank-insured or FDIC-insured.

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New Lenox-based

business works to make

clothes dryers safer

Hidden buildup in a clothes

dryer vent is a fire hazard



If your dryer takes longer than one cycle

to dry your clothes, then you may have a

fire hazard in your vent.

Dryer Vent Cleaning





SAVE $ 10




Call Today!




Most people know they need to clean

out their dryer lint tray between each

cycle, but what lurks behind the wall is

just as important for safety and avoiding

fire traps, as well as a fully efficient dryer

performance. Joe Enzenberger, owner

of Dryer Vent Wizard, opened his New

Lenox-based business in 2009.

Lint is the villain — lint that has been

allowed to build up and linger too long in

the dryer exhaust vent.

It is estimated by the U.S. Consumer

Product Safety Commission and the U.S.

Fire Administration that 15,500 fires associated

with clothes dryers occur annually.

These fires account for an average

of 20 deaths, 370 injuries and more than

$88 million in property damage. “Failure

to clean the dryer vent” was the leading

factor cited in U.S. Fire Administration


“It is something very few people know

about or think about,” said Enzenberger,

whose company specializes in dryer vent

cleaning, repair, alteration and installation.

“It is the leading cause of dryer


Lint accumulation can also cause dryers

to stop working or to work inefficiently.

A dryer vent clogged with lint can add

as much as $18-$24 per month to energy


“Improper venting causes problems, as

well,” he said. “The dryer exhaust duct

and connections should be made of rigid

metal or semi-rigid metal and secured

with metal heat-resistant tape rather than

duct tape. I often find plastic or foil accordion-type

material, which can easily trap

lint and is more susceptible to kinks and


Warning signs include:

• Clothes are taking more than one cycle

to dry, especially jeans & towels.

• No lint visible on lint screen.

• Dryer repeatedly stops during a cycle.

• Clothes or the dryer drum have moldy

smell after dry cycle.

• Clothes are very hot after a dry cycle.

• The top of your dryer hot to the touch

while running.

• There’s excess lint left on your clothing.

“This has been a consumer education

process, but it’s hard to get the word out,”

Enzenberger said. “Most don’t call until

they have a serious problem with their


He suggests people treat clothes dryers

as a household item in need of regular

maintenance. Consumers can protect

dryer performance and promote safety

by cleaning the lint screen between each

use, ensuring the connection between the

dryer and wall is made of compliant material

and remains un-kinked, and having

the dryer exhaust duct cleaned regularly.

Dryer manufacturers recommend inspection

and cleaning at least annually.

October is National Fire Prevention

Month, so now is the perfect time to have

an inspection and cleaning of clothes dryers

and dryer vent systems.

Another important tip is to never let a

clothes dryer run while out of the house

or sleeping.

Submitted by Dryer Vent Wizard, New Lenox.

For more information, visit dryerventwizard.

com or call (815) 215-2090.

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Women’s Healthcare of Illnois making

women feel ‘normal’ again

For many women, it’s not

about feeling great — it’s simply

about feeling normal again.

That’s especially true for women

nearing or already in menopause.

Hot flashes, fatigue, memory

lapse and mood swings are just

some of the grueling symptoms.

What doesn’t get enough attention,

though, are the millions

of women who also experience

vaginal atrophy, which includes

ongoing dryness, itching, burning

and pain during intercourse.

“This is a major issue that

women simply don’t like to talk

about,” said Dr. Ken Finkelstein,

the founder of Women’s Healthcare

of Illinois and an advocate

for women’s health for more

than 20 years. “When women go

through menopause, their bodies

go through significant changes.

“During menopause, women

lose the ability to reproduce, and

blood flow moves away from

the vagina area. This causes the

glands to slow production, natural

lubrication to stop, the sensitivity

to go away, and the vagina

to get very thin. This causes a lot

of pain, dryness, and discomfort,

and it presents major challenges

for a woman’s sex life,”

Fortunately, there are treatment


“At Women’s Healthcare of

Illinois, we’re proud to offer

Mona Lisa Touch,” Finkelstein

said. “It’s a treatment I refer to

as vaginal restoration. It’s about

bringing the vagina back to

where it was before menopause.

It’s about the woman, her sexuality

and her sex life.”

One of the most attractive advantages

of the Mona Lisa Touch

procedure is that it is completely


“It’s a probe that goes in the

vagina, and it only takes about

six minutes, with a low-intensity

CO2 laser that stimulates blood

flow to come back to the vagina,”

Finkelstein said, adding that

once the blood flow comes back,

the glands reactivate, lubrication

comes back, the collagen comes

back, softness comes back, and

sensitivity is better.

“It’s three treatments, six

weeks apart, completely painless,

no down time and no anesthesia,”

he said.

An option for cancer patients

Mona Lisa Touch is also a

worthy option for women undergoing

breast cancer treatments.

Typically, when women are

receiving treatment for breast

cancer, they’re given medication

that is anti-estrogen, which

makes vaginal atrophy worse.

“So, not only are they dealing

with the trauma of cancer and

the trauma of breast removal, but

now they’ve lost relations with

their spouse,” Finkelstein said.

“Mona Lisa Touch has literally

been a miracle for breast cancer


According to the American

Academy of Family Physicians,

up to 40 percent of postmenopausal

women have vaginal atrophy.

When the number of breast

cancer patients who are suffering

with similar symptoms are included,

the significance of Mona

Lisa Touch is obvious.

They just want to feel normal


Submitted by Women’s Healthcare

of Illinois. For more information,

visit whcillinois.com.

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Unique approach to care offers daily joy

No one is alone in caring for

their loved one with Alzheimer’s,

dementia, or other types of

memory loss. At Evergreen Senior

Living in Orland Park, we

offer The Legacy: Memory Support.

Our team of trained caregivers

offers personalized care

and a unique approach to caring

for seniors with memory loss.

“My mother knew that there

was something going on with

her short term memory,” said

one resident’s daughter. “It’s

hard to be a 24-hour caregiver.

They (Evergreen Senior Living

team) have learned to work with

my mom and how to take care of

her. My relationship with her is

fabulous now.”

At Evergreen Senior Living,

Legacy Living means that people

are making sure that their loved

one is cared for in the best way

possible based on their needs.

When one chooses Legacy Living,

the promise to care for the

loved one is fulfilled.

Evergreen Senior Living Wellness

Coordinator Pauline Mc-

Grath echoes these sentiments

saying, “We have a great team of

caregivers, of nurses, of staff that

really love our residents.”

At Evergreen Senior Living

The Legacy: Memory Support,

we let each day gently unfold,

taking into account each senior’s

preferences and comfort levels.

Our person-centered programming

promotes socialization

during a time that can feel incredibly

isolating. The Legacy:

Memory Support staff, who

come in each day refreshed and

revitalized, take care of the dayto-day

tasks so people can go

back to their favorite role in their

loved one’s life – family.

Legacy: Memory Support Coordinator

Kaylee Meyers agrees.

“We are by no means taking

anything away from the family

or the resident themselves; we

are just giving things back,” she

said. “Maintaining family contact

is one of our biggest goals.”

This unique approach works in

tandem with our unique campus,

which has been created to strategically

cater to our residents

with memory loss. Every detail

at The Legacy: Memory Care

has been designed with the loved

one in mind.

Walking paths are designed in

a continuous figure eight, so residents

can always find their way

to their destination. Customized

memory boxes hang outside

of apartments to help residents

know they are home. Bathrooms

are set at an angle in the apartments

so that residents have a

clear idea of how to enter and

exit. Kitchen and dining areas

are built for smaller groups to

ensure less noise and interruptions

and more individualized


Evergreen Senior Living is a

part of the Heritage Health family,

one of Illinois’ leading senior

healthcare providers. With 55

years of successful care for seniors

and 54 nursing home and

assisted living centers across

the state, our memory care expertise

is extensive. Throughout

the years, we’ve taken the time

to refine our approaches so our

seniors with memory care needs

can be their best selves and our

families can have peace of mind.

We call our unique approach,

Life Unrehearsed.

Director Amanda Mauceri

enjoys assisting families at Evergreen

Senior Living in Orland

Park. “I think as a team we support

our families as they come in

and we want to make sure we’re

right alongside with them.

Evergreen Senior Living in

Orland Park is a community

where independence thrives and

compassionate care is always


Submitted by Evergreen Senior

Living, 10820 183rd St., Orland

Park. Contact Evergreen Senior

Living by calling (708) 479-1082

or visit the Evergreen Senior Living

campus. Learn more and schedule

a tour online at EvergreenSLC.com/




Fulfills Your Promise

of Lifelong Care for

Your Loved One

The Legacy’s beautiful

campus is strategically designed

for those with memory impairments.

Our compassionate staff brings fresh

energy every day. Legacy Living is

how you care for the person who has

always taken such great care ofyou.

Learn more about the Legacy

or schedule atour to see

for yourself. Visit us online at

EvergreenSLC.com/OrlandPark or

call us today at (708) 479-1082.

Evergreen Senior

Living Orland Park

Voted the 2019 Best

Assisted Living

Southwest Choice



(708) 479-1082 •10820 183rd Street •Orland Park, IL

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Untreated hearing loss has consequences

When looking at the general

population, untreated hearing

loss influences general physical

health and well-being, and reduces

physical activity. People

with untreated hearing loss are

also more likely to have other

chronic diseases than people

with normal hearing. There is

also a documented relationship

between untreated hearing loss

and cognitive decline and dementia.

Fatigue, both during and after

work, is a major problem

affecting many people with an

untreated hearing loss. A study

done by Dr. Bridget Shield for

a non-profit company called

Hear-it, found that 7 percent of

all adults have disabling hearing

loss. In the US, 14.6 million

people have a disabling hearing

loss. This is estimated to cost

the US $133 billion per year,

which averages out to $9,100

per person with untreated hearing

loss. Dr. Shield is a professor

emerita and a retired professor

of acoustics at the School of The

Built Environment and Architecture

at London South Bank University.

She compiled the report

called “Hearing Loss-Costs and


The takeaway from this report

is that using hearing aids contributes

to better health, higher

income, and better family and

social life and has a huge positive

effect on Gross National

Product. It is also important to

note that the costs calculated in

the report do not cover additional

increased healthcare costs because

of untreated hearing loss.

A recent study led by researchers

at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg

School of Public Health, showed

that for people with an untreated

hearing loss, healthcare costs

increase by 46 percent — or by

$22,434 per person over a period

of 10 years — compared to people

without a hearing loss.

Being proactive about treating

hearing loss is important. Come

into one of our locations for a

comprehensive hearing evaluation.

It’s good for overall health

and well-being. It might even be

good for one’s pocketbook as


Submitted by South Suburban Hearing

Health Center, 14316 S. Will

Cook Road, Orland Park. For more

information call (630) 756-3260 or

visit southsuburbanhearing.com.


Untreated hearing loss and dementia arelinked.

Though allhuman brains

become smallerwithage,


in adults with hearingloss. 1

Adultswith untreated hearing loss are

morelikelyto developdementia. 3

severe loss


Treathearing loss

before it’stoo late.


October22 nd -24 th

Untreatedhearing lossmay result in

seriouslong-term consequences

to healthy brainfunctioning. 2


2x 3x 5x

times morelikely

Call 708-866-7602 today

to schedule your FREE

hearing screening!


Helping People Hear Better

14316S.Will-Cook Rd.•HOMER GLEN,IL60491




http://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/news/media/releases/hearing_loss_linked_to_accelerated_brain_tissue_loss_ | 2 http://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/news/media/releases/hearing_loss_accelerates_brain_function_decline_in_older_adults | 3 http://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/news/media/releases/hearing_loss_and_dementia_linked_in_

study | 4 Amieva,H., Ouvrard, C., Giulioli, C., Meillon C., Rullier,L., &Dartigues, J. F. (2015). Self-reported hearing loss,hearing aids, and cognitivedecline in elderlyadults: A25-year study.JAmGeriatr Soc. 2015 Oct;63 (10):2099-104. doi: 10.1111/jgs.13649

©2019 Starkey Hearing Technologies. All Rights Reserved. 10/19 403521958

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Man has lifesaving heart surgery at Silver Cross

Ross Lillwitz was enjoying

a pleasant family vacation

in Punta Cana this

summer in the Dominican

Republic when things took

an unexpected and frightening


He started experiencing

severe back pain and indigestion.

Concerned about

the way he was feeling,

Ross went to see a doctor in

Punta Cana, who delivered

the shocking news he’d had

a heart attack. He was hospitalized

for the next twoand-a-half

days before he

was stable enough to return

home to Lemont.

Ross’s wife, Diane,

reached out to their primary

care doctors, who recommended

he go straight to

Silver Cross Hospital and

meet with interventional

cardiologist Dr. Abdul Sankari,

who admitted Ross to

Silver Cross that same day.

“When we met with Dr.

Sankari, he first scheduled

an electrocardiogram and

then an echocardiogram.

After the tests were reviewed,

I had an angiogram,”

Lillwitz said.

Dr. Abdul Sankari said

the tests showed Lillwitz’s

arteries were blocked between

80 and 90 percent.

“After the angiogram, it

was clear that he had multiple

blocked arteries, which

affected the function of his

heart muscle,” Dr. Sankari

said. “The best way to fix

it would be to undergo

coronary artery bypass surgery.”

Thankfully, Silver Cross

had recently started its open

heart surgery program, so

Ross could stay exactly

where he was without having

to be transferred to another

hospital. Dr. Pat Pappas,

thoracic and cardiac

surgeon, performed the quadruple

bypass surgery two

days later.

“After meeting them, I

knew things would be just

fine,” Ross said. “I got the

best of care from the time I

was admitted until the time I

was discharged.”

He complimented his entire

heart care team.

“There are three very

special people that cared

for me during the most difficult

times: my nurse Jen in

ICU, nurse Misty who cared

for me once out of the ICU

and Dr. Pappas’ nurse practitioner,

Peyton. There is no

doubt in my mind that these

three caregivers are living

the mission they were born

to live,” he said.

Nine days after being admitted

to Silver Cross, the

grateful family man was

back in the comfort of his

own home. He’s currently in

cardiac rehabilitation at Silver

Cross three days a week.

“Now that I’m in cardiac

rehab three days a week,

I’m making great progress

and feeling stronger every

day,” he said. “The physical

therapists and nurses

are motivating and always

have a watchful eye on

me. I like to push myself a

little too hard at times. The

educational classes once

a week are also very helpful.”

He’s also forever grateful

to Dr. Sankari and Dr. Pappas,

who were instrumental

in his recovery and new

lease on life.

“The best way I can show

my appreciation and respect

for these great men is to

pay it forward,” he added.

“They gave me an opportunity

to not only get well, but

Please see heart, 28

We mend broken hearts.

Nearly half of all Americanshavesomeformofheart disease. If youorsomeone youlove is oneof

them,let Silver CrossHospitalmendyourbrokenheart.Frompreventionprogramstoopen heart

surgeryand aftercare, we’vebrought together thelatesttechnology andthe finest heartspecialistsin

oneplace.... forall of your heartcareneeds.Why travel when we have exactlywhatyourheart needs,

righthere, rightnow.Tolearn moreabout ourtotal heartprogram,visit SilverCross.org/Heart

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Are you getting the most from

your Medicare coverage?

Now is the time to be sure your current Medicare plan is still

a good fit for you.

If your health needs have changed, or your current plan doesn’t offer the

benefits you’re looking for, it may be time to switch to a UnitedHealthcare®

Medicare Advantage plan.

Attend a UnitedHealthcare Medicare plan meeting to learn how

to make the most of your Medicare.

Tinley Park, IL 60487

10/22/2019, 10AM-12pm

Hilton Garden Inn

18335 Lagrange Rd

Tinley Park, IL 60487

10/29/2019, 10AM-12pm

Hilton Garden Inn

18335 Lagrange Rd

Tinley Park, IL 60487

Don’t wait. Medicare Annual Enrollment ends December 7.

Call me today.

Jonh Weiss

Licensed Sales Representative

708-705-4735, TTY 711


11/12/2019, 10AM-12pm

Hilton Garden Inn

18335 Lagrange Rd

Need help

with your



If you have this card,

call UnitedHealthcare today.

Social media marketing has become a necessary strategic way to

build a business network of both customers and trusted vendors.

We’re ready to serve all of your social media marketing needs with

Integrated Marketing from 22nd Century Media.

For accommodation of persons with special needs at meetings, call 708-705-4735, TTY

711. Plans are insured through UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company or one of its affiliated

companies, a Medicare Advantage organization with a Medicare contract. Enrollment in

the plan depends on the plan’s contract renewal with Medicare. © 2019 UnitedHealthcare

Services, Inc. All rights reserved.

Y0066_160721_094120 Accepted



For more info, call (708) 326-9170

Visit imc.22ndcenturymedia.com

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Family First Medical focused on doctor-patient relationship

For families in southwest Chicagoland,

this is just what the

doctor ordered.

Family First Medical Group is

opening its doors at a time when

members of our proud community

are searching for providers

they can trust and depend on

nearly as much as they’re searching

for the highest quality care for

themselves and their loved ones.

“With the ever-changing

healthcare landscape, we’re

seeing larger and larger groups

buying up medical practices or

merging with big hospitals and

big health systems,” said Dr. David

Beckmann, MD, the director

of family and pediatric medicine

at Family First Medical Group.

“Because of these massive

changes, the doctor-patient relationship

is suffering. We’re here

to help fix that.”

As part of this evolving reality,

many people are dealing with

a rotating lineup of doctors every

few years, or they’re being

forced to research and find doctors

that fall under ever-changing

health insurance policies

controlled by massive systems

that are difficult to navigate.

“At Family First, we put the

patient back at the center of the

visit, focusing on building longterm

relationships with patients

of all ages from birth to the end

of life,” Beckmann said. “We

will restore a personal, small-office

feel without compromising

on technology, innovation, and

high-quality patient care.”

Beckmann, that small-office

feel is the foundation for his vision

of providing the type of care

that this community deserves.

From there, it comes down to

open and honest communication,

which allows patients to feel empowered

to make smarter decisions

about their care.

“I’m passionate about family

medicine because it allows

me to establish meaningful relationships

with entire families

while helping patients of all ages

through some of their most joyful

and trying moments of their

lives,” he said. “When you really

get to know a patient, where

they come from, who their family

and friends are, where they work,

you can better advise and care for

them when they are dealing with

challenging medical issues.”

Those challenges can often

extend to the doctors in the form

of burnout, but at Family First

Medical Group, Beckmann and

his staff find the positives in each


“Every day at work is different,”

he said. “I may have a

healthy infant in one room and

a middle aged patient struggling

with their Asthma in the next

room. That variety makes each

day unique and exciting and necessitates

that my staff and I are

up to date on all of the most recent

treatment guidelines.”

For our community, this is just

what the doctor ordered.

Submitted by Family First Medical

Group. For more information, visit

yourffmg.com call (708) 572-7575.




Caring foryour family is our priority.



9730 S. Western Ave., suite225

Evergreen Park, IL 60805

10260 W. 191stSt.,suite100

Mokena, IL 60448

Call us at 708-572-7575 or find us online at WWW.YOURFFMG.COM

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Scams, fraud and criminals, oh my

Scammers are always

looking to find new ways

to rob people. Consider

these common scams targeting

older citizens.

The grandchild or imposter


Beware of scammers

pretending to be a grandchild,

relative, or friend.

Often they claim to be in

trouble — usually in jail

or stranded in a foreign

country, and ask the victim

to send money. Criminals

may also pretend to

be an attorney representing

a loved one. They may

ask the victim to send

cash by mail or buy gift

cards. They often beg or

demand to keep it a secret

and act fast before there

are questions.

Is it really a loved one or

an imposter:

• Don’t panic. Take a

deep breath and get the


• Don’t send money unless

it is confirmed it’s the

real person calling. Hang

up and call the grandchild

or friend’s phone to see if

the story checks out. Victims

could also call a different

friend or relative.

• Is the person asking

for gift cards? If someone

is really in need, gift cards

won’t help.

Report grandparent

scams to the Federal Trade

Commission at ftc.gov/

complaint or by calling


Medicare ID fraud

Beware of emails and

phone calls looking for

Medicare information.

Guard the card:

• Keep Medicare and Social

Security cards secure.

• Don’t share numbers

with anyone but the

health care team.

• If someone calls and asks

for Medicare information,

hang up. Medicare

will only call if they

were called and a message

was left or if a

representative said that

someone will call back.

• Check statements carefully

and log into My-

Medicare.gov to spot

possible fraud and billing


Report suspicious

activities by calling

1-800-MEDICARE (1-


Social Security Scams

Be careful. Fraud involving

Social Security

numbers and benefits are

on the rise. These criminals

may call or try to trick

with emails with links to

fake websites.


• Government employees

will not threaten to take

away benefits or ask

for money or personal

information to protect

one’s Social Security

card or benefits.

• Scammers can fake a

caller ID. So don’t be

fooled if the call seems

to be from the SSA’s

real phone number (800)

772-1213 or the SSA Inspector

General’s Fraud

Hotline number.

• If a caller asks for one’s

Social Security number,

bank account number or

credit card information,

hang up.

Report suspected scams

to the SSA Inspector General

at (800) 269-0271 or

oig.ssa.gov/report. Visit

IdentityTheft.gov/SSA for

more tips.

Another popular scam

is the lottery scam where

someone sends a fake

“winning check” asking

the victim to deposit it in

their bank and send back

a portion of the winnings.

But, people cannot win

a lottery or sweepstakes

they did not enter and a legitimate

sweepstakes will

not ask for money upfront.

Don’t fall for it.

Be careful of selling

things online. Criminals

will often try to pay with

bad checks or offer to overpay

and then ask for the

difference in cash, hoping

the victim will deposit the

fraudulent check into their

account. Checks should always

be verified with the

bank and people should

make sure they get their

funds before exchanging

their item for sale.

People have the right

to be free from scams.

Take time. Criminals often

claim an emergency

hoping the victim will

take quick action without

checking out the situation.

Marquette Bank is proud

to be Chicagoland’s modern

neighborhood bank

with rewards and proud to

be your financial partner.

This article was adapted

from information provided

by the Consumer Financial

Protection Bureau: consumerfinance.gov/.

Submitted by Marquette

Bank, Visit emarquettebank.

com or call (888) 254-9500

to rediscover how banking

was meant to be.


From Page 25

to be better.”

Open heart surgery program

at Silver Cross

Silver Cross Hospital’s

much-anticipated heart

surgery program is off to a

busy start since it debuted

in May of this year. The

new program was unanimously

approved by the Illinois

Health Facilities and

Services Review Board last


Since then, Silver Cross

has been preparing for the

program by working on

expanding the Procedural

Care Unit on the second


In 2020, two additional

state-of-the-art operating

rooms will be added,

along with a “hybrid room”

equipped with advanced

medical imaging devices to

support minimally invasive


In addition, a dedicated

cardiac care unit will open

later this fall on the first

floor directly below the

PCU to care for patients

after heart surgery and will

eventually be serviced with

a dedicated elevator between

the two units when

the expansion is completed

next year.

Silver Cross currently has

the eighth-largest cardiac

catheterization program

in the State of Illinois and

leads the local market for

outpatient cardiac procedures

performed annually.

In 2017 alone, Silver Cross

performed more than 3,500

diagnostic and interventional

cardiac catheterizations,

an 11 percent increase

over the previous year. And

between 2015 and 2016, diagnostic

and interventional

cardiac catheterizations

performed at Silver Cross

Hospital increased by 13


Through the hospital’s

future structural heart program,

minimally invasive

catheter-based technology

will be used to treat lifethreatening

valve disorders

and structural heart defects.

Minimally invasive approaches

translate to better

outcomes for patients, including

a lower risk of infection

and complications,

reduced trauma to the chest

(since the chest doesn’t

have to be opened), a shorter

hospital stay and a faster


Best of all, Silver Cross

patients who need heart

surgery now can have it

right in New Lenox, close

to home and their families.

“Silver Cross offers the

full spectrum of heart care

services that our community

needs,” Silver Cross

President/CEO Ruth Colby

said. “That means heart

patients no longer have to

experience the stress and

anxiety of having to leave

their preferred hospital and

travel for advanced heart


For more information

about the total heart care

program, visit silvercross.


About Silver Cross Hospital

Silver Cross Hospital is

an independent, nonprofit

health care provider serving

Will County and southwest

suburban communities

since 1895. Silver Cross has

been recognized as a Truven

Health/IBM Watson

100 Top Hospitals National

Award winner for seven

consecutive years, and

honored with an “A” Hospital

Safety Grade by The

Leapfrog Group. With over

4,500 employees, physicians

and volunteers, Silver

Cross operates a 302-bed

acute care hospital and five

satellite facilities providing

outpatient services and physician


Silver Cross opened a

state-of-the-art replacement

hospital in 2012 at

I-355 and Route 6 in New

Lenox. In 2018, Silver

Cross provided over $35

million in charity care and

other community benefits.

To learn more about Silver

Cross Hospital or a referral

to a physician on staff, visit

silvercross.org. Physicians

on Silver Cross Hospital’s

medical staff have expertise

in their areas of practice

to meet the needs of

patients seeking their care.

These physicians are independent

practitioners on the

medical staff and are not

the agents or employees of

Silver Cross Hospital. They

treat patients based upon

their independent medical

judgment, and they bill

patients separately for their


Submitted by Silver Cross

Hospital, 1900 Silver Cross

Blvd., New Lenox. For more

information, visit silvercross.

org or call (815) 300-1100.

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22nd century media | October 17, 2019 | 29

30 | October 17, 2019 | 22nd century media active aging


Illinois Spine Center’s tips for cold weather

Autumn is a beautiful time of year,

with its crisp weather, falling leaves

and spiced flavors. But in Chicagoland,

we all know what’s around the corner.

As the low temperatures approach, it

is important to stay active, especially

for aging residents.

Amid cold weather, it can be difficult

for everyone to maintain daily exercise,

but it is necessary to limit the

chance of injury.

Physical activity, no matter the degree

of difficulty, increases blood flow

throughout the body, helping common

ailments such as arthritis and joint pain.

According to doctors at the Illinois

Spine and Scoliosis Center in Homer

Glen, purposeful movements such as

walking a half hour a day — indoor or

outdoor — can help prevent injuries,

including accidental falls.

Unfortunately, some victims of such

falls and other weather-related injuries

are patients at ISSC, which offers

personalized and comprehensive spine

care for all ages.

Doctors at the center treat a wide

range of ailments — from lower back

pain to herniated discs to spinal fractures

— with the latest techniques, both

surgical and nonsurgical.

All of the center’s physicians are

fellowship-trained and work to develop

customized treatment plans and goals.

Submitted by the Illinois Spine & Scoliosis

Center, 12701 W. 143rd St., Suite 200,

Homer Glen, Ill. For more information, call

(877) 694-7722, email info@myissc.com or

visit www.myissc.com

Written by 22CM Boost, the content-writing

division of 22nd Century Media, publisher

of this special section and newspaper.

Tinley Court stands out with its catered living

What makes Tinley Court different

than all other senior communities?

For over 20 years,

Tinley Court has offered catered

senior living, providing independent

seniors a unique place for

companionship, security and the

feeling of being at home, while

at the same time knowing every

form of personal assistance is

available onsite when needed.

Include in monthly rent

• Three chef-prepared meals,

served daily in our formal dining

room by a professional and

caring wait staff

• Weekly housekeeping

• Utilities

Each day, Tinley Court offers

exciting activity programs,

designed for the enjoyment and

well-being of our residents.

Monthly features include live

entertainment, birthday parties,

shopping, plays, luncheons and

many more exciting events and


At Tinley Court, we realize the

importance of choosing wisely

when it comes to selecting a retirement

home for yourself or a

loved one. Tinley Court is the

place to be when changes in our

lives require help with day-today

tasks, or when one just needs

a comfortable place to relax and

enjoy. We offer a variety of services

and amenities that provide

a world-class experience within

our establishment.

Tinley Court proudly believes

in fine traditions with old-fashioned

values and commitment.

You will immediately see the

concern and careful planning

that has gone into our design and

most importantly the friendly attention

of our staff. Not to mention

we offer the best value in the

south suburbs.

But what is most unique about

Tinley Court is our concept of

catered living. We understand

everyone’s needs are different;

we are compassionate and attentive

to those needs. Staff is

available to assist you 24 hours a

day, seven days a week, offering

residents and families the peace

of mind living alone cannot do.

We have studio units, onebedroom

units and a double unit

available for immediate occupancy.

Call today because the

one bedroom and double unit

will go fast, so if you are interested

in seeing one of these

rooms, please contact Cindy Stevens

at (708) 532-7800.

Tinley Court has been described

as “like being on a cruise

ship without the seasickness. We

eat, play games and enjoy the camaraderie

of our neighbors and


Tinley Court is so honored to

have many veterans and their

surviving spouses living with us.

We offer financial aid to veterans

and their spouses, os please inquire

about this wonderful program

when you call to schedule

a tour of our “one-of-a-kind” senior

living community.

Submitted by Tinley Court, 16301

S. Brementowne Road, Tinley Park.

For more information, call (708)

532-7800 or visit tinleycourt.com

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Please join us for an evening with

Dr. Kris Siemionow

Board-Certified Orthopedic Spine Surgeon

Is Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Right for You?

If you have neck or back pain, you are not alone. Most adults experience spinal pain at

some point in their lifetimes. If you would like to find out more about treatment for spinal

conditions, please join Dr. Kris Siemionow as he discusses types of non-surgical and

surgical treatments in spine management. Bring your imaging discs!

Wednesday November 6th at 5:30pm

Illinois Spine & Scoliosis Center

(877) 694-7722 Phone • (815) 531-0055 Fax

12701 West 143rd Street #200 | Homer Glen, Illinois 60491

www.myissc.com • info@myissc.com

32 | October 17, 2019 | 22nd century media active aging





Tinley Court offers a Unique Lifestyle of Catered Senior Living

All Residents monthly fees include:

• 3 Chef Prepared

meals served to you by

professional wait staff

• Full Daily activity

program which includes

entertainment & trips

• Wellness Center offering

podiatry, therapy, x-ray,

lab, hearing

& dental services without

having to leave the


• Weekly housekeeping

• Utilities

• Library, chapel, café,

beauty/barber shop

• Walking distance to Tinley

Park shops & restaurants

• Veteran’s Financial

Assistance available











It means we understand that

each person has unique needs

and wants. At Tinley Court

those needs and wants will

be met with dignity,

respect and support.

Tinley Court strives to nurture individuality with a sense of

purpose in hopes of enriching one’s life. We offer a support system

like no other senior community. Staffed 24 hours for the well-being

and security of our residents.






Most Affordable Senior Living on the Southwest Side!!!

Call 708-532-7800


16301 S Brementowne Rd.,Tinley Park, IL 60477


Member of Tinley Park Chamber of Commerce Since 1994


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