Things You Should Know About Private Investigation Services


The founders of Baker St Private Investigator are ex-Police Officers with more than 2 decades in service. Armed with real-life surveillance skills and using only the latest investigation techniques in line with Singapore’s top enforcement agencies (SPF - Singapore Police Force and CNB - Central Narcotics Bureau), we gather evidence in the most efficient manner for our clients as per the demand of the situation. Baker St Private Investigator offers private investigation services in Singapore for individual and corporate clients. Be it commercial investigation, Matrimonial Investigation, Digital Forensics, Key Personnel Background Checks or Workman Compensation Claims Investigations; we are ready to investigate the matter, collect the required evidence and support the proper administration of justice.

Things You Should Know About Private

Investigation Services

We all love to watch movies that have a private investigator as the main

protagonist. We feel thrilled to watch his weird experiences while solving a

case or exposing a criminal. Similarly, detective stories and novels are still

considered as the best sellers in the market of books in Singapore. Some of

the fictional private investigators were our teenage idols.


ut why is that? Why we all feel extremely curious about knowing private

investigation and the detectives? Why we find the life of a private

investigator highly alluring?

This is simply because it has adventure and speed. The way they solve cases

makes us feel excited because that is very rare in our daily life. If you are

curious to know more about their work then this blog may help you.

1. Private investigators are often called a private detective because they

detect crimes and criminals.

2. These are professionals with special training in investigation,

surveillance, gathering information and detecting the pattern of the crime

as well as the criminal.

3. An individual private investigator can join a private detective agency to

get the chance of solving various cases. Or else, he can work as an

individual or freelancer too.

4. Every agency that provides their clients with Private Investigation

Services in Singapore must have proper license, bond and insurance

for doing so. Without this, they cannot practice private investigation.

5. A private investigator can be hired for several types of cases. It can be a

legal dispute, criminal activity or the case of adultery as well.

6. Often the private detective you hire work individually but have a close

connection with the local police station and take the help of the police in

solving the case and vice versa.

How To Find A Good One

To find a trustworthy and experienced private investigator in Singapore, you

should search on the internet. You can also take the help of your colleagues,

friends and close family members in case you need to consult a private

detective. He will work as per your requirements and instructions. You can opt

for agencies as well.

In case you choose to call an agency over an individual private

investigator, then Baker St Private Investigator is the right choice for you in

Singapore. They provide private investigation services for a wide range of

cases. Please visit their website to obtain an insight view of their services and


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