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Podiatrist Glen Robison:

Treating the Body from A to Z

Podiatrist Glen Robison,

DPM, PLC, of

AZ Foot and Ankle,

is committed to providing

quality and comprehensive

foot and ankle care in central

Arizona, with offices in

Globe and Mesa.

“I’ve been in Globe for

over 18 years and have

treated patients from oneday

newborns to 108 years

old over the course of the

years,” he said. “I practice

medicine from the knees

down, from fractures to foreign

bodies,” or you could

say from A to Z—”AZ foot

and ankle.”

Not only is Dr. Robison

a licensed Podiatrist, he is

also something of a Renaissance


An avid painter, he recently

stepped back to the

easel after an 18-year absence.

“It helps to ground me,”

Dr. Robison said of his return

to his artful pursuits.

When he is not working

with patients or dabbling in

oils, the doctor is writing

non-fiction books on medical,

personal and spiritual


But it’s his holistic approach

to his calling as a podiatric

specialist where Dr.

Robison’s artistic approach

really shines through.

Dr. Robison integrates

“Myopractics” as an important

diagnostic factor of the

human frame and treats the

musculature as the prime

mover of the skeletal system

in the lower extremities.

“I look at the whole

body,” Dr. Robison said.

“What really sets me aside

in my practice is my focus

on alignment of the lower

extremities: It’s important

to look at the body as a


Regardless of the foot

or ankle condition, Dr. Robison

is dedicated to providing

his patients with a

podiatric examination that

offers the energy and expertise

they seek. Both he

and his staff work to ensure

short waiting times and

prompt service.

“We can get people back

to work,” Dr. Robison


Despite his training as

a surgeon, his approach

to surgery is only to do it

when it is absolutely necessary.

Hence his motto

“treat the body the way it

was intended to be treated.”

Dr. Robison finds

Glen Robison, DPM, PLC

surgery may not always be

the first answer.

For instance, a few years

ago a woman came to Dr.

Robison for a toe amputation.

The toe was swollen,

red and appeared to be infected,

which was confirmed

through an MRI.

He took the patient into

surgery but after reviewing

an X-ray, Dr. Robison decided

to take a shaving of

the bone for a biopsy before

amputating the toe.

When the drill hole in

the bone was made and the

sample of bone was obtained,

he was amazed to

see that a very small thorn

had popped out of the drill

hole. The patient was treated

conservatively and still

has her toe.

In 2008, Peggy Lavin

came to Dr. Robison for an

ankle issue that had been

bothering her for more than

20 years. She was susceptible

to ankle injuries and

was tired of her weak ankle

giving out. She was prepared

to have ankle surgery

in the valley to have the

ankle surgically fixed.

On the advice of her

daughter, who had previously

been a patient, Lavin

went to see Dr. Robison.

He informed her of a

technique called prolotherapy,

where he could make

the ankle strong without


“He injected my ankle

and after a few weeks in a

brace, I realized it worked,”

Lavin said. “It’s been my

miracle. Ten year later the

ankle is still as strong as it

was when he first injected

my ankle.

In addition to the help he

gives his patients, Dr. Robison

also lectures on lower

extremity health at senior

centers and community

groups and advocates for

healthy eating as a way to

overall health, particularly

with his diabetic patients.

AZ Foot and Ankle accepts

most insurance plans

and welcomes new patients.

For more information, or to

schedule an appointment,

call the Mesa office at 480-

984-FEET (3338), or Globe

at 928-425-FEET (3338).

Visit his web site at www.

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