Happiful November 2019


“I had entered a competition for

Curvy Kate and came third, and

although I didn’t win, the amount

of support I got for putting myself

out there in the first place was

immense. For years I had put

up with fat-shamers – including

shopkeepers, neighbours and even

former friends – who seemed

disgusted by my size. From the

support I received following the

competition, I realised that largersized

women needed a platform

where they could come together.”

Growing up, Georgina developed

what she described as “large

breasts” and “a fat bottom” at

secondary school, and found going

through puberty a challenging

time. “I used to get a lot of nasty

remarks about my size, and

bullying became the norm.”

But she refused to let the bullies

get her down.

“I was always quite a cheeky and

cocky child, which kind of gave me

some inner confidence to cope,”

she says. And alongside these

traits, Georgina had a passion for

writing, so it was no surprise that

she took to blogging so easily.

“Blogging proved so therapeutic

for me,” Georgina recalls. “I could

write about things that bothered

me, and realised that so many

people could understand and relate

to my situation. Being large is not

easy; everything from finding the

right bra shape, facing rude shop

assistants, and even intimacy as

a bigger woman, were things that

only people like myself could


What started as “diary entries”

soon became something much

bigger, with brands reaching out to

Georgina for lingerie and clothes

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