RideFast November 2019


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using the following analogy –

the Ryker sits on the road flat,

bereft of the ability to lean.

All this could understandably

lend itself to feeling more like

a car than a motorbike. Except

that your average sports car

weighs somewhere north of

two tons, whereas the Ryker

weighs nearly ten times less.

It’s like sitting on a luxury yacht

versus a speed boat.

On the road, the Ryker

reacts to every change in

surface, to every camber, to

every bump, every groove and

even every breeze. It gives the

rider a feeling of being entirely

connected to the road as it

manoeuvres its way through

its trials and tribulations. Also,

like a motorbike, the rider

is wholly subjected to the

elements, even more so on

the Ryker that refrains from

utilising the wind protection of

the Spyder. It means that the

rider is part of the action, not

merely a passenger. So, while

it might not win many drag

races against its two-wheeled

brethren, It does offer a

similar sense of achievement

and satisfaction.

The Ryker may not have the

features list of the Spyder, but

it does have some amenities

of its own. The handlebars and

footpegs are easily adjustable

for the perfect fit. There is a

reverse gear, two cubby holes

and an optional passenger seat

or top box that clip on behind

the rider. The CVT gearbox is

attached to a shaft drive, so

they will likely outlive their rider.

There is also the obligatory

host of electronic aids. All

three wheels have an ABS

that is collectively activated

via pushing on the single

foot brake. With this, the

handlebars are entirely lever

free, something that takes

seasoned motorbike riders

some time to get their head