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collaborations, leading to jobs with

international designers that soon

saw Georgina flying to places such

as Milan for modelling work.

“Being appreciated for my size,

rather than revolted by it, gave me

the belief that people were finally

able to see past models of one size.

“I felt empowered to help

women look and feel their best,

whatever their size or shape. I

think that through my blog I was

able to spread a message of body

positivity, being able to love oneself

at any size.”

“I always thought the

deep sadness I felt at

losing my mother would

fade, but on the contrary,

the grief got deeper”

Having always been a fan of

exercise, Georgina often posts

pictures of herself at the gym or

doing burpees, dismissing the myth

that ‘fat girls can’t lead a healthy

lifestyle’. She also hosts – alongside

another popular plus-size blogger,

Hayley Stewart – a very successful

yoga retreat abroad, where women

of all sizes come to switch off.

“Yes, of course I sweat buckets

when I exercise; at times I am

exhausted and gasping for a drink,

but I’m normal. I’d much rather

be large and happy, than thin and

miserable, and I’m brilliant at

yoga by the way – that’ll have the

body-shaming trolls bending over


With her huge grin and sparkly

eyes, Georgina tells me that she

always tries to smile at everyone

to put them at ease. Her desire

to embrace life is infectious –

especially for someone who

had such a difficult childhood.

Georgina’s mother died from breast

cancer when Georgina was just four

years old – a tragedy she believes

she never properly dealt with.

“Over the years, I always thought

the deep sadness I felt at losing

my mother would fade, but on

the contrary, the grief got deeper.

Every milestone in my life I wish

my mum was here to see it. I am

very conscious that in a few years

I will be 34 – the same age she was

when she died. I feel like I’ve kind

of hit a brick wall.”

It was finally admitting that

she needs professional help that

encouraged Georgina to go into


“I’d had the worst childhood

trauma, which often left me feeling

anxious, tight-chested and, at

times, deeply sad. I knew I had to

address the issue, and although it

has taken me decades to admit it,

seeking therapy was exactly what I

needed to do.”

Having started counselling,

Georgina is adamant that it is the

best way forward. “Getting things

off my chest, as it were, may sound

tongue-in-cheek, but talking

through problems really does help.

“I get so many women messaging

me about how grateful they are for

my honest account of what it is like

being plus-sized – it feels good that

I’ve built a community where we

encourage conversations, to ensure

everyone has each other’s back.”

When it comes to mental health,

Georgina knows only too well how

soul-destroying it can be for people

with weight issues to strive to be

skinny. “It’s no surprise that some

of the younger generation who

have grown up with social media

develop issues because they want

to lead the ‘perfect Instagram life’.

“It makes me even more

passionate about spreading the

word about the importance of

talking. Whether that means to a

community like ours, your friends,

or a therapist.

“With my own grief counselling,

I have learnt coping mechanisms

on how to start healing myself.

Although I am proud of what I have

achieved, I am constantly aware of

just how fragile life can be.”

It goes without saying that if you

are in the public eye there will

always be trolls, and Georgina has

had her fair share of them. From

vulgar comments on her Instagram

posts, to an outcry of “disgust”

when she chose to lose some

weight for her wedding, Georgina

has learnt to turn a blind eye.

“Empowering women is my goal.

Although brands are starting to

look at making bigger-sized clothes

for larger ladies, fatism is still as

bad as it always was.

“Nobody likes to be the elephant

in the room,” she adds, “whatever

size or shape you are. I mean look

at all these wonderful women in

this studio not giving a toss – they

are happy, healthy and embracing

life. They may be friends I have

made through my social channels,

but they are the real deal – the best

bosom buddies a girl can have.”

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