Letters to my Husband Interior 6.2x8.2 (1)


This journal is your guided love story to deeply connect you with your

true love. All of the prompts are written to ensure you are always in

the present mindset. This is the most important practice in


B.E. S.T.I.L.L

Breathe I know this should go without saying but all too often we

forget to slow down and breathe. Inhale deeply through your nose until

your lungs are filled. Then slowly exhale. Repeat this 3-5 times, making

it apart of your journaling ritual.

Energy. You must create a safe space and ensure a positive state of

mind when working through this journal. It is so important to create a

space of positive energy transference.

Scent. It may take you some time to find an aroma that’s perfect for

you. Experiment with different kinds of aromatics like sage, incense

cones, or candles. Whatever scent you choose, keep it consistent. Not

only will this stimulate your creativity, but this is also important in

connecting the act of love with a specific olfactory memory.

Two minutes. Give yourself and love life the most valuable gift of them

all, time. Aim to write and/or color for at least two minutes a session.

Ink. Buy yourself a new set of colored pens or markers. Make sure

you choose colors that inspire you and only use these utensils when

you’re writing in your journal. One of my favorite parts of this journal

is the doodling and coloring images. When focusing on love and emotions

allowing yourself to get lost in the moment is advantageous. This is

your personal journal make it as pretty, messy, busy, or neat as

inspires you.

Location. Designate a special place where you will not be distracted or

disturbed, to really sit with your desires.

Let Go. It's important to release. Forget about punctuation or

sensibility. There will be times when you don't have enough lines to

script the words in your mind and then they'll be other times when you

draw a blank. Both are okay. It's okay to not know what to write. It's

okay to write what you feel even if what you feel is nothing. Just let


Please Remember: You may already be married or know who you are

manifesting a beautiful marriage with. Or you can be like others and

not have any idea of exactly who it is. I want you to know, it doesn't

matter! The next page is blank. You decide if you want to dedicate and

gift this journal to your partner once you've completed it. I am sure

he will keep and cherish this beautiful gift for a lifetime. The decision

is, of course, all yours

Love of Lots Ȧlways,

husband's best


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Today We...

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you in my


Inspire me You


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