Happiful November 2019


Motivational speaking spurs Luke to be more self-aware

it’s clear his family are solidly at

the heart of his life and future


Travel is one of these, and Luke’s

latest project is the overhaul of a

van, turning it into a campervan

so he can explore the world with

his wife, Lisa, and children, Alfie,

Aubrey and Ada.

Spending time together as a

family is important to him, but

the project also serves another

purpose – to support Luke’s own

wellbeing. “With everything I do

– the mental health work, suicide

prevention, mindset development

– as much as it’s all good, I felt like

I needed something for me. After

retiring from rugby, I didn’t have

that outlet anymore.”

This project has been a longterm

dream for Luke, but was

put on hold when his third child,

daughter Ada, came along.

However, while taking part in a

gruelling Ultra Marathon (100

miles in two days) earlier this year,

he travelled and slept in a camper

van, and says the experience “gave

[him] that little itch again”.

“We’re in a world where we’re

constantly bombarded with

information, and I just want to

get away from it all, and back to

basics,” Luke says.

“It’s hard to get this across on

social media, but I constantly flit

between roles in my life – and so

the idea of just being able to stop

and say, ‘I fancy going to the Lake

District tonight,’ and getting in the

van with my wife and kids is really

appealing. Going off grid.”

It’s understandable that Luke

would need to create some

unscheduled time and space for

himself and his family within

their life. With the diverse work he

does, and the array of professional

responsibilities he has, managing

his own mental health needs is


“Self-awareness is so important,”

he explains. “I went through

a weird patch recently. As a

motivational speaker, I found

I suddenly didn’t have a lot of

motivation. I felt like I’d spent

my whole life trying to prove

people wrong – and I’d done that.

Everything I said I was going

to do, I did. I was left with the

thought of: ‘Well, what’s next?’

“So I’m now working on balance

– being a good dad, being a good

charity chairman, and everything

else – and I feel like I’ve found it.”

Luke’s certainly not one to

rest on his laurels though. “I’m

constantly testing myself and

challenging myself to be better,”

he adds. “I think we all need to

put in effort to be the best version

of ourselves, rather than trying to

beat someone else, then we’d all

live better lives.”

And he doesn’t believe this starts

with looking inwards – he insists

it’s about working inwards. The

Ultra Marathon earlier this year,

he says, helped him to do this.

“Once you test yourself mentally,

you know what you’re capable of.

So doing that run and knowing

I can come through that, it’s

become an analogy for life for me.

I know I can handle that – and any

other curve ball life sends me.

“It doesn’t mean I’ll find it easy

– I didn’t find the run easy – but

I know that I can get through the

tough stuff.”

To read more and find a club near

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