Auto Detailing News Fall 2019


VOL. 4, NO. 4 FALL 2019

what is the

DETAIL Maf ia?







Two year guaranteed protection

Improves gloss up to 10%


What is Diamond Plate?

A: Diamond Plate is a nano ceramic polymer coating that reacts with your vehicle’s

clear coat finish to form a second layer and thicker coating for added protection.

These highly cross-linked coatings are extremely weather resistant, provides UV

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used widely in the aerospace industry.

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The Diamond Plate 2 Year Warranty

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• P.O.S. Customer Hand Outs

• The Diamond Plate Warranty

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(Good) Help Wanted

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Oh No! It’s OSHA News

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A Tale of New Chapters

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Getting to Know

Chip Reed

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Dirty Work

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Detail Doctor . ...........23

Repairing acid rain & rail dust


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Detail Mafia

Vol. 4, No. 4, FALL 2019

Publisher: Jackson Vahaly

Editor: Debra Gorgos

Design: Katy Barrett-Alley

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One More Thing ...

Letter from

the Editor

My name is Debra Gorgos and I drive a minivan. I have two kids and a dog, and

our van is always… a mess. I was mortified to show it to anyone, let alone a possible

Auto Detailing News reader. But a full interior detailing was necessary. It was July 2.

Humidity, plus food wrappers, an old milk sippy cup and wet bathing suits had made

the van a cesspool of ick and it was time to call in the professionals. I have always



been anti-DIY when it comes to car maintenance.

My role with this magazine, as

well as Self Serve Car Wash News, would

dissipate if I were to be caught cleaning

out the van in my driveway. So, with a

nervous trembling of the mouth, I called

up a local detailer. What if they recognize

me? I thought? What if they take pictures

of my van and send it into this very magazine?!?

The person who answered was

very reassuring. “Come on in, we have

seen it all!” “It cannot be that bad.”

But it was that bad. As I pulled into the

detail bay, with my head pointed downward

in shame, I handed over the keys. “I

am so sorry,” I told the crew. “It’s been a

crazy summer, and the van is extra messy.”

Yes, it was only July 2, but still….. “We

have seen a lot worse,” they said. It should

take a couple of hours. I wondered if I

should tell them I am editor of a detailing

magazine and that I write passionately

about the detailing industry. Maybe, then,

he won’t think poorly of me. Or would he

instead think the opposite? It was a tough

call. What would you do? I decided to

keep quiet and with the two kids in tow,

we walked around the mini-metro area.

We shopped, got pizza, and then hung out

in the lobby. The only complaint I have is

that there wasn’t a lot to do in the lobby.

I realize most people don’t come with an

entourage, but I would have gladly spent

a few dollars on a massage chair, or video

game. Instead we played “I Spy” and did our best to make the minutes tick by. Hours

later, the van was ready. I walked sheepishly to the bay. Horrified that anyone had to

dig through the disarray. I couldn’t look the guy in the eye. I thanked him profusely,

left a generous tip, and was blown away by the results.

In other news… the Detail Mafia has been something of a halcyon cadre to me.

continued ...


Letter from

the Editor

I first noticed their presence at my very

first Mobile Tech Show. Black-shirted

detailers with a humble, yet peer-to-peer

boastfulness, meandered through the

showroom floor. A camaraderie similar

to a high school football team, but made

up of all ages, sizes, etc. When I first

heard these people were part of the

Detail Mafia, I thought it was an underground

sub-rosa-type of club. But that

initial notion could not be farther from

the truth. The Detail Mafia is instead

accessible, inclusive and friendly. This

issue’s cover story shares its members’

virtues, roles and principles. My biggest

takeaway was when interviewing Renny

Doyle (a man who is the heart of the

mafia and one whom I had previously

thought worked around the clock on his

detailing ventures) told me: Overworking

is overrated and spending time with

family is all that really matters.

And, one more thing before I sign

off. Who is going to SEMA? Publisher

Jackson Vahaly will be there. Be sure to

track him down and say “hello.” Share

with him your story ideas. And, share

with me what you thought of the show.

I can be reached at

Until next time,

Publisher’s Note

FYI - In order for us to take advantage of a

tax exemption that was recently passed, we

are adjusting the publishing schedule of Auto

Detailing News in 2020. As always, we’ll publish

4 quarterly issues next year, but we’ll be mailing

in March, June, September and December.

Thank you to all for your continued readership

and support!

Jackson Vahaly, Publisher




(Good) Help


If you’re hiring….

you better know what to look for...

By Rob Schruefer

Rob Schruefer is the owner of On The

Spot Detailing out of Columbia, Maryland.

He proudly serves on the board of the

International Detailing Association and works

tirelessly to ensure that detailing business

owners receive business development support

to help them achieve their goals.

Hiring employees is a big step in the

growth of a detailing business. The decision

to bring in staff to help with the day

to day operations can be as terrifying as

it is exciting. It presents new challenges

as well as the opportunity to expand your

business. Having employees frees up time

to build your business, and develop more

work, clientele and opportunities. It also

drastically complicates the situation and

forces you to wear several different hats.

There are three common ways to

pay employees; hourly, piecework, and

salary. Each one should be weighed and

selected for the best fit for you and your

business. There is no right way, and any

of the choices, or a combination, may be

your best bet.

Here are a few things to consider:


This is the most common way for detailing

employees to be paid. It is a flat,

per hour rate, given to each employee for

every hour that they work. The amount

paid per hour will depend on your business

and market. Typical pay will be between

$11-$20 , depending on skill level

and job type.


• Pay structure (starting pay, seniority, certification

levels) can be mapped out ahead

of time.

• Allows for incremental raises.

• Hours can be cut during slow times.


• Labor has to be watched and controlled.

• Employees will constantly ask for

more (or less) hours.

• Overtime will cost you

1.5x times the normal rate

Piece work/Commissions

Piece work-based payments work

better in wholesale or dealership environments.

Each employee is paid based

on the work that they are able to complete

each day. The amount paid per job

should be based on the service amount,

but is typically between 30%-40% of

the service cost.


• Labor costs are tied to work completed.

• Employees are rewarded for working faster

and more efficiently.

• Bad workers weed themselves out.


• Extra work is required to track each

employee’s completed services.

• Asking employees to help each other or

with other tasks presents a pay problem.

• Employees must make minimum wage, so

slow workers require additional tracking.


Salaries are generally reserved for

management, but can also work for

mid-level employees who are of value to

your business. A set salary also provides

the stability of knowing exactly what your

payroll will be from week to week. Salaries

will vary greatly from business to business

and should be directly tied to revenue.


• Labor costs are fixed.

• Employees know exactly how

much they will make each paycheck.

• If certain criteria is met, overtime

does not apply.


• Labor % can run high during slow periods.

• Salaries could cost more than hourly rate.

Whatever pay method you choose, it

is essential that you select the right one for

YOUR business. Every detailing company

is structured differently and each one

offers various services, and widely different

pricing. The most important part is

knowing your labor percentage and how

that will ultimately affect your bottom

line. Speaking with other detailers in the

industry, your labor rate should ideally

be around 30%-40%. If you work to stay

in this range, your business should be

profitable and successful.


vs. W2 employees

I would like to take a second to also

talk about 1099 subcontractors. I hear all

the time from people thinking they are

beating the system and avoiding employer

problems by making the employees

subcontractors and not W2 employees.

To properly qualify to be considered a

subcontractor, an employee must provide

everything except the job. If you

are providing them training, supplies, or

equipment, they are an employee, NOT

a contractor. Issuing them with a 1099

instead of a W2 could land you in hot

water with the IRS, your insurance company,

and labor lawyers. It is best to just

do the right thing and put them on payroll,

rather than risk your business, your

reputation and significant fines.

Hire These

Guys While

You’re At It

If you have made the decision

to hire staff, your next

conversation should be with a

payroll company. Attempting

to do payroll by yourself is

time consuming and difficult.

There are hundreds of payroll

companies out there to

explore, and the right one

can be hired for a small fee.

Having a company ensure

that taxes are calculated

correctly and employees are

paid properly could mean the

difference between success

and disaster.




OH NO … It’s OSHA News!

It’s not all bad, but if you don’t already know, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration

of the United States Department of Labor (OSHA) has announced the following…

Businesses cited for exposure to hazardous chemicals, improper ladder safety

As detailers continuously work with chemicals,

and are also often on foot in slippery

conditions, it is important to make sure

each and every employee is safe, otherwise

OSHA will hand out stiff penalties. In San

Angelo, Texas, OSHA cited 7 S Packing

LLC – operating as Texas Packing Company

for exposing workers to releases of

hazardous chemicals. The company faces

$615,640 in penalties.

OSHA determined that the meat-packing

facility failed to implement a required

Process Safety Management (PSM) program

for operating an ammonia refrigeration

unit containing over 10,000 pounds of

anhydrous ammonia. The employer also

failed to provide fall protection, guard machines

and equipment, control hazardous

energy, and implement a respiratory protection


The PSM Covered Chemical Facilities

National Emphasis Program focuses on reducing

or eliminating workplace hazards at

chemical facilities to protect workers from

catastrophic releases of highly hazardous

chemicals. PSM standards emphasize the

management of hazards associated with

highly hazardous chemicals, and establishes

a comprehensive management program

that integrates technologies, procedures,

and management practices to prevent an

unexpected release.

The company has 15 business days

from receipt of the citations and penalties

to comply, request an informal conference

with OSHA’s area director, or

contest the findings before the independent

Occupational Safety and Health

Review Commission.

And in Tumwater, Washington,

OSHA fined the Dollar Tree for repeated

safety violations, including blocked emergency

exit routes, unsafe ladder use and

improper stacking of merchandise . A recent

inspection resulted in several “repeat

willful” and other violations for unsafe

merchandise storage and handling, and

obstructed exit routes.

The $503,200 fine is also related in part

to L&I finding the same safety hazards at

the store during multiple visits. The violations

continued even after the company

was informed by an L&I inspector of the

safety hazards during earlier visits and was

provided specific instruction on how to

improve employee safety at the store and

avoid further violations.

“Even after multiple large fines, it appears

this company has not gotten the

message to ensure their safety and health

system is working in every Washington

store location,” said L&I Assistant Director

Anne Soiza. “This fine is one of the largest

we’ve issued, and we will apply pressure to

Dollar Tree until its leadership takes sustained,

comprehensive steps to prevent serious


This is the third substantial L&I citation

and fine involving Dollar Tree in just

over a year. Since the beginning of 2017,

L&I has completed 15 inspections at Dollar

Tree stores after complaints and referrals

about unsafe working conditions.

The Virginia-based company has

dozens of stores throughout Washington.

Prior to this most recent citation, Dollar

Tree has been fined nearly $593,000 since

2013. Last year, a store in Bonney Lake

was fined $166,000 for three willful violations,

and a Kelso Dollar Tree was fined

$140,000 for violations similar to the ones

found at the Vancouver store in this recent


Dollar Tree’s corporate office controls

inventory for local stores, and shipments

arrive frequently. Challenges with too

much inventory and not enough storage

space lead to high stacks of boxes, often

leaning over, which cause blocked and impeded

pathways and other hazards.

Improperly stored merchandise can

fall, resulting in serious injuries or death

if the boxes strike employees or cause

employees to fall, or if exits are blocked

during an emergency. Lifting heavy boxes

onto over-the-head stacks is also likely to

cause strains and sprains or serious back

injuries. In the Vancouver store, workers

were also climbing on shelving units,

which can result in falls.

The violations are not unique to Washington.

Dollar Tree locations around the

country have been cited for improper

stacking of merchandise boxes, mostly in

their storerooms, and for blocking exits or

impeding pathways.

The company has now been placed

in L&I’s Severe Violator Enforcement

Program, which means its stores are now

subject to inspections at any time, among

other things.

Dollar Tree has appealed this citation,

and it could take several months for the appeals

process to be completed.

Penalty money paid as a result of a

citation is placed in the workers’ compensation

supplemental pension fund, helping

injured workers and families of those who

have died on the job.

Carbon Monoxide exposure kills two people

OSHA has cited AJR Landscaping

Inc. – based in Cresskill, New Jersey

– for exposing employees to carbon

monoxide (CO) after two workers succumbed

to the toxic gas.

OSHA initiated an inspection after

the Washington Township New

Jersey Police Department notified the

agency that the workers died from CO

exposure after a gasoline-powered

lawnmower was started inside an enclosed

company trailer that transported

the crew to a jobsite. OSHA issued

serious citations to AJR for exposing

the employees to carbon monoxide,

and for failing to train employees to

recognize the hazard. The company

faces penalties of $17,051.

“Any time there is a gas-powered

motor or engine running in an enclosed

space, there is risk of exposure

to exhaust fumes, which contain

carbon monoxide, an odorless and

poisonous gas,” said OSHA Area Office

Director Lisa Levy, in Hasbrouck

Heights, New Jersey. “This tragedy

was preventable if the employer had

adhered to basic safety and health


OSHA provides compliance assistance

resources on preventing carbon

monoxide poisoning at https://www.


The company has 15 business

days from receipt of the citations and

proposed penalties to comply, request

an informal conference with OSHA’s

area director, or contest the findings

before the independent Occupational

Safety and Health Review Commission.

OSHA offers suicide

prevention tips

As National Suicide Prevention Week is just a

few weeks away, taking place September 8, 2019

September 14, 2019, OSHA wants you to know that

there are many resources available all year round for

those who are suffering from depression and having

suicidal thoughts. OSHA wants every worker to

know that If you’re in crisis, there are options available

to help you cope. You can also call the National

Suicide Prevention Lifeline at any time to speak with

someone and get support. For confidential support

available 24/7 for everyone in the United States, call

1-800-273-8255. Or you can chat online at Online




New rule will revise

requirements in safety

and health standards

OSHA has issued a final rule that revises 14 provisions

in the recordkeeping, general industry, maritime, and construction

standards that may be confusing, outdated, or

unnecessary. The revisions are expected to increase understanding

and compliance with the provisions, improve employee

safety and health, and save employers an estimated

$6.1 million per year.

OSHA proposed the changes in October 2016. This is

the fourth final rule under OSHA’s Standards Improvement

Project, which began in 1995 in response to a Presidential

memorandum to improve government regulations. Other

revisions were issued in 1998, 2005, and 2011.

Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of

1970, employers are responsible for providing safe and

healthful workplaces for their employees. OSHA’s role is

to help ensure these conditions for America’s working men

and women by setting and enforcing standards, and providing

training, education and assistance.

Requests for information on

Lockout/Tagout Standards

OSHA is requesting information on a possible update

to the Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/

Tagout (LOTO)) standard. The Agency is interested

in comments on the use of control circuit-type devices

to isolate energy, as well as the evolving technology for


OSHA is requesting information about how employers

have been using control circuit devices, including

information about the types of circuitry and

safety procedures being used; limitations of their use,

to determine under what other conditions control

circuit-type devices could be used safely; new risks of

worker exposure to hazardous energy as a result of

increased interaction with robots; and whether the

agency should consider changes to the LOTO standard

that would address these new risks.

The current LOTO standard, published in 1989,

requires that all sources of energy be controlled

during servicing and maintenance of machines and

equipment using an energy-isolating device. The

standard specifies that control circuit devices cannot

be used as energy-isolating devices, but the agency

recognizes recent technological advances may have

improved the safety of control circuit-type devices.

Comments must be submitted on or before August

18, 2019. Comments and materials may be submitted

electronically at,

the Federal e-Rulemaking Portal, or by facsimile or

mail. See the Federal Register notice for submission


Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act

of 1970, employers are responsible for providing

safe and healthful workplaces for their employees.

OSHA’s role is to help ensure these conditions for

America’s working men and women by setting and

enforcing standards, and providing training, education

and assistance.





The most comprehensive line of professional detailing products in the industry.

Delivered to your door by pros that know.





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Ceramic SiO2 Coating Kit


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Clean & Sheen not only

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Chip Reed

Getting to Know...

of Corporate

Detailing Service

By Debra Gorgos

Full Name:

My full name is Lyle I Reed II. Most

people know me as Chip.

Name of Business:

Corporate Detailing Service


Vero Beach, Florida

What’s Your Story?

In 1995 I started detailing working for

a local car dealership. In 1996 I moved

to Nashville, TN, and started working

for the Opryland Hotel. I was in charge

of detailing and maintaining their fleet

of buses and VIP vehicles. In 1998 I

moved back home to Vero Beach, FL,

and started Corporate Detailing Service.

I chose Corporate Detailing Service as

the name because I was going after the

Corporate clientele. I did the detailing

part time for years as I worked for

various companies. In 2011 we had six

family members pass away in the last five

months of the year. In 2012 I closed the

business and moved to Colorado to work

continued ...

VOL. 4, NO. 4 • FALL 2019 | AUTO DETAILING NEWS | 11



for Vail Resorts. I still had the detailing

bug in me. In 2013 I started working for

Summit Express in Colorado. I was in

charge of deep cleaning and detailing

their fleet of passenger vans. In 2014 I

moved back to Florida and took a job

as a janitor. When I was released from

that job me and my wife sat down and

decided that I would start Corporate

Detailing Service LLC back up and do

it full time. I was scared going back into

it full time. At the 2015 Mobile Tech

Expo I sat down with Renny Doyle who

I looked up to as a mentor. He told me

to let the business do what it wants to

do, but to remember to focus on your

family too. So that’s what I did. In 2017

12 | AUTO DETAILING NEWS | VOL. 4, NO. 4 • FALL 2019



we got a call from Corporate Air Inc.

(which is a local FBO at the Vero Beach

Airport) about possibly detailing some of

their clients’ aircrafts and vehicles. We sat

down with Corporate Air Inc. and agreed

on a deal … and we started working for

them in 2018 and haven’t looked back.

What do you like most about

your job?

I enjoy detailing an aircraft more

than a vehicle because there is a lot more

detail that you have to look at and pay

attention to… it is a whole different beast.

You have to watch out for stuff like static

vents and static ports which are critical

in that they have to be kept clean and no

water or wax can get in them.



Expand your business offerings, and

join our growing list of franchisees with

opportunities available in multiple states

and countries! Contact us today to see

if your desired location is available!



Franchise fee waived for

U.S. Military Veterans!

VOL. 4, NO. 4 • FALL 2019 | AUTO DETAILING NEWS | 13



What does it take to detail an


To wax detail an aircraft it can take

anywhere from 8 to 40 hours depending

on the size of the aircraft. On a Super

King Air 250 it took 36 hours to wash and

wax and to refurbish the de-icing boots. It

takes about 2 to 4 hours to wash a smallto

medium-sized aircraft. Right now, it’s

only me and my wife working, but this

season I will be looking to hire a couple of

people. My typical hours of operation are

Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

and weekends are by appointment. I have

worked overnight on some aircrafts to get

them done in time for the customer to

take out the next day.

14 | AUTO DETAILING NEWS | VOL. 4, NO. 4 • FALL 2019







Trash Upon Trash

By Detailer Jeff Redmond

of Cincy Shine Auto Detailing in Bellevue, Kentucky.

“I gathered all the garbage up first to give me room to work. Next, I

vacuumed the interior. Then, I cleaned all the interior trim and the sleeper

walls and glass. Finally, I cleaned the floors using McKee’s 37 Floor Mat and

Cargo Liner Rejuvenator. The truck turned out great! It took me about 4

hours to complete. This truck awarded me 80+ trucks.”

Mold Taketh Over

By Detailer Brandon Farrell

of Shift to Shine in Covington,


“With any mold job that I do there’s a

very delicate process.

I start with some form

of bacteria killer/

vinegar/hot water. I

spray it over the surface

that I’m getting

ready to treat and

I let that dwell for

about 10 minutes. I

then take a steamer

and scrub brush and

steam the surface

and scrub at the same

time to really break

up the mold and ‘kill’ it with steam. A

hot water extractor isn’t enough to kill the

mold bacteria (you might get the mold off

the surface, but it will still be in the fibers

and be able to come back especially if the

carpets are left wet). Once I’ve done this

I go back with an enzyme-based shampoo

and spray that down. Again, I let it

dwell then follow up with a scrub brush

and steam again. And then I extract it

all. Then I take a towel and I try to dry

up as much as possible. You should not

run the vents (if you can avoid it) because

mold might be in the dash. Drying out

the carpets and seats before I leave is an

absolute must to hopefully keep the mold

away. If the customer opts out of a dash

removal and full seat removal to really get

everything out, I just give them the peace

of mind that I’ll come back and take care

of the mold if/when it comes back at no

charge. I also always use a face mask, eye

protection, gloves, a long sleeve shirt, and

pants to fully cover my body to protect me

from coming into contact with the mold.”

Tips & Tricks from

the Pros

The following are questions posted to, as well as answers and

suggestions from forum members (Please Note: Some posts feature minor edits for

readability. Also note that opinions and statements made here are by each forum

user and do not necessarily reflect the viewpoints of Auto Detailing News.)

Working a Winning Website

Q: I have decided to make a website and wanted to get opinions

on what the easiest and most cost-effective way to do so is?


- DiamondWash

… in addition to try

looking into [I also

recommend] stepping up to the paid

version and picking a mobile responsive

theme (most are now but just make

sure). These two should be fine for most

website needs and can even integrate a

shopping cart into it.

- OurTown

I downloaded a template from

templatemonster, edited it with notepad.

Hostgator for hosting.

Inexpensive, flexible, modern website.

But some basic understanding of html/

coding is required. (Not much imo, but

that may be subjective).

- PaulLovesJamie

I use godaddy. Great templates, works

with mobiles and easy to use. Then

register on Google Maps to get good

local visibility!

- Carwashireleand

Registering on Google Maps is a good

idea whether you have a website or not.

If someone just speaks “[business name]

near me” into their phone it will find you,

otherwise you’re relying on advertising

and/or word of mouth.

- MEP001

There are a ton of great options.

The main deciding factors in determining

which route is the best are 1)

Coding knowledge 2) Functionality

you would like the website to have.

continued ...

VOL. 4, NO. 4 • FALL 2019 | AUTO DETAILING NEWS | 15



By the Books

Q: Has anyone used QuickBooks? Any

recommendations for their options or other software?

1. User Interface

• EXAMPLES: WIX, SquareSpace, Godaddy template,

Namecheap website builder etc...

• PRO: Easiest and fastest and cheap

• CON: Hardest to originally customize, get good SEO,

and continuously build upon, get really good mobile

responsiveness (aka have the website look good,

clean and functional on all devices)

• WHEN TO USE: No coding knowledge, want fast

quick and easy solution that is good enough

2. WordPress

• PRO: Easy with very little if any coding knowledge,

better SEO, easy to update, more responsive on

different devices, great easy plug-in integration for

measuring traffic and gaining insights into the impact

your website is actually having on sales

• CON: Takes a little more time and work than Option 1

• WHEN TO USE: Want to go one step further than

minimum, have some time / want a project, or want

to hire someone

3. Custom Webpage

• Examples: Bootstrap framework, completely custom

from scratch, etc..

• PRO: Best true customizability, best responsiveness

(to work seamlessly on all device types), best to get

every insight possible into the actual traffic, behavior,

and impact your website is having

• CON: Requires either hiring someone to build or

having coding knowledge

• WHEN TO USE: You are willing to prioritize your web

presence as a significant business driver and feel that

getting as customizable and unique as possible is

worth it.

The best way to have a website for cheap is

wordpress, it is indexed easier and faster by Google.

However, it needs technical knowledge of website

design plugins and hosting, if you are tech savvy go

with wordpress but if you are not Wix is the best and

easiest to design. I created these two websites using

WordPress for car detailing in Toronto


I’ve run businesses on

QuickBooks for years. for a

service business and small

number of inventory items

to track it works great and is

affordable. they have payroll

available if you’re into having

employees... - Dan-Ark

I just use Excel - Sparkey

I run 5 Companies on QB in

the cloud. Makes it easy for

bookkeeper and accountant to

access from various locations.

I run 5 simple companies and

personal on QB Desktop.

QB Desktop. Just give the

accountant P&L and Balance

sheet at year end.

Cloud is about $50.00/Month per

business. If I didn’t need access

from multiple locations, I would

only use desktop. - Earl Weiss

I’ve been using QB on my Mac

for wash and rental property

but am looking to migrate to the

cloud-based version for various

reasons. - Car_Wash_Guy

Cloud is easy to use, and you

can update things via the iPhone

app. - Roz

I use QuickBooks online for my

carwash business. it is great and

my accountant can log into it

remotely if I give her permission -


Excel is plenty if you’re just

tracking income and expenses,

and your payroll is contract labor.

QuickBooks Online makes things

like payroll taxes super easy, you

just input the hours and pay rate

and it generates a payment for

each tax entity. - MEP001

I use the desktop version then

VNC into that location if I need

to access it from elsewhere. -


20% OFF




16 | AUTO DETAILING NEWS | VOL. 4, NO. 4 • FALL 2019

Leaf it to the Experts

Sap, pitch,

which is which?

Also, sap, which is known as the

“blood of the tree,” contains phloem

— the sugary goop that sticks to everything,

including vehicles. Sap is translucent,

thin, watery, slightly amber colored

substance, according to Complete

Tree Care. Maple trees are primarily

known for producing sap, but it can

also come from walnut, birch and sycamore

trees. Tree resin is not the same

as sap, though. Resin, which is also

Those autumn leaves sure are beautiful,

but many do not know that buried

in the orange, red and yellow pigment

are elements that can damage

a vehicle’s surface and stain and/or

scratch the paint. But, how can something

so pretty be so harmful, you

might ask? Leaves contain wax, tannic

acid, and some are coated in sap and

pollen. This of course, leaves a good

opportunity for detailers to help out

their customers.

known as tree “pitch,” is thicker, tackier,

and darker than tree sap, according

to Complete Tree Care. Trees such as

pine, fir, and cedar produce resin.

Therefore: Sap = lighter in color,

Resin/Pitch = darker.

Some detailers post on their websites

and social media a Fall leaf blurb, noting

the damage the leaves can cause

and urging vehicle owners to come in

before the damage is irreversible.

History BUFF

Why so Black

and Blue?

Back in the 1920s General Motors

teamed with the Dupont chemical company

to create “pyroxylin,” which, according to

Consumer Reports’ A Brief History of Cars, is a

substance that could be mixed with pigments

to create a rainbow of automobile coatings.

Cars at this time were mostly black, a color

which Henry Ford popularized thanks to

the fact that it dried fast and was better for

mass production. Believing customers would

appreciate another color, Alfred P. Sloan, who

was GM’s president in May 1923, thought

pyroxylin was the answers. It was durable and

able to dry in just minutes. “In 1923, the new

Duco paint (as it was called) pyroxylin colors

debuted at the New York Auto Show on GM’s

Oakland Motor Car Company’s cars, known

as the ‘True Blue Oakland Sixes.’”



The seven touring cars were painted

with Duco, and each received two different

shades of blue and also had red or orange

racing strips.

Gundula Tutt, an automotive color

historian, conservationist and restorer, told

Consumer Reports, “Blue is a complicated

color, because it yellowed easily before. Now

there was much less yellowing and upkeep,

it was a cheaper, ‘garageless car,’ which was

nice for consumers, as you could have a

car without the bothersome expensive of

having a garage.”

Around that same time, General

Motors started a “color advisory service,”

and sent people to Paris to study the colors

at various shows and would ask for feedback.

According to Tutt, such a service was

very much at the pulse of consumerism, as

the industry tried to figure out what people

would buy other than black.


VOL. 4, NO. 4 • FALL 2019 | AUTO DETAILING NEWS | 17



Balancing it out

Properly managing your finances is one

of the most important parts of running a

business. Well, that and having customers,

but for this tip, we will focus on how to keep

track of your spending, profits, and budget.

A good balance sheet is where you should

start. According to the U.S. Small Business

Administration (SBA), “The balance sheet is

the foundation of managing your finances.

It operates as a snapshot of your business

financials. It helps you keep track of your

capital and provide a cash flow projection

for future years.”

A great and free balance sheet template

can be found online at


The template will have you list all of

your assets, including:

Business Tip

Current Assets

• Cash in bank

• Accounts receivable

• Inventory

• Prepaid expenses

• Other current assets

Fixed Assets

• Machinery & equipment

• Furniture & fixtures

• Leasehold improvements

• Land & buildings

• Other fixed assets

• (LESS accumulated depreciation on all

fixed assets)

• This Total is your net of depreciation

Other Assets

• Intangibles

• Deposits

• Goodwill

• Other

Current Liabilities

• Accounts payable

• Interest payable

• Taxes payable

• Notes, short-term (due within 12 months)

• Current part, long-term debt

• Other current liabilities

Long-term Debt

• Bank loans payable

• Notes payable to stockholders

• LESS: Short-term portion

• Other long-term debt

Owners’ Equity

• Invested capital

• Retained earnings - beginning

• Retained earnings - current

And, because the template is in an Excel

format, it does all of the math for you. If

you have any more questions about balance

sheet and financial management, check out

the free resources at



Join Today & Get Involved!

Education | Certification | Social Media Discussions | Awards Programs | Technical Expertise | Newsletters | And more!

18 | AUTO DETAILING NEWS | VOL. 4, NO. 4 • FALL 2019


Introducing new & improved products for professional auto, boat & motorcycle detailers.

The G9 Random Orbital Polisher offers comfort and you

can feel its lightness and balance the first time you pick it up.

Griot’s Garage designed the G9 with perfectly placed grips,

high-quality double-shot rubber touch points, and easy to

engage controls that are convenient for right- and left-handed

users. The power has been upped to 1,000 watts, a 17%

increase over their previous 6” Random Orbital. Just like on

the street, performance is all about putting the power down.

So Griot’s Garage made the G9’s drivetrain 45% stronger than

Orbital polisher

from Griot’s Garage

New website from PRO ® Products

PRO ® Products, the professional division of BAF Industries,

has announced the launch of the new redesigned

website and is inviting detailers to explore. The new website

has been redesigned to offer the ultimate user-friendly experience

with improved navigation and functionality while allowing

customers to see the full product portfolio PRO ® can offer.

Created with the user experience in mind, the site includes

many new features to help users to quickly and easily navigate

the site and find the professional car care product they need.

New features include:

• User-Friendly Design & Navigation to more easily navigate

the website with fewer clicks.

• Powerful Search Functionality to easily narrow down the

product portfolio by name, number or attributes.

• Modern Clean Layout shows off PRO ® Products at higher


• Responsive Web Design allowing the site to be compatible

with all browsers and mobile devices.

their Gen3 machine and added a state-of-the-art Constant

Speed Controller. The controller maintains the set speed even

when additional pressure is applied to the tool, ensuring the

G9 makes the most of every 9mm pad rotation. Representing

the fourth generation of improvements to the Griot’s Garage

line of Random Orbitals, the innovative, feature-rich G9

has six patents pending and has been certified for safety and

compliance worldwide.

• Social Media Links allowing visitors links to access to the

PRO ® Instagram, FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube social


• Digital PRO ® Product Catalog allowing customers an

online product catalog flip book experience.

• Checkout Process functional, clean and simple to use.

In addition, the new site will allow customers to download

Product Bulletins and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for the complete

PRO ® Product Line.

Visitors to the new site can stay informed with the latest PRO ®

Products and industry news through the new email subscription.

The subscription will contain richer online content such as

technical tips, press releases, featured products and newsletters.

The new website can be found at


trim color

paint from


ColorBond’s Pro Tech Line

was created to restore and

customize automotive components

like trim, wheels and

engine compartments, and are

great for the DIY or professional.

ColorBond Pro Tech Trim Color

auto trim paint is great for wheel

flairs, mirrors, window trim, door

trim, and bumpers. Primarily

metallic paints, they have been

created to match OEM finishes

on a wide range of exterior

components and can also be used

on interior hard plastic metallic

finished trim.

ColorBond Pro Tech Trim

Color auto trim paint provides

a beautiful, durable and longlasting

finish, and is perfect for

cars, boats, motorcycles and

other power sports vehicles. Pro

Tech provides a correct, easy and

economical method for painting

interior and exterior plastic trim.

Users can enjoy easily refurbishing

and restyling vehicle trim

with excellent results.

VOL. 4, NO. 4 • FALL 2019 | AUTO DETAILING NEWS | 19




OCT 10

Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas

IDA Webinar

Benefits of Education

through the IDA

OCT 17

IDA Certification

Event - Phase I & II


OCT 26

presented by AMDetails

Elgin, Morayshire

IDA Certification

Event - Phase I & II



presented by Polished and

Waxed / AF Autoclean

Upper Ballinderry, Lisburn

SEMA Show 2019

NOV 5-8

Las Vegas Convention Center

Las Vegas

IDA Meet and

Greet at SEMA


5 p.m. – 8 p.m.

IDA Certification

Event - Phase I (CD)

at the SEMA Show

NOV 6, 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada

NOV 21

IDA Webinar: Basic

Financials 101

Mobile Tech Expo

- Orlando

JAN 30-FEB 1,


The Rosen Shingle Creek

Orlando, Florida

SEMA is Here!

The 2019 SEMA Show, taking place November 5-8, 2019,

at the Las Vegas Convention Center is right around the corner.

The three-day event, known as the premier automotive specialty

products trade event in the world, drew more than 70,000 domestic

and international buyers in 2018. Displays were segmented

into 12 sections, and a New Products Showcase featured nearly

3,000 newly introduced parts, tools and components.

Here is a guide specifically for detailers for the upcoming show:


The North Hall is where detailers will be exhibiting, however Meguiar’s and Mothers will be in the Central Hall/Grand

Lobby. There will 277 companies exhibiting under the Restyling Car Care category. Those companies include:


3D High Definition Car Care (12461)

3M (12145)

3M (61021)

3W Auto Accessory (32325)

Adenna (10161)

ADSG Dongsai (China) Car-Styling Co., Ltd.


Aegis Car Seat Cover (13175)

AERO Detail Products (12727)

AeroCatch (50329)

AIR DESIGN (12861)

Alea Leather (12527)

All-Fit Automotive (13184)

AlloyGator North America (12721)

American Pacific Corp. (12615)

American Standard Window Film (12131)

AMON Industry Co., Ltd. (34290)

Angel-GUARD Products, Inc. (12428)

Angelwax (13133)

APE Wraps (16422)

APE Wraps (61016)

Autofiber (15222)

Automotive Synergy (12905)

Autosmart International Inc. (12521)

AutoTecknic USA (12210)

Avery Dennison (12659)

B&B Blending (16727)

B&B Blending (61026)

Banzai Sports JDM (50223)

Bates Industries Co. Ltd. (12620)

BDK USA Inc. (12377)

Beugler Stripers (13139)

Big Bond (32299)

Biocide Systems (12323)

Bishop Innovations, HOZEEZ (12918)

BLVD-LPF (33269)

Braun Automotive (12949)

Buff & Shine Manufacturing, Inc. (13155)

BuffPro (12984)

California Dream / Restylers’ Choice (12722)

Car Coaster LLC (52232)

CARIGHT Window Tint & Car Wrap Tools Manufacturing


Ceramic Pro Americas LLC (13053)

Champion Seat Systems (34266)

Changzhou Pengxiang Automobile Decoration

Factory (13147)

Changzhou Sanyou Dissan Protective Materials

Mfg C (12549)

Changzhou Wenye Auto Lamp Co., Ltd. (51426)

Changzhou Yizhao Auto Exterior Parts Co., Ltd.


Chemical Guys (12961)

Cherng Yi Hsing Plastic Plating Factory Co., Ltd.


Clinched Flares, LLC (50711)

Clinched Flares, LLC (V269)

Coast to Coast International (12533)

Colourlock USA (50523)

Conergies Laminating & Coating (38231)

Confezioni Andrea North America (52111)

CoverSecure (52022)

Cowles Products (12333)

Craft Customs Steering Wheels & Dashes


CS-II International Inc. (13151)

Cynosura International Co., Ltd. (30344)

Dash Designs Inc. (12739)

Dawn Enterprises, Inc. (12539)

Day to Day Imports, Inc. (12371)

DC Safety Sales Co. Inc. (12329)

Defender-N (51222)

DeOdorPro (50124)

Diederichs Karosserieteile GmbH (15623)

DingZing Advanced Materials Inc. (15207)

Douglas Corporation (13141)

Dr. ColorChip Corp. (12686)

Drop Products (52119)

Dynabrade (10217)

Dynafy (12985)

Eagle Enterprises Inc. (12674)

EAS40-1000 Rollover Inlet Check Valve Fuel

Tank Re (33319)

Eastman Performance Films, LLC (12117)

Eclipse Sunshades (51204)

ECP, Inc. (12921)

Element 119 (50105)


Excel Make Automotive Inc. (12327)

EZ Lip LLC (13173)

Fasnap Corp. (31299)

FH Group (13163)

FILINK (12923)

Flamingo Car Care Tech Co., Ltd. (48233)

Flex North America, Inc. (12365)

Flex Seal Family of Products (13033)

Flex Seal Family of Products (62124)

Flexishield & Luxo (12869)

Flink International Co. Ltd. (34254)

FM Co., Ltd. - Window film (12386)

FRD (16022)

FUN LINES (12585)

GiantGear (32293)

Gliptone (12755)

Global Window Films (12423)

Gloss It Car Care (12555)

Goizper Spraying North America (50819)

Golden Knight Enterprise Co. Ltd. (12819)

Greer Products LLC Thumbguntool Polish Dispenser


Griot’s Garage, Inc. (13039)

Griot’s Garage, Inc. (61002)

Grit Guard, Inc. (12933)

Gtechniq (15421)

Guangdong Carbonss Tuning Co., Ltd. (74005)

Guangdong Carlas Industrial Co., Ltd. (52126)

Guangdong New Vision Film Co. Ltd. (12286)

Guangzhou Joesong New Materials Technology

Co., Lt (34344)

Guangzhou Laige Auto Accessories Co. Ltd.


Guangzhou Sino Group Co., Ltd. (50322)

Guangzhou Wanlong Automotive Products Co.,

Ltd. (35344)

Guangzhou Yagai Trade Co., Ltd. (48227)

Guangzhou Yajiu Composite Co., Ltd. (12430)

Guangzhou YCL Car Accessories Co., Ltd.


Guangzhou Younick Automotive Products Co.


Guangzhou Yupeng Auto Parts Co. Ltd. (16515)

Guangzhou ZSMELL Window Film Co., Ltd.


GYEON Quartz (13045)

Heat-Max (2007) Inc. (16124)

HEXIS (12469)

Hoodfins Inc. (16429)

HSIN YI Chang Industry Co. (34288)

Hyperformance Glass Products LLC (30289)

IGL Coatings (12943)

ITW Evercoat

Ivan Tampi Customs (50911)

Jada Toys (50119)

Jax Wax Car Care Products (51225)

Jiang Xi Kewei Film New Material Co., Ltd.


Jiangsu 1234 Auto Technology Co. Ltd. (16015)

Johns 360 Coatings (50201)

Johnson Window Films (12431)

Katzkin Automotive Leather (12439)

KDX America (13121)

KK Label Zhong Shan Inc. (12579)

Kleen-Rite Corp. (16227)

Koch-Chemie (52110)

KOLCHUGA (50730)

KPMF (12975)


Lake Country Manufacturing / LC Power Tools


LD Nano Sensational (52122)

LeatherSeatsPrime (51211)

Legendz Carbon Auto Parts LLC (32332)

Lethal Threat (12827)

Liquid Armour Protective Coatings (15118)

Luxwood Auto Trim Design Inc. (13179)

MDI - Mercantile Development (10747)

Madico, Inc. (12451)

Matrix Films (12749)

Maxpro Window Films (13027)

Maxshine Global (16707)

Mengzhou Yuxiangyun Auto Electronics Co. Ltd.


MetroVac (12914)

MFR Engineering Inc. (40296)

MFR Engineering Inc. (V135) and (V137)

Montroy Automotive Division (13008)

Moore & Giles (50419)

Moso Natural (50404)

MTM HYDRO (50319)

Mutoh America Inc (12139)

NANOSKIN Car Care Products (12627)

NEXFIL USA Inc. (13061)

NFS Sport International (12911)

Northwest Seat Covers / Pacific Restyling Products


NuVinAir Global (51301)

ODE Auto Parts Co., Ltd. (12486)

Odor Medicine/Aerosol Dyes (13161)

OKI Data (16627)

Olein Refinery & Lubricants (50406)

ORAFOL Americas (12475), (V32) and (V97)

Orexmotorsports (13018)

OYA Carbon Co. Ltd. (51100)

P&S Detail Products (12821)

P.U. Tech Spoiler LP (12432)

Pacific Rim & Trim International (12831)

Padxpress (34331)

Pan Taiwan Enterprise Co., Ltd. (12611)

PG Perma Glass (12716)

Plasticolor / Chroma, LBMB Companies (33320)

Powder-X Coating Systems (44324)

Pressure On Demand Systems (12422)

Procter & Gamble Professional (12843)

Protec Window Film (13050)

PRO® Products (31261)

Purestar (12803)

QB Enterprises (31273)

Qingdao Tianchen Jiachuang Co. Ltd. (16127)

QuikSnap (52228)


Pro-Series (13038)

Ray-Action Designs Inc. (13048)

Restore Coat (50422)

Restylers International (13145)

REV Auto (32322)

Rhino Films & Detailing (34339)

Ri-Tar Enterprises Inc. (12617)

Rimblades (12385)

RimPro-Tec / Wheel Bands (13181)

Road Comforts (32269)

Roadwire Leather Interiors (12317)

Ruff Tuff Products (12561)

Ruian JiaBeir Auto Parts Co. Ltd. (75011)

RUPES S.p.A. (12173)

20 | AUTO DETAILING NEWS | VOL. 4, NO. 4 • FALL 2019

Jay Leno to hand out New Product awards

Jay Leno will help kick off the opening

day of the 2019 SEMA Show, Tuesday,

November 5, as a special guest at the New

Products Awards Breakfast. The awards

recognize the most innovative and cutting-edge

aftermarket products that will

be for sale in 2019.

Each of the 16 award categories has

one winner and two runners-up. Winners

are selected based on a variety of factors,

such as superiority of innovation, technical

achievement, quality and workmanship,

consumer appeal and marketability

and more.

Product categories include:

Collision Repair & Refinish

Exterior Accessory Product

Interior Accessory Product

Mobile Electronics Product

Off-Road/4-Wheel-Drive Product

Performance-Racing Product

Performance-Street Product

Powersports Product

Street Rod/Custom Car Product

Tire and Related Product

Tools and Equipment Product

Van/Pickup/Sport-Utility Product

Wheel and Related Product

Engineered New Product

Merchandising Display

Packaging Design

Tickets to the event— to be held at

7:30 a.m., at the Westgate Las Vegas

Resort & Casino—are free and available

online when registering for your SEMA

Show badge.

New Product entries submitted by

SEMA- and TIA-member companies

that are checked-in before 10 a.m.,

Monday, November 4, will be included

in SEMA’s annual New Products Awards

competition. Award winners will also

be recognized at the annual SEMA Industry

Awards Banquet the evening of

Thursday, November 7.

Education for Detailers

Wednesday, Nov 6th

Is It Time To Sell Your Biz

10:15 AM - 11:15 PM | LVCC, N252

Presented by: Gene Marks, CPA | President

& CEO of The Marks Group P.C.

It doesn’t matter whether you plan to

sell your business next year or ten years

from now. The more important question is

what is your business really worth today and

how can you increase its value every year?

You should be thinking this way all the

time. You should be building value all the

time. Because one day you might want to

sell your company. Or a potential buyer

may appear who makes an offer. And you

want to be ready. You want your business

to be as valuable as possible.

Gene’s presentation will help you focus

on what you need to do to build value

in your company and to position it to be

sold…next year, or ten years from now.

Gene explains why so many business

owners will be selling their businesses

over the next few years and how you can

capitalize on that trend. He’ll take you

through the reasons why business owners

sell and what smart buyers are looking

for. He’ll give you the essential tools you’ll

need to know how to value your business

like a professional appraiser. And you

may not like what he tells you! But most

importantly you’ll walk away with critical,

real-life tactics for operating your company

at its highest level. Because maybe you

do want to sell it someday. Or maybe you

don’t. In either case, don’t you still want

to be as profitable as possible?

Entrepreneurship in the

Automotive - Aftermarket

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM | LVCC, N253

Moderated by the 2016 Gen III Innovator

with a stacked panel of industry heavyweights

including Jesse James, Brian

Scotto, Andrew Johnson and Jon Pulli.

In this panel discussion you will get

to hear from and interact with industry

professionals who have started and grown

a business from absolutely nothing. Perfect

for any stage business owner or budding

entrepreneurs. Are you curious how

venture capital works? Are you currently

struggling through growing pains? Whatever

it may be, this is your chance to gain

intimate knowledge of how to succeed in

creating a sustainable business within the

automotive aftermarket.

Thursday, Nov 7th

How to Respond to Online

Reviews: Best Practices

9:30 AM - 10:30 AM | LVCC, N256

Presented by: Kent Lewis, President &

Founder | Anvil Media, Inc

The reputation economy is alive and

well in 2019. Aftermarket automotive

brands big and small, from manufacturers,

retailers and service providers are all impacted

by online reviews. As a result, companies

must be proactive and disciplined

about managing online reviews to maximize

the positive impact on brand perception

and ultimately, sales. Brands can

increase customer advocacy by up to 25

percent by replying to a review or decrease

advocacy by up to 50 percent by not replying.

While the motivation to monitor and

manage online reviews is clear, many automotive

brands still struggle to develop an

effective online review management program.

This session outlines best practices

in terms of generating positive reviews and

responding to negative reviews, including

tools, processes and resources.

Future Dates

2020 SEMA Show: Nov 3 - 6

2021 SEMA Show: Nov 2 - 5

2022 SEMA Show: Nov 1 - 4

2023 SEMA Show: Oct 31 - Nov 3

2024 SEMA Show: Nov 5 - 8

2025 SEMA Show: Nov 4 - 7

2026 SEMA Show: Nov 3 - 6

2027 SEMA Show: Nov 2 - 5

2028 SEMA Show: Oct 31 - Nov 3

Rust-Oleum Corporation (13073)

Rustkote Corrosion Prevention (31323)

S&J International Inc. (Ecostar microfiber)


SB3 Coatings (11553)

S.M. Arnold, Inc. (12785)

Saint-Gobain (12618) and (12673)

SAMURAI 2K Paint USA (30282)

Sam’s Detailing (33317)


SCENTZ4U LLC (16321)

Scheel-Mann Seats (36199)

SeaSucker (34251) (50326)

servFaces GmbH (12417)

Shanghai Ho Chi Technology Co., Ltd. (12571)

Shanghai Sepna Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.


Sharpline Converting Inc. (12631)

Shenzhen i-Like Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. (48229)

Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes (10839)

Sherwood Innovations (12715)

ShineMate Auto Polishing Tool System (10874)

Shiniest Industries Inc. (12815)

SICAN Window Films (12565)

Sideways Fab (50304)

Signature Products Group (12649)

Sizver (13085)

Sky’s the Limit Car Care (12929)

SLIPLO Universal Skid Plates (51319)

Sojoy Auto USA Ltd. (16324)

Solarfree Window Film (12185)

SolarPro Window Film (33265)

Solink International Manufactures Co., Ltd.


SONAX GmbH (12161)

Sports Licensing Solutions (12519)

Steamericas, Inc. (10533)

STEK (16121)

Stinger Chemicals (12743)

STO N SHO (12167)

Stoner Car Care (51011)

Street Legal Products (12810)

Superpads (50426)

Symplex USA (12986)

Syuanen Enterprise Co., Ltd. (12720)

Taizhou Huangyan Maorong Plastic Mould Co. Ltd.

(12643) and (38121)

Taizhou Yusen Auto Accessories Co. Ltd. (15507)

TECKWRAP (13021)

The Bracketeer (71000)

The Detail Guardz Premium Car Care Products


The Original California Car Duster Company


The Rag Company (50519)

The Seat Shop (12955)

The Wax Shop (16610)

ThermalBlade LLC (13015)


Tianmei Auto Seat Cover (16006)

Tonyin Car Care (16528)

Tornador Tools (12915)

TRAPLY (13014)

Trim Illusion (12744)

Trim-Gard Company Limited (12515)

Trulers (16026)

Trulers (V315)

TUXMAT The Ultimate Car Mat (33316)

Twinake Industry Co Ltd (12816)

TWN Industries (12484)

United Covers Inc. (12637)

Universal Products, Inc. (12622)

UPPF (16115)

Vis Racing Sports Inc. (51219)

Waxedshine (51206)

WD-40 Company (62129)

WELLvisors (38123)

Western Pacific Trading Inc. (73011)

Wet Okole Hawaii Seat Covers (12731)

Willpak Industries Inc. (12616)

Winda Products (12510)


Winner International (The CLUB) (12853)

Wintech Window Films (12353) (52024)

X-Kote Paint Renewal Systems Inc. (12839)

XPEL (12339)

XSUN Window Films (12361)

YATU Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. (12967)

Young Sung (12939)

Yuyao Fuyi Auto Decoration Parts Co. Ltd. (12742)

Zealio (12904)

Zhejiang Meisheng New Material Co., Ltd.


Zhejiang Purple Light Technology Co., Ltd.


Zhejiang Shichuang Optics Film Manufacturing


Zhongshan Aokai Auto Parts Manufacturing Co.

Ltd. (13016)


Mothers Polish (22357), (61008) and (61036)

Meguiar’s (23643) and (6100

VOL. 4, NO. 4 • FALL 2019 | AUTO DETAILING NEWS | 21

Detailing News

CarMax makes massive call for detailers

Detailers everywhere may soon have

a major competitive juggernaut on their

hands as CarMax, a nationwide auto superstore,

is looking to hire 850 detailers,

painters and technicians, according to a

Sacramento Business Journal article.

On September 12, 18 locations throughout

the country held a hiring event - the largest

ever technician and detailer hiring effort.

In the retailer’s first fiscal quarter in

Company News

LC Power Tools Names Robert

Eichelberg Global Sales


LC Power Tools of Oconomowoc,

Wisconsin, announced the appointment

of Robert Eichelberg as Global Sales

Director. In his new role, Eichelberg will

oversee sales and marketing for the professional

power tool manufacturer, beginning

with the launch of UDOS, the

world’s first 5-in-1 professional polisher

for the detailing market.

Eichelberg has more than 40 years

of experience in the power tool market,

most recently serving as President of Flex

North America, a position he held from

2001 to 2019. His prior experience includes

work for Black & Decker/DeWalt,

Skil and Porter Cable power tool brands.

“Having Bob join our team is an important

next step in the evolution of LC

Power Tools as a company. We’ve spent the

past year focused on the design and manufacturing

of UDOS, and now we’re ready

CSI ® announces new regional

sales manager for Florida

Cleaning Systems, Inc. (CSI) of De

Pere, Wisconsin, announced the hiring

of Victor Buffo to the position of Lustra®

Regional Sales Manager for Florida.

Victor is based in Atlanta, Georgia,

and will help support the Southeast with

emphasis on Florida. For the past 18

years Victor was with ZEP Vehicle Care

Division as a Territory Manager, Corporate

Account Specialist and most recently

was Distributor Sales Development

2019, which ended May 31, it reported

a 13% increase in used-vehicle sales over

the previous year, the Journal reported.

“The company is in a period of growth.

It opened 15 new stores in the previous

fiscal year and in the first quarter of 2019

opened three new stores, and reported record

net income and earnings per share

and a 12% increase in net sales and operating

revenue to $5.37 billion.”

for our sales

launch,” company


Jay Schneider

stated in a

press release. Robert Eichelberg

“Bob’s extensive

background and knowledge of the

professional tool market will allow us to

continue to build on our strong distributor

relationships worldwide as we grow and introduce

new products to the line.”

“It’s exciting to be joining this new

company just prior to the launch of this

innovative power tool that will revolutionize

the detailing industry. This type

of opportunity doesn’t come along very

often, and I’m looking forward to working

with the team to build the LC Power

Tools brand,” said Eichelberg.

Manager responsible for directly managing

their distributor network that spans

the East Coast and Eastern Canada.

Dave Krause, President and CEO of

CSI, stated in a press release, “We are

excited to welcome Victor to the Lustra

Division Team. His industry experience,

breadth of roles and responsibilities and

relationship strength will be a great contribution

to the ongoing success of our

Southeast team.”

New HRE wheels are titanium-based

An article from Jalopnik titled, Your

Detailing Guy is Going to Be P#$@!?,

laments for the detailer assigned to a car

with HRE3D+ wheels. Why? Because

they are lightweight, made of Titanium

and are probably more than $2,000

each. Journalist Kristen Lee wrote that

they are made using something called

Direct Metal Laser Melting, in which lasers

melt very fine titanium powder on

top of itself to build a form, and Electron

Beam Melting, a refining process where

LSI Industries Inc., a manufacturer of

outdoor and indoor lighting and graphics

for commercial, industrial, and multi-site

retail applications, has named Erin Nichols

as its new national accounts sales manager.

Nichols will work with distributors

to expand lighting product sales, manage

customer satisfaction, and provide

the first-class service upon which LSI is

built. In addition, Nichols will be instrumental

in creating direct relationships with

a range of national retailers, including

hypermarket, warehouse, discount, and

retail-banking formats, by leveraging the

strength of LSI Industries’ diverse product

offerings, and helping LSI’s customers

to be more competitive in their markets.

Prior to joining LSI Industries, Nichols

achieved impressive revenue-generation,

customer-acquisition and customer-retention

metrics in account management

and business development roles for the

medical and pharmaceutical industries.

LSI has also appointed Thomas A.

Caneris as Senior Vice President – Human

Resources and General Counsel.

Caneris brings to LSI more than 30 years

of experience as a practicing attorney and

senior advisor in both public and private

company settings. Most recently, he was

a Senior Vice President at PharMerica

Corporation from 2007 through 2019,

leading the Human Resources Group

and serving as General Counsel. Earlier

in his career, he served as Commercial Affairs

Counsel for AK Steel Corporation.

a beam of electrons heats and fuses raw

materials in a vacuum.

“The person who buys these HRE3D+

wheels for their car most certainly has a

detailer on hand, they don’t do that themselves.

And if that detailer charges by the

hour, then how many hours will it be until

he or she dies of old age? Because that

seems like approximately how long it’ll

take to polish these wheels, especially if you

put them on a car that produces a lot of

brake dust…”

LSI announces new hires and new facility

Thomas A. Caneris

Erin Nichols

Caneris will focus on the acceleration of

LSI Industries’ initiatives to retain and

attract top talent and continue efforts to

deliver a customer-centric organization

and workforce that enriches skill, diversity,

and satisfaction. In addition to guiding

the organization on all aspects of human

resources, he will utilize his wealth of operational

knowledge to collaborate with

functional leaders in several areas of the

business, including communications, investor

relations, and government affairs.

In other LSI news, a press release announced

that the town of New Windsor,

New York, will host the company’s new

facility. “Congratulations are in order

for the town of New Windsor for its approval

of the ground lease, which clears

the way for a new owner to offer quality

jobs in another wise dormant commercial

space,” said Jim Clark, President and

CEO. “We’re thrilled to be close to completing

this transaction.”

LSI headquarters is in Cincinnati,

Ohio, and has facilities in Ohio, Kentucky,

California, New York, North Carolina,

Rhode Island and Texas.

22 | AUTO DETAILING NEWS | VOL. 4, NO. 4 • FALL 2019



Repairing acid rain

& rail dust damage

These step-by-step procedures can product great

results, but know when it is time to say “uncle”

Bud Abraham is Founder and President Emeritus of DETAIL PLUS Car Appearance Systems, with more than 40 years of

experience in the car care industry as a manufacturer, operator, distributor and consultant. He writes articles and gives

seminars on the subject of auto detailing throughout the automotive industry. He can be reached at

By Bud Abraham

When industrial pollutants such as

nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide combine

with water in the atmosphere, the

result is nitric or sulfuric acid that falls to

the ground as rain — acid rain.

If a vehicle is washed and dried after

every rain shower, acid rain won’t have

time to harm the finish. If it is left on a

vehicle and then exposed to the sun the

acid rain has high potential for harm.

How Acid Rain

Harms Finishes

Heat evaporates the water from acid

rain drops, leaving behind a more concentrated


The damage caused by this acid looks

like dried, discolored water droplets or

like white rings with a clear, dull center.

In severe cases, acid rain can cause low

pits or craters.

How you deal with this damage depends


Editor’s Note: While we here at Auto Detailing News admire and appreciate Bud

Abraham, please note that his opinions expressed in his Detail Doctor columns do not

necessarily reflect the opinions of Auto Detailing News. If you have a strong opinion

about Bud’s article, feel free to write a Letter to the Editor and send it to Debra Gorgos


How deep it is

Your knowledge of acid rain age,


Whether you know when to say

“uncle,” such as when the buffer

and compound won’t work and a

wet sand or repaint is necessary.

Here are the steps to follow to properly

remove acid rain damage

Step 1:

Assess the Damage

Examine the vehicle’s horizontal surfaces

such as the deck, hood and arid

roof and do this under very good lighting

or use a paint magnifier to determine

severity of the damage.

There are three levels (listed from

least to worst damaged) of acid rain

damage in base coat/clear finishes:

Level 1: The damage is confined

to the surface of the clear coat

(least severe)

Level 2: The damage has gone

beyond the surface and etched into

the clear coat, or

Level 3: The damage has etched

through the clear coat into the base

coat color (most severe).

Step 2:

Clean and Neutralize

These steps should always be followed

regardless of the degree of damage:

1. Wash with detergent and dry


2. Clean affected areas with a wax or

grease remover.

continued ...

VOL. 4, NO. 4 • FALL 2019 | AUTO DETAILING NEWS | 23



3. Neutralize damaged panels

with baking soda solution (one

tablespoon soda per quart of


4. Rinse with water and rewash and

dry the area.

Step 3:

Repair the Damage

Level 1 damage (surface):

Wet sand with ultra-fine (1,500-

2,000 grit) that has been soaked in

a soap and water solution for five

to six minutes. Go slowly to avoid

removing too much clear coat.

Buff with medium grit compound

(1,500 to 2,000) and poly/wool pad

with the buffer at 1,750 RPMs.

Swirl marks can be removed by

using a polish swirl remover with

foam polishing pad and buffer at

about 1,300 RPMs.

Level 2 damage (into the clear):

Requires sanding and repainting of

clear coat. Not recommended for


Level 3 damage (through the clear coat

into the base coat):

Requires sanding and reapplication

of both basecoat and

clear coat. Not recommended for


For More

Severe Damage:

In severe cases the paint will have to

be completely stripped. It is important

that a detailer is able to recognize the

various levels of acid rain damage and

know what can and cannot be repaired.

This helps to avoid damaging the

paint more than it is, and/ or having an

unhappy customer who has the wrong


Rail Dust

The major source of rail dust is the

tiny iron particles produced by friction

between a train’s wheels and the tracks.

These particles can actually become embedded,

or melted into, the vehicle’s finish

during transportation.

Rail dust can also be deposited on

vehicles if they’re stored near steel ore

yards or similar operations that produce

iron dust.

Rail dust creates bumps in the surface

of the finish that may penetrate into

the paint. Rust colored spots in the paint

usually indicate rail dust damage.

Like acid rain, there are different procedures

for repairing rail dust damage,

depending on its severity:

Step 1:



According to the Environmental Protection

Agency, acid rain, or acid deposition,

is a broad term that includes any

form of precipitation with acidic components,

such as sulfuric or nitric acid that

fall to the ground from the atmosphere in

wet or dry forms. This can include rain,

snow, fog, hail or even dust that is acidic.

When sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen

oxides (NOX) are emitted into the

atmosphere they react with water, oxygen

and other chemicals to form sulfuric

and nitric acids. They then mix with water

and other substances before landing

on the ground (or a vehicle).

Acid rain is caused by:

Burning of fossil fuels to generate


Vehicles and heavy equipment.

Manufacturing, oil refineries and

other industries.

A minor cause are natural resources

such as volcanoes

Where is acid rain in the

United States?

According to, parts of

the eastern United States once had some

of the highest levels of acid rain in the

world, “due to emissions from Midwestern

coal-burning power plants. In parts

of New Jersey, for example, over 90 percent

of freshwater streams are still acidic

today due to acid rain, according to the

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.”

Levels of acid rain have decreased,

thanks to the Clean Air Act of 1970, but

it is still an issue nationwide.

What is rail dust?

According to the Detailers Dictionary

(author, Chris Evans) rail dust is

red or rust color spots on the finish that

can penetrate deep into the carl coat. It

is caused by the transporting of vehicles

on railways.

According to the American Association

of Railroads, the transporting of

vehicle via train started back in the early

1900s thanks to Henry Ford’s Highland

Park assembly plant.

“As demand for new automobiles

grew, railroads designed a railcar specifically

for the movement of automobiles.

This innovation greatly increased the

number of autos carried per railcar from

two to ten or more. Today, a single train

can move 750 vehicles at once.”

Last year, it was reported that U.S.

Class I railroads moved 1.8 million

carloads of motor vehicles and parts

throughout the United States.

24 | AUTO DETAILING NEWS | VOL. 4, NO. 4 • FALL 2019

Assess the Damage

Rail dust will create bumps in the vehicle’s

surface. Use a paint magnifier to

inspect the damage thoroughly.

Step 2:

Clean and Neutralize

Wash the vehicle with soap and

water and dry it.

Clean the damaged areas with a

grease or wax remover.

Rinse the car with cold water in a

cool or shaded area.

Step 3:

Repair the Damage

Level I damage (Surface):

Remove rail dust by soaking several

terry cloth towels in a container of

rail dust remover (oxalic acid) and

lay towels on the damaged areas.

Oxalic acid is an acidic substance

that breaks down iron particles

in the finish. It is very dangerous,

requiring users to wear protective

equipment, including gloves and

goggles. Follow the manufacturer’s

recommendations regarding

handling and disposal.

After towels have been soaked and

laid on the damaged panels, keep

them moist so the rail dust remover

doesn’t dry on the vehicle’s surface.

After about 20 minutes, remove

the towels, rinse the area with cool

water, and make sure the rail dust

has been completely removed.

Use a paint magnifier for closer

inspection. If the paint is still

contaminated, apply the towels up

to three more times (following the

steps outlined above).

If particles are still embedded in

the finish, select a test area and wet

sand by hand with 1,500 or 2,000-

grit sandpaper. Use liberal amounts

of water to rinse uprooted rail dust

particles off the surface.

Squeegee the water off and

inspect the area again with a paint

magnifier. If wet-sanding the test

area alleviates the problem, repair

the entire panel in the same manner.

Using buffers, polish and a foam

pad, polish the surface.

Level II Damage (Into the clear):

Requires sanding and repainting of

clear coat. Not recommended for detailers.

Level III Damage (Through the clear

coat to basecoat):

Requires sanding and re-application

of both basecoat and clear

coat. Not recommended for detailers.



Other Common



Along with acid rain and rail dust,

there are other hazards caused by the

environment. Detailers should learn how

to treat the following hazards found on


Gravel and road salt

Industrial fallout including ash from

industrial smokestacks

Tree sap

Bird droppings and insects

continued ...

VOL. 4, NO. 4 • FALL 2019 | AUTO DETAILING NEWS | 25

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answers. To ease that frustration, members have access to the

Technical Committee. This infor-mation is distributed to CETA

members through various ways throughout the year, including:

• Annually revised strategic plans.

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what is the








is overrated”

Jim Goguen


“Remember where

you came from.”

LOCATION Ipswich, Massachusetts.


Jim’s Auto Installations & Detailing Center.

How long have you been detailing?

33 Years.

How did you get involved with the Detail Mafia?

While at Mobile Tech Expo 2006 I met Renny at a detailer’s meet and greet. We hit it off and later that year I went to

his training and have been with the group ever since.

What does being a part of the Mafia mean to you?

It means being part of a family or group that wants to see and help you succeed. We are more than just about

business and detailing -- we help each other with personal goals.

What is your role in the Mafia?

I am currently the Vice President. I also work with Renny in planning our events such at SEMA and Mobile Tech.

What do you think is a misconception about the Detail Mafia?

I think one of the biggest assumptions is that everyone that goes through training is new to the detailing business.

The truth is probably close to half have been detailing for a few years and many, like myself, join after 10+ years of

being in business. I actually went after 20 years.

If you meet a detailer who wants to be a part of the Mafia, what do you want them to know?

We are not a rough crowd. Actually, it is the opposite. We are a group that is here to help every member through any

type of situation. Our goal is to bring the professional detailing business to the [the highest of standards] and have

our members be recognized as having those standards.

By Debra Gorgos, editor

The Detail what? Mafia? To those

who are new or outside of the detailing

industry, if you say the words DETAIL

+ MAFIA, you can be met with a confused

tilt of the head. A mafia, in most

instances, can be considered a term for

families entangled in underground crime

networks. But, not the Detail Mafia. In

fact, it is the exact opposite. An assemblage

of impassioned detailers, with

well-wishers so involved in each other’s

success they are there for each member

day and night. It offers a rolodex of people

at the ready with advice, answers,

help. So, in the detailing world, the Detail

Mafia is anything but criminal and is,

instead supportive, caring and kind. But

it isn’t just hearts and flowers, they are

also skilled, dedicated professionals who

want the craft of detailing to be taken seriously.

They are made men and made

women alright, but only because they

have the proven skills and passion to be

included. And, as the only entity entrusted

with the presidential aircraft Air Force

One, it is a force to be reckoned with.

And, at the helm of it all is Renny

Doyle. With over 30 years of detailing

experience, Renny, who works out of

Southern California, is the founder of

Detailing Success, which offers skills and

business management training. He is also

a motivational speaker, and author of

How to Start a Home-based Car Detailing

Business. He is essentially the Godfather

of the Detail Mafia.

Over 10 years ago, Renny was at-

continued ...

VOL. 4, NO. 4 • FALL 2019 | AUTO DETAILING NEWS | 27


Andrew Swenson

The Level

“Whatever you do, work heartily

as for the Lord, not for men.”

(Colossians 3:23)


Wolfeboro, New Hampshire


Wolfeboro Carwash &

Executive Detail.

How long have you been detailing?

11+ years professionally.

How did you get involved with the Detail Mafia?

I purchased the Wolfeboro Carwash in 2008 and saw the need for

quality auto and marine detailing in the area. I wanted to set myself

apart especially in the area of paint correction, so I chose to make the

investment to train with Renny Doyle in the fall of 2008. We started having

webinars, different training events through the year and continued in

special projects. The network grew and evolved into the Detail Mafia.

What does being a part of the Mafia mean to you?

It has made the difference in my business. I would have been on my

own trying to figure new aspects of business or different issues on

my own as opposed to utilizing the expertise and experiences of

others in the group. [And, now I offer] my expertise and experience to

others in the Mafia. The collective knowledge and various vocational

backgrounds in our group is incredible! I have also had the honor of

being involved in amazing events like the Air Force One Detail Project,

(P&S) McCall MotAorworks revival and Quail Event in Monterey, the

Super Storm Sandy project, SEMA, Operation Sleigh Shine, and

countless specialized trainings. And, I have met incredible lifelong

friends in the industry!

Another key point the Detail Mafia stands for is balance in work and

lifestyle. We are about enjoying life, enjoying our families, recreation,

giving of our time and not just work! Personally, I love spending time in

the boat on lake Winnipesaukee here in New Hampshire and just being

near the water. Our culture is busy and will eat you alive if you don’t

have a good balance in your life. It has taken me a while to learn that

one.....and I am still in the learning process!

What is your role in the Mafia?

I am proud to be a member of the board of directors, one of the founding

members of the Detail Mafia, and a Master Detailer. I am incredibly

humbled to be in the company of such truly accomplished people!

What do you think is a misconception

about the Detail Mafia?

The name can be intimidating, but Mafia means Family and that is

what we are. We help each other out when any of us are in need. We

pull together and support one another personally, our families, each

other’s businesses as well as special projects.

If you meet a detailer who wants to be a part of the

Mafia, what do you want them to know?

When the Detail Mafia started it was all about giving to one another

and building each other up. Now that the group has gained notoriety,

some want to be a part of the Mafia for what they can gain from the

brand. If that is your motivation it shows and you probably won’t

last long. If you are about building your business, building yourself

personally and investing in others without always looking to see what

you can gain from it you are Mafia material and we look forward to

having you as a great asset to the group!

Craig MacKay


“In business, if you can’t

measure it you can’t manage it”


Woodinville, Washington


Clean Planet Car Wash

How long have you been detailing? 8 years.

What does being a part of the Mafia mean to you?

It’s a friendship with like-minded colleagues and a platform

to give back to the industry.

What is your role in the Mafia?

Founder and board member.

What do you think is a misconception about the Detail Mafia?

People need to know that] we are all friendly, inclusive, caring.

If you meet a detailer who wants to be a part of the Mafia,

what do you want them to know? Train with Renny. It will change your life.

tending the SEMA Show. He noticed there was

a hush-hush mentality amongst the detailing

community. “There were a lot of haters and

not a lot of success stories. The industry was

not united. I knew back then, things had to

change. We had to be ambassadors. We had to

unite the detailers.” Renny then started gathering

together detailers he admired. Ones that

could poetically mix together detailers from all

over the world, who loved the mechanics of it

all, who were fair, and who understood the importance

of family. Renny said he came up with

the name Bad Boys, even though each member

was exceptionally kind. Then, while being

interviewed at Mobile Tech Expo, a reporter

asked Doyle about his newly formed group

of envoys. “So, you’re sort of a like a Mafia?”

asked the reporter. A light went off in Renny’s

mental nucleus, which sparked memories of

stories of his first-generation grandfather’s supposed

involvement in the notorious Mafia of

the 1930s. Renny didn’t know his grandfather

all too well, but his penchant for “family” and

“passion” is ever-so present in the way he works

hard and loves fiercely. He was also a fan of

the Dutch Bros. Coffee loyal fanbase, called the

Dutch Mafia. And, hence, made up of gentle

giants, the Detail Mafia was born.

The qualifications to be a Mafia member

are intense. “Detail Mafia Membership requires

being sponsored by a Detail Mafia member, he

or she must support the International Detailing

Association, and must have unanimous approval

from all existing Board members. The Board

members are made up of successful detailing

business owners who have achieved the highest

‘Master’ level of certification,” states a press

release. Renny also emphasizes the importance

of homelife. Married for over 25 years to Diane,

Renny easily boasts about his love for his

wife (who is also his business partner) as well as

their four children. “I want people to be happy

in life. I don’t want Mafia members getting divorced.

I want them to be there for their families

and their children. That, to me, is being

successful.” He understands that that have to

make money as well, but finding the balance is

key. “I want members to be aggressive businesspeople,

but I don’t want them to find that success

later in life, but when earlier on so that they

can enjoy going home at the end of the day.”

Bystanders at any of the detailing tradeshows

should be able to easily spot Mafia members.

Like a boyband drove, it weaves in and out of

the tradeshow floors, picking up members along

the way, high-fiving and nodding to others behind

their booths. The pack of Mafia members

are of all different sizes, nationalities and ages.

This is something that makes Renny proud. “We

continued ...

28 | AUTO DETAILING NEWS | VOL. 4, NO. 4 • FALL 2019

Since 197777

Lake Country Manufacturing delivers premium polishing & buffing pads and accessories.

Our products help you get the job done perfectly. Every time.

Lake Country Manufacturing, Inc. | Oconomowoc, Wisconsin



are picky, but anyone can join, you just have to prove

yourself. I know how hard it is. I have been there.

The training is not easy. Being a detailer is not easy.

That is why we offer everyone a mentor. And, the

strong ones stick with it.”

Renny says he gets over 100 Facebook messages

a day and endless phone calls. “I want to help

everyone,” he said. “It is impossible to get back to

everyone and I wish I could give everyone instant

access, but I have to give my family my attention

at the end of the day.” Thankfully, Renny added,

we have a great group of commanders (see sidebar).

A few summers ago, Renny formed a board

of directors. “I [had] been thinking about forming

a Board of Directors for a couple of years to

help manage and organize these high-profile detailing

projects where I am pulled in too many directions,”

Renny said in an earlier Auto Detailing

News article. “Our group has been so successful

and grown in size and diversity so that it is difficult

for me to manage it on my own.”

President “Dirty Harry” Sandwith of Dirty

Harry’s Detailing in Rochelle Park, NJ, had stated,

“Our mission is to ensure that all our detailers

are expertly trained and follow Doyle’s proven

approach to high-end detailing, and his advice on

how to build a successful and profitable detailing

business that assures customers a quality experience,”

said Sandwith. “The automotive appearance

industry is fluid and we must all be committed

to ongoing education, regardless of how long

we have been detailing. We must be dedicated as

a group to using only the most innovative equipment,

professional-grade products, and advanced

paint correction and polishing techniques.”

One endeavor coveted by Mafia members is the

detailing of Air Force One. A team of members,

chosen by Renny and Diane, together works tirelessly

detailing the presidential aircraft, once used to

transport Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon.

Days are spent with blood, sweat and tears, pouring

out. A national treasure is at stake. But, Renny

knows it is in good hands. The Mafia has also been

tasked with detailing a WWII bomber, the first-ever

Boeing “Jumbo Jet” 747, the supersonic Concorde

Alpha Golf, and numerous other notable aircraft

stored at the Museum of Flight in Seattle, Washington.

Although a detailing endeavor is rigorous, it

is an honor to be asked to partake. Renny was first

asked to detail the national mode of transport when

George W. Bush was president. “I had picked up a

detailing client, Joe Clark, who was into airplanes,

and he had connections all over the world,” stated

Renny. “He called and said he had a classic WWII

T28 he wanted me to detail. I showed up and spent

Bill Quinn

The Squirrel

“God – Family – Business”


Ephrata, Washington.


The International Detailing Association, Detailing

Success, Detail Mafia, P&S, Gtechniq, Towel Pros,


How long have you been detailing? Started in 1973 and opened in 1990.

How did you get involved with the Detail Mafia? Trained in 2012 – found Renny on the Internet.

What does being a part of the Mafia mean to you? I am a board member and a Master Detailer within the

Detail Mafia. I am also a mentor to the new members and the group as a whole. Being one of the original members it’s

very important to see the growth from within and see it continue.

What do you think is a misconception about the Detail Mafia? We are not a gang! We are a group of

people from around the world with the same passion for detailing, sharing and learning.

If you meet a detailer who wants to be a part of the Mafia, what do you want them to know?

I ask them why… then we proceed from there.

Robert “Bobby”


The Captain

“Integrity is choosing courage over comfort;

choosing what is right over what is fun, fast or

easy; and choosing to practice our values rather

than simply professing them.” - Dr. Brené Brown

LOCATION Long Branch, New Jersey

BUSINESS Finer Details Auto Detailing

How long have you been detailing?

I have been in business since 2011.

How did you get involved with the Detail Mafia?

Around 2010 I had been a police officer for 17 years and was looking for a business to start and build preparing for

my retirement. I researched training centers and found Renny Doyle. I went to a training in 2011 and the Detail Mafia

was formed shortly after that.

What does being a part of the Mafia mean to you?

Training with Renny and being a part of the Detail Mafia has been one of the greatest decisions and experiences of my

life. I have been able to work on so many amazing projects over the years that would have never been available to me

if I was not part of this group. Having participated in those projects, such as The Air Force One Detailing Team, The

McCall’s Detailing Team, The Tucker Detailing Team and The Bridge Detailing Team has truly built my business much

faster than I could have done without them. I have also been able to build lifelong friendships.

What is your role in the Mafia? I am currently a Master Detailer and a board member.

What do you think is a misconception about the Detail Mafia? I would like people to realize that the

Detail Mafia as a group is dedicated to helping people and lifting up the industry as a whole.

If you meet a detailer who wants to be a part of the Mafia, what do you want them to know?

Being a part of this family will change your business and your life!

30 | AUTO DETAILING NEWS | VOL. 4, NO. 4 • FALL 2019


Harry Sandwith

Harry the Cigar

“Blood Makes You Related,

Loyalty Makes You Family.”


North and Central New Jersey


Dirty Harry’s Detailing / Hogfather

Motorcycle Detailing.

How long have you been detailing?

I have been detailing full-time since 2011 and part time since 1985.

How did you get involved with the Detail Mafia?

Trained with Renny Doyle in 2011, I am one of the founding members, also the first Detail Mafia President.

What does being a part of the Mafia mean to you?

As founding member, we have set the standards for all of those to come.

What is your role in the Mafia? Founding Member, Master Level Detailer, and former President.

What do you think is a misconception about the Detail Mafia? We are not trying to strong arm

anyone out of business, we are here to help set standards that will be followed across the country.

If you meet a detailer who wants to be a part of the Mafia, what do you want them to know?

No matter how long you have been detailing, you first need to train with Renny and then learn how to work within a

large group setting and be happy knowing that you are part of something special.

Doug Parfitt

The Negotiator

“Life is full of challenges, champions accept

them, and with time and commitment,

conquer them.”

“What is essential, is invisible to the eye.”

LOCATION Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

BUSINESS Eye For Detail Mobile Auto Detailing

How long have you been detailing? 10 years.

How did you get involved with the Detail Mafia?

I trained with Renny Doyle in August 2010 and joined the group

immediately thereafter, attending Renny’s SEMA Summit event that year.

What does being a part of the Mafia mean to you?

I am a proud member of an elite detailing family that supports each other, promotes inclusion for all, no matter

your level of expertise, and encourages continuing education.

What is your role in the Mafia?

Currently serving as President of The Detail Mafia Board of Directors.

What do you think is a misconception about the Detail Mafia?

We are a professional detailing organization, that promotes the continued growth of the industry for all, no matter

if you’re are a member or not.

If you meet a detailer who wants to be a part of the Mafia, what do you want them to know?

What are your business goals? Are you ready to take your business to a new level? Let’s talk.

a week on it. It turns out that that was a test. A test

for something much bigger.” Renny was then flown

out to Seattle and it was he could take a look at Air

Force One. “They all watched me,” he said. “They

all watched me sanding… I had never polished aluminum

before. And then sanded some more. It turns

out they liked what they saw.” Renny has been assigned

with detailing the national jets ever since.

Such detailing assignments takes impeccable

skills, patience and teamwork. “They are the best

of the best and to see Air Force One shining in

the sunlight from year to year is a testament to

our commitment, hard work, and skill. I am proud

to be a part of this project every year and I look

forward to many years ahead as a caretaker of

aviation history,” Renny stated in a press release.

The endeavor is sponsored by Flex power tools

and polishers, Buff & Shine Manufacturing, Detailer’s

Helper, San Francisco-based P&S Sales,

and makers of Renny Doyle’s Double Black Collection.

“Our men and women detailers have willingly

given their time and dedicated their skills to

ensuring the original presidential jet looks as close

to its original glory as possible,” said Renny.

And, while those men and women are volunteering

their time, Renny said he wants to make sure

their effort doesn’t take them away from spending

quality time with their families. “I want to train people

so that they don’t have to work as hard. I don’t

want people in the industry to make the same mistakes

I made. If people don’t like me, that’s fine, but

maybe they can learn from me, learn to be a better

detailer so that they aren’t overworking. The whole

overworking thing is just nuts. Overworking is overrated.

Work hard so that you can go home and be

with your loved ones. That’s what really matters.”

As for the Mafia’s future, Renny says the prominence

of women detailers is something to look out

for. “The most exciting thing is the group of female

detailers. Watch out. They are skilled and strong.”

And, while the Detail Mafia continues to grow,

Renny admits to getting emotional every time a

man or woman becomes an official Detail Mafia

member. “I love the mission of the Mafia,” he said.

“It is helping to lift up the industry. I am 53 years

old and some of my early years just sucked. I am

successful now and want others to be as well. I want

every detailer to have a good life, be a good spouse,

be there for their family.”

The word “family” is echoed countless times by

Renny. Solidarity, well-wishes, loyalty—a trifecta

which pulsates throughout Renny and represents the

mission of the Detail Mafia. A kind group of supportive

members, not looking to be gangsters of crime,

but beacons of success. A group of goodfellas, indeed.

VOL. 4, NO. 4 • FALL 2019 | AUTO DETAILING NEWS | 31





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