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Taking time to travel


unlimited vacation

days — time to take

all those trips you couldn’t fit

into your few weeks of annual

vacation during your working

life, energy for day and weekend

trips to explore your own region

that always seemed like too much

after working 40 hours.

While there are plenty of trips

that are fun for any traveler, senior

citizens have additional options to

see the world.

Find a senior

Julie Huddleston



longer excursions to Central and

South America, Europe, Africa

and more. These programs allow

you to sign up for the trips you

want to take, browsing through

different adventure options like

train travel, hiking, sea trips and

more, and they do the planning

for you.

Traveling by yourself? There

are tour groups that cater to

single senior citizens as well.

Look into

discounts AARP and other organizations

for senior citizens offer

travel group

ElderTreks and Road Scholar travel discounts on flights,

offer adventures of all kinds for hotels, rental cars, cruises and

senior citizens, including short “TRAVELING– tours. Check it leaves out what you options

and inexpensive trips to places speechless, are available. then turns you Often into insurance a

throughout the United States and companies storyteller.” and big box stores

-IBN Bututta



815-874-6156 815-384-3838

New Milford


Julie W.



offer discounts as well, so find

the best deal you can. When you

go to museums and other sights,

ask about a senior discount.

You also can get deal on some

train tickets throughout Europe,

according to Rick Steves; ask at

the train station what discounts

are available.

Even without special deals, retirees

have the advantage of more

open schedule. Rick Steves suggests

traveling during shoulder

season (April-May, September-

October), when prices are lower

because it’s not peak season, but

the weather is still fairly good.

Get a national

parks pass

Seniors can get a lifetime

National Parks pass for $80,

allowing entry into all the national

parks and monuments

throughout the country.

For the outdoorsy types, this

is an inexpensive way to spend

a day or a weekend hiking or

camping. Even the less outdoorsy

types can find easy hikes

or beautiful drives through some

of the country’s most pristine,

gorgeous landscapes, including

the red rocks of Zion National

Park, the geysers of Yellowstone

or the green, rolling hills of

Shenandoah National Park.

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Julie Rochelle Huddleston New Marilyn Milford 2020

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Jan. 23-Feb. 2 Panama Canal/Princess Cruises

Rochelle New Milford


Thurs. April 23

Thurs. Dec. 5

June 9-13

Tues. Dec. 10

June 21-July 1


Jan. 23-Feb. 2

Thurs. March Dec. 8-16 5

Thurs. April 23

Tues. Dec. 10

June 9-13


Julie Huddleston


March 8-16

June 21-July 1

Jan. 23-Feb. 2

March 8-16

Thurs. April 23

“TRAVELING– it leaves you

Holcomb Travel Exchange “TRAVELING– Event Schedule it leaves you

speechless, then turns you into a

speechless, then turns you into a


Holcomb Mystery Tour Travel Exchange Event Schedule

Alaska Cruise Tour w/Princess 2020 Cruises


Panama Canal/Princess Cruises

Chicago Antebellum Shopping/Christkindlmarket South/American Queen Steamboat at Daley Plaza

Jumers Casino

Christmas Potluck

Panama Canal/Princess Cruises

-IBN Bututta




Holcomb Antebellum Travel South/American Exchange Queen Event Steamboat Schedule

Chicago Shopping/Christkindlmarket at Daley Plaza

Christmas Potluck

Mystery Tour




Alaska Cruise Tour w/Princess Cruises

EVENT storyteller.”

Chicago Shopping/Christkindlmarket at Daley Plaza

Christmas Potluck

Jumers Casino



Creston Doug

Antebellum South/American Queen Steamboat

Member FDIC

Julie W.


Julie Byron W.



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