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At the famous Mankele venue near Sudwala...

We arrived back at the

airport just in time to sample

a very welcome ice cold craft

beer before heading back to the

big smoke…

The R1250RT

From R191 900.00

Everything about this bike is

designed for comfort and long

distance touring. I appreciate the

fact that it is not nearly as bulky

as something like that Goldwing

that we rode earlier this year.

We were all quite surprised

that the RT does not share the

modern TFT screen. This one is

equipped with a digital analogue

setup. Apparently BMW

Germany ran a survey amongst

consumers and feedback was

that people in that bracket/

age-group/whatever, prefer the

older gen setup.

Sadly the routes from the

farm were not ideal for testing

a bigger touring bike like this

– lekker – but quite tight and

narrow – no real open road

where we could open up a bit.

This is a good thing coz, we’ll

need to borrow it again soon.

The afternoon was creeping

to a close and we needed to

get back to the airport. The sun

was baking – and lots of traffic

meant that everyone kind of

took it a bit easy as we went

along. Different bikes were

fitted with different screens,

both adjusted via a button

on the bars. One of the other

guys moaned a bit about the

heat and the lack of airflow to

your chest. The one I rode had

a shorter screen – still warm,

but on the lower setting it was


The RT is such a comfortable

bike – and although it is the big

daddy of this pack, it’s still quite

nippy, easy and fun to ride. It’s

also a lot calmer than the other

two Boxers.

I know – same engine and

all that, but it’s very chilled to

ride. Smooth, predictable, all the

things that make a big tourer like

this so comfortable.

Please BMW – I need to pop

the missus on the back and take

her to the Gin farm again. I need

to try out the sound system

nav system. I want to fill those

panniers up and head out for a

proper weekend away…

It’s a luxurious, smooth, big

girl that begs to be ridden again.

Go and check them out at

your closest BMW dealership.


Summerfields is beautiful... The bikes pretty cool too...

Interestingly, the RT still has

digital analogue clocks...


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