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The Acropolis And pArThenon The rocky outcrop

that is the Acropolis dominates the cityscape and is

visible from all over Athens. The ancient buildings have

been here for over 2,500 years and are great architectural

feats of Greek antiquity. The Parthenon is perfectly

proportioned and recognisable the world over.

plAkA One of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited

neighbourhoods. Stretching out under the shadow of

the Acropolis it is made up of narrow lanes and little side

streets with shops, restaurants and cafés. In the summer

visit Cine Paris, an open-air cinema with a beautiful view

of the Parthenon.

MonAsTirAki MArkeTs One of the oldest and busiest

areas in Athens, Monastiraki is packed with rooftop bars,

ancient sights and huge markets. Shop at the Monastiraki

flea market, open every day but best on Sundays, and

delight your senses at the indoor and outdoor food

market Varvakios Agora.

The Food Olives are everywhere, the seafood is the

freshest, and calamari is something of a natural treasure.

The tzatziki and feta are unmissable. Gyros and slow

cooked lamb are mouth-watering, but ensure you leave

space for moussaka, a baked dish of heaven involving

aubergine, mince, tomato, garlic, spices, and cheese.

islAnd hop There is something magical about

the combination of whitewashed houses, vibrant

bougainvillea clinging to doorways, multihued fishing

boats in tiny ports, sandy beaches and clear blue

glistening waters, hills smelling of thyme, ancient sites,

rugged landscapes and the warm hospitable people –

island hopping from Athens is a must do!

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