Happiful November 2019




It’s sticky, sweet, and the

perfect recipe for all occasions

Writing | Ellen Hoggard

As the days get darker, the

harder I find it becomes

to choose fresh, colourful

foods for mealtimes.

When there’s a chill in the air,

I tend to lean towards one-pot,

warming meals such as stews and

soups. But this year I’m wanting

something different. While

summer seems a distant memory,

I want to cling on to the fruits and

vegetables, eating the rainbow in


That said, the change in season

brings with it a whole host of

in-season and local produce.

Shopping seasonally and

experimenting with new recipes

can be incredibly enjoyable, as well

as beneficial for the environment.

So as we say goodbye to the sweet

strawberries and beautifully ripe

citrus fruits, we can turn to the

equally as delicious, autumn

vegetables: butternut squash and


This month, you'll find a recipe

for a sticky and sweet winter salad,

featuring two of my favourite root

vegetables, with a special summer

twist. Put away the gravy – this

recipe is light, but filling. It’s sweet,

yet savoury, and is perfect for

lunch or dinner.


Serves 4

• 1 butternut squash

• 2 red onions

• 4 parsnips

• 3 tbsp olive oil

• 1–2 tbsp honey or agave syrup

• 1 small ciabatta

• 225g spinach

• 2 tbsp white wine vinegar

• 1 tsp Dijon mustard

Optional: crumble feta cheese over

the top to serve. If you want to

make the salad more substantial,

add chicken or tofu.


• Preheat the oven to 220 degrees,

gas mark 7.

• Slice the butternut squash into

thin wedges, and add to a large

roasting tin. Slice the onions

and parsnips, and add to the tin.

Drizzle with half the olive oil, and


• Roast for 25 minutes. Remove

from the oven, and drizzle with

honey. Tear the ciabatta and add

to the tin. Roast for a further 5–10

minutes until toasted.

• In a large bowl prepare the

spinach. Remove the vegetables

and add to the bowl. In a small

jug, whisk the vinegar, mustard

and remaining oil. Season to

taste. Add to the salad and toss.

Serve warm with a crumbling of

feta cheese.

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