How to Empty the Trash Folder in Yahoo Mail?


When you have many more messages in your Yahoo mail account so that you want to permanently delete the messages in the trash folder. You want to delete the messages with the help of given the steps and points. So you can connect our Yahoo mail help number 1877-503-0107 talk to our technical expertise and manage your account easily. For more info:

How to Empty the Trash in

Yahoo Mail

While old messages are removed from the Yahoo Mail trash

periodically and automatically, emptying it manually is fairly

straightforward. You can recover deleted messages if you

act quickly.

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How to Permanently Delete Yahoo

Mail Messages

To permanently delete messages in your Trash folder in the

web version of Yahoo Mail:

01) In the folders list, hover the mouse cursor over

the Trash folder.

02) Select the trashcan icon that appears.

03) In the confirmation dialog box, select OK.

04) Your Trash folder is now empty.

How to Empty the Trash in

Yahoo Mail Basic

To purge all mail from the Trash folder in Yahoo Mail Basic,

select Empty next to Trash.

How to Recover Mail After You've Emptied

the Yahoo Mail Trash

If you act quickly, you might be able to recover

messages, you selected from your Trash folder. Either

download all the messages that came through your

Yahoo Mail account, or forward them to a different

email address either automatically or manually.

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