Wealden Times | WT213 | November 2019 | Gift supplement inside


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Above: In a guest room in the older side of the house, the

ceiling beams are complemented by a built-in wooden

bed – an idea which evolved after a family trip to India

Right: Ally has painted one bathroom, with a claw-foot

bath right in front of the window, a lovely pale blue

owned, she can see what scope there is for additions.

“I relocated an L-shaped sofa to the snug next door

and replaced it with a more classic one covered with

a striped fabric by Penny Morrison.” She opens the

door, so I can see into the snug, in use as a telly room,

saying, “I’ll get my hands on this one day…”

Her goal for the drawing room was for it not to

look as if it had been ‘designed’ but more as though

it had developed organically over time – reflecting

the atmosphere of the house. “I didn’t want it to

look as though it had all come from one shop.”

Nothing in the room matches and there is a combination

of colours and patterns – blue, red, brown, green, paisley,

stripe, ethnic, damask – which sounds improbable,

but all works together in situ. “Once you get the floor

plan right you can get away with murder,” says Ally.

One of the themes that pulls it together is a masterful and

subtle use of symmetry. Two slipper chairs, upholstered in

blue and white Indian throws, face each other across the



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