Have Faith November Issue


Day 1

A Brand New Day,,, 2 Corinthians 4

I had a dream the other

night..., well it was a

nightmare actually. Nothing

that really bothered me but

certainly enough for me to

think about the meaning of it.

The dream was, I was walking

down a street very close to

my home when everything

started to turn a brilliant

white and then all of a

sudden the ground started to

disappear. Weird, I know but

there you have it, our dreams

can go all over the place.

As I said, I was none the

worse for it but after a little

research, I started finding

the same meaning over and

over again. Dreaming of an

end or dreaming that you

die is meant to signify a new

beginning. Of course, there is

no scientific evidence to this

and it could very possibly be

complete rubbish but it did

kind of make sense a little.

Recently, I have been going

through a lot of career

changes and pointing myself

into a new and very positive

direction. It has all got very

exciting, I must admit. I

won’t bore you with the

details but for me it’s as if the

old life has passed and a new

one has begun..

The thing is, the dream, to

me was a sign that my old life

was coming to an end and

my new beginning was

about to start. So from

a bad dream, a new

bright light shines.

Perhaps that was

the light I saw in my


Now, I don’t think I

am superstitious but

I do think that God

has a way of sending

messages and signs

that perhaps we do

not understand. In

my mind, it is not

beyond the realms of

possibility that this was

such a sign telling me to look

to the new future. I may be

wrong but I will look at it as a

good sign, after all, what do I

have to lose.

So my thoughts reflect on

some of the nightmares I

used to suffer when I was in

the midst of PTSD. Totally

different and incomparable,

I know but maybe it was a

way of being told to get help.

Maybe not, but one thing I

am learning is that there is

a reason for everything we

experience. The trick is to

recognise the message. Much

easier to write about than to

do in practice.

But the message here is that

we must always look for our

new start no matter how

bad things seem. One thing

we can say without doubt is

that your new future does lie

ahead, you just need the

strength to look for it. As

far as my fellow veterans

are concerned, I don’t

think I could offer a more

worthwhile piece of advice.

Finally, I’d like to leave you

with one of the verses that

I read when looking for

answers to my dream. I

think, this is where it started

to make a little sense.

Isaiah 43:18-19

Forget the former things; do

not dwell on the past. See, I

am doing a new thing! Now

it springs up; do you not

perceive it? I am making a

way in the wilderness and

streams in the wasteland.

Hope this helps you in your

journey through life.

| 04 www.havefaith.org.uk

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