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The Sparky: A convenient

emergency start

solution for fuel injected


Here’s a locally manufactured innovation for fuel

injected bikes that suffer a dead battery. In order to

run – fuel injected bikes need enough energy to at

least drive the fuel pump and ECU. If your battery

is completely flat after a long period of inactivity, or

if it happens to die while you are in the middle of

nowhere then this gadget offers a solution. It’s tiny,

so you can boppa it inside your airbox or wherever

in case of emergency while you are stuck on top of

that mountain in Lesotho…

Simple design – disconnect the battery. Affix this

unit to your bikes leads and kick or bump start

start. The unit generates enough power for all of

the electronics to kick in and you can get home.

This is not a permanent fixture and is only an

emergency precaution that will avoid having to

push or tow the bike home – but it’s not a once off

– it will last just as long as a conventional battery.

Makes sense to us – full test in our next issue.

Queries: Garcia@icon.co.za 082-560-0476

Louwrens Mahoney

joins KTM SA

Well known GXCC boss man recently joined

KTM SA as the brands Marketing Manager,

slipping into the spot left open by Riaan

Neveling who recently accepted a posting at

KTM Global in Austria.

We do not need to give you his pedigree as a

racer or as a brand ambassador but we are

going to anyway. Louwrens not only brings

with him a wealth of riding skill from his many

years as a racer and a champion, but also

a very good understanding and insight into

the SA racing culture from his years as both

a competitor and the organiser of the very

successful GXCC racing series.

Nice one!

Queries: Garcia@icon.co.za 082-560-0476

Hang your gear – the

Bully Bar: Everyone

should have one.

These guys make all sorts from stainless steel – and

you can order online:


Here’s a great Christmas gift idea. The Bully Bar is

a heavy duty storage and hanging solution for in or

outdoors. It is a complete DIY product – you can

store all your riding gear on the Hanger Bar (hanging

off the Bar itself using S-hooks supplied or on

the five fixed galvanized plastic-coated cables on

the Bar). We fitted one at our washbay last year and

it is still in perfect condition. You get back from the

ride, strip of, hang the gear for a washdown,

It has a maximum weight capacity of 250kg and

because it is made from pure stainless steel, it is

perfect for outdoor use and coastal applications.

Available in the following sizes: 1.5m; 2m and 2.5m.


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