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NOVEMBER 2019 RSA R35.00


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The Yamaha YZ250X has proven to

be the ultimate hard Enduro machine

in SA this year winning the E2 National

Championship with Kyle Flanagan.















X- Force


X Factor








(Pressure adjustable)











Available at dealers nationwide - 011 259 7850

Available in various colour options for KTM, Husqvarna and Yamaha

*other brands on demand





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A soldier ran up to a nun, Out of breath, he asked:

“Please, may I hide under your skirt. I’ll explain


The nun agreed. A moment later two Military

Police offi cer ran up and asked: “Sister, have you

seen a soldier?”

The nun replied: “He went that way.”

After the Military Police offi cers ran off, the soldier

crawled out from under her skirt and said:

“I can’t thank you enough Sister. You see, I don’t

want to go to war to Iraq.”

The nun said: “I understand completely.”

The soldier added: “I hope I’m not rude, but you

have a great pair of legs!”

The nun replied: “If you had looked a little higher,

you would have seen a great pair of nuts...

I don’t want to go to Iraq either

Have a great riding month, see you on the trails.

Guys it has been such a busy month that we have

had to carry lots of features over to our December

issue. See you then.




Glenn Foley



Rob Portman



Sinead Foley


Sean Hendley



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Office no (011) 979-5035

(011) 979-0053


Kurt Beine

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Tristan Foley

Mike Wessels

Jaun Delport

Shado Alston




CALL 011 979 5035 OR EMAIL


Digital or hard copy.



Piston and Gasket Sets

Cranks, Conrods and Camshafts

Cylinder Kits, Rebores, Main Bearings and Clutch Plates




no 4 Fifth avenue



011 425 1081/4

New Fox Flexair Kit:

Fox Racing’s MX20 apparel release includes a

wide variety of motocross and off-road gear, with

something to fit every rider and budget. On the high

end of the spectrum, the two choices include Fox’s

staple 360 line, as well as the newer Flexair kit, which

is super lightweight and performance-oriented.

The Split Decisions marketing campaign behind

this year’s Flexair and 360 presents the two lines

of apparel as Breathable Mobility (Flexair) and

Durability (360). If you haven’t seen the video that

Fox produced for this campaign, do yourself a favor

and invest the two minutes…it is amazing from a

cinematic point of view:


are pre-curved for the attack position, and the

shoulder areas have a zonal pique fabric for abrasion

resistance in the instance of a crash. Generous

vented panels in the front, sides, and rear of the

jersey provide great airflow.

The 360 gear line has a standard-cut, which

is not baggy, but not as slim and athletically

cut as the Flexair line. 360 is available in nine

different colorways, including a Monster Energy/Pro

Circuit colorway. Chat to your dealer.

Both Flexair and 360 ARE improved over the

previous season’s offerings.

The 360 line was – until the release of Flexair several

years ago – the pinnacle of Fox’s apparel offerings.

As best we can recall, Fox was the very first apparel

brand to give their pants an ergonomic cut with the

riding mind: crouched in the attack position. Instead

of laying flat like a pair of jeans, the 360 pant is built

with a bend in the knees and hips, and this translates

into absolute comfort while riding as there is no

binding or pinching in the 360. Strategically placed

stretch panels allow a complete range of motion in

the 360 pant. A couple of years ago, after Flexiar was

introduced, some of that pant’s high-end technology

filtered down to the 360; namely the four-way stretch

fabric in the crotch area of the pant that provides a

ton of movement. The new 2020 360 pant features

600D Zonal polyester and Dobby-weave nylon in the

high-wear areas like the saddle area of the pant, as

well as the side hip area, where you are likely to land

in a crash. In addition to providing some wear and

crash resistance, these fabrics give the 360 pant a

substantial, yet lightweight feel. The knee area boasts

genuine full-grain leather panels to both grip the

bike and provide burn resistance from the exhaust

system. Inside the knees is an abrasion-resistant

fabric to help guard against your knee brace hinges

wearing through. Our favorite new feature about

the 360 pant is the redesigned waist harness and

closure, as an internal stretch belt is used to secure

the pant after they are zipped up. Both sides of the

belt – which are sewn to the outer sides of the pant

– are housed inside a channel in the waistband, and

can be stretched forward before the ratchet closure is

activated. The stretch feature allows the pant to give

slightly as you ride, and is much more comfortable

than a rigid, fixed waistband.

The 360 Jersey, meanwhile is constructed of Fox’s

TruDri moisture-wicking material and like the pant, is

also cut with the riding position in mind. The sleeves


Photo: R. Schedl




KTM Factory Riders are continually shifting the boundaries of possibility.

Their demands have resulted in a new generation of complete high-performance

enduro machines that offer outstanding handling and agility, improved

ease of use and efficient power delivery across the whole rev range.

The new KTM 250 XC-W TPI is a race-refined machine of the highest caliber,

built to conquer every challenge in your journey to the top.

Please make no attempt to imitate the illustrated riding scenes, always wear protective clothing and observe

the applicable provisions of the road traffic regulations! The illustrated vehicles may vary in selected details

from the production models and some illustrations feature optional equipment available at additional cost.






2020 EKS Brand

Goggles here soon

EKS-S is the latest premium EKS Brand goggle

in an arsenal of clear-vision off-road protective

eyewear. The EKS-S line-up is built with superior

materials, style, function, and comfort in mind. EKS

Brand duplicated each benefit of the rider-favourite

GOX goggle and engineered a new Force-Fit

outrigger system, a detachable nose guard, and

incorporated a tab system into the lens channel to

help reduce lens recoil. A newly integrated Flo-Air

ventilation system, 4-layer neoprene fleece lined

face foam, and an ultra-pliable Poly-Flex urethane

frame all come as standard.

Face-fit frame: The integrated Force-Fit outrigger

system allows the EKS-S goggle to fit perfectly

inside the eye-port of most helmets. The lightweight,

Poly-Flex urethane frame has a firm yet pliable feel

for ultimate comfort and protection. The exclusive

frame material allows the EKS-S goggle to conform

comfortably to a variety of face shapes.

Mirror lens: EKS-S goggle includes quality

polycarbonate, shatter-resistant, anti-scratch, and

anti-fog coated lens with 100% UVA protection.

Tear-off posts integrated into the premium lens

for quick and easy tear-off installation. Anti-static

smudge resistant goggle bag comes standard in

every box.

Extra protection: Protect your nose from roost and

rocks with the integrated functional nose guard. The

nose guard is also detachable.

Strap design: Unique and premier designs featured

on each high-quality woven strap, with double

buckles for maximum adjustability, silicone backed

for secure strap placement and firm hold around

your helmet.

Advanced venting & face-foam: Includes 17mm

thick, 4-layer face-foam, lined with a moisturewicking

fleece lining, providing the best anti-drip,

sweat protection available. The Flo-Air vent system

and specially designed 100-PPI reticulated vent

foam induces maximum airflow while keeping

unwanted dust and debris out, which also allows

moisture and condensation to escape freely,

preventing lens fogging in varied riding conditions.

At your dealer… or www.facebook.com/


Have you ridden

at Legends?

Legends, also known as Rhino park out near Rayton

is one of the only spots in or around JHB that is ATV

and dirtbike friendly. It is a fantastic riding facility,

complete with neat ablutions, shady trees and a

fantastic restaurant. The tracks are brilliant – you can

take off and zip around the MX track, go and explore

the quarries and forested areas or get up to speed

on the easy outride section.

There is a safe kiddies track and a giant jumping

pillow that will keep the little ones happy for the day.

They have shady lapa’s that you can rent if you’d like

to take along a group of friends – and best of all, the

venue is completely fenced with safe parking.

A very cool spot! Support your local tracks.


Got a track in your area? Want to let people know

about it? Send us the info: foleyg@mweb.co.za

Lucioli Extra Heavy

Duty Tubes at

Shimwells Yamaha:

Over the last couple of months we at have been

made aware of the new super heavy duty Lucioli

inner tubes that are produced in Brazil. Shimwells

has been testing them with quite a few of their riders

who have been impressed by the products reliability

in race conditions.

The Lucioli tube is not cheap - but when you

consider the cost of a mousse which has a limited

lifespan, more so when drilled for extra softness,

there is potentially great savings to be made with

the Lucioli tube.

They tell us that this new concept of 7mm thick

tube with two security bolts developed in Brazil has

many benefits:

· Easier to fit than a Mousse

· Adjustable pressure depending on what terrain/

event you’re doing.

· Road legal, so you can fit them on your


· The tubes can be run empty without damaging


· Available in 21” and 18”

We’ll be fitting a set and we’ll run them on our bikes

over the next couple of months and we’ll give you

some feedback.

Trade enquiries are welcome. Tel/Fax: (011) 362

2182 Email: shimwells@mweb.co.za



TSR125 R22,499.00

TSR250 R24,999.00

With features like highly fuel efficient 4-stroke motors, electric starts, disc brakes and added extras like built-in USB

chargers, both the TSR125 and 250 offer ‘More Ride for your Rand’.

All of Big Boy’s road legal models feature a 3 Year/ 20,000km Factory Warranty for added peace-of-mind, so stop in at

one of our 80+ authorised dealers countrywide and experience the TSRs for yourself. Alternatively, visit our website for more

product info, images, or to find a dealer or apply for finance online.

For the full scooter, motorcycle, ATV and commercial range visit: www.samotorcycles.co.za


Join Big Boy on

Prices include VAT and pre-delivery inspection only. Prices exclude licence, registration and any service costs unless specified. Prices are correct at the time of going to print and may

change without notice due to currency fluctuations or at dealers who are located in outer-lying areas. All advertised models are available at the time of going to print unless specified.

BBS D&T Oct'19.indd 1

2019/09/10 12:29 PM

The Sparky: A convenient

emergency start

solution for fuel injected


Here’s a locally manufactured innovation for fuel

injected bikes that suffer a dead battery. In order to

run – fuel injected bikes need enough energy to at

least drive the fuel pump and ECU. If your battery

is completely flat after a long period of inactivity, or

if it happens to die while you are in the middle of

nowhere then this gadget offers a solution. It’s tiny,

so you can boppa it inside your airbox or wherever

in case of emergency while you are stuck on top of

that mountain in Lesotho…

Simple design – disconnect the battery. Affix this

unit to your bikes leads and kick or bump start

start. The unit generates enough power for all of

the electronics to kick in and you can get home.

This is not a permanent fixture and is only an

emergency precaution that will avoid having to

push or tow the bike home – but it’s not a once off

– it will last just as long as a conventional battery.

Makes sense to us – full test in our next issue.

Queries: Garcia@icon.co.za 082-560-0476

Louwrens Mahoney

joins KTM SA

Well known GXCC boss man recently joined

KTM SA as the brands Marketing Manager,

slipping into the spot left open by Riaan

Neveling who recently accepted a posting at

KTM Global in Austria.

We do not need to give you his pedigree as a

racer or as a brand ambassador but we are

going to anyway. Louwrens not only brings

with him a wealth of riding skill from his many

years as a racer and a champion, but also

a very good understanding and insight into

the SA racing culture from his years as both

a competitor and the organiser of the very

successful GXCC racing series.

Nice one!

Queries: Garcia@icon.co.za 082-560-0476

Hang your gear – the

Bully Bar: Everyone

should have one.

These guys make all sorts from stainless steel – and

you can order online:


Here’s a great Christmas gift idea. The Bully Bar is

a heavy duty storage and hanging solution for in or

outdoors. It is a complete DIY product – you can

store all your riding gear on the Hanger Bar (hanging

off the Bar itself using S-hooks supplied or on

the five fixed galvanized plastic-coated cables on

the Bar). We fitted one at our washbay last year and

it is still in perfect condition. You get back from the

ride, strip of, hang the gear for a washdown,

It has a maximum weight capacity of 250kg and

because it is made from pure stainless steel, it is

perfect for outdoor use and coastal applications.

Available in the following sizes: 1.5m; 2m and 2.5m.



As worn by

Ryan Villopoto

Contact DMD on 011 792 7691 or visit www.dmd.co.za to find your nearest ANSR Racing Dealer

The new

Caberg X-Trace

Adventure helmet

Here is a helmet aimed at both the street as well

as the off road adventurer. It can be used either

in its full configuration with peak and visor or

without the peak or also without the visor. What

is very lekker is that you can change between the

different configurations without the use of tools

and that is very handy. What’s more the X-TRACE

is offered in two outer shell sizes to offer the best

fitting proportion between the shell volume and the

motorcyclist’s head size. In other words, the shell

gets smaller for the smaller sizes thus eliminating

the bobble head look.

It is also equipped with a DVT system (Double

Visor Tech) so no hassle of having to ride in the

dark with a tinted visor or battling with the sun in

your eyes, simply flick the internal sun visor up or

down as needed.. The sunshade visor is antiscratch

treated, while the outer clear one is treated

anti-scratch and prepared to fit the Pinlock lens.

Ventilation is excellent, serviced by 3 wide air vents

which are easy to operate also with gloves; the

lower vent on the chin guard drives air directly to

the inner side of the visor to avoid misting; the two

vents on the top channel fresh air inside the helmet

through numerous air grooves, while the rear vent

works like a venture to pull the hot and stale air out

of the helmet. The lining is completely removable

and washable and made with transpiring, (quick

drying) fabrics, which dry quickly and keep sweat

away while riding. The wind stop device under the

chin guard of the helmet is removable as well as

the breath guard.

Check out www.dmd.co.za for more info and your

nearest stockist.


GIVI EA120 15lt soft

bags, EA122 23lt Tail

and tunnel bag and the

EA123 5lt tank lock bag:

Over the last few issues we have brought you a

bunch of new soft luggage from GIVI imported and

distributed by www.dmd.co.za all aimed at mostly

the extreme adventure bikes and plastic bikes. Well

here are a few really nice jobs aimed at the bigger

dual adventure bikes and even road bikes.

They are all manufactured from robust Polyester

600D to comply with REACH recommendations

and as standard are highly UV as well as water

resistant with water proof linings to keep your

goodies all nice and dry and mostly all with the

following cool features:

• Smartphone holder in top section

• Reflective inserts for improved visibility

• Waterproof removable black rain cover built into

the rear pocket

• Side pockets

• Shoulder strap, so you can comfortably carry it

around with you

• Handle for easy carrying

The EA120’s can take up to 15lt’s each of luggage

and mount comfortably on top of most aluminium

panniers and top box with a very secure and easy

to use strapping system.

The EA122 is a lekker big 23lt tail pack that can

also mount into the step through tunnel of most

maxi scooters using the same easy and robust

strapping system as all GIVI soft luggage.

The EA123 is a very handy and quite stylish 5lt

tank lock bag that comes with its own mounting,

(bike specific so ask for the correct one), system

over the fuel filler cap with a quick release system

for easy refuelling. It is well designed and does not

intrude into your riding position or affect your riding

style if fitted to a sport bike.

EKS Brand introduces

the “Race” Lens:

A custom-designed, pre-curved, injection moulded

lens inspired by Jones Goggles, a pioneering brand

in the 1980’s and the inventors of the revolutionary

injection moulded lens. EKS Brand set out to honour

some of these forgotten lens innovations and improve

them by utilizing the technology of today.

The EKS Brand injected lens offers great optical

clarity with its pre-curved design which removes

optical distortion that is inherent with a traditional

goggle lens. Each lens is made with the highest

quality polycarbonate, which is shatter-resistant,

anti-scratch, and anti-fog coated with 100% UVA

protection. Tear-off posts are integrated into the

premium lens for quick and easy tear-off installation.

Goggle Compatibility: EKS Brand GOX. EKS Brand

EKS-S. BEER Optics

Chat to your dealer. www.facebook.com/






It was a weekend of celebration for PEPSON PLASTICS

HUSQVARNA RACING as the 2019 National Enduro

Championship drew a close in Port Elizabeth. For star

rider William Oosthuizen the event marked a particularly

significant moment as he received the first national title

of his career, taking overall honours in the National E1

class on-board his Husqvarna FE 250.





The joy of the ride is often in nding routes that nobody else has used – rea

destinations that few others would dare to aim for. The 2016 Husqvarna Mo

2-stroke enduro bikes rely on exceptional FE 250agility,

a broad powerband and lig

weight – letting you easily explore wherever you choose to go.

Please make no attempt to imitate the illustrated riding scenes, always wear protective clothing and observe the applicable provisions of the road traffic regulations!

The illustrated vehicles may vary in selected details from the production models and some illustrations feature optional equipment available at additional cost.

FREESTATE - Husqvarna Central, Bloemfontein – (051) 430 1237


Holeshot Motorcycles, Boksburg – (011) 823-5830 Husqvarna West – (010) 443 3776

Belville (021) 945 8019

EASTERN CAPE - Auto Motorcycles, Port Elizabeth – (041) 581 1699

MPUMALANGA - Vans Husqvarna, Middleburg – (013) 282 0766

Arai S.A. attracts

some top riders to

its stables

We all know that Arai has a long and proud history

with motorcycle racing and also prides themself on

delivering the safest helmets that they possibly can,

hence they do get a lot of sponsorship applications.

They are however very strict in their criteria, both

at local level and International level, when it comes

to granting sponsorships and not everybody is

prepared to tow that particular line. They want true

sportsmanship qualities and brand ambassadors

that are as passionate about the brand as they are.

So, Kenny Gilbert of Pepson Plastics Husqvarna

and Ross Branch of BAS Racing KTM Team, both

with official backing from Husqvarna SA and KTM

SA, approached Bikewise, (Local Arai importer and

distributor), for helmet sponsorship they were given

a list of T’s and C’s to consider and sign. Both being

the consummate professionals that they are, happily

signed on the dotted line and were issued with 2

Arai MX-V’s each.

As 2019’s most successful Dakar Rookie and

holders of multiple southern Africa championships,

they race along at phenomenal speeds and take

extreme risks both during races and while practicing

so when asked “Why Arai?”, both said that because

of the type of racing they do and the level they

compete at they were looking for the extremely

high levels of protection offered by the uniquely

solid construction as well as the impact absorption

characteristics of Arai’s patented padding.

For more info or your local stockist surf onto www.

bikewise.co.za or www.arai.co.za or give them a call

on 011 566 0333, you can even mail them on aria@


Batt Tech KTM rear carriers

New from Batt Tech are these very tidy KTM rear

carriers. They fit the 790/1050/1090/1190 and

1290’s and are laser cut from high grade aluminium

and anodised with a super hard coating, it is not

only sturdy and robust but looks really great as

well. They are designed to be used with cargo

nets, tie down or bungee cords and rope.

The Batt Tech carrier comes with a full set of bolts

for an easy 10 minute installation at home or you

can have it fitted for free if you purchase them

at Bike Tyre Warehouse, unit 9 Sable Park, 997

Richards drive, Midrand.

Recommended retail is R1,100.00 including VAT

but excluding post and packaging, you can order

them online at www.biketyrewarehouse.com or

telephonically on 011 205 0216 or 073 777 9269

and for a small fee they will courier them to your

front door, and as mentioned you can easily fit it

yourself in about 10 minutes.



1st Place Silver at IMPI 2019

on Batt Pro Xtreme race rubber.






- MED COMP (65D) 140/80-18 R875

- SOFT COMP (45D) 140/80-18 R920


- MED COMP (65D) 120/90-18 R705

- SOFT COMP (45D) 120/90-18 R730


- MED COMP (65D) 80/100-21 R680


- MED COMP (65D) 80/100-21 R680



BATT BLUE LABEL ‘A033’ 4-Tyre Combo:

• 24*8.00-12 & 24*11.00-10 R4,800, SAVE R3,000

• 24*8.00-12 & 24*10.00-11 R4,800, SAVE R3,000

• 25*8.00-12 & 25*10.00-12 R4,800, SAVE R2,656

• 26*8.00-12 & 26*10.00-12 R6,200, SAVE R1,570

• 26*9.00-12 & 26*11.00-12 R6,200, SAVE R1,570

• 27*9.00-12 & 27*12.00-12 R8,600, SAVE R2,150

• 26*9.00-14 & 26*11.00-14 R6,200, SAVE R1,570

• 27*9.00-14 & 27*11.00-14 R6,900, SAVE R1,740

• 29*9.00-14 & 29*11.00-14 R8,600, SAVE R2,150

BATT BLUE LABEL ‘A043’ 4-Tyre Combo:

• 25*8.00-12 & 25*10.00-12 R4,800, SAVE R2,800

• 26*9.00-12 & 26*11.00-12 R6,200, SAVE R2,800

• 26*9.00-14 & 26*11.00-14 R6,200, SAVE R2,800

ATV 4-Wheel Combo: Only R3,099.00, Save R1,900!

RACE SERIES 1 ‘A027’ 4-Tyre Combo:

• 21*7.00-10 & 20*10.00-9 R3,000, SAVE R1,155

• 21*7.00-10 & 20*11.00-9 R3,000, SAVE R1,155

• 21*7.00-10 & 20*11.00-8 R3,000, SAVE R1,155

• 22*7.00-10 & 20*11.00-9 R3,300, SAVE R1,435

• 22*7.00-10

& 22*10.00-9 R3,400, SAVE R1,435

• 22*7.00-10

& 22*11.00-9 R3,400, SAVE R1,435

• 23*7.00-10

& 22*11.00-9 R3,400, SAVE R1,435

• 23*7.00-10

& 23*11.00-9 R3,500, SAVE R1,435

See the full range: www.battholdings.co.za

FRONT: 10x5.5 • 8H/144/156 • ET 3B+5N • T6061 • 5MM

REAR: 9x8 • 4H/110 &115 • ET 3B + 5N • T6061V • 5MM

Indestructible T6061 aluminum CNC rims, dual-bolt hole pattern,

super-tough 5mm hub wall thickness and rolled lip for extra strength.

Batt Holdings SA Tel:+27 11 205 0216 • Fax:+27 11 312 7078 • Cell: +27 73 777 9269

Sole Distributors for • Batt Tyres & Tubes • • X-Grip • Battech Products • STI Wheels USA

GraphicWerx Advertising & Design cc

Clearwater BMW

Motorrad day at

Smokin’ Aces

On a warm and sunny September Sunday the good

folk from Clearwater BMW hosted a gathering of

BMW’s of all ages, sizes, models and colours We

went along for to see what is was all about. Richard

Friend and Denis Moore of Clearwater BMW had a

great display of the latest offering from the Motorrad

division as well as demo bikes for the patrons to go

for a bit of a burn on.

Smokin’ Aces as always is extremely welcoming to

the biking fraternity with ice cold bevvies and good,

tasty food and a rocking atmosphere. They are only

too happy to host any event promoting the petrol

head and biker lifestyle. And thus the scene was set

for a fantastic of bikes in the sun

There were plenty of generous prizes for a multitude

classes. The vibrant and ever effervescent Ms. Kerry

Sansoucie was the MC for the day and di the prize

giving to the lucky winners with Richard Friend once

the judges had delivered their verdicts, Kerry with

her band then had everybody rocking the afternoon

away with her seriously good band.

If you are still keen to ride a demo BMW bike or

looking for a good deal on a Beemer head down to

Clearwater BMW on the corner of Hendrik Potgieter

street and Falls Road, Little Falls, Roodepoort all the

way out on the ‘Woes Rand’, it’s really not that wild

out there and the coffee is really good. You can also

call them on 011 761 3500 – check out their ad in

this mag for some great deals.


K1600 Bagger, 2018

5 900km

R259 900

G 310 R, 2019

Delivery mileage, Demo model

R54 900

GS 1200

54 400km, choice of two

From R159 900

GS 1200, 2015

63 000km

From R133 999

HP 850 GS, 2019

8 000km, tall screen, bashplate, choice

of two

From R159 900

R 1250 GS HP, 2019 Demo

2 500km, Akro slipon, Navigator, top box

R269 000


47 000km

R159 000

C 400 X, 2019 Demo

3 500km

R109 000

R 1200 GS Adv, 2016

18 500km

R185 000

K 1600 GT, 2014

4 700km

R126 000

R nine T, 2017

5 500km, Loads of extras

R135 000

S 1000 XR, 2017

29 500km, M.I.U.V slipon, touring screen

R142 000

G 310 GS Motorsport, 2019

4 500km, Top box, hand guards

R64 900

Puzey’s Bikers

Warehouse expanding

The famous bike shop out on Malibongwe drive has

expanded …

Bikers Warehouse, run by the friendly Mike and Kerry

Puzey is even bigger. As if it wasn’t big and well

stocked enough as it is they have expanded and

included more brands and more stock. We popped

in and did a little walk around with Mike. They are still

busy with the final stages of construction, but Mike

was kind enough to give us some time and the tour.

There is a restaurant coming along nicely, going to

be called “Prego Portuguese” and will open into the

showroom during showroom hours. Then there is

a mezzanine floor coming in to house all the extra

accessories and clothing which is all moving upstairs

along with all the new brands joining the line-up. Why

you may ask? Well they need the extra showroom

floor space because over and above their used

bikes, Suzuki Franchise, Husqvarna Franchise they

have now also been appointed as a Honda dealer.

They’re still finalising signage and etc. but can still

assist you with all your Honda requirements.

Mike has extended and expanded his workshop and

done some seriously impressive and crazy stuff there

…. Scan the QR code to see what we are talking


And just in case you aren’t impressed enough by that

they have also opened a properly serious and well

stocked bicycle shop.

www.bikerswarehouse.co.za or scan this QR code to

find out a whole lot more.





New Hisun

Strike 250


2003 Suzuki



2005 Yamaha

Raptor 660


2016 Linhai

260 Rustler

4x2 Refurbed


3 available

2013 MV Agusta

F4R Frecce Tricolori


2014 Honda




150cc Single

seater Buggy


New 50cc 2

Stroke Upbeat

kids quad


Others options available

CF Moto C Force

1000 EPS 4x4


Polaris Ranger



We have a fully equipped workshop

to cater for all your needs!

825 Steve Biko Drive Gezina Pretoria 0084

Johan 079 079 1158

Hein 082 529 1315

Land line 068 123 7530


Just 1 J32 Youth

helmets on the way.

Quality helmets for the


The Just1 J32 helmet was developed with the primary

goal of safety and comfort for the rider. During the

design phase, the helmet was designed from the

inside out in order to have the best possible and a

radical ventilation system.


Weight: 1200g +/- 50g (ECE) Certification: ECE 22-05

· High Quality Thermoplastic Resin external shell.

· 1 shell size, 1 EPS size, J.1.E.R. Emergency Cheek

Pad Removal System.

· Double D retention system.

· New inner lining fitting for a better comfort.

· Removable and washable inner lining.

· 5 Intake and 4 exhaust vents.

Sizes: YS (47/48) - YM (49/50) YL (51/52)

At dealers or www.facebook.com/


Just1 J18 Pulsar

Motocross Helmet

The J18 is a solid motocross helmet and robust

but lightweight thanks to its fiberglass shell.


• fiberglass shell

• peak extension included

• Double-D closure

• emergency cheek pad removal system

• new inner lining fitting for a better comfort

• removable and washable inner lining


• protx2 antimicrobial technology new lining


• 9 intake and 6 exhaust vents

• 2 shell sizes

• 2 eps sizes

• weight: 1250 g +/- 50 g

• 1 x peak extension included

• 1 x helmet bag

At dealers or www.facebook.com/



The FM18C will fit Dunlop

Motorcycle tyres 120/80 and all

90 and 100 series tyres.

• Designed exclusively for off-road competition,

the mousse insert replaces the inner tube

• Made up of a honeycomb structure

• Designed to prevent tyre deflation in case of

puncture caused by perforation, shock or pinching



• AT81 rear tread block shape and distribution

plus DIRTuitive Grip Design (DGD) tread

blocks help the tyre penetrate down through

the surface dirt for extra traction across a

broad range of off-road applications

• Newly formulated high-wear-resistant rear

tyre compound offers enhanced chipping,

tearing and wear appearance

• Geomax AT81 RC (Reinforced Construction)

rear tyre carcass features four nylon plies

• Lateral grooves on the shoulder tread blocks

provide additional biting edges and also allow

the tread blocks to be more flexible


• Soft terrain tyre, with an unusually wide scope

of application

• Optimized performance combined with improved

durability when used on intermediate terrain

• Enhanced traction/slide control through pattern

optimizing and new compound

• Better control and shock absorption thanks to a

redesigned casing construction


Henderson Racing Products - 011 708 5905

Available at selected dealers nationwide


Ever wonder how EnduroCross riders manage to

find traction over the extreme terrain they compete

on? Dunlop’s D756EX has been a trade secret for

years, winning numerous championships. Now that

tyre has been replaced with the all-new Geomax

AT81 EX that features even greater grip and


The AT81 already has a championship-winning

record, scoring numerous titles in AMA National

Enduro competition, Grand National Cross Country,

and other series. The new AT81 EX was built on the

same winning tread pattern and construction as

the AT81, but adds ultra grippy compounds to the


Available in 110/100-18 rear size, the AT81 EX is

made for a wide variety of extreme conditions—not

just EnduroCross—and was developed with the help

of Cody Webb and Destry Abbott.

Webb, who used the new AT81 EX en route to

winning the 2017 EnduroCross title, had this to say

about the new tyre. “The AT81 EX has been amazing

and I was shocked how much better it made my

rear shock feel going over obstacles and absorbing

them. It’s great for trail riding and any type of

extreme terrain.”

“I can honestly say the AT81 EX is the best advantage

you could have to help you win races,” said multitime

off-road champion Destry Abbott. “I’m able to

go up things I couldn’t with a regular tyre, especially

in rocky, slippery conditions. I’ve been using it for

EnduroCross racing and extreme rides and it has

helped me with my confidence too.”

300 TPi “Black

Edition” only from

Trax KTM in Pretoria.

Here is something you don’t see every day. On our

usual wandering around motorcycle dealerships, we

came across this this unusual beauty in black at Trax

KTM, just off Solomon Mahlangu drive in Pretoria

East. This is an in-house special put together by the

guys at Trax. You get this completely custom body

and decal kit and a list a bling extra’s as long as this

page for the price of a normal 300 TPi.


There’s more… you also get the original body kit and

bits ‘n bobs thrown in at no extra cost. Only at Trax

KTM. 012 010 0190 Willow Rock Centre, Solomon

Mahalngu drive, Willow Acres, Pretoria East.

Just1 expands into the

adventure market with the

new J34 model.

The project began from race experience in the most

challenging off-road environments. It is a helmet for

all conditions, from long-distance travels to off-road

adventures, it combines the comfort and protection

of a full-face helmet with functionality, light weight,

and air ventilation typical of off-road helmets. It

can even be used in snow with the optional dual

heated dual pane shields.J14 DS is deeply rooted in

off-road, characterized by a a wide field of view that

allows to use it with mx-goggles.

Main Features: High visibility Visor, also available

in dual pane and dual pane with heating element

(accessory both sold separately).








1530 gr +/- 50 gr

• SIZES:XS / S / M / L / XL – FROM 53 TO 61

• “J.1.E.R. “emergency cheek pad removal system


Ventilation is essential. With mouth and eyebrow

massive and multiple air vents system, the JUST1

J34 is designed to maximize airflow to your head.

Tried and tested ventilation that allows for proper

Extraction of heat from the helmet, allowing for

a cooler ride in even warm weather conditions.

Attention was also paid to the metal membrane

integrated on the chin air vent, which makes it less

likely that rubble and flying debris could penetrate

those areas.

At dealers or www.facebook.com/






FEARLESS? Being fearless is more

about who you are, rather than what

you do. Fearless people are great –

they are full of life, good energy,

passion and self-belief. They are bold

trendsetters, who go against the grain

to do something different and better

because of a strong purpose and


Truth is, I think we all have that fearless

inside of us. This brand is not just awesome

clothing that everyone can wear. It is a

lifestyle choice, whether you are jumping

out of a plane, pushing your limits, or

even dealing with depression. When you

put on a FRLSS cap or shirt, you are making

a choice to be fearless that day.

What makes FRLSS different from other

brands? We are a local South African

trademarked brand. The people and

athletes involved in building this brand

with us plays a huge role in our success.

We have teamed up with some

amazing athletes that has supported the

brand from the beginning. The number of

athletes have grown a lot over the last

2 years, and we would like to give special

mention to the following persons, that

forms part of our Athlete Division;

Rudolf Pretorius - Known by many as

Biskit. He is an extreme athlete that lives

life the fearless way. From FMX, MMA, to

Surf. He does it all.

Louw Schmidt - KTM Brother Leaderthread

One of my personal favorite riders in South

Africa. He has gained a lot of respect on

and off the field. His name speaks for himself.

Taki Bogiages - Pepson Plastics Husqvarna

The humblest person I have met. True

champion in everyone’s eyes and the impact

he has on the youth riders, even older one’s

can be seen everywhere.

Stefan van Deventer - MCA Holeshot


He is a 4 time SA National Champion

that has a very bright future ahead.

Remember the name.

Jacques Human - FMX Athlete

The bad boy of FMX. One of the most

dedicated athletes we have. Did we

mention he can fly?

More of our athletes can be viewed on

our website.

We want to recognize and help athletes

that would never get the opportunity to

be seen or heard. We have some of the

most talented athletes in South Africa

that can make a difference in the future

of these sports.

Follow us and keep up to date with all the

new adventures 2020 will bring. See you

in our world.




Taki Bogiages #222




C.I.T Revamps

Not only are they a top Husqvarna dealer in

Pretoria with a national level MX race team,

they are also one of the biggest and longest

standing bike dealerships in Pretoria.

November is their birthday and they are giving

you some prezzies. They have some amazing

in-house deals on Husqvarna Bikes and

clothing and are doing some really crazy stuff

with the accessories, but only while stock last,

check out their advert in this issue.

To coincide with their birthday month they

have also completely revamped the shop

with dedicated sections for MX and Dirt and

separate sections for Road and Superbikes.

They have expanded their range and stock

holding and it’s all looking really factory.

They always stock a good selection of new

and quality used bikes. If they do not have

what you’re looking for then they will source it

for you.

1222 Pretorius Street, Hatfield, Pretoria 012

342 8571


Sean Powell joins

Italian Motorcycle


The well-known Dunlop man and familiar friendly

face at the tracks, Sean Powell has joined Italian

Motorcycle Importers in Bryanston as their Sales and

Marketing Manager. Sean takes with him a wealth

of industry knowledge and experience. IMI are the

local distributors for Aprilia and Moto Guzzi, but their

workshop can basically sort out any Italian bike. They

are expecting new stock to arrive sometime early in the

new-year and we will keep you up to speed on what is

coming in when as soon as we know.

They are also the official importers of Stylmartin boots

and shoes. The well-known and much supported

brand has been out of the country for a while and fans

will be happy to see that it’s back.

Heres something cool - they also do some pretty

amazing coffee machines made out of aircraft

aluminium and some seriously fancy carbon fibre.

Shaped like scale models of various Italian engines

they are an essential for any man cave or petrol head

themed restaurant, coffee shop or pub. If you are that

way inclined you can order yours in 18 carat diamond

studded gold with matching cups and etc.

All very cool and exciting. We wish Sean every

success in his new venture.

010 443-4596 www.italianmi.co.za

AMP Secures

Distribution of Liqui

Moly Motor Oils and


Tuning Fork (Pty) Ltd is proud to announce that

effective 01 October 2019, AMP will be distributing

the range of Liqui Moly motor oils and additives

within South Africa.

After Market


also known as

AMP, currently


Shoei helmets,

Acerbis, RK

Chains, Pro

Grip, Jobe

Sports, Salt

Away, Ultra

Flex, and

VR46 products

amongst others, and will be adding the well-known

range of Liqui Moly motor oils and additives to the

wide range of products being distributed to various

motorcycle, marine and accessory retailers.

High expectations abound as a result of the alliance

between these two powerful companies.

For distribution enquiries please contact:

Danielle Hyem

Tel: 0112597750

Email: danielleh@yamaha.co.za

Michael Creevy

Tel: 011 259 7750



Some Roof News:

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! In the last 11 years, the

only winners of the Motul Roof of Africa have been

Graham Jarvis, Chris Birch and Wade Young… This

year ALL THREE riders will return to the ‘Mother of

Hard Enduro’.

In our opinion, Chris Birch is South Africa’s father of

hard Enduro – he’s the guy who convinced everyone

that riding up sheer cliffs is fantastic fun.

We reckon that he’s coming out to relive it all and

have a good time and to show the lighties a thing

or two. But there is fierce competition between

Graham and Wade. Will we have a 5 time winner of

the Motul Roof of Africa? Or do we have any new

contenders for the title?

It’s going to be a royal battle with our local boys

giving the international stars a proper run for their

money… and we have about a ton of local talent that

could win on any given day – just take a look at the

national enduro results for 2019.

Changes in race

location and

organisation have

been announced

with the aim to

bring the classic

event of Hard

Enduro back its


The Mother of

Hard Enduro will

return to Lesotho

on December 4-7,

2019 with events


company, Live

Lesotho, taking

over the show.

As in previous years the race will be run by the

Lesotho Off-Road Association and will have Motul as

the title sponsor for the fourth year in a row.

Hailed for its breath-taking scenery, high altitudes and

over 400km of unrelenting terrain, Roof of Africa has

been testing riders since 1969 – hence the claim to

be ‘mother’ to the sport we know and love so much

these days.

2019 will also see the return of the popular ‘Round

the Houses’ prologue through the streets of Maseru

with Gold riders taking on an Endurocross stage at

the Maseru Mall, and Silver and Bronze riders taking

a more traditional time trial in Thaba Bosiu.

“Lesotho has so much to offer,” said Roof of Africa

route director and Live Lesotho manager, Charan

Moore. “This year we want to open the original

extreme enduro event up to more riders than ever


Hopefully, we’ll see you in Lesotho, comb your hair

and smile for the camera, we might just make you



Roof of Africa

Mother of Hard



Avani Room

Avani Executive Room

Avani Superior Room





Avani Room

Avani Executive Room

Avani Superior Room




10 people and more save 10%

Use link to book your stay






Husqvarna’s Oosthuisen E1 Champ. Yamaha’s Flanagan E2 Champ.

Yamaha’s Bruce May, Masters. KTM’s Brad Cox gets his first E1 win.

KTM’s Swanepoel is back! Rover, Eastern Cape, 05 October 2019.

The sixth and final round of the MSA

National Enduro series was hosted by the

Rover Racing club.

The new E2 champ -

Kyle Flanagan

Yamaha’s Kyle Flanagan takes the

top honours in E2 for 2019!

“Coming into this race I knew I didn’t have

to push too hard to win the championship

so my goal was just to finish the race

inside the top five.” Kyle took second for

the day and secured the win in the E2

Category championship on his YZ250X.

“Winning the E2 championship has been

a lifelong dream of mine and words

cannot begin to describe how much this

championship win means to me.”

Yamaha’s Lloyd Kirk came into the sixth

round after having contracted flu in

Turkey during the Sea to Sky event and

was not feeling well at all. “My goal for this

race was just to finish the race and stay


hydrated.” Lloyd placed a respectable seventh for the

day and secured second place in the E1 championship.

“This has been a rather challenging season for me

and I’m really happy to take second place in the E1


Yamaha’s Bruce May had yet another flawless day out

on his YZ250FX. Bruce placed first overall for the day

and took the win in the Masters championship with

an absolutely flawless season leading from round one

through all the way through to the final round at Rover.

Denzil “The General” Torlage had a great ride aboard his

YZ250X. “The course was very physical with the thick

sand stealing my momentum around almost every turn.”

Denzil finished the day off in fourth place and secured

third place in the Masters championship. “This season

was rather challenging but I remained injury free and

consistent,” Stated Torlage.

“An awesome team performance resulting in excellent

results for the day.”

Yamaha also become the overall National Championship

Manufacturer, yet to be confirmed, for the year,” says

Peter Wilkins- General Manager of Yamaha Motorcycles.

Thank-you must be expressed to all sponsors for their

support throughout the 2019 racing year:

Bidvest, AMP, Shoei, Acerbis, RK Chains, Progrip,

Yamalube, GYTR, PSP Racing, Metzeler Carbontech and

Bruce May in the sand.

Denzil Torlage.

Lloyd Kirk

Race supports Steve Thomson with the champ...




Hayward Suspension.

The Winterberg round was also a huge

success for Pepson Plastics Husqvarna


Husqvarna’s William Oosthuisen

claims the red plate in E1:

William Oosthuizen clinched the 2019 SA

200cc E1 championship by riding home a

steady third behind teammate Matthew


“Today a dream came true!” Mossel Bay

star William Oosthuizen explained. “I am

the 2019 South African E1 national enduro

champion — what a feeling! “It has been

an incredible season — the whole team

put everything into it and we’ve reaped

the rewards and I have to thank everyone

who has had a part in this story. “For now

I’ll take a little gap top take it all in, but the

season is not over — we have the Roof

of Africa in December and I go there with

nothing to lose — bring it on!”

Pepson Plastics Husqvarna E2 open class

rider Brett Swanepoel meanwhile stormed

to overall victory in the Port Elizabeth

race. He’s back and we look very forward

to seeing him in action at The Roof!

Brett closed his comeback season off

with a splendid overall win to clinch third

in the E2 title race in Port Elizabeth. “I

promised to end in style in PE and I am

delighted with my first win today since

the wrist injury that almost ended my

career. “I have only recently been able

to ride my Husqvarna flat out again and

this win completes my recovery, so now

we can concentrate on the Roof of Africa.

“That has always been a good race for

me and after today, I know I’m ready to

reward my Pepson Plastics Husqvarna

Racing for standing by me through thick

and thin, so bring it on!”

Hard enduro expert, Nottingham Road

KZN lad Matthew Green showed his class

by riding to his best result of his 2019 SA

enduro season - second in 200cc E1 in

Port Elizabeth, en route to fourth in his

class championship “I had a great ride in

Port Elizabeth and my best result in the

SA championship this year.

“Now it’s onward and upward and I’m

really looking forward to the Roof of

Africa, where I plan to end my hard

enduro season in style. I can’t wait!”

The weekend also capped a 100%

mechanical record for Pepson Plastics

Husqvarna Racing with Liqui Moly -- a

tribute too for Anthony Trichardt and the

Brett Swanepoel is

back and firing...

First National title for



technical team who provide the riders

with the machinery to win.

“Today was a great day for Pepson

Plastics Husqvarna Racing with

Liqui Moly,” Husqvarna South Africa

Motorcycles brand manager Fred

Fensham concluded. “William Oosthuizen

closed an incredible year by wrapping

up the 2019 South African national

enduro championship, Brett Swanepoel

completed his comeback season with a

sensational overall and E2 victory and

Matthew Green likewise delivered a best

of 2019 second in E1.

“We need to thank all our sponsors and

supporters and commend our three star

enduro riders, Anthony Trichardt and our

entire race team on a splendid effort all

season. “Now all three of our riders are

raring and ready to go for the big one —

the Roof of Africa in December, where we

have another surprise in store for South

African hard enduro fans, so watch this

space for more on that soon.

“More importantly right now, well done to

our entire enduro team — bravo guys —

you are the champions!”

Despite some ups and downs,

KTM South Africa had a

successful enduro season and

has been steadily building to

what looks to be a promising

future in the sport.

• The young and rising Bradley Cox

stormed to his first ever win in the

E1 Class and placed third in the E1

Championship overall.

• His Brother Leader Tread KTM

teammate Scott Bouverie was pushed

to his limits this season, and settled

for second place behind E2 rival Kyle

Flanagan. He will undoubtedly be back

with vengeance in 2020, but first looks

ahead to what is set to be an exciting Roof

of Africa in December.

• Cross Country star ‘Bollie’ van Rooyen

made a surprise appearance at the enduro

season finale and walked away with the

win in the Senior Class.

• Kirsten Landman, South Africa’s enduro

queen, did it again. As the only female in

the E2 Class she managed to secure a top

ten finish amongst South Africa’s best.

Readers ride: Ryan Pelser:

Awesome day at the last round of the

National Enduro series in PE ending

the year off with different scenery for a


The soft sand track was definitely

demanding and tough to keep pushing the

whole time but still so much fun. Finished

P2 in High school class on my KTM 125

that didn’t miss a beat the whole day.

Big thanks to my sponsors for making this

all possible!

Big thanks to my mom for driving down

with me and my dad for awesome pit


Ryan Pelser shares

his thoughts...

A very happy young

Brad Cox.


Henderson Racing Products - 011 708 5905 - www.facebook.com/Hendersonracingproducts

Available at selected dealers nationwide



N o r t h V s S o u t h M o t o c r o s s

This annual race meet is the pinnacle of

South African Motocross. Riders from across

the country gathered at the BORC track in

Bloemfontein to battle it out in the Dirt. North

represents Gauteng and the Freestate. South

represents the Cape Province and Natal.

What a weekend of racing it was…

Xavier Aernold and Serranne Meyer popped

in and told us all about it…

The North vs South event started in 2013 - an

interprovincial competition where South Africa’s racers

meet to bash bars. All comers are welcome. This for

the team, 5 riders in each class from the Inland MX

championship were invited to represent the Northern team.

Historically, the South has dominated - but this year

was norths turn. It all works on a points system – with

the Freestate contingent dominating proceedings, with

Gauteng only a few points adrift. Riders from all over the

Southern region were selected – they had a huge turnout

of MX enthusiasts – and it was war from the first flag.

Privateers are always welcome – but they can actually

change the teams points standings – a first place gets 25

points, 2nd, 22 and so-on, so if a privateer takes a win –

that’s a potential 25 points not allocated to a team…

Proceedings started early with practice at 7h15 and the

Juniors kicking off the racing at 10 bells. The heat and the

blustery wind took its toll, with especially the little bikes

battling on the jumps.

Bloem is especially proud of their 7th heaven jump – a

massive step-up that launches commited riders into the

stratosphere. It claimed quite a few victims on the day…

The racing through the day was spectacular and the

BORC did a great job at keeping the track well watered.

But inevitably, the sandy track did become quite badly

rutted as the day went on – adding to the excitement.

The vibe was amazing. This has become a great rivalry.

Unlike a national or regional race where the racers are so

focused and serious on individual glory – this one actually

felt a bit more friendly. You were not racing for yourself –

but for a team.

If you have not ever been to spectate – put it onto your

list for next year.

And if you haven’t raced it – go and do it. It’s awesome!

For rider development – it’s awesome. Club riders are put

into a big race environment – and the smiles all round

were evidence of this. Amazing. Feedback from riders is

that this is one of the best, smoothest MX events on the

race calendar.

Planning for next years race is already in the pipeline…

For more info: www.womsa2wheels.co.za

Team Freestate.

Team Gauteng.

Team Western Cape.


Team Western Province

Blake Gutzeit MX2

Camz Oodendal (316) and Brendon

Rodger (215) MX1

Blade Tilley 65cc

Deegan Bloemfield

Enrico Friedrichs MX2

Sheldon Watkins gets it a little bit wrong...

Garric Pretorius MX1

Ivan Torlage MX1

2nd Moto in MX1 saw this battle to

the very end between Freestate team

mates Johan Vogelelsang (18) and

Tyson Enfelbreght (12)

Jose Viera

Justin Sangster MX2

The young lady Kyla Oosthuizen 50 cc



by Bruce de Kock, owner of Bike Tyre Warehouse Midrand


It’s been awhile since I have written and

it’s not the information or knowledge that is

the problem; it’s the time to put a decent &

informative scribble together especially on a

regular basis, but having agreed to scribbling for

the next year for both Dirt & Trail and RideFast

I got away with one month in D&T and the

next in RF this also allows us to cover a wider

range of tyres & tyre related products, each

month focussing on a particular brand and tyres

related to the magazines core product focus &


So we are kicking off with Michelin this month

(randomly selected) which is a win for Louis

Enslin from Michelin, the main reason being

it is the last edition before the infamous Roof

of Africa and a time when all the premium tyre

brands & up and coming new contenders are

doing deals, coveting pro riders & teams to

ensure their brand is on the podium whether

in Bronze; Silver or Gold, this is the race that

guarantees the podium winning brands high

volume sales going into next year’s weekend



Single Tyre Deals:

• 90/90-21, R805.00

• 90/100-21, R850.00

• 140/80-18, R1,100.00

riders & the race teams alike and with so many

brands now competing in this specialised

segment of the dirt market where there is a very

specific size range; with specialised carcass

construction & compounds the competition

is fierce some have fallen by the wayside

while others like Michelin have just gone from

strength to strength so it was an obvious choice

by Ryan Robertson GM Auto Cycle Centre a

subsidiary of Motus, when I called him to let

him know he had secured the November issue,

straight away he selected the Michelin Enduro

Medium one of the top choices when it comes

to Roof rubber. As I am on the coal face of retail

& wholesale in the M/C tyre industry I get to

experience up front what sells for Roof and

have done for over a decade now, bottom line

you have to know the individual brands products

very well and watch the market closely as

any brand can literally slip a prototype into an

event and take out the competition in one clean

swipe, which always rocks the market.

Michelin announced the launch of the Enduro

Medium at the FIM International 6 Days of

Enduro (ISDE) in Brive-la-Gaillarde, France in

late August 2017. The development of this new

range involved pro riders Mathias Bellino; Julien

Guathier and Emmanuel Albepart in total taking

just over four years to develop.

In addition to having been streamlined

compared with the previous collection, the

new Enduro range was carefully conceived to

cover a wide variety of terrains with the choice

of medium and hard compounds. Thanks to

the new compounds as well as the new tread

pattern and construction the range delivers

outstanding grip in dry & wet conditions alike,

without sacrificing durability.

The new tyres construction and the shape of

their tread blocks delivers improved grip and

enhanced shock absorbing capacity compared

to its predecessor as well as significantly

improved obstacle clearing ability. For greater

versatility and outstanding grip on wet ground,

the ranges two latest generation compounds

were designed specifically for off road use

and combined with the new tread pattern,

contribute actively to improving performance.

Michelin states that the Enduro Medium tyres

are also 15 percent more durable, while the

performance they deliver is appreciably more

consistent throughout their life, a very important

point when considering rubber for Roof. Finally,

the new range’s compatibility with their worldrenowned

BIB Mousse has been improved.

Tel: 011 205 0216 • Cell: 073 777 9269 / 083 467 1349

Unit 9 Sable Park, 997 Richards Drive, Midrand







Pascal Rauchenecker (Rockstar Energy Husqvarna

Factory Racing) “Michelin’s new medium –

compound enduro tyre marks a big step forward,

especially on slippery and stony ground where it

gives you more grip and traction. It provides you

with the stability and response you need to go

where you want to be.”

Antti Hellsten (Rockstar Energy Husqvarna

Factory Racing) “The new medium rear Michelin

Enduro has a lot of comfort and flex which

both contribute to rear shock absorbing. I feel

confident with this new tyre.

A story that’s doing the rounds in the pro rider

circles is about this tyre’s performance or

what looked like this tyre at an international

event recently where it totally wiped out the

competition which as I said earlier in this

article can happen, so the question I will leave

you with is are we going to hear about a new

technology breakthrough in in the Michelin

Enduro Range stable soon.

As the second tyre choice and to keep the

dualies happy we decided on the new Michelin

Anakee Adventure only recently released and

being part of the soft launch I was hooked up

with a set in the middle of winter and needless

to say with the ice warning on at 5am every

morning on the way to work I am still around so

let’s see what they are all about.



The Michelin Anakee Adventure product sheet

states the tyre is a strategic addition to its trail

tyre range, packed with technology Michelin

has pulled out all the stops to address the

requirements of owners of models ranging from

the Honda Africa Twin, BMW GS AND Yamaha

Super Tenere, to the SUZUKI V Strom, KTM

Adventure, Triumph Tiger and Moto Guzzi V85TT,

whether they use their bike in all weathers

for travelling to work, or predominately at the

weekend, not only on ordinary roads but also

off road. To cover the use requirements the

new comer combines new compounds, a new

construction, new technologies and a new

pattern to deliver superior wet and dry weather

grip, handling performance, ride comfort and

stability, especially at higher speeds.

Designed for 80% on road and 20% trail off

road the new tyre incorporates Michelin 2CT

and 2CT+ technologies that until now have only

been available on Michelins on road radial tyre

range, introduced in 2005 on the Power Race.

In brief 2CT (two compound technology)

successfully accomplishes two conflicting ideals

i.e. wear resistance in the centre and grip on

the shoulders and 2CT+ which is the latest 2

compound technology which has harder rubber

underneath the softer rubber on the shoulders

which gives better rigidity at lean, for more

stability when cornering, especially under strong


Thanks to the 2CT tech the front tyre combines

different all silica compounds for the crown

and shoulders to ensure outstanding grip at

all times, especially on wet ground with no

detriment to either dry weather performance or

tyre life.



Front & Rear Tyre Combo Deals:

• 90/90-21 & 150/70-17, R2,970.00, SAVE R415.00 !

• 90/90-21 & 150/70-18, R2,840.00, SAVE R400.00 !

• 110/80-19 & 150/70-17 , R3,400.00, SAVE R480.00 !

• 120/70-19 & 170/60-17, R3,800.00, SAVE R540.00 !

Facebook @BikeTyreWarehouse • Twitter @biketyrewhse


Thanks to 2CT+ tech the rubber compound used

for the crown serves as a rigid ply that passes

beneath the edges of the compound employed

for the shoulders. This arrangement makes the

tread stiffer in depth for enhanced stability

when leaning while delivering the same high

performance in wet & dry conditions without

affecting tyre life.

The Michelin Anakee Adventure chosen for the

newly launched BMW R1250 GS an association

between the two brands which began in 2005

with the iconic BMW GS, the new Anakee

Adventure closely addresses the needs of the

R1250 GS owners who tend to use their bikes on

ordinary roads whilst venturing off road from time

to time. Moto Guzzi have also chosen the tyre to

equip their V855T due to its off-road styling with

greater straight-line stability especially at higher

speeds, first class agility, outstanding handling

on wet roads and safety parameters that are all

seen as paramount by the Italian manufacturer

definable says a lot for this latest addition to the

Michelin dual purpose stable.

So chaps if you are thinking of trying out a new

offering in the 80/20 range, I would suggest

giving the new ANAKEE adventure a go we

cannot comment on durability yet as they have not

been on our roads long enough as they have only

been available from mid-April 2019 but I must add

I have not had one of our customers back for a

replacement set yet so a good sign already.

Well that’s it for now, we just want to wish all

2019 Roof riders the best of luck and for the

newbies going into Bronze remember a finish

alone is a fantastic achievement so make sure

you investigate your rubber set up carefully as out

there it makes all the difference.

In the December issue of RideFast we will be

looking at some offerings out of the Pirelli stable.

Catch up then. Cheers, Bruce de Kock BTW SA

By Sean Hendley Pics: Everybody

Making Tuesdays

GREAT again!

Dirt And Trail magazines Gyppo Work Tuesday

Tuesdays are kinda that ‘nothing’,

‘blegh’ day of the week that really

isn’t very exciting, inspiring or

great in any way … so!

Why not bunk work and go ride

Adventure bikes?

Well … why not?

A few calls, a bit of date planning, a couple

of ad’s in the magazine and on our social

media pages and we were up and running.

The idea was to do an easy-ish

introductory type of adventure ride along

some of our favourite test ride trails near

our offices. Not too difficult but also not

boring with lekker scenery. We decided

on the “Broodblik & Koffiepit” near

Bapsfontien as the start venue, at the head

of a bunch different trails, then head out

to Cullinan and the famous “Oppistasie”

restaurant. Both venues have oodles of old

world charm, good food if you are not ion a

hurry and sensible pricing. So, on a bright,

sunny and warm spring morning the bikes

started rolling in.

Remember – this was a Tuesday/work

day and the first time we had ever

attempted anything like this we were

maybe expecting 10 riders at best and

were quite awe struck when we eventually

left ‘Broodblik’ with 35 bikes and about 40

riders, pillions, back up medics and driver

and even a dog.

Yep, you read that right … Mike Da Silva

arrived on his Transalp with his dog

‘Dingo’ riding up front on the tank, cooler

than ice in winter I tell you.

The route headed north east-ish into the

farmlands and immediately into a bit if

thick sand because we believe it is best

to “blood them” early. The farms are all

starting to get nice and green this time

of the year but its still very dusty once

out of the sand pits. The trail carried on

eastwards on hard packed twisty trails

towards the shunting yards before turning

north to ‘Bungee Jump’ bridge where we

stopped for a water break and let the more

experienced riders take on a short more

technical loop under the bridge with the

rest of the riders watching from an aerial

view about forty metres above on the


Then it was onwards into about five kays

of crusher and ballast stone known as

‘Marble Alley’ - some of the guys and

girls might say it felt like a hundred kays.

The bikes get all squiggly under the rider


especially at lower speeds and

the only way to tackle them is

keeping a constant 60kph plus

and a light grip on the bars.

Fourteen thousand kilometres

later, (or so we were toldJ), the

route turned out of ‘Marble

Alley’ onto the sweeping hard

pack trails again out towards

Rhino Park. A short tar section

took us to some beautiful dirt

roads in between the koppies

and plots near Boschkop.

As mentioned, being spring

time nature was starting to

come to life again providing

beautiful vistas for the riders.

Then it was another short

section tarmac over the bridge

crossing the N4 Freeway and

into Rayton before turning

onto the Historical Route from

Rayton to Cullinan, a long,

good quality dirt road where

we could stretch the legs of

our various steeds. The last

little section into Cullinan

caught a few guys out. It was

all tar, about 3 kays worth,

but extremely tight and twisty

with a few riders running way

out wide in some of the tighter

turns, one chap on a 690 with

a Rallye kit really overcooked

it in a tight left hander and

ended up rocketing off into the

bushes in spectacular fashion.

Fortunately, there was a bit of a

dirt trail between the trees and

he managed to keep the rubber

right side down and bring the

bike to a safe stop between the

trees. Turning the 690 around

between the tight knit trees

was a bit more of a challenge;

this did earn him a year’s

subscription to this here fine

magazine. Two riders brought

along their very brave ladies

as pillions which earned all of

them some pretty cool Dirt &

Trail caps.

The bustling little hamlet of

Cullinan and particularly the

‘Oppistasie’ restaurant really

welcomed a bunch of dusty

faced smiling riders with open

arms. The cold beverage

fridges were soon being raided

to slake the dust and adrenalin

dry throats of the riders. The

kitchen was soon overwhelmed

with orders for burgers and

chips, steak and chips, pizza’s

and evens the odd salad from

the trail hungry hooligans, you

would swear they hadn’t eaten

since breakfast.

Terrence getting

his sick note from

our medic Zafira

with Ashleigh from

Triumph making

sure its all legit ...

Clutches out at Die

Broodblik en Koffiepit ...

Breakfast at Broodblik

The friendly and helpful staff from Oppistasie were

run off their feet but kept smiling.

Rob, the chicken farmer and Don

who bought a farm on a scooter ...

Daniel on his 690, with 990 Rallye Kit...


A bunch of guys took up the offer to

ride the demo’s we brought along kindly

supplied by Triumph S.A., KTM S.A. and

Linex Yamaha in Randburg, (Thank You

Lady and Gents J !), all coming back with

very positive feedback and asking for

dealership contact details.

After some wetties to wash down a bit

more of the trail dust, a good feeding and

the swapping of many stories it was time

to head off into the sunset. Strangers from

that morning bid farewell to each other on

that late spring afternoon like long time old

friends exchanging telephone numbers and

making plans to ride together again soon

before dispersing off to all four points of the

compass. A few mad clowns decided they

hadn’t had enough and insisted on riding

the entire trail back home with us …… just

a whole flippin’ lot quicker.

This gave Glenn and I the opportunity

to swap bikes on the way back and do a

proper back to back test along exactly the

same route on the same day on the KTM

790 Adventure and the Triumph 1200 XC

Scrambler, read all about them in this issue.

Thank you to everybody who Gyppo’d

work to join us, we do hope our ‘sick

notes’ passed scrutiny and Thank you to

Triumph S.A., KTM S.A. and Linex Lifestyle

Centre in Randburg for the demo bikes. We

promise we will make this a regular event

and will eventually do a weekend tour to

somewhere special… keep an eye on the

mag and our Facebook pages for details.

The next one will be from somewhere near

Brakpan out to the republic of Val on the

4th of Febuary

Watch this space… it’s a great excuse to

gyppo Work…

Anton and his ostrich joined us all the

way from Witbank which is quite close to

Emalahleni we believe.

Anton with his 950 Adventure with Chris

and Janre in the background.

A happy Terence on

Bungee Jump Bridge.

Ashleigh ... suffering with a terrible case of

Brucelitis ... sorry sir.

Kevin and Margi

Payne showing

us how it is done

Grant Scott ... of Scott Motorcycles

in Pretoria.

Jacques and the very brave Anien

van Rensburg aboard their Suzuki

DL1000, they handled Marble Alley

with aplomb.

Jacques DL 1000’s suspension was

a bit low to get over a particularly

knarly obstacle so everybody

jumped in to help him out.


Leave no man ... or bike behind, Richard

had some issues with his chain and

everybody jumped in to get him up and

running again

Naude Maritz enjoying his 1200 tenere in the bush.

Peter Nieman of Adventure MX.

Richard only too happy to make it all the

way after his chain climbed off and got all

knotted up.



Serranne Meyer




Q4Q - 16 years in the dirt for people with disabilities…

This idea was conceived when quads

outsold dirt bikes 10 to 1 and everyone

was playing in the dirt.

Over the years, motorcycle sales have

declined and times have got harder, but

this event remains a firm favourite, with

riders of all shapes and sizes – on all

kinds of machines coming back year after

year to take part in the fun.

And it’s all for such an awesome

cause. The main beneficiary of the event

is the QuadPara Association Of South

Africa, who have received around 8

million over the years, but so many other

organizations benefit all along the way.

Schools receive stationary, clothing

and vegetable seeds all along the

route – and loads of wheelchairs and

mobility aids have been distributed

into communities all along the trails. All

donated by participants and friends of


This year saw twenty wheelchairs

donated into communities all along the


Cool huh?

Irrespective of what kind of riding you


enjoy, this is really one helluva adventure

for riders from all walks of life.

Every evening is a great kuier, around

the braai with bench racing stories getting

longer, faster and more exciting. The

auction generated lots of interest and

some good funds were raised for QASA

from goods donated.

Each day is different… and for the last

two years, the route has ended in Richards

Bay. As the bikes have got better, so the

route includes more technical sections for

the guys and girls to enjoy. But it’s a fine

balance between technicality of the ride

and getting people of hugely different skill

sets to the finish each evening.

This year – one team literally bought

bikes a week before the ride and joined the

adventure… that’s a story all on it’s own…

And as if the routes are not enough… the

weather always takes its toll.

This year saw two days of 35 degree

plus heat in enough dust to form a desert.

A third day when we virtually froze

to death in zero visibility as the mists

descended on the mountains. One of the

sections was closed halfway through for

fear of people getting lost.

Sadly, the weather also spoiled the

swimming hole after the halfway point.

Thankfully it all cleared and the last

day was a perfect day of riding through

Zululand…cloudy skies and clear weather

all the way to the end spot right at the

seaside in Richards Bay.

Everyone arrived safely to a great

party and get together at the yacht club.

Another successful event.

Too cool!

A backups perspective:

This was team Fouries first experience

of this event. Their backup shares the


We start at the beginning … a very

good place to start…

I hear my children talking about

doing the Quads 4 Quads that Al keeps

advertising on 93.8 Mix FM and think

nothing will come of it … BUT … a week

before the time .. they still do not have a

driver and my daughter Michelle asks if

I would do the driving so that I can have

baby Logan in the car with our fabulous

maid Naomi. She tells me all I have to do

is drive from Carnival City to the lunch

drop where she will meet me, then I will

be driving from the lunch spot to the

dinner stop and that will be my duty for

the 4 days.


I think that is easy enough so I say ‘NO


Early Saturday morning, we are all rushing

around making sure we each have what we

need for the weekend and off we go to bly Carnival get any darker, it did. We had no idea what direction

City – trailer loaded to the hilt with 8 we bikes were going in, and were crawling along until one of

(2 spares) for the 6 riders we have in the enormous car. side-by-sides came roaring in with trucksize

headlights, giving us just enough visibility to be able


We get to Carnival City, unload and to fly out the tunnel at a respectable speed. I felt like

everybody gets themselves dressed up batman! and

ready for take-off … and AWAY they go.

Leandi: “The roads next to the railway lines were awesome.

the Up and down valleys with beautiful bridges every-

I jump behind the wheel and DID hear

guys saying “DON’T FOLLOW ANYBODY where. – The river swim was such a highlight. Randomly

THEY ARE PROBABLY LOST AS WELL” stopping .. but next to the road and finding a river to splash

… how wrong can I go because we are in ALL is such an ‘adventurer’ thing to do. Day 4 was a long,

heading to the same place from the take-off long, day, but I wished it could go on forever.”

spot aren’t we ????

W R O N G …. !!!! I start following the






front who turns left and Naomi says “Nana, Superheroes that and unintended wheelies aside, there are

car is going back to Jo’burg” .. but she not can’t enough be pages, words, photographs or hours round

right .. we are ALL going to the same a place campfire and to describe this trip properly. Ultimately,

I carry on following because OF COURSE Quad4Quads I have is an incredible realisation of a good idea

NOT put the first pin drop into my GPS that !!! grew into something great, and which, every year,

FORTUNELATLY I get a call 10 minutes changes after the lives of both its beneficiaries and the people

leaving Carnival City from Greg. – “Sue, who where ride for them. It is a mad mix of adventure, challenge

and and he friendship with good people who love bikes

are you?” I tell him I am on the highway

says he has already broken down and


I need



want you to enjoy them as much as they do.

meet him back at Carnival. So I find a For safe me, spot, it was an incredibly personal adventure. Over

make a u-turn and head back to the starting the four days and 900km, I had thought a lot about John,

point. Greg is there waiting to make a and quick the fact that we’d always intended to do this ride

change of bikes and Hannes helps out together. (but

THAT part of the story is for Greg to tell)

I thought about the day we first met, and how I persuaded

him to buy a quad. I thought about the day I intro-

I then find 2 cars that have not left the start

point and ask them if I may tag along


him to The Adventure Company team (my litmus

Bev being one of the drivers and she test is for ultra, any man I date) and about the time we did TriNations

hands. together and he crashed, only to spend the rest of

ultra-careful and helpful so I am in good

We get to the first lunch spot where the I wait, trip in Richards Bay Hospital. I thought about the day

and wait, and wait for the last of my 6 he riders bought to me my Honda – and the time we re-rode (and

come in .

finished) the TriNations.

I’m not allowed to leave till I know all my

riders are in and safe. My last rider comes

juuuuust in time for the cutoff and Megan is


She bit off a liiiiiitle more than we knew was

possible and decided that she would not do the

2nd leg of the day, she would rather ride in the

And of course, I thought about the day he passed

I had expected this trip would be tough for me, b

derestimated the strength and support that came

being with some of my oldest, most important fr

and doing a ride that combined two of John’s gre

loves – charity, and adventure.

As Leandi said, this was a hell of a trip, but by the

it, we wished we could carry on forever.

As we rode into Richards Bay together at the end

4, the enormity of the ride, the distance, the mon

ing raised, and the fact that we were about to ac

all, weighed very heavily.

Hearing the whoops of joy and seeing air punche

riders coming past us, and then remembering tha

finishing this epic adventure without the man I lo

my side, was heartbreaking.

But in the end there was also something else: Th

seeing my friends waiting for us at the end. There

seeing the Quad4Quads banner, getting the med

being photographed. There was falling into the p

my gear on, celebrating as each rider finished, an

ging back a few beers. And there was feeling alive

erly alive – for the first time in ages.

What breaks some people heals others, and that

epic adventures are all about. I’m very grateful th

one was mine.

If Quad4Quads isn’t already on your bucket list,

is time you put it there.





More pics up on Facebook/theadvco

+27 11 474 8750 | www.houseofprint.co.za

+27 11 474 8750 | www.houseofprint.co.za

Phil Case help hands over ten wheelchairs to

the mayor of Ulundi.

Courier Services

+27 11 614 7947 | www.fusiondigital.co.za





The joy of the ride is often in nding routes

destinations that few others would dare to

2-stroke enduro bikes rely on exceptional a

weight – letting you easily explore whereve

+27 11 474 8750 | www.houseofprint.co.za

+27 11 614 7947 | www.fusiondigital.co.za

+27 11 474 8750 | www.proteaplayingcards.com

FREESTATE - Husqvarna Central, Bloemfontein – (051) 430 1237


+27 11 474 8750 | www.houseofprint.co.za

Holeshot Motorcycles, Boksburg – (011) 823-5830

Belville (021) 945 8019

MPUMALANGA - Vans Husqvarna, Middleburg – (013) 282 0766


+27 11 614 7947 | www.fusiondigital.co.za

+27 11 474 8750 | www.proteaplayingcards.com

Husqvarna Feb17 DT.indd 1

+27 11 614 7947 | www.fusiondigital.co.za

+27 11 474 8750 | www.proteaplayingcards.com

+27 11 474 8750 | www.proteaplayingcards.com

car with me. The rest of the

team have all left including the

other cars and I am by myself

trekking who knows where

following my GPS taking me

to the dinner and sleepover

spot. EVENTUALLY I get there,

ride around the field trying to

decide which spot would be

best to set up camp. Which I

find out I am expected to do !!!

I set up a tent that I have

never put up in my life before!!

aaaaaanyway .. between

Naomi, Megan and myself, we

find the tent and unpack it,

ONLY to find, we have NO FLY


So I do a walk about to see

if ANYBODY has spare tent

pegs which I find and am very

happy that we can pitch this

tent now without it blowing

away. THE EASY part is

unpacking .. the tent being put

up is a MYSTERY as the poles

were in the wrong position

but fortunately the guys from

Team Awesome were in and

they came over to help with

the rest of the tent erection.

I then decide we need to

pump the mattresses only

to find the pump is NOT


I AGAIN do my walk about

and find a POMP from Team

Awesome and for the rest of

the weekend get teased about

my POMP !!!

Our last rider of the team

comes in at 18h59 … juuuuust

in time for dinner and DYING

from the exhausting ride. Off

we go to dinner and have

fabulous chats with the other

riders and exchange stories

and have a few good laughs.

Day 2 we have more

breakdowns which I can’t even

REMEMBER but I DO know I

was called to go to all kinds

of places to give backup and

my GPS kept taking me to THE

most impossible places !!! But

eventually the riders were

always found and assistance

could be given where needed.

Day 3 Greg breaks down

and gives me a call and sends

a pin drop where to meet him

and my very reliable GPS takes




is waiting for me. The farmer

comes out to try help me find

my way and suggests I rather

just go BACK to camp and wait

for another call from Greg,

which is what I do.

I get to camp and pass

Horacio fixing a bike and I

roll down my window to tell

him Greg has broken down

again to which he replies “I

know, I have his bike already”

.. Chris was with him and

knew EXACTLY where Greg

was broken down so he jumps

into the car with me and off

we go to give Greg another

replacement bike.

By this time Horacio has

been kept VERY busy with

Team Fourie and all our

breakdowns and we are on

very good terms with him by


Greg gets back to camp

safely and we all have another

night of rest with warm

showers and comfort better

than any Queen could enjoy

before Day 4 and another


day of hectic breakdowns in the middle of absolutely

nowhere that I have to get to with the HUGE trailer

and a GPS that takes me to the MOST ridiculous spots

but I somehow always found my riders and got them

the assistance they needed.

Day 4: Cliff’s bike gives trouble just as he is about

to ride off and gives me a call to come back to the

hotel so he can load the bike up – he can’t ride and

the spare bike had been loaned to the Swazi guys so

Cliff was out of the ride.

Very disappointing BUT …

Not far from the hotel, we hear a dreadful noise

coming from the trailer. Cliff jumps out and the

flywheel has broken off and LUCKILY Cliff was in the

car with me as I would NEVER have been able to

remove the whole fixture. Cliff jimmies it and off we go

to the 1st fuel stop where we meet up with Glenn who

says “no ways are you out of this yet” and he takes

Cliff’s bike off the trailer, removes the bust wheel,

we get a spare tube from one of the other riders and

together they get Cliff’s bike up and running again and

off he goes .. happy camper and all.

Lunch stop is awesome at the Ulundi airport where

all the wheelchairs and stationery is handed over and

we wait .. and we wait … and we wait a bit more ….

Cliff eventually comes in, says he has HAD IT. He is

ready to put the bike on the trailer. He had fallen and

had a huge hole in his knee - in pain, but Glen’s son

Tristan says to him:

“If you don’t finish this leg, you will regret it for the

rest of your life”.


Cliff swallows down his lunch, gets a refuel of energy

drinks concoction that Megan has made for him and

OFF he goes …

Off to the 2nd fuel stop where we are surrounded by

little kids and what does Megan do? She gives ONE of

them a sweet or something and suddenly ALL the kids

are crowding around the car begging !! I dig into the

‘snack box’ that we had packed for the riders and make

the kiddies line up 2x2 and they could each share a

packet of nuts that I found in our riders’ snacks that had

not yet been eaten.

The kiddies were DELIGHTED and off they ran into

the veld to enjoy their snacks and left us in peace again

.. have to admit .. it was a LITTLE skrikky for me !!!

One never knows what to expect and with so many of

them and just us there, well let’s just say we had no other

troubles .. I have to admit.. I was a LITTLE afraid !!!

But everything was fine and Cliff arrived safe and

sound, got his fuel and off he went again to the end point.

The pin drop takes me through THE most

IMPOSSIBLE tour of the land on a sand road that even

the bikes would have battled to ride !! but off I go

because the GPS tells me to and all the other backup

cars are looooong gone - so I have nobody to follow.

Even though Bev had the directions printed for me, I

couldn’t read them because the print was too small but

the GPS would take me to the right spot surely !!!

Bev was a STAR .. she kept worrying about me, telling

me where to be careful, what to expect and kept phone

contact with me and was always ready to give a helping

hand when needed.

The final braai was fabulous, friendships were

formed, loads of laughs shared and many tears shed ..

I SWORE NEVER TO DO IT AGAIN… but guess what?

NEXT YEAR we will do things DIFFERENTLY !!!

AND YES, I will be backup AGAIN but with a male to

help as I have NO STRENGTH to do what is expected of

the backup ..

I found out that I was not just there to drive from

breakfast to lunch and have Logan fed and then to


WORK !!!!

The pictures tell the story. This is truly a uniquely

South African event.

Fun. Challenging. Character building. If you have

never done it, put it on your bucket list.

Next years event kicks off on the 24th of September.


Just like the last 16 years. Event organisers do try not

to clash.

For more info or to get involved: www.




By Peter McBride.



The 2019 Kalahari Rally… 2nd time round.

How do you move a mountain?

Well, as it turns out. All you need

to do is convince a group of

people with just the right amount

of crazy, to believe that moving

mountains is possible. This is

exactly what happened from

the 5th to the 12th of October in

Mahikeng, North West Province.

For the second time now,

Competitors from all over South

Africa , and many from Europe

gathered in the Warm and dry

Capital city of the North west

province . For the 2019 Kalahari

Rally (KR19)…

The Mmabatho Palms hotel and

casino was host to the competitors

Bivouac. This hotel is no stranger to off

road racing, having hosted the famous

Mmabatho sun off road race in its various

incarnations during the glory days of

off-road racing in SA, when men like Alfie

Cox, Errol Dalton, Willie Ireland and Jeremy

Davies, were young guns on the scene

fighting hard for podiums and factory

rides. This time though, the troops had

gathered for a Rallye. A race of over Four

thousand kilometres, which would test the

competitors, crews and organising teams,

to their absolute limits.

Navigational Rallies are a brutal form of

motorsport. Strategy becomes a big part of

how successful your efforts are. Nutrition,

hydration and rest for competitors is

far more important than having a bling

exhaust and expensive “nice to have”

bolt on parts. The Nut that connects the

handlebars/steering wheel to the brakes

and throttle needs the most maintenance,

where one slip- up can set you back for

two or three days and turn a race into a

desperate battle to just finish.

Garth Roberts, is the madman

responsible for this event. With the very

unfortunate end of Amageza, there was

a demand for a navigational rally in SA.

Garth picked up the torch and took on the

mind bendingly huge task of putting the KR

rally together. The ASO, the organisation

that is responsible for the Dakar rally,

took notice of the success of the first KR

and as a result, Darryl Curtis the ASO

representative in SA was in attendance for

the duration of the rally and will write a

report to the ASO. Hopefully,


If everything goes to plan

the 2020 edition of the KR

could be an official Dakar

qualifier. Northern Cape

Tourism has partnered with

the event. Cool Huh! Investing

in motorsport.

The race itself covered a

huge amount of ground with

special stages and liaisons of

varying lengths and technical

difficulties. The COC for

the event, Bulgarian native,

Konstantin Kirilov hit the nail

on the head at the first briefing.

This rally would not be won by

seconds but by minutes and

hours. Navigation would decide

the winner and navigation

would be tough. To put the

navigation into perspective, all

the competitors would have

was a road book with written

instructions and distance

measurements and a GPS

with a compass bearing for

reference. GPS waypoints were

given to competitors as a safety

back up in case they got so lost

that they just needed to find

their way back to the route.

Saturday the 6th, was

the first day. An intensive

scrutineering process in the

morning kept everyone busy,

none of this “self-scrutineering”

that has crept into off road and

motocross. To get the green

light to start racing at the KR

you have to make sure all your

ducks are in a row. Kit, bike,

first aid kits, safety items like

hats, space blankets, extra

cash, GPS trackers all get a

thorough inspection.

The super special on the

Saturday was a quick 90

kilometre shake-down to test

bikes and start getting to grips

with the road books. The

Cars had a lot of adjusting to

do, with basically none of the

navigational assistance offered

at national level, no markers or

GPS tracks. Hitting navigation

marks would become far

more important that straight

out speed. For the more

experienced rally competitors

the stage was a formality. But

for the newbies, navigating

for the first time in anger, it

was a wakeup call. All the

competitors got in without any

serious problems and the real

nerves set in for the “real” start

of the rally, the marathon stage

from Mahikeng to Heuningsvlei

(L-R)Johan v Wyk(Open Bike Winner), Darryl Curtis-ASO Dakar

Observer, Erwin Gorrins(Belgium), Steven Hens(Belgium), Gwen

Backx(Belgium), Joris v Dyck (Belgium)

Christine Steinkrass-Iron Man Entry(Germany)

Craig Lloyd & Mechanic

Thomas & Keegan Eich - father & Son team


Gwen Backx (Belgium) – Moto Overall Winner

The Marathon stages are

the toughest and the riskiest

for the competitors. You may

only service or repair bikes

with parts and lubricants that

you carry with you for the

whole stage. The competitors

then have to overnight in

Heuningvlei, and only after

the special stage on day two

were service crews allowed

to have a look at the bikes.

The demanding nature of this

type of event meant that quite

a few riders and drivers were

awake late into the night trying

to sort out issues on bikes

and cars. Service crews drove

straight through to Vanzylsrus,

an absolute gem of a tiny little

town in the Northern Cape. The

Hotel really brought out the

best of small town South Africa


This place really needs to be

on your travel bucket list if you

are any way keen on seeing the

real South Africa outside of the

large metros.

The first night in Vanzylsrus

was typical Rallye preparations

for the crews, highlighting the

fact that you always have to be

on your toes. Looking forward

to an easy and early night

with the competitors away on

the marathon stage, pit areas

were set up and dinner was

served. Mother Nature had

other plans for us though. The

most incredible lightning storm

John Kelly (Botswana)

Quad Winner Hamish Horrel

rose out the dusty Kalahari

dunes to welcome us to the

Northern Cape, then for the

first time since Easter, the skies

opened up. Myself and NH3

refrigeration racing crew man

, James Ballantine, spent the

next half an hour holding onto

gazebos that were about to

be turned into very expensive

Kites by the wind. Freezing

cold and in the pouring rain,

this was not how we expected

to be spending the first night

in the Kalahari. But that is rally

and within an hour the rain and

wind was gone, the gazebos

were fastened down again and

everybody crawled into their

beds. Little did we know that

during the next three days we

would only get 4 more hours of

sleep in total.

Things really got fired up

on day two. The first special

stage started and finished at

Heuningsvlei. Hard work for the

competitors that were starting

to get in touch with the deep

Kalahari sand and really getting

to grips with the very technical

Navigation. Father and son

team of Tom and Keegan

Eich of Omega Fiberglass

were setting a consistent and

good pace. Keegan on his

first proper rally was settling

in to the rhythms like an old

pro. The Belgian team mates

of Gwen Backx and Joris Van

Dyck started to show their

experience and put their hands

up as serious threats for the

overall honours. Service crews

waited anxiously at the end of

the stage, hoping the machines

would come in in a relatively

unscathed condition, then

furiously trying to get problems

taken care of in the 15 minute

‘decontrol’ period allowed

for machines to refuel before

heading out on the liaison to


A short 20 kay special was

set heading for Vanzylsrus town

itself, a great chance for the

small remote community to see

the bikes and cars being used

in anger. A very excited crowd

gathered to watch the cars and


ikes climb the dune that is in

the centre of the town, adding

a festive atmosphere to the

proceedings. Some competitors

were getting their first taste of

navigating in the dunes, which

had them wide eyed; one rider

commented that it was like

looking for a straight line in a

bowl of spaghetti.

From this point on,

everybody involved in KR19

really started to grind hard.

The Klein Meir stage was one

that rally fans all dream about.

The kind of terrain we all see

on our TV’s every January

when its Dakar time. Dunes,

dunes and more dunes. The

4 am start for the cars meant

everybody was up at about at

3 am. This was a day that, as

it turns out, defined the race.

A 200 kilometre liaison got the

day started, (if you have time,

jump onto google maps and

search for Klein Meir Pan).

Living in the shadow of its

more famous and much bigger

neighbour Haksteen pan, it is

an incredible setting for a rally

stage. It was to be a day of

drama, Hamish Horrell, (NH3

Refrigeration), on the only

quad and Robert Gibbon had

a day they will never forget.

Robert’s bike picked up a

few issues and Hamish’ quad

picked up all the barbed wire

in the southern hemisphere. So

between the two of them they

managed to push and pull each

other, fighting dehydration and

heatstroke, getting oil out of

rural farmer’s tractors and then

giving the same farmer all the

cash they had for a share of a

two litre coke.

Dogged determination got

them to the finish of the stage.

They had been time barred as

they were a few hours outside

the allotted time, but a powerful

moral victory in overcoming

probably the toughest day

either of them had ever spent

on a bike. Many similar stories

from other competitors

followed. Willem Avenant,

probably the nicest guy to ever

climb on a rally bike, towed

Mark Johnson to the finish after

Marks bike developed a blocked

fuel injector. The spirit of the

rally was developing, there were

no longer competitors as such,

but more just a group of people

with an identical goal … To

make it over the finish line!

With everybody operating

on only a few hours’ sleep,

Marathon stage bivouac-No crews allowed to help

Robert Gibbon-mouse repair on the Stage

a special mention must be

made of the team from KTM

Cape Town - Juan, Justin and


These gents went out of their

way to help anyone that they

could regardless of what brand

of bike they were on. Even

though the sleep deprivation

was kicking in hard and they

always got stuck in with a smile

to help out where they could.

The rally kicked into overdrive

and every day seems like

the next, constant checks on

bikes and cars with navigation

becoming less of an issue and

just keeping going becoming

the main focus. The crews really

started feeling the pressure,

not wanting the bikes or cars

to falter or fail at this late stage

of the Kalahari Rally 2019. The

rally slowly made its way back

to Mahikeng, with the Digtebos

and Skilpads Hek stages lying

in wait. By this time the Belgian

riders had really shown their

class and were comfortably in

the lead. The major surprise

coming from the Botswana

boy John Kelly putting in an

incredible performance with

consistent and smooth riding

every day, he rocketed up the

leader board.

The final day of the rally

had arrived and the finish

was an emotional one.

Mountains had been moved.

Many competitors had

lined up wondering if they

could rise to the challenge.

Organisers hoping that the

year of planning that had gone

into this was enough. Crews

brought bikes and cars from

the edge of destruction and

kept them running for one

more stage. Every person in

the KR caravan had pushed

themselves a little harder than

they thought they could.

This is the toughest

motorsport event in South

Africa. Just like the roof, this

should be on everybody’s

bucket list to be attempted at

least once in a lifetime. You

don’t need to have aspirations

of a Dakar entry to justify

lining up here. Getting a KR

finish under your belt is a

monumental achievement.

Think seriously about lining

up for this one … It will change

your life!



Philon Parpottas & Bowy Odink –

Buzz SXS Team U.K.

Hennie De Klerk & Johann

Smalberger-Dakar 2020 Entrant

Werner & Leon Mostert – Motonetix CST-SXS

Phillon Parpottas & Bowy Odink-

SXS Overall Winners (U.K.) Polaris.

Auto Winners- Johan & Sean van

Staden-Elf Renault Duster

Quad Winner Hamish Horrel, Peter

McBride,L & James Ballantyne R.

Northern Cape Tourism played a big role

in the Kalahari Rally hosting 3 Stages in

the Northern Cape region, that brought a

significant value to the quality of the 2019

Stages. Kalahari Rally will partner again

with Northern Cape Tourism to make the

event an even greater success, but most

importantly bring more Kalahari Desert

Stages to the 2020 Edition and grow the

KR Children’s Education Programme in the

Kalahari Rural Communities.

Gwen Backx & Joris

van Dyck (Belgium)-

Team ASAP Racing

Steven Hens(Belgium) –

Iron Man Winner

Willem Avenant - 2x KR Finisher with

family & KTM Cape Town Mechanics


KTM’S 790


We recently got a mail from a

guy who reads the mag asking

if we’d ridden the 790 since the

launch in Morocco:

Hi Glenn

I have your review of the 790 ,

October 2018. I also have the

KTM 790 R. Are you going to

review the bike again? Dirk Bike

USA talked about doing a full

review September, but alas that

publication is not seemingly

available here..

Let me know where and when

and if you plan to write about

the rather lovely bike again.

Regards, Roddy McGuffog

The bikes have been a bit

scarce coz they sold so darn

well locally, but after the KTM

Rally, we heard that a demo

“S” was lurking around so

we went and grabbed it – to

see whether we still like it so

much… and we gave it to lots

of different people to ride…

The great thing about

motorcycles is that different

models appeal to different

kinds of riders.

Here’s a quick recap:

The 790 Adventure and

Adventure R’s are the second

models powered by the LC8c

parallel twin, joining KTM’s

road bike, the 790 Duke.

A lightweight chromiummolybdenum

frame sits

above the LC8c power plant,

using it as a stressed member

to reduce the chassis size.

The slim platform features a

uniquely shaped fuel tank that

features low-slung sides that

lower the center of gravity

while giving more room for

rider movement.

Where the two models differ is

in the suspension department.

The standard Adventure uses

a non-adjustable 43mm Apex

open-cartridge fork with split

functions placing the rebound

in the right fork leg and the

compression in the left. The

Apex rear shock is adjustable

for preload only. Both ends

stroke through 200mm for onand

off-road duty.

The 790 Adventure “R” steps

up the off-road game with fully

adjustable suspension meant to

tackle tough situations and high

speeds. Just like on KTM’s offroad

dirt bikes, the fork is a WP

Xplor 48mm spring fork with

separated compression and

rebound adjustments, providing

240mm of travel. Spring preload

is also adjustable. Attached

to the open-lattice aluminum

swingarm is a WP Xplor PDS

(progressive damping system)

shock, also providing 240mm of

progressive travel without the


The Adventure makes a lot of

sense for shorter riders.

We took it along on our

Gyppo Work Tuesday ride, let

everyone who wanted to ride it

do just that – and we got some

feedback from the guys who


Glenn who attended the launch

is still in a bit of lust for the

bike; “It’s a great bike. Certainly

not the biggest badass on

the market, but I’ve always

enjoyed smaller adventures –

and currently, these 790’s are

the closest to a dirt-bike that’s


“Without a doubt, KTM has

carved themselves a niche in

the market with these bikes

and while I still prefer the

Adventure R, the Adventure is

a very sweet little every day

adventurer to ride.”

The same response came

from Roger Davidson, an

experienced adventure rider

who is involved in importing

motorcycle accessories.

He is a smaller guy, so the

Adventure is a great option for

him. The look of admiration

in his eyes and his reluctance

to hand back the key told the

whole story. “I love the way

this bike makes power – and

the ergonomics are just so

good. I smacked that sneaky

pipe way too fast and was

amazed that the 790 handled

the landing and all that so well.

If I were to critique something

– that seat is broad and flat,

but – wow! Awesome bike.”

Our six foot something Sean

Hendley spent the longest

time in the saddle on this

ride. He is a bit ambivalent


Both models come with a skid plate, plastic tank protectors

and hand guards. Carbon fibre tank protectors, aluminumbacked

hand guards and a headlight protector are available

as options.

The 790 Adventure has a low seat setting of 32.7 inches, but

you can go 0.3 inches lower with the low seat option or up 1.4

inches with the high seat option.

TFT displays are just too cool.

about the S. “I don’t think it’s

really the bike for me – there

is nothing, inherently wrong

with it, it does everything you

ask it to, but I cannot figure out

what the hype is all about.” I’m

also quite a tall guy and have

to hunch over the handle bars

when stsnding, so perhaps the

“R” is a better option for me.

We’ll need to get one and go

out riding soon”

Andrew Katay took the bike for

a brief spin: “I really enjoyed

the smooth power delivery. I

was surprised at how balanced

the bike feels even with the

large fuel tank… the Adventure

is great for a smaller rider and

ladies, I look forward to riding

the Adventure R – if you don’t

phone me when you get one,

there’s going to be moelikheid”


Yup for sure, KTM has a bike

for just about everyone. This

bike is notably smaller than

bikes like the Triumph 800 XC

and BMW’s 850GS which are

probably the closest bikes to

this class.

The horsepower figures are

right up there – these bikes

happily accelerate to speeds

in excess of 200kph and while,

perhaps the others are more

comfortable for the long tar

roads, the KTM’s are just so

competent in the dirt.

Fast, light nimble, go and

ride one, you’ll see what we


We’ll grab the R soon and head

out on the trails…

www.ktm.com for as dealer

near you.






This is one bike that has

made waves internationally.

We have featured is twice

this year – first with the local

launch – and then on a story

we did with the Tenere a few

issues back. When the Gyppo

work adventure came up,

Sean booked it to participate,

and we could not pry this

bike from his sweaty paws…

this little jaunt reaffirmed

our lust for this big dirtbike.

A recap then:

Triumph threw away the rulebook when

they built this bike. Forget conservative

British,this is Sid Vicious, they built an in

your face flat-out dirt tracker that stretches

grins for miles. When Triumph first started

touting this one, most of us were a tad

skeptical – how can such a big bike with a

1200cc parallel twin even hope to be truly

dirtworthy. Well – you need to ride one to

understand. Where most adventures are

geared towards being great on tar and really

good in the dirt, Triumph built a bike that is

equally good at both disciplines.

Lightweight Chassis:

Triumph told us that the Scrambler 1200 XE

is trail ready and it begins with the chassis

geometry. To improve the XE’s off-road

stability, it features a longer swingarm

and relaxed rake. The XE’s nearly 62-inch

wheelbase and almost 27 degrees of rake

are adventure like. On the road, it does

mean that the XE is slightly a bit taller in the


Parrallel Twin 1200cc engine.

The bike is fitted with Triumph’s eightvalve,

liquid-cooled parallel-twin High

Power 1200 engine, with some key updates

to give it the Scrambler Tune. Using the

famous Thruxton R’s engine as a starting

point, the Hinckley engineers introduced a

lighter crankshaft, lighter alternator, massoptimized

counterbalancer-shafts, and a

revised clutch assembly to allow the motor

to rev more. The result is a light, punchy

engine. The Scrambler Tune ekes out more

performance from the High Power engine,

claiming to achieve 91 horsepower at 7400

rpm and 81 ft/lbs of torque at 3,950 rpm—

roughly 12.5 percent more horsepower and

four percent more torque than the T120.

Tractability is the key to that statement,

and from the moment you twist the grip,

the twin-engine begins building its power

perfectly predictably, enabling any brave










Retro looking double Ohlins at the back

Beefy Brembo brakes up front

rider to confidently light up the

rear, roosting their buddies in

the process or popping it up on

the rear wheel. The six-speed

gearbox is slick and it comes

equipped with a torqueassist

and slipper clutch. The

Scrambler 1200 clicks into gear

confidently and smoothly. The

torque-assist function keeps

the clutch pull incredibly

light, while a slipper clutch

reduces wheel-hop if you duff a


Showa forks, Ohlins rear


Fully adjustable long-travel

suspension—nearly 10 inches

at each end gives this bike lots

of dirt cred. Upfront, 47mm

Showa cartridge fork soaks

“The proof is in the pudding. Triumph has

built a bike that will make you feel just like

Steve McQueen in On Any Sunday. It is an

absolute hoot to ride on the road – fast as

anything out there and proper fun to boot.”

up the hits, while twin Öhlins

piggyback-reservoir shocks

handle the duties outback.

The suspension feel leans

towards the stiffer side initially.

It is more or less on par with

most adventure options on the

market, avoiding the seesawing

that leggy off-road machines

can sometimes do. Once

you’ve taken to the trail and set

to work, the suspension moves

through the travel in a plush

and controlled manner, keeping

the chassis in line or helping

it settle up quickly over rough


She who accelerates needs to


No shortcuts on Scrambler

1200 XE. Dual Brembo M50

callipers clamp onto 320mm

floating rotors and mates with

a radial Brembo MCS master

cylinder that features span

and ratio-adjustment allowing

you to get virtually any feel

from the brakes you wish.

The XE has brilliant stopping

power— not surprising since

it is the identical setup to the

Street Triple 765 RS road bike.

In the rear, a dual-piston caliper

works with a 255mm disc and

is easily modulated. It also has

an adjustable rear brake lever

that you can set up to your

boot. Cool huh!

Electronic mergafters include

IMU-supported cornering

ABS and lean-angle detecting

traction control.

Ride impressions:

The cliché goes along the

lines of: The proof is in the

pudding. Triumph has built

a bike that will make you feel

just like Steve McQueen in On


Any Sunday. It is an absolute

hoot to ride on the road – fast

as anything out there and

proper fun to boot. It is a bit

limited by its lack of any real

wind protection – this bike is

unashamedly Naked.

In the dirt – well holleee cow,

we never thought that such a

large girl would ever be this

dirtworthy. Everyone who rode

the bike on the day came back

with a huge grin plastered on

their kisser. The old race hands

were soon backing it into the

corners and hoiking giant

wheelies. This is a bike that

you can ride every day – and

smile every time. It brings out

the hooligan in you without

being a wild handful. It’s one of

those bikes that’s just simple

fun to ride…

The only down side is that

you sometimes forget that it’s

a big 1200cc, and there were

a few times that our lot were

reminded of this railing around

the faster corners and ended

up taking a little detour across

the fields… fortunately, the

great suspension and brakes

saved the rider from making

total knobs out of themselves.

Sean says:

When this bike was launched

I was intrigued, the retro

looks are gorgeous but how

good would it actually be off

road? The minute I swung my

leg over the Scrambler I was

in lust, finally a bike I could

actually fit on properly without

having to hunch up like a pig

getting amorous with a rugby

ball. I could stand up and ride

without looking like the Hunch

Back of Notre Dame which

got my weight distribution

right on the bike. You’ve read

above about all the technical

Ho-Hum on how good the

engine, chassis, suspension,

brakes and everything is on

then Scrambler and so it is with

most modern new bikes… it

all means absolutely nothing

unless it can be used properly

which I battle with because

of my length. I end up having

to squat to adjust my weight

correctly or just plain old sit on

the seat like a sack of potatoes.

Squatting for long distances off

road destroys my quadriceps

and completely tires me out.

So there are a couple of bikes

I can stand up on and ride

properly, namely the Honda

CRF 1000L Africa Twin, the

We have to wonder how many bikes Steve McQueen has sold...

KTM 1290 R Super Enduro

and the Triumph Scrambler

1200 XC and I do really need

to have all three in my garage.

The Africa Twin would be my

long distance tourer with very

good off road abilities, the KTM

would be my laxative for when

I am really constipated and

need to scare the KAK out of

myself, (although it is hugely

good and makes me look like

a better rider than I am, the

power delivery rips and makes

you want to back off the gas),

and the Scrambler would be

my every weekend off road


To me, the Scrambler is

the bike to improve your

off road riding skill on. It is

powerful enough to get your

adrenalin pumping, but the

power is delivered smoothly

and predictably giving you

confidence to push a bit

harder and try stuff you might

otherwise be too intimidated to

on wilder machines.

Then there is the suspension,

I am around 2 metres tall in

my riding boots and tip the

scales at about 115kg’s and

the rebound and dampening

worked so well I thought about

jumping stuff I would normally

“To me, the Scrambler is the bike to improve

your off road riding skill on. It is powerful

enough to get your adrenalin pumping, but the

power is delivered smoothly and predictably

giving you confidence to push a bit harder and

try stuff you might otherwise be too intimidated

to on wilder machines.”

Three hooligans. all smiles.


consider only in my wildest

dreams. This suspension

turned the roughest trails into

the smoothest tarred roads. As

Glenn mentioned I booked this

bike for our GYPPO Tuesday

ride which included sand pits,

marble alley, some rocks and

hard packed good gravel roads.

I consider myself a mediocre

Adventure/off road rider at

best but because of my proper

weight distribution when

standing on the Scrambler, the

brilliant power delivery and

excellent suspension I was

soon crossing long stretches

of sand then squiggly Marble

Alley at speeds in excess of

100kmh and racing some pretty

good riders on the dirt roads

at around 160kmh without any


It is not an off road ‘Gold

Wing’, (for lack of a better

description), and the thin seat

and zero wind protection might

be an issue for some people

but once you hit the dirt you

will very definitely understand

what the designers had in

mind. Get this bike if you want

to learn how to ride off road.


I say old chap! Flip. Gosh. Darn.

Golly, what a simply marvelous

piece of British engineering!

This is not a traditional

adventure bike. It’s not a road

bike. It’s a naked. Triumph

threw away the rulebook. This

is a bike that is so much fun in

both disciplines. A bike that

you can ride every day without

even looking for an excuse…

bravo chaps!

Now - go and ride one yourself.







Ride faster for Longer and further...

The SUPERTRAX technology

represents the next generation

of leading technology for MX

and Enduro, Supertrax MX, and

Enduro dampers. SUPERTRAX is

developed in cooperation with

some of the world’s leading race

team experts, including successful

world championship riders.

The new SUPERTRAX shock absorber

features an all-new oil-bypass system,

which detects the speed of the spring in

rebound to function according to a defined

speed rate. The brand new, patented

technology makes it possible to activate

the bypass according to when, and how,

the spring is adjusted via the TXN adjuster.

The new SUPERTRAX technology was

developed by WP Factory Racing and

now, for the first time, advances to serial


WP XACT PRO 8950 shock & XPLOR

PRO 8950 shock

KTM factory riders’ multiple world

championship titles are a great

recommendation for the WP XACT PRO

8950 Shock Absorbers, which, with the

SUPERTRAX technology now represent

some of the most competitive rear

suspension components on the market.

For pro riders, the latest technology

delivers a significant benefit: a smoother,

more confident and comfortable ride with

less physical strain. The rider also gets

more grip and traction on the rear wheel

and can accelerate faster.

This WP-generated innovation represents

linked damping system technology

with TXN adjuster, which delivers more

controlled rebound damping. For the first

time in a serial production rear suspension


unit, and in addition to the well-known,

state-of-the-art rebound adjustment,

the rebound characteristics can also

be adjusted in highspeed damping


WP XACT PRO 7548 fork & XPLOR

PRO 7548 fork

The related XACT and XPLOR WP PRO

COMPONENT front fork now also match

dynamic research and development

efforts. This WP patented, super precise

valving system offers virtually unlimited

damping performance superior to the

conventional compromise between

sufficient comfort and bottoming

reserves. The Cone Valve technology,

made to measure from the highest

quality materials, eliminates this

compromise and provides outstanding

damping in any situation.

The unlimited opening up of the WP

Cone Valve reduces harshness to

provide additional comfort, also with

a harder set-up. For the new product

generation, the piston also comes in a

new design.


Featuring the unique benefits of

unrivaled lightweight design and

packaging, the WP XACT PRO AER

fork remains a highlight within the

proudly presented offroad suspension

line-up. The “7748” specified XACT

PRO front fork unites two of WP’s

best technologies – the Cone Valve

damping system and the AER spring

system. The Cone Valve damping leg

is an evolution of the traditional Cone

Valve fork, and damping is optimized

in combination with an AER spring

leg. The AER technology saves up to

1kg and is developed for maximum

possible performance, almost unlimited

configurations and effortless handling.

Two separate chambers facilitate

optimal initial response options for the

AER spring setup.

The elimination of shims in the WP

XACT PRO 7548, XPLOR PRO 7548 fork

and XACT PRO 7448 AER Fork means

there is no loss of damping due to bent

shims. The elimination of a sealing

surface also guarantees only a minimum

drop in pressure after the valve opens.

The latest WP innovations also

feature a superior, dedicated new

hard chromium coating on the inner

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WP’s ongoing cooperation with

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suit a rider‘s actual race experience,

giving them confidence and comfort to

concentrate on the business of winning


More on this brand soon.

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“The latest WP

innovations also

feature a superior,

dedicated new hard

chromium coating on

the inner tubes that is

proved to outperform

similar suspension

elements in terms of

delivering minimum


WP is expanding its footprint in South Africa

and is looking for professional business

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The Minions went to race and they came back with the story about their epic adventure!

Words: Charl Moolman Pics: Charl & mates


Charl Moolman and the Minions...

As with most things the best

ideas are conjured up around a

braai with good friends.

We are a group of riding

buddies calling ourselves “The

Minions”, and one of our fellow

Minions, Wayne Sheppard,

convinced me and our mates SP

van Blerk, George Minter and

Nick van Zyl that doing the Sea to

Sky in Kemer, Turkey would be a

brilliant plan. It would be his 4th

Sea to Sky and my second bash

at it, having competed in 2017.

Wayne always breaks into song

whenever he tells anybody about

Sea to Sky.

The race is set in the

Mountainous town of Kemer

in Antalya district in Turkey, a

getaway for Russian tourists

and avid mountaineers. With the

Mediterranean Sea on the one

end and the biggest, steepest

mountain that ends in an alpine

desert on the other end. It’s the

perfect playground for this type

of event. We were all fired up and

started making our collective

arrangements. We set off from

Cape Town, each of us with our

own missions and to meet up in

Kemer two days before the race.

Once in Kemer we met up with


Alfred from FM Racing. We

rented our bikes from him, a

bunch of 2019 KTM 300 TPi’s,

along with his pit crew and

mechanics that were ready to

work until late into the nights

to undo all the damage and

abuse that we put these bikes

through during the day. And

the story holds true, the best

4x4 is an Avis rental…

The first day we spent

setting up our bikes, all of us

pretending like we knew what

we were doing, while looking at

the pro’s to see what they are

doing and pointlessly imitating

them. Once ‘set up’ we took

our bikes for a ride with some

marshals on the Jeep track

to the final stage of the 2015

Gold section to the very top of

Mount Olympus that towers

over the modest little town in

its shadows.

Then it was time for a

quick sit down with coffee and

meet up with old friends from

previous Sea to Sky races, a

family of Racers from Iceland,

Hawk , Theodora, Anita, their

daughter and her husband,

and in true Icelandic style they

were rehydrating with beer.

This was Anita’s first race after

she had her baby, with whom

she was pregnant with when

she did Romaniacs last year...

Tough poppie this one!

Race Day 1, Beach race

Day one started with a time

trial on the beach with the

craziest man-made obstacles

you can imagine. The first

obstacle being the infamous

jump over a 5m chasm with a

5m drop into nothingness, if

you get it wrong you get a trip

to the local hospital for your

efforts. Having talked about

this jump for the last 3 weeks

it was wisely theorized to just

close your eyes early enough

not to be intimidated by it and

just hit it in 4th gear with the

throttle pinned against the

stops … which worked for

some …

After that we headed to

the beach with Ski slope type

jumps, which then takes you to

a hip-high log that drops down

onto tyre slope - 5m down with


a rock garden at the bottom for a little bit of

extra intimidation. Once a couple of bikes had

eroded the sand before the log, it became a point

of carnage with bikes flipping and cartwheeling

down the slope, giving the crowd plenty of

entertainment and enough fail videos to flood

social media.

We then headed over two tyre walls and into

the Carl’s Diner type rock garden. Adding to

the entertainment when it seems everywhere

you place your foot is a strategic placed hole

to topple you over. Once we fought through

that, our heart rate was bordering on cardiac

arrest, and with such arm pump our hands and

fingers turned into cloven hooves while we

tried to negotiate the bike through the obstacles

to follow. More logs and rocks, this time at 45

degrees, logs with rocks in-between placed in

the way to make sure that you run out of talent.

With much panic revving, falls and ego’s being

shattered we got to the last few easier obstacles

just to do it all over again for another 4 laps…

South Africa was very well represented with

25 riders in total and showed very early that

they are a formidable force - with seven South

Africans in the top 20 and Wade Young winning

the beach race.


Another dominant day for the Sherco brand and SA’s very own

Wade Young who once again impressed. Out of 12 podiums,

Sherco took 8 - 4 wins (they won each class) and 4 x 2nd or 3rds.

Race Day 2, Forest Race

Widely regarded as the most

enjoyable race day of Sea

to Sky, the race starts in the

forest with a nice fast Jeep

track that soon heads into a

fast yet technical single track

through the forest. Loads of

climbs, off camber tracks and

silly downhills are the order of

the race. The track was tough

and by the time I got to the

first check point, my body was

rebelling from what I had put it

through the day before at the

beach race.

It did take me some time

to get used to the suspension

of the KTM while tweaking it

along the way, it seemed that

all the rocks in the forest had

wheels on them - as soon as

you rode over them they rolled

away making it difficult to

find rhythm and consistency

while continuously fighting

the bike. By checkpoint 5 I was

wondering why I was here,

why did I pay to do this and

if my body was really made

for this. A couple of hard falls

later I found my rhythm and

got through to the end. As

a final sting in the tail they

dropped us into the canyon as

a taster for what lay ahead for

the next day.

The days racing normally

ends at around 14h00, then

you ride back to town, fill up

your bike, wash it at the petrol

station with a high-pressure

cleaner and head back to camp

to shower and get clean clothes

on. After you look and smell

a lot prettier you head back

to the pits to give Alfred your

bike that looks like a cockroach

that has been half stepped

on. He and his mechanic then

try to remedy the abuse you

have put it through while you

head to the beach and have

a few beers, cocktails and

some lunch with some lazy

swimming in between.

They don’t call this the most

enjoyable hard enduro for


Race day 3, Canyon race

At the start of the canyon

race we were thrown into the

canyon with big slippery rock

faces, man-made wooden

bridges and river crossings.

With only a single file on most

of the track it was extremely

difficult to pass other riders,

but it is a widely accepted

common courtesy to use the

bike any rider that falls in front

of you for traction in order

to get up the rock, before

you get off and help him up.

There were many falls and

bottlenecks in the canyon,

and we spent a lot of time and

energy looking for alternative

routes to get through.

The track eventually took us


2020 MODELS:

125, 250, 300 - 2T

250, 300, 450, 500 - 4T

2020 SHERCO 2T/4T






-Weight Reduction

-Lighter weight swingarm

-New lighter muffler, efficient low end


-Shorter intake maniford for better performance

at low speed, improved response

-20% reduced clutch lever effort

-Redesigned V Force 4 reed valve block,

improved efficiency & more waterproof

- Refined central casings, redesigned for

better linear flow, improved performance


-New FMF expansion chamber with upgraded

routing for less exposure


PTA Ben 083 274 7390 ben@toyscom.co.za - CAPE TOWN Cecil 021 551 0446 cecil@cecilpennyracing.co.za DURBAN Rodney 0730752363

bikeworx1@gmail.com - PORT ELIZABETH Scott 082 443 7702 scott@itts.co.za - JOHANNESBURG Asap Racing Bruce 011 465 7129

bruce@asapracing.co.za - EAST LONDON Autosport 043 726 8100 autosport.admin@hypmail.co.za -

NAMIBIA CBT +264813279048 yengels@mgs.com.na

Sherco South Africa @sherco_sa


out of the canyon into another section of the forest with

more crazy climbs, and downhills so steep and rutted out

that you are just a passenger on your Scalextric bike that

is locked into this track, constantly accelerating while

your life flashes before your eyes. We eventually ended

the day back in the canyon with a slippery log to ride

onto across a river that has only 2 outcomes; success

… or you are going with bike and all into the drink with

a great chance of smashing the crown jewels in the


I had to constantly remind myself that it is not called

a medium or soft enduro, but a hard enduro for a reason

and it is really that tough. I call it Type 2 fun, while you

are doing it is not fun but afterwards at the braai it is the

best thing you have done in your life.

Race Day 4, Mountain race

The Mountain race started on the beach with 10 bikes

lined up at a time and a drag race style heading for the

holeshot into the corner and into a very rocky river. I got

the holeshot to the corner, we then got into a 100m wide

riverbed with good lines and bad lines everywhere and

it is just luck of the draw if you picked the good line from

the get-go.

I ended up crashing my bike at high speed in the

riverbed which resulted in a broken clutch lever. With

the lever completely broken off and no means to use my

clutch I rode on until I eventually found a way out of the

riverbed, with no spare lever.

I thought my race was over. On my way back to the

pits I saw one of the locals KTM van, there were 2 media

guys in it and they searched around in the back and

found me a spare lever, overly excited and 40 positions

down, I was back in the river and racing again.

We headed back into the canyon and with a do over

of the previous days into the rocks, the track took us out

the canyon and onto the most amazing forest tracks ever





Spend R2 000 or more on accessories,

apparel or protection and stand a chance to win

*Offer available at LINEX Lynwood and Randburg

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*Offer available at LINEX Lynwood and Randburg

More crazy hill climbs and an everlasting rocky

descent with switchbacks better suited for mountaineers

and mountain goats. I finally met up with a friend on the

ride, Murdo MacLarthy, there is a lot of comfort in seeing

a familiar face on the mountain when you know one fall

or slip can cost you an hour or all your energy to recover

your bike.

About 2km from the silver finish I saw someone stuck

in a riverbed with the bike halfway taken apart. It was a

girl from Austria whose chain had come off on the rocks

and she was really having a hard time trying to put is

back on. I negotiated to help her in exchange for a few

beers later, she had done a decent job in jamming her

chain into the frame and after about half an hour struggle

we had her going again.

With time spent fixing bikes and helping others

I ended up not completing the Gold route but still

managed a silver finish, but felt blessed that, despite all

the challenges during the race there was always someone

to give a helping hand and in the background they

contribute to our success and without them we might

not have made it.

The race, set in Kemer with its beautiful beaches

and mountains, is so well-organized, with the most

spectacular trails. This is indeed the most enjoyable Hard


The best part of this race is the camaraderie between

friends, old and new and sharing in the goals we have

all collectively achieved even if it only a bronze or silver

finish or just making the crazy beach jump….

Put this event on your bucket list if you are a hard

enduro fan.

It is a relatively cheap overseas riding holiday …

comparatively speaking, the pricing in Turkey and

exchange rate is quite kind to our battered ZA rand.



This is the Tankwa

It Demands Respect

“The Tankwa Cross Country Rally is a navigational race for off-road, enduro bikes, rally bikes and quad

bikes which takes place in one of South Africa’s harshest environments testing both man and machine.

This 3-day race provides adventure for competitors, service crews and spectators. The objective of the

Tankwa Rally is to test the riders of Rally Bikes navigation by means of the infamous and sometimes

quite confusing Rally Book. Dirt bikes and quad bikes navigation is done by means of GPS. Other

objectives are to test competitors all round riding skills and endurance as well as their ability to read the

terrain. However the main objective of the Tankwa Rally are for both man and machine to finish.”

Charl Du Plessis and a few mates went along. They share their experience…


It’s not supposed to end like this!!!

We have worked too hard for this. I have

two riding partners and a team who I

cannot disappoint. We vowed that all three

bikes would finish…..

That, in a nutshell, was the last thing

that went through my head as I flew over

the handlebars of the Honda CRF450L.

Looking back in mid-air, I saw the bike

doing a cartwheel and heading towards

me as I crashed into the inevitable rocks.

The other guys were already at the bottom

of the descent and I slowly got up to try

and move the bike out of the track to allow

other riders to pass. This is the Tankwa

- it demands respect. It will test body,

mind and machine to the limit. Those

with sheer determination and resilience

will be rewarded with the most amazing

landscapes and a lifetime of memories.

This is what we came for; we dare not

abandon our dreams.

The Tankwa Cross Country Rally is a

multi stage off-road event in the Western

Cape. It takes place near the Town of

Calvinia in September each year when the

weather could either be kind or as brutal

as the terrain you ride on. Clive Crouse

and his team from the Western Cape Offroad

Club put all their time and energy

into the planning and execution of the

Tankwa Cross Country Rally to give every

participant the best bang for their buck

and to ensure that you earn that medal


through blood, sweat and

tears, hence why the minimum

age of riders is 16 years old

and with some kind of racing

background or heritage.

All routes start and end

at Race HQ in Rooiputs. The

number of km for each day is

as follows:

Off-Road/Enduro bikes &

Quad: Day 1 is 150km’s, Day 2

is 400 to 450km’s and Day 3 is

150km’s making up a total of

total around 750km’s.

Rally bikes, the bikes and

class we were competing

in, have a slightly tougher

distance to complete: Day 1

have liaisons totalling around

300km plus a competitive

Special of 250km’s. Day 2 is

400km’s to 450km’s making

up a total of around 1000km.

Competitors can stop at their

own discretion at refuels but

time bars do apply.

The Tankwa is quite open,

however it varies a lot with

many technical sections, rocks

and it is EVER CHANGING.

Crashed or broken down bikes

are recovered by sweepers to

nearest refuel point which are

generally about 70km apart.

If they can be repaired for

the next day and the rider is

declared medically fit they can

continue with a penalty.

The sport of Rally riding is

both unique and beautiful. It is

not about the most expensive

bike or the fastest rider. It is

about consistency, resilience,

accurate navigation, trusting

your own abilities and looking

out for those around you. It is

a brotherhood. A community

of people who become friends



and who will put themselves

last to assist those in need

instead of chasing results. This

was evident by the end of day

three when the participants in

the Rally class all left as family.

Our mission was to prove

that by doing the basics

right, you can not only be

competitive, but successful. It

was my first attempt at a Rally

and I was fortunate enough

to ride with my best friends,

who just happened to be Rally

veterans, albeit a little rusty.

We all met through our passion

for motorcycles and our neversay-die

attitude towards life

is what drives us to live our

dreams. We make a strong

team and there was never any

doubt that we can make it, but

riders are only a part of the

equation. Most importantly you

need a reliable, trustworthy

machine to compete on and

equally important is a good

support team. Our weapon

of choice was the Honda CRF

450L launched in SA in 2018.

When the news first broke in

the media it seemed like the

bike the world was waiting

for, a lightweight reliable, road

legal enduro bike with proper

suspension and the ability to

double up as a dual sport bike.

With the help of Honda

Tygerberg and Honda SA, we

secured three 450L’s. They

gave us the option of getting

the ECU unit changed to the

unrestricted spec, but we

chose not to as we wanted

to prove that power is not

everything, especially in Rally

riding where it is possible for

anyone out there to take a

stock bike and feel like a Dakar

Hero. We added navigation

equipment to the bikes and got

some really neat tail tidy’s for

the bikes. Other than that, they

were stock standard.

The suspension on these

bikes really is phenomenal. We

made a few minor adjustments

to suit our individual weights

and riding styles and they

performed flawlessly. The

Honda never missed a beat

just soaked up every rut and

hidden rock and we probably

got away with things we


normally would not have. Contributing to this was the

second part to the equation for success – a good team.

The incredible team from Honda Tygerberg stood by

us and sent their some of their technicians and staff to

assist us. Riaan Fourie, head of Honda motorcycles SA,

flew down to Cape Town to support us. Upon arrival, he

changed his rental car for an Africa Twin and rode all the

way to the event. He immediately got his hands dirty and

went out of his way to assist where necessary. We were

in awe to see how they stepped in to support ordinary

people in making their dreams reality. They really live

their slogan of “The Power of Dreams”

Not only were we fortunate to have the backing

of Honda for this adventure but I was lucky to get up

from the crash on kilometre 46.66 of special stage 2. On

Sunday we managed to cross the finish line as part of

only 8 bikes out of the 15 that started in the Rally class

who completed every single kilometre of the Tankwa X

Country Rally. It was much harder than we could have

ever had thought and three days in those conditions and

terrain felt like a week. We are still recovering and licking

our wounds but have daily chats about the amazing

experience and friends we made along the way.

If we were able to do it, there is no reason why you

cannot be part of this amazing experience which is the

Tankwa X Country Rally. Get on your bike, start training

and get that entry in for 2020.

Amongst the many medals displayed at home, this

one is special. It reminds me of friends, hardship,

companionship and the “Power of Dreams”.

I just wanna go ride, why so

much paperwork ......

Where is he going .... Arrow

on the road book clearly

says the other way.


The rocks are hard on rims and tyres

The very hard working Riaan Fourie of Honda SA

enjoying the race from a spectators point of view

Happy competitors

NATIONAL MX Pics by Zygs Brodalka.

Welkom Under Siege

The penultimate round of the 2019 TRP

Distributors South African National

Motocross Championship took place

the Phakisa Freeway Motocross

Track in Welkom. As the season nears

its end, most of the championship

titles will be fought out at the finale at

Terra Topia later this month.

MX1: Dramatic final expected…

In the MX1 class Tristan Purdon turned the tables

by taking the championship lead away from Maddy

Malan with his 1-1 finish and overall win on the

day. Malan finished in 2nd place and is still in the

running for the championship. Lloyd Vercuil took

home 3rd for the day and is also in contention for

the title, while David Goosen went 4-4 for 4th overall

and mathematically still has a chance at the title.

It’s going to be a nail-biting finish at the final


David Goosen MX1

MX2 – still up in the air:

The MX2 class also saw the Championship lead

change hands. Anthony Raynard rode two races to

get as many points possible without risking injury

and finished 4th for the day. Kerim Fitz-Gerald went

on to take both heat wins for the overall, and took

the championship lead. Josh Mlimi rode another

incredible two races taking a pair of 2nd place

finishes for runner up on the day. Slade Smith went

3-3 for 3rd overall. Fitz-Gerald has moved into a

7-point championship lead over Raynard, with

Mlimi just two points further adrift.

MX3 still hotly contended:

Ian Topliss once again showed that he is not out of

the fight in MX3 class, with two wins on the day for

the overall. Brett Bircher went 3-4 for 4th overall

and still hangs onto the leaders red plate.

Tyson Engelbrecht finished in 2nd with Craig

Kruger taking the 3rd spot.

Lloyd Vercuill MX1

Ladies Battle it out:

There was a surprise in the Ladies race, when

Natasha Rugani became the first rider to beat

Kayla Raaff this season in the first heat, but 2019

champ Raaff was back to her winning ways in

heat 2 and took the overall for the day. Sisters

Jadene and Cheyenne de Lima took 3rd and 4th

respectively on the day.

125 class:

In the highly competitive 125 High School class,

Dalton Venter was the only other rider to wrap up

his 2019 Championship before the final round at

Terra Topia. He was beaten to 2nd in both heats

by the returning Camden Mc Lellen. Miguel de

Waal went 3-3 for 3rd overall, while Jonathan Mlimi

finished in 4th place.

Maddy Malan MX1

Triston Purdon MX1

Slade Smith MX2

Camden Mac Lellen MX2

Anthony Raynard MX2

Red Bull KTM riders Kerim Fitz-Gerald and Joshua Mlimi out front at the start of the MX2 race.

NATIONAL MX Pics by Zygs Brodalka.

85cc Pro Mini:

Leonard du Toit took a crucial 85cc Pro Mini

victory as he shared moto wins with Nate Mc

Lellan, with Blake Young finishing in 3rd. That has

allowed du Toit to slightly open his narrow title

lead over Young to eight championship points

heading to the finale.

85cc Juniors:

In the 85cc Juniors, Deegan Bloomfield went 1-2 for

the overall and closed down on the championship

leader Seth Young, who finished in 2nd on the day.

Timo Maximo Toepfer finished in 3rd.


Neil van der Vyver took another step to tying up

his 2019 65cc title when he shared the wins with

Liam Botha. Trey Cox and Jordan van Wyk shared

the 3rd and 4th’s.

Ian Topliss at the start MX3


A win in heat 1 and a 2nd in heat 2 saw Christian

Berrington Smith win the 50cc overall. Ethan

Williamson finished in 2nd with Jake van Schoor

taking home 3rd.

Leonard du Toit 85cc Pro Mini

Kyla Raaff MX Ladies

Neil van der Vyver 65cc

Chase Bekker 50cc Pro

C.I.T Husqvarna rider Dalton Venter takes the 125cc crown.

Visit our


for the


variety of


selling in SA





& JET SKI'S...





Submit your bikes, quads, SXS's, Boats &

Jet Ski's ONLINE @ www.ubleisure.co.za


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Faerie Glen, Pretoria East, 2000

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