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‘Tis the season to reflect on what we’re thankful for. And though it’s easy to take our blessings for granted, November’s a prime time to recall the people, places, and things that bring us joy. Plus, studies show that giving thanks makes a person happier and healthier.
Are you looking for ways to grow gratitude? This month’s issue is full of ideas—starting with The 10 Spot on page 20, featuring easy things everyone can do to give back—from picking up trash and assisting area food banks, to paying for the person’s coffee behind you. After all, helping others helps you and is a surefire way to cultivate contentment.
Practicing mindfulness—by being aware and appreciative of the present moment—is another quick ticket to bliss. Do just that by venturing out of doors and soaking in some fresh fall air. In Take a Hike (page 22) we have the perfect trail to elevate your endorphins and mood. Up the fun factor by inviting a coworker, long-lost pal, or your pup along, too, and stopping for a pre- or post-hike pint (our region’s bevy of craft breweries is yet another reason to smile this season).
Indulging in a memorable meal may quite possibly be the most obvious ingredient to happiness. In the pages that follow, we have a bounty of ways to satisfy your belly and soul, from five “souper” soups in town (page 87) to myriad recipes for one-pot dinners (page 88) and autumn-inspired sides (page 45) that are best shared amongst family and friends.
As you savor the comfort food, comfortable clothes, and company of loved ones this month, remember to press pause and recognize all the positivity that surrounds us all each and every day. Cheers!




Give Where You Live

By Megan Wiskus

In the spirit of the impending holiday season, we compiled a list

of 10 easy ways to give back. From volunteering for a cause you

care about, to random acts of kindness, there’s a need you can

certainly feed. Ready, set, serve!

Beautify your backyard by heading to

a local park or nearby trail and filling a

plastic bag with litter.

Visit a senior center and play games,

read books, or simply converse with

lonely residents.

Play with puppies. Animal

shelters are always in need

of assistance—from dog

walking and kennel

cleanup to caring

for kitties.

Assist area food banks in myriad

ways—whether it’s sorting, packaging,

and distributing food; or donating

hygiene kits, canned goods, and other

items to the organization.

Be a good neighbor by baking and

delivering cookies to someone’s

doorstep, rolling in their recycling, or

sharing excess produce from your


Be book smart. Libraries are a prime

place to lend a helping hand. Tasks

like tutoring kids and shelving books

are typically in demand.

Help the homeless. Drop off a bagged

lunch, leftovers, warm blankets, or a

pair of socks to someone in need.

Pay it backwards. Next time you’re

in line for your morning cup of coffee,

pay for the patron’s order behind you.

Give blood. According to givingblood.

org, blood is needed every two

seconds. Find a blood bank near you



Lights, camera, action! Have

a passion for performing arts?

Check with your local theater for

current needs, which might include

ushering, marketing, set design, or

administrative duties.

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