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Try and try again... Hebrews 12:1-3

Somebody once said that perseverance is the

virtue of trying again, and then trying again,

and again, until we achieve our goal.

Nothing great was ever accomplished without

perseverance. Some people have marvellous

natural gifts and are capable of wonderful

things. But they lack staying power. When

they meet something that doesn’t come easily

to them they lack the patience to master it.

They are outdone by people who will carefully

and painfully devote themselves to learning

the skill they need.

Day 4

People who persevere aren’t always the

ones who make the headlines. They don’t

necessarily shine and glitter. But they have

worth, because they know what’s of value in

this world and they’re prepared to work for it.

Perseverance is a Christian virtue. The apostle

Paul writes about it: he was tempted to give up

his missionary work because it was so hard,

but he kept going. Without his perseverance,

you would not be reading this.

As veterans, it is quite often the case where

we feel like giving up. We no longer have the

strength to continue fighting. But thankfully,

for the very large majority, they find that bit of

soldier/ airman or sailor deep down inside

that manages to bring forward the survival


Just recently, I, or should I say we, have been

challenged to find money to keep the Veteran

Centre open. It has been very difficult, full of

rejections, lots of frustration and our patience

has been stretched to the limit. Finally, we did

it. We finally got our local councils to listen

and dip in to their funds to support the great

work the staff at the centre are doing. But there

were many times when we wanted to throw

the towel in and give up. Those moments

never lasted too long but we did truly feel

tested. One thing that kept driving me forward

was the thought of what state I was in a few

years ago. The thought that I would be giving

up on people in the same position was too

strong. I couldn’t let people down.

Maybe there is a moral to that story in finding

a reason to go on. Not rocket science but if,

when life is getting on top of you, you can

remember how life was like, good or bad and

use that to drive forward. If life was good, try

to reach it again. Try to remember there is an

end to everything, including bad times. Just

keep trying.

If times were bad then try to imagine just how

experienced in life you are and how you can

use your experiences to help others.

This magazine and the Tommy Atkins Centre

have been created on this premise alone. Most

of all, just remember however hard life is,

or however hard your challenge is just keep

trying and you will succeed. If you still haven’t

succeeded, maybe the time just hasn’t been

right or you haven’t been ready to succeed. But

it will come, just keep trying and don’t give up.

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