Have Faith November Issue



November 2019

It was really nice to see the

interest in the first issue of

Have Faith although I do feel

it was pointed very strongly

at my military past. Not so

much this month, although

we are in Remembrance

month and it is only right we

pay our respects.

Another feature, in this

month’s issue, is that

of Judgement. This is

something I constantly see in

so many walks of life within

our communities, I suppose

it’s becoming a bit of a pet

hate of mine. Although I did

feature this in a reflection last

month, I wanted to take the

opportunity to expand on the

subject and look at why it is

so important to talk about.

Of course, I know I will never

change society but it never

hurts to throw a pebble into

the proverbial pond.

One of my personal

struggles has been trying

to find social communities

to share my thoughts with

and get feedback and input

to expand the platform.

Thankfully, this month I

managed to find that very

thing by using MeWe. I am

not a fan of Facebook as it has

caused me issues in the past,

as it has with many people,

however one particular

group in MeWe has provided

a great way of speaking to

people who share my faith

and thoughts. Hopefully,

permission granted, I shall

be featuring and celebrating

them in the very near future.

Finally, please do get involved

with the new website.

Although, it is still a little

sparse, it does have our

daily reflections as well as a

downloadable copy of the

latest issue. Also don’t forget

it has the ‘Have Faith FM’

radio page which streams

inspirational, gospel and

worship music 24/7.

That’s it from me for this

month, God bless you all.

Find Have Faith at www.havefaith.org.uk or by going to our social media platforms on Twitter

@havefaith or by going to MeWe/Groups/Have Faith FM.


November 2019

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How one man turned his life back to Christ.

P20: A Time of Remembrance

Remembering our fallen as another year passes.

P30: Judge & Be Judged

How one man turned his life back to Christ.

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