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The driving force behind Forme Spa – facial specialists for the past 17 years –

owner Hady Wenham explains the true value of this skincare treat.

How do you describe a facial to someone who hasn’t

had one before?

It offers all the relaxation benefits of a massage, with the

huge bonus of more radiant, glowing skin afterwards! Each

facial has different steps, including a thorough consultation

to make sure the beauty therapist understands what you

are wanting to achieve. Facials generally include a cleanse

and an exfoliation to remove the dull surface layer, and

usually a facial mask, application of a potent serum, and a

relaxing massage to ease jaw tension – we carry a lot of

stress in our faces! Depending on the length of the facial,

you should enjoy a foot/hand/scalp or shoulder massage

as well to really get you in the zen zone. You want to

feel blissfully relaxed, but also see a real improvement in

the hydration, smoothness and radiance of your skin after

your treatment.

What are some of the benefits from regular facials?

For many it is the pure escape of having undivided

attention given to their skin, but the tangible results

are addressing issues such as pigmentation, rosacea,

breakouts, dryness and dullness, fine lines and hydration.

Can one alone be effective?

Yes, you will see a difference after just one facial, but it’s

a bit like a gym workout, the more you do the better the

results. We recommend monthly maintenance facials, or

a course of facials, if you are trying to achieve something


Are facials treatments or treats?

They are a treatment, but if done well, they are also a

gorgeous treat as you feel so good afterwards. Everyone

comes to us for different reasons. For some it is just metime

and for others it is to address specific issues.

What are the most desirable ingredients to look for in

products involved in facial treatments?

It isn’t just about ingredients, as a product can contain

an ingredient but either not be in a stable base or be at

such a low percentage it is ineffective. It’s more about

choosing a spa that has brands with products with good

reputations that are effective. Once you’ve got that right,

vitamins A and C, peptides and lactic peels are all part of

a good regime.

Forme Spa: 329 Durham Street North, Christchurch Central and Level 1, 32 Rees Street, Queenstown

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