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New Fox Flexair Kit:

Fox Racing’s MX20 apparel release includes a

wide variety of motocross and off-road gear, with

something to fit every rider and budget. On the high

end of the spectrum, the two choices include Fox’s

staple 360 line, as well as the newer Flexair kit, which

is super lightweight and performance-oriented.

The Split Decisions marketing campaign behind

this year’s Flexair and 360 presents the two lines

of apparel as Breathable Mobility (Flexair) and

Durability (360). If you haven’t seen the video that

Fox produced for this campaign, do yourself a favor

and invest the two minutes…it is amazing from a

cinematic point of view:


are pre-curved for the attack position, and the

shoulder areas have a zonal pique fabric for abrasion

resistance in the instance of a crash. Generous

vented panels in the front, sides, and rear of the

jersey provide great airflow.

The 360 gear line has a standard-cut, which

is not baggy, but not as slim and athletically

cut as the Flexair line. 360 is available in nine

different colorways, including a Monster Energy/Pro

Circuit colorway. Chat to your dealer.

Both Flexair and 360 ARE improved over the

previous season’s offerings.

The 360 line was – until the release of Flexair several

years ago – the pinnacle of Fox’s apparel offerings.

As best we can recall, Fox was the very first apparel

brand to give their pants an ergonomic cut with the

riding mind: crouched in the attack position. Instead

of laying flat like a pair of jeans, the 360 pant is built

with a bend in the knees and hips, and this translates

into absolute comfort while riding as there is no

binding or pinching in the 360. Strategically placed

stretch panels allow a complete range of motion in

the 360 pant. A couple of years ago, after Flexiar was

introduced, some of that pant’s high-end technology

filtered down to the 360; namely the four-way stretch

fabric in the crotch area of the pant that provides a

ton of movement. The new 2020 360 pant features

600D Zonal polyester and Dobby-weave nylon in the

high-wear areas like the saddle area of the pant, as

well as the side hip area, where you are likely to land

in a crash. In addition to providing some wear and

crash resistance, these fabrics give the 360 pant a

substantial, yet lightweight feel. The knee area boasts

genuine full-grain leather panels to both grip the

bike and provide burn resistance from the exhaust

system. Inside the knees is an abrasion-resistant

fabric to help guard against your knee brace hinges

wearing through. Our favorite new feature about

the 360 pant is the redesigned waist harness and

closure, as an internal stretch belt is used to secure

the pant after they are zipped up. Both sides of the

belt – which are sewn to the outer sides of the pant

– are housed inside a channel in the waistband, and

can be stretched forward before the ratchet closure is

activated. The stretch feature allows the pant to give

slightly as you ride, and is much more comfortable

than a rigid, fixed waistband.

The 360 Jersey, meanwhile is constructed of Fox’s

TruDri moisture-wicking material and like the pant, is

also cut with the riding position in mind. The sleeves


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