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obedient to his superior officers and I suspect the two may

have hooked up at the Palo Alto Veteran’s Administration

Hospital while mustering out. At least that is what Pig Pen

and Jerry’s brother Clifford told me way back in 1973. No

harm done; both men were heroes in my book, or in at

least three of my books.

The non-military version of the story goes that Robert

Hunter first met Garcia through a mutual girlfriend,

(whatever that means) and in 1961 they briefly formed the

duo, Bob and Jerry as well as playing in several bluegrass

bands together until the Warlocks started in 1964. One

notable early gig was sponsored by Rod Albin and his

Boars Head Coffee House (on stage at the campus of the

College of San Mateo) with Hunter strumming bass.

Shortly after those gigs Hunter volunteered to participate

in a Stanford University program testing psychedelic

drugs under Dr. Richard Blum (not MK Ultra… the CIA

sponsorship of the Stanford program has never been

proven). The LSD, mescaline and psilocybin link has also

not been fully defined as to dosage or published papers.

In any case, Hunter considered these experiences to have

boosted his writing skills and I guess that goes for Ken

Kesey too.

A subsequent over-fondness for weed and speed prompted

him to leave California for New Mexico, where he began

writing song lyrics, including Saint Stephen. He sent

these to Garcia, who urged Hunter to come back to San


Hunter engaged in several other successful collaborations

in addition to the Grateful Dead. He formed an on again-off

again partnership with Bob Dylan when he co-wrote the

tracks Silvio and The Ugliest Girl in the World on Dylan’s

1988 album Down in the Groove, and he later shared

authorship of most of the songs on Together Through Life

(2009) and collaborated on Duquesne Whistle from the

album Tempest (2012).

One wag said, “If Dylan doesn’t want the Nobel Prize give it

to Hunter.”

Robert Hunter also worked with Bruce Hornsby (who

played keyboards with the Dead late in their career). As

Hornsby put it, “I’ve loved so many of the Garcia/Hunter

songs. They’re just timeless-sounding to me, could have

been written hundreds of years ago.”


Robert Hunter is survived by his wife,

Maureen, whom he married in 1982, and his

children, Kate, Charlotte and Jess.

Robert Hunter, songwriter and musician, born

23 June 1941; died 23 September 2019.


New Smyrna Location

November 1 – Nate Utley

November 2 – The Transfers

November 7 – Dustin Stock

November 8 – Aaron Lightnin’

November 9 – Faith Hannon

November 14 – Claire Vandiver

November 15 – Bradford Buckley

November 16 – Gina Cuchetti

November 21 – Rasta Bayers

November 22 – The Evening Muze

November 23 – Down River Duo

November 29 – Jimmy Z

November 30 – Music Matt

147 Canal St.

New Smyrna Beach 32168

(386) 410-4824


Open every day at 11am

Gotha Location:

1236 Hempel Ave.

Windermere 34786

(407) 296-0609

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