Style: November 01, 2019


36 STYLE | architecture

Think your house is narrow? Yuua Architects turned a 2.5m-wide alleyway into a four-storey, 1.8m-wide house in Tokyo.

In many central city areas, land prices have become

so high that ‘waste’ spaces not previously considered

suitable for building are now being utilised as small

building sites.

An example of this that really pushes the

boundaries – literally – is ‘The 1.8m House’ in Tokyo

by Yuua Architects. The architects have transformed a

1.8m wide x 11m long alley into a four-storey house.

The house features various levels that open into

each other allowing long views, easy connections and

flow-through ventilation. Natural light is available via

floor-to-ceiling windows at each end of the home, a

small central terrace and a large skylight above.

The architects wanted to achieve “a house with

playfulness where people and cats live happily”. With

little space and an abundance of creativity, they have

produced much more.

When building small, thinking big is still required.

Innovative ideas and clever design to fit as much

as possible into our shrinking sites and buildings

will provide the appropriate space for a successful

business or comfortable home.

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