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Porsche Grapevine presents the new Porsche 911. It’s the eighth generation of a sports

car that has enthralled and inspired drivers for more than a half-century—and the 2020

edition shows no signs of slowing down. With a more powerful and efficient engine, new

Porsche Active Suspension Management and enhanced driver assistance systems. And

this timeless machine comes with an enduring commitment to dealership excellence.

That’s what makes Park Place feel like Your Place.

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Scott Scammahorn took his Turbo S Exclusive cab on vacation to Yellowstone National

Park in Jackson Hole. Looking good Scott.


6 | Fall Porsche Promenade People’s Choice Concours

8 | Founders Day 2019: Preview

15 | Mavs & Mochas: Texas Harley-Davidson Recap

17 | Autocross Series: Event 8

18 | Cars & Cannoli Recap: September

19 | Maverick Marktpreis: 944

20 | Coffee, Cars & Conversation: Steve Louden

26 | The Garage Project: Part 2

30 | Mechanical Musings: Make it Stop!


22 | Happy Hour

22 | Motoring Mavs at Mayo

22 | Tech Session

23 | Mavs & Mochas

23 | Maverick Lunch Series


2 | Sprockets (President’s Column)

2 | Maverick of the Month

4 | List of Officers and Board Chairs

4 | Zone 5 Presidents

11 | New Mavericks

11 | Member Moments

31 | Porsche Trivia

34 | Advertiser Index

34 | Anniversaries

36 | Oversteer (Editor’s Column)


See more details and check for event updates via the QR code

here or our online calendar at


Mavs & Mochas: Montgomery Plaza ...........................................(Sat) 2

Autocross #10..............................................................................(Sun) 3

Maverick Board Meeting .......................................................... (Wed) 6

Porsche Palooza............................................................................... 7-9

Maverick HPDE.............................................................................. 9-10

Lewisville area lunch.................................................................(Tue) 12

Motoring Mavs at Mayo............................................................ (Sat) 16

Tech Session: Werks 11............................................................. (Sat) 16

Cars & Cannoli........................................................................... (Sat) 16

Southlake area lunch................................................................(Thu) 28

Garages and Gearheads Having Coffee..................................... (Sat) 30


Maverick Board Meeting .......................................................... (Wed) 4

Mavs & Mochas: Nordstrom NorthPark Center ............................(Sat) 7

Mavs Toy Drive.............................................................................(Sat) 7

Founders Day...............................................................................(Sat) 7

Lewisville area lunch.................................................................(Tue) 10

Motoring Mavs at Mayo............................................................ (Sat) 21

Tech Session: Werks 11............................................................. (Sat) 16

Cars & Cannoli........................................................................... (Sat) 21

Southlake area lunch................................................................(Thu) 26

Garages and Gearheads Having Coffee..................................... (Sat) 28

On the Cover

Roberto Anderson’s 2004 Boxster S 550

at sunrise while enjoying the Renegade Rally.

Photograph by Roberto Anderson

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SPROCKETS: Lots of Events Left for 2019!

by David Robertson, Region President

Here we are getting into the winter season once

again. This, by no stretch, means that we are slowing

down; in fact some of the best events of the year are

coming up! There are more driving events in November:

an autocross on the 3rd and a DE the weekend of the

9th and 10th. Mavs & Mochas is held every month,

and there are lots of casual gatherings and impromptu

get-togethers just about every weekend. Check out the

tech session on November 16 - these are always great

meetups with very interesting topics.

With only a limited number of weekends during the

month, you may notice that some of our events end

up on the same day or even at the same time. I know

this can sometimes be frustrating, but I consider it a

good problem to have. There have never been so many

options for activities to enjoy as we have right now.

The options are expanding, but available times on

weekends to get together will always remain the same,

and sometimes we just don’t have enough time in the

month. If you

We are leading up to Founders

Day which is the biggest event of

the year! Saturday December 7th

is the annual celebration of our

Maverick Region PCA.

have to choose

between two

events, you

will have

another chance

very soon!

We will have

a lot to celebrate from a banner year in 2019. Five

national awards, including Region of The Year, record

growth in membership, and record attendance at our

events should be more than enough reason for you

to come out and enjoy the day. There will be three

separate events starting in the morning with Mavs &


Scott Kellogg

Mochas at Nordstrom NorthPark, a toy drive in the

afternoon, and then the banquet event that evening at

Park Place Porsche Grapevine.

On a sad note, our Rally Chair, Jay Lynch,

recently passed away after a brief illness. Jay was a

very active participant in the Maverick Region. In

my last conversation with him, Jay was very excited

about the recent success of the Poker Rally and very

enthusiastic about future events he had planned. Our

recent Halloween Rally was organized in his honor.

We will all remember Jay’s big presence and always

present smile.

Scott has been the Maverick Region Concours Co-Chair for over 6 months now

and has big plans for the program. He has become an integral part of the Maverick

Region. His ideas, his energy and his willingness to assist with anything needed is

one reason why this region is growing so consistently. Scott is involved with most

M&M’s and car shows in which our region hosts or participates. He hosted the

People’s Choice show and shine this past September and also organized the parking

of our club’s Porsches that participated in the Park Place Luxury and Super Car

Showcase on the 18th Fairway at The Four Seasons. Scott’s background in organizing

and judging car shows is a big plus for our Concours program and we can’t wait to

see what he has planned. Thank you, Scott!

2 November

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2019 Maverick Region Board - Officers and Chairs


David Robertson


Vice President

Jim Falgout


Carey Spreen



Deborah Fike


Autocross Chair

Mark Schnoerr

Charity Chair

Chris Hamilton

Club Race Co-Chair

Pat Heptig


Club Race Co-Chair

Joel Nannis

Coffee Meets Co-Chair

Derrick Tate


Concours Co-Chair

Mike Mahoney


Concours Co-Chair

Scott Kellogg

DE Chair

Renee Hayden

DE Registrar

Jason Brodigan

DE Chief Driving Coach

Craig Janssen

DE Medical Chair

Dr. Jeffery Komenda

Goodie Store

Chris Flaugh


Region Historian

Carey Spreen


Marketing, Social

Media Chair

Bill Orr

Membership Chair

Jim Hirsch


Monthly Social Chair

Claudia Reynolds

PCA Tours Co-Chair

Sam Bryant

PCA Tours Co-Chair

Brant Worrell

Rally Chair

Don Sebert


Registrar, Club Race

Wendy Shoffit

Safety Co-Chair

Bob Kramer

Slipstream Advertising,

Coffee Meets

Bill Kruder


Slipstream Content Ed.

Carey Spreen


Slipstream Editor

Kurt Scaggs


Slipstream Event Ad Design

David Tierney

Slipstream Mailing

Andy Mears


Slipstream Printing

Fran Ussery

972--438-8344 (W)

817-481-8342 (H)

Social Chair

Debi Kruder

Tech Sessions Chair

Michael Baynton


Time Trial Chair,

(AX/TT Rules)

Travis Howard


TT Registrar, AX/TT

Schools, Swap Meets

Robyn Howard


Trivia Chair

Jerry DeFeo


Volunteers Chair

Landon Stogner


Web Site Chair

James Shoffit



Ken Chandler,

2019 PCA Zone 5 Presidents and Zone Representative


Tuffy von Briesen


Scott Spradley


Eric Costello

Link to





Jason Tollison


Bryan Kerrick


Steve Bukoski


Mikel Matthews


David Robertson


Jim Woolly


Stan Labat


Leonard Zechiedrich


Chuck Bush

(703) 577-0562

4 November
















2520 Tarpley Rd. Suite 700

Carrollton, Texas 75006

(972) 418-1996


Fall Porsche Promenade People’s Choice Concours

by Scott Kellogg

photos provided by Bill Middleton

Welcome to the results of the 2019 Porsche Maverick

People’s Choice car show, held on September 22 at

Lakeside Market in Plano. This is where everyone cheers

with loud applause and waving of hands. Go ahead -

you know you want to do it!

The winners for the day were as follows:

Glenn Burgess, 1962 356

Robert Aines, 1969 911E

Raj Gill, 1996 911 Turbo

Chase Meyer, 1988 911 Carrera

Chris Sorrells, 1982 911 SC

Peter Frankl, 2014 911

Michael Mann, 1996 993 Turbo

Randy Purifoy, 2018 911 Turbo S

Peter Wen, 2011 911 Turbo S

Ziad Blaik, 1981 928 S Euro

Jack Griffin, 1955 356

And the President’s Choice award went to

Mark Hanna and his blue 1974 914.

It was a beautiful day

for the show here in North

Texas. There was such

nice weather and a large

number of beautiful cars

to see. Who could ask for

more? (Other than power

for the DJ . . . .)

Once we all settled in

and went over every inch

of our cars, we all started

looking around, chatting,

bench racing, and trying

to pick our favorite cars .

. . besides our own. Wink

wink nudge nudge.

Strike a pose little guy!

Yann Cortina and Robert Caglia

So many people helped out to make this show a

success, including Bill Orr, who tabulated the scores

from home. A big shout out goes to Concours Co-

Chair Mike Mahoney, and especially to Volunteer Chair

Landon Stogner, who was kind enough to pick up the

sponsor car from Park Place Porsche Dallas, and deliver

the tent, table, and awards!

Above: The winners circle with Bob Aines, Mark Hanna and Jack Griffin.

The ‘judges’ conference. Glenn Burgess and Peter Frankl with Scott Kellogg

Congrats to all! Every car looked wonderful!

Thank you all for taking the time to rub and shine

and attend . . . even you cigar smokers out in the

back. Yes, we saw you!

Overall, a

great time was

had by all.

Another fun and

exciting show for

all of the members

of the Maverick

Region Porsche

Club of America!

Cue the patriotic



people’s c h oice c a r s h o w



6 November

Above: Glenn and Pier

Burgess, Ziad Blaik, Robert

Kendrick with Derrick Tate.

Left: Some of our winners

President’s Choice Winner

Mark Hana with President

David Robertson, Michael

Mann, Peter Wen, Raj Gill,

Zaid Blaik and Chris Sorrells.


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Founders Day 2019

by Debi Kruder

Can you imagine more than 300 Mavericks and their

favorite Porsches coming together on the biggest event

of the year? You will soon hear their engines, recognize

the laughter, and experience what’s my favorite event of

the year!

On Saturday, December 7th, we will celebrate

57 years as a Maverick Region and its many

accomplishments at our annual Founders Day. It’s

one day, 3 events, and over 3000 members! Mark

your calendars and register today.

The morning will kick off with our monthly Mavs &

Mochas bright and early at Nordstrom’s North Park where

we will also host the 3rd annual Top Ten People’s Choice

Car Show. Nordstrom continues to be a generous host to

our members generously opening their department store

doors early to allow us to sneak through for coffee and

shopping. And what better time of year than December?

So, whether rain or shine, bring your Porsche and your

pocket book to start that Christmas shopping!

Speaking of shopping, don’t forget to load up your

Porsche too with holiday gifts for children in need for our

3rd annual Mavs Toy Parade. Participating cars will meet

at the Walmart located at 1700 Dallas Parkway in Plano.

As last year, the Maverick PCA is partnering with the

Plano Police Department in support of Plano Christmas

Cops. We are excited to lead the parade driving our ’64 356

with windows full of stuffed animals, baby dolls, and all

things merry with a Christmas tree on top to add to the fun!

So motor your car full of new and unwrapped toys, baby

supplies, and new coats for all ages, but especially teens.

Once your car is unloaded, feel free to enjoy downtown

Plano with your favorite Mavs and pick a lunch spot

before heading home for a quick nap. Then it’s time to

photos provided by Author

get dressed in your holiday attire! Feel free to dress up

or down in your favorite party dress, holiday sweater, or

even your cowboy boots cause it’s time to celebrate! Meet

us at Grapevine Porsche for festivities that begin at 7pm.

Early registration discount for this event is given through

November 20th at $45 per person (increases to regular

rate of $55 after that date.)

What do you have to look forward to at the Founders

Day evening event? First, we are celebrating 50 years of

the Porsche 914 and are excited to showcase many in our

club all while enjoying Pecan Lodge, an open bar, and

mingling with your favorite Mavs. Pecan Lodge will be

catering their award-winning pulled pork, smoked brisket

and new this year southern fried chicken, salad, and even

dessert to include peach cobbler and cupcakes. As the

evening progresses, members make their final votes for

our 2020 officers, hear the name of the recipient for the

James Shoffit Maverick of the Year Award, pick up their

silent auction purchased items before heading home with

a commemorative poster and car decal.

In addition, our 2nd annual online silent auction for

our charity the Huffaker-Hughes Hope House is ready for

viewing and bidding! Just visit the website, www.mav.pca.

org/FoundersDay and start bidding now! Our Founder’s

Day Silent Auction is our largest financial contributor to

our Mav PCA charity and features exclusive Founder’s

Day Event Mugs, the finest Porsche gear, gift certificates

to your Porsche’s favorite shop, and more! Every Porsche

needs an oil change so why not purchase in our silent

auction to support this great cause! Hope exists to

eliminate domestic violence through intervention, offering

shelter, counseling, support and education to promote the

healing of abusive relationships. Winning bidders pick up

their purchased items on Founders Day at either Mavs &

Mochas or at the evening event following President David

Robertson’s closing comments.

Registration is now available online and

and on social media and early registrants don’t forget

receive a discounted rate. Founders Day 2019 is sure to

“drive” to one of our highest attended events in the history

of the club and we can’t wait to see you there! Attend 1,

2, or all 3 great events!

8 November















10 November

Welcome Our New Mavericks!

by Jim Hirsch, Region Membership Chair

New Members September 2019

Michael Bailey Flower Mound 2008 Cayman S

Jeff Burnham Trophy Club 2013 Boxster S

Andrew Clendenen Dallas 2013 911 Carrera S

Michael Doan Little Elm 2002 911 Turbo

Robert Dunn Dallas 2003 911 Turbo

Mike Fontenot (Stephanie) Allen 2018 Macan

Allan Fulks Lone Star 2008 Boxster

Ryan Haggerty (Sean McCune) Dallas

2016 911 Carrera

Qinyi Han Richardson 2018 Panamera 4S

Ryan Harte Daingerfield 2008 911 GT3

Steve Hirji McKinney 2018 718 Cayman S

Carlo Ibanez Frisco 2015 Boxster GTS

Bryan Jackson McKinney 2012 911 Carrera S

Debbie Keller Fort Worth 2008 Cayman

Richard Kull Rowlett 2002 911 Carrera

Angie Meek Arlington 2013 Boxster

Steven Messenger

North Richland Hills 2018 Macan GTS

John Orr Dallas 2019 911 Targa 4 GTS

Steve Ramsay Frisco 2019 911 Carrera T

Thomas Sampert Whitesboro 2009 Cayman

Jake Smith Dallas 2002 911 Carrera

William States Carrollton 2000 911 Carrera Cabriolet

Kenny Thaher Dallas 2016 Cayman GT4

Marc Viscuso Dallas 2014 911 Carrera

David Zimmerman Tyler 2018 911 GT3

Transfers In

Jan De Waal (HCT) Coppell 1982 911 SC

Please give a Maverick Welcome to these new members when you meet them

Member Moment

If you have any changes that

you would like to make to the

MRPCA membership guide, contact Jim

Hirsch at

Jenni Sparks

(joined 6/2019)



Primary reason for joining PCA

Bought a new Porsche and wanted to connect

with a new community in Dallas.

Current Porsche(s)

2018 Guards Red 718 Cayman

Favorite Porsche

My new one, the Cayman!

Best thing about Porsche ownership

The waves from other Porsche owners

while driving around town.

Hobby interests

Driving my car, snowboarding, music,

travel, food and wine.

Member Moment

Rob Turner

(joined 3/2001)


Director of Partner Alliances,

Author of The

Driver, a Marc Lange Novel

(Book III is now out!)

First Porsche

1972 Porsche 914

Current Porsche(s)

2014 981 Cayman S and 2013 Cayenne


Favorite Porsche

My old 1976 930 Turbo Carrera, it scared

me every time I drove it!

Favorite Maverick or PCA event

Boxstoberfest and Porsche Palooza

Best thing about owning a Porsche

The weekend meet-ups like Mav and

Mochas, tours, rallies and concours. Love

the cars and their people.

Maverick Membership Statistics as of October 1

Primary Members: 2087 Affiliate Members: 1009 Total Membership: 3096


12 November

2020 Maverick Region Officers Ballot

I am a (pick one) ______ Primary Member ______ Associate Member

vote once for each nominee or write in a candidate in the space provided


Bill Kruder


Vice President

Carey Spreen



Chris Flaugh



Jennifer Parma


Turn in your ballot at the Founders Day Banquet or mail it to the Region Secretary.

Carey Spreen - 901 Hampshire St Grand Prairie, TX 75050

Mailed ballots must be signed and received prior to December 7, 2019.

The election results will be announced during the Founders Day Banquet.

You can also get this ballot online at



14 November

September Mavs & Mochas: Texas Harley-Davidson

by Carl Adee

photos provided by Greg Ward and Scott Kerfoot

On a hot and sunny Texas

Saturday two automotive legends

came together again. Adam Smith’s

Texas Harley-Davidson hosted the

September Mavs & Mochas in just

the latest crossover event between the

iconic motorcycle

company and

Porsche. The two

teamed up back in

1976 on Project Nova

and again in 1997 on

the V-Rod engine.

This time Texas


supplied ample

parking for over

120 members,

including more than

30 black cars, which

was the color of the

month. They also

provided some much-needed Felix

Coffee and donuts which helped fuel

the conversation and comradery.

As always, we had an extensive

collection of Porsche models to choose

from. Everything from classic 356s to

our mid-engine beauties like 914s,

Boxsters, and Caymans. We had a

large contingent of front engine 924,

928, and 944 models, and of course

many 911s that spanned generations,

including one that saw plenty of

attention: a beautiful

red GT2 RS with

Weissach package.

Hopefully everyone

got to stop by the Park

Place Dallas

sponsorship tent to

pick up a few goodies,

including toy cars for

our junior members

and new pop sockets

for your phones. We

hope to see everyone

on November 2 at

Montgomery Plaza in

Fort Worth!

Hidden Gem


Turtle Creek &

Blackburn Lake


$1,995,000 • 3 Bed • 4.2 Bath • 5,255 Sq.Ft.

3-Car Garage + Gated Parking for 4 Cars

Large Master Suite with His & Her Baths

Study • Yoga/Meditation Room

2 Living Areas • Steps to Katy Trail

Walk to West Village

214.507.6699 •


The Art of Paint Protection


Paint Protection Film

Ceramic Coating

Full Detailing

Window Tinting

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 30 • 9am - 11am @ frisco garages

16 November

Autocross Series: Event 8 at Lone Star Park

by Mark Schnoerr, Region Autocross Chair

photos by Robert Kirby of Lightspeed Images

The Autocross event Sunday, September 15, was

held at the excellent Lone Star Park site in Grand

Prairie, Texas.

The course was a very fast and challenging layout

that really favored the faster cars, but there were enough

turns for the lesser Porsches to keep making a comeback

in the tight sections, sloloms and sweeping turns.

The first quick Porsche today was our first season

competitor in class P3, Mass Watanabe in his Red

Boxster S with a class winning best time of 57.221

seconds. Mas was fastest Porsche over the Class P1

winning 914 of Mark Schnoerr who did a 57.769.

In the Performance Index, the first quick was the

Mark Schnoerr 914 by just 0:014 seconds. So things

were very exciting trying to stay ahead of the very

quick cars on this track.

In class P0, Igor was only a few seconds behind in

his Cayenne GTS to win his class again. These big

SUVs can really attack on an autocross course.

In class P1, Ed Mayo was second in his 1972 911S,

Sigrid Schnoerr was right behind him in her 914,

followed by Carey Spreen in his 911SC.

Newcomer Robert Dunn brought his beautiful 996

Turbo X50 and won the class P5.

Another newcomer, Scott Gray, ran his first AX event

P0 - 'PCA Zero'

Total Diff.

1T P0 958 Igor Tulandin Silver Cayenne GTS 60.541 -

P1 - 'PCA 1'

Total Diff.

1T P1 954 Mark Schnoerr Lime Green 914 57.769 -

2T P1 5 Edward Mayo Silver 911S 59.157 1.388

3T P1 914 Sigrid Schnoerr Lime Green 914 59.681 0.524

4 P1 906 Carey Spreen Guards Red 911SC 59.871 0.19

5 P1 9 Julia Underwood Silver 911S 68.172 8.301

6 P1 90 Sue Crimm Guards Red 911 SC DNS

P2 - 'PCA 2'

Total Diff.

1T P2 7 Amir El-Baghdady Maroon 944 S2 64.671 -

P3 - 'PCA 3'

Total Diff.

1T P3 7 Mas Watanabe Red Boxster-S 57.221 -

2 P3 168 Carolle Liu White Boxster 987 63.773 6.552

P4 - 'PCA 4'

Total Diff.

1T P4 7 Douglas Edney Black 996 63.138 -

P5 - 'PCA 5'

Total Diff.

1T P5 1 Robert Dunn Yellow 911 Turbo X50 66.153 -

2 P5 429 Holli Coulman Yellow Turbo Cabriolet DNS

3 P5 428 Owen Coulman Guards REd 911 GT3 DNS

P6 - 'PCA 6'

Total Diff.

1T P6 981 Scott Gray Red 991 GT3 58.286 -

2 P6 98 Dawn Gray Red 991 GT3 58.604 0.318

in the family 991 GT3 to edge out Dawn Gray on his

first event. Dawn promises this will not happen again.

There are two more autocross events remaining and

some classes are still very tight races for the year end

championships. October 13 and November 3 (this is the

Guns and Hoses Charity final event of the season), both at

Lone Star Park.

If you want to learn how to really make your Porsche

go fast, get the skills to be a safe and competent DE or even

Tours driver, you should come to one of these events.

Mas Watanabe


Cars & Cannoli Recap: September

by Yann Cortina

photos by Micheal Durovick

As usual, we

pulled in early

with a great

group of PCA

members so we

could secure a

good Porsche

spot prior to

the arrival of


Ferraris, and

other supercars.

Daniel Coyle

(APEX Owner),

Josh Jones

(Coverica VP),

and crew did

magnificent work

on organizing the

event as usual.

Oh, did I say

plenty of fresh

coffee and donuts

too? I must say

that it is a great

way to recognize

exotic car owners

who bring their

beloved vehicles to other events in the area, such as

Mavs & Mochas, Cars and Cantina, and Cars and

Coffee Southlake.

There’s no admission fee technically, but most of the

gentlemen parking at Cars and Cannoli have spent

more for the privilege of being here than the average

person makes in several years. As you approach the

gate, Daniel Coyle greets you; he is your only ticket to

the spectacular event, and the only way to gain entry.

There are off-duty Dallas police: one at entry and one at

exit, as well as secured perimeter fence/walls. Some of

the most common feedback that I have heard over and

over is that people can leave a million-dollar car

unlocked and they don’t have to worry about it. It is a

fantastic place to spend a few hours on the third

Saturday of each month.

18 November

Maverick Marktpreis is proudly sponsored by:

Maverick Marktpreis: 944

by Peter Wen

Nothing screams “The ‘80s” like

sky-high hair-dos, big shoulder

pads, and . . . pop-up headlights!

Porsche continued the transaxle

model parade and introduced the

944 in 1982. An evolution from

the Volkswagen-influenced 924,

the 944 carried over the distinctive

headlights and sexy styling cues

from the 924 Turbo. However,

under the hood, the new 944 was

all Porsche. No longer did it share

an engine with VW-Audi; it was

equipped with the brand new 2.5L

inline four developed by Porsche.

This engine was basically half of

the 928’s V8.

With near 50-50 weight

distribution, the 944 was praised

for its incredible handling. It won

Car and Driver’s Best Handling

Production Car in America in ‘84

and 10Best Steering Car in ‘85.

The 944 proved to be a huge hit

for Porsche. The wait list for one

was nearly two-and-a-half YEARS

upon introduction! At the end, over

163,000 944s were produced. It is

one of the most successful sports

cars in Porsche’s history.

Today, 944s are very reasonably

priced. Its 0-60 time may not turn

any heads, but it more than made

up for it with its superb handling

and period-correct styling.



$25 ,000


Hagerty Valuation Tool:

1990 944 S4 Coupe

$15,000 average value

Fun fact: The 944 was featured in the movie “Sixteen

Candles.” The license plate number was 21850, which

was the director John Hughes’ birthday: Feb 18, 1950.

Coincidentally, the star of the movie, Molly Ringwald,

was also born on Feb 18!



Jan 2017 Sep 2017 May 2018 Jan 2019 Sep 2019

1986 944

Sold for $27,000 + $1,350 buyer fee

7k miles

Guards Red / Black

2.5L Inline-Four

5-speed manual Transaxle

Pristine, perfect low mile example,

clean Carfax

1987 944 S

Sold for $5,944 + $297 buyer fee

142k miles

Alpine White / Black

2.5L Inline-Four

5-speed manual Transaxle

1 accident, several paint cracks & dents,


1984 944

Sold for $10,000 + $500 buyer fee

82k miles

Platinum Metallic / Brown

2.5L Inline-Four

5-speed manual Transaxle

Clean Carfax,

body-color wheels, new timing belt

1990 944 S2 Cabriolet

Sold for $9,100 + $455 buyer fee

152k miles

Silver / Blue / Blue top

3.0L Inline-Four

5-speed manual Transaxle

Clean Carfax

1989 944 S2

Sold for $10,250 + $512 buyer fee

75k miles

Light Gold Metallic / Linen leather

3.0L Inline-Four

5-speed manual Transaxle

Clean Carfax, svc records,

numerous new parts

1991 944 S2 Cabriolet

Sold for $18,085 + $904 buyer fee

55k miles

Alpine White / Black / Black

3.0L Inline-Four

5-speed manual Transaxle

Clean Carfax, orig owner until 2019,

new top & headlights

At Hagerty, our love for cars and their owners drives our

business forward, allowing us to offer you better


Coffee, Cars & Conversation

by Bill Kruder

photos provided by author

This month was decades in the

making. Most of you have seen his ad

in Slipstream on the inside back cover

every month since 1978. As a matter

of fact he has run an ad with us for

492 continuous issues. As Advertising

Chair, I got the opportunity to ask

him each of the last three years if he

is renewing his ad, and each time he

is the first to come back and say yes.

The MRPCA and I appreciate his

enthusiasm in being a club sponsor

and contributor to our annual

Founders Day Silent Auction.

So here is the next in my

series of “conversations” I

would like to share with you:

Steve Louden, Enthusiast since


Bill Kruder: So I know you

are not originally from here,

where again?

Steve Louden: I’m

originally from Fairfield,

Iowa; it’s a small

town about two hours

southeast of Des Moines,

not far from Burlington.

We moved to Sarasota,

Florida before eventually landing

in Dallas.

BK: What brought you to Dallas?

SL: I went to Florida State, earning

a B.S. in Business. Ford Motor

Company hired me right after

graduation, 1966, and I moved to

Dallas. I was a Tech Department

Sales and Service Rep. After that

I became the Marketing Manager

for Lincoln Mercury for the Texas

and Oklahoma region. I did that

until 1977, when they wanted to

promote me to Detroit, but I didn’t

see that happening.

20 November

BK: But the Ford job almost didn’t

happen I hear?

SL: Ford was on campus and had a

sign-up board posted; it had maybe

one or two openings left. However

there was a notice that said you had to

have a 3.0 GPA and I had a 2.5 GPA.

I signed up anyway, thinking “what

the heck.” Well I get to the interview

and they wondered why I was there

with just a 2.5. I just said I loved cars,

I know a lot about cars, and I want to

work for Ford. I worked for Ford for

the next 11 years.

Steve Louden and a photo of his 1977 GTU build at Sebring in 1978

BK: So what was next?

SL: I had always had this gift, I

guess you would say, to tinker with

things, and been working on and

building cars, so that’s how Louden

Motorcars got started in 1977, in a

rented building about a ½ mile from

this building today.

BK: I have to ask: with all the places

you could have chosen to open a

shop, why here?

SL: Well in the late ‘70s and early

‘80s we had two dealerships around

the corner you could say. One was

John Roberts BMW and the other

was Forest Lane Porsche+Audi.

Forest Lane was the biggest Porsche

dealership in the country back then,

so I thought it made sense to be here.

So far, despite all the ups and downs,

it’s been the right move (says smiling)

as we built this building in 1980 and

we are still here.

BK: So I’ve heard you built your

first car?

SL: True, I was only 18. I built an

H-Modified SCCA Crosley-powered

racecar with a Devin fiberglass body.

At 18 I couldn’t drive it on

the track so I had friends

race it for me. We raced

it at SCCA Regional races

in Florida, which included

races at Sebring and


BK: But this was just the

start of racing for you,


SL: It was! As much as I

loved building and working

on cars, I loved to race. In

1968 I ran a Lotus Super 7

out in Riverside, CA. Then

in 1969 I got into Formula

Ford. That December we were at the

World Championship at Sebring and

we took 6th of 50. First independent

non-factory-sponsored car to finish.

BK: What made you stop racing?

SL: Well that was in ‘72-’73. I was

racing a Brabham BT29 at Road

Atlanta. Gordon Smiley crashed into

the rear of my car on the first lap. I

climbed out, I said “I’m DONE,”and

that was it - no looking back. Smiley

later killed himself in practice for the

Indy 500.

BK: But you still built cars after this?

SL: Yes I did. In 1977 two guys here

had me build a 1977 Porsche 911 GTU (these were under

2.5-liter IMSA cars) and it was raced in 1978 at Sebring

and finished.

BK: These two guys - anyone we know?

SL: Wendall Turley, pretty well-known attorney in Dallas;

most famous today with his name up on the building along

Central Expressway near Mockingbird. The other was

M.L. Spear, a CPA in Dallas, who back then was racing

a lot and eventually raced a couple times I believe at Le

Mans, once for a Dallas-based team. Funny thing is that

M.L. still is my accountant (with a smile).

BK: So I hear you not only have attended Le Mans but you

were there for a pretty special race?

SL: True! Ford had just hired me and I really wanted to

be part of the racing program. That being said, in 1966

I decided to go to Le Mans to watch the Ford vs. Ferrari

showdown. Well, as we all know now, what a race it

turned out to be, with Ford taking 1-2-3, and I was there.

Ford quit racing a couple of years later, so my desire to get

in on their racing program evaporated.

BK: Let’s talk cars now. First one?

SL: That was a 1950 Crosley Hot Shot. I added a

supercharger to it and drove it all through high school.

BK: And first Porsche?

SL: That was our ‘79 911SC, Grand Prix White. We

bought it in the late ‘80s, had it for 20-plus years, and

sold it about five years ago due to back surgery and the

difficulty of getting in and out.

BK: Tell me about how you and Judy met.

SL: Well that was pretty much pure luck; we were both on

a ski trip in Park City. It was ski club trip from Dallas. I

was on it with some friends, and she was there with her

brother. Funny though - I saw her there and thought she

was there with a boyfriend. I kind of scouted her out and

somehow found out it was her brother, and as they say the

rest is history. We have been married now for 44 years, we

have Derek our son and two grand kids now.

Every month as I write the interview I think the same

thing: what if . . . . What if I had not joined PCA all those

years ago; what if Steve had not advertised with us for

some 41 years now?

So if and when you meet someone new, don’t miss out on

“Driving Friendships”!

We’ll give

you an

assist on

your future


Contact me to learn how you can get

the most out of retirement.

Lisa D. Ward, MBA

Agent, New York Life Insurance Company

777 Mains Street Suite 3800

Fort Worth, TX 76102


SMRU1710429 (Exp.10/21/2018)

©2018 New York Life Insurance Company,

51 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10010

Insure. Prepare. Retire.


Upcoming Maverick Region Events

22 November


Upcoming Maverick Region Events

3 Dallas Locations:

Porsche Specialists with over

35 years experience in DFW

Park Cities

6134 Denton Dr

Dallas, Tx 75235



601 Coit Rd

Plano, Tx 75075


White Rock

9796 Ferguson Rd

Dallas, Tx 75228


24 November


The Garage Project: Part 2

by Robert Turner

I was smart for a change. Figuring the project would

take at least a day to complete, I took a few extra days

off around Memorial Day. After the garage was done, I’d

spend the rest of the weekend admiring my handiwork and

floating in the pool, enjoying tasty malted beverages.

(Sound of hysterical laughter) Yo, Rob! Like this is

going to be easy? Have you seen the size of this garage? It’s

Large! Not to mention the ceiling needs to be painted too.

Yeah. Maybe I took a damn big bite of something that had

‘Beast’ written all over it. I spent one whole day doing prep

work: taping and laying paper. Then I spent a whole ten to

fifteen minutes figuring out how the Wagner Power Sprayer

worked. In retrospect, I should have spent maybe thirty to

forty minutes with it before trying to paint on an actual wall.

The first results were – well let’s just say they kinda sucked.

Side note: I have a car friend who says I should not

be allowed anywhere near paint. A few years ago, I had

a project to paint my tire trailer the same color, Slate

Gray Metallic, as my 968. The results were lousy; lots of

over spray and paint runs along every surface. I thought

it looked OK, but my friend, gasping for air in between

fits of laughter said, “Rob, you’re the worst painter in the

world!” Geez man, you hurt my feeling. Hey, I’m painting

a garage wall white, what could go wrong?

As it turns out, a lot. The Wagner Power Sprayer was

hard to use. I discovered you had to hold it in a special

way or it clogged easily. How do I know this? Copious

amounts of white paint splattering me and every surface

not covered with paper.

I walked upstairs and my wife burst out

laughing. This was going to be a long weekend.

So, I compromised and started bringing the

tasty malted beverages down to the garage to

get me though this project. Lots of cold tasty

malted beverages.

I’d do a whole section of wall and then take a break.

I made pretty good progress and got most of the walls

completed by Saturday evening. Sunday I’d do the stairs

leading to the house (after having removed the ugly carpet)

and the ceiling. A hitch developed. Since the Wagner put

out a fine mist of paint in the air around it, everything not

covered in the garage ended up with a light coating of paint

on it. Me included. I’d worn breathing protection, but it

wasn’t enough as I felt like I had to hack up half a lung at

the end of each day. The stairs were particularly challenging

as they are narrow with no ventilation. They were also the

most faded area in the entire garage and needed two coats.

I think I breathed in one coat and I do not want to talk

about what happened when I blew my nose…

By Sunday night I was gassed. So, Mrs. Turner propped

me up in a comfy chair, put a neat bourbon in my hand

and started the Monaco GP, which we’d taped earlier. I was

exhausted and did not move all day Monday. And for the

most part, I was mostly finished painting.

Tuesday dawned bright and early as I had to head out

of town for a business trip. Opening the garage door, I

marveled at my paint work. It didn’t look too bad. There

was only one large-ish section I’d missed on the ceiling.

Maybe nobody would notice it. Until a random stranger

passing in his car stopped, got out of his car, walked all

the way uphill to the top of my driveway, pointed to my

ceiling and said, “Missed a spot.” Oh well, Wagner Power

Sprayer, fine paint mist and paint splatter be damned, I

won’t be painting any more. I shooed the guy away and

closed the garage door. The Wagner has seen the last of me.

And on that exhaust note, see you all next time.



Inspired seasonal cuisine with classic Neiman Marcus favorites.

Handcrafted cocktails and wine lists. Dining at its best.

November 27 – January 4

Monday–Saturday 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Sunday Noon – 4 p.m.

December 12 & 19

5 p.m. – 7:45 p.m.

CALL 214.573.5800



26 November

A Curated Selection of Pre-owned Timepieces

6821 Preston Rd., Dallas, TX 75205 214.522.2400

River Oaks District Houston, TX 77027 713.621.2400



Introducing HPDE/Track Day Insurance

High performance driving school is a blast. It’s a chance to push your car and your

skills to the limit, and it will make you a better driver. With Hagerty’s HPDE/Track Day

Insurance powered by RLI, you can keep your focus where it belongs — on driving.

Drive with us. Nolan Eberl-Coe | 682-219-5206 |

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Your mind’s been racing.

Catch up.

Decades of dreaming, fulfilled instantaneously. The iconic 911 Carrera. Legendary

handling, immediate power, and decades of motorsport heritage. It is the full

measure of a sports car. Found only in a Porsche. Porsche. There is no substitute.

The 911 Carrera.

Porsche Plano

5924 W Plano Pkwy.

Plano, TX 75093

(214) 579-1911

©2018 Porsche Cars North America, Inc. Porsche recommends seat belt usage and observance of traffic laws at all times.

28 November


There are still a gazillion air-cooled 911s on the

road. A problem that has forever plagued the ’76-‘87

911s is the cylinder head studs.

A brief refresher: Since the start of production of

the 911 in 1964 and through 1967, Porsche used a

sand-cast engine case. The sand casting method is very

expensive since a foundry tech has to make a mold for

every engine. Also the cases are heavy because of the

amount of aluminum used. Around 1965, Volkswagen

started using the pressure-cast method of producing

engine cases. The molds are reusable with the pressure

cast method.

Manufacturers are always looking for ways of

reducing cost. So in 1968, VW engineers started using

a magnesium/aluminum alloy for the cases. They could

use less material since the magnesium would strengthen

the alloy. This probably worked great in the frigid

climes of Europe, but not so much here in the American

southwest. The cases were so rigid that the pressure

on the case exerted by the cylinder head studs (caused

by ever-increasing engine temps to meet emission

standards) would result in the threads in the holes for

the studs breaking. The result was loose cylinder heads,

compression loss, and severely diminished power.

In 1968, Porsche adopted the magnesium alloy

pressure cast method for case production. This worked

great in the 2.0 L-2.4 L engines. In 1974, Porsche bumped

the displacement to 2.7 liters. Engines were running

hotter to meet emissions (in 1975 they incorporated a

five-blade cooling fan to increase the engine temp).

I was a unit tech (engine and transmission repair) at

30 November

(Maniacal) Mechanical Musings: Make it Stop!

By Ed Mullenix

then Forest Lane Porsche+Audi. I’ll bet I put thread repair

inserts in 50 engines when I worked there. Porsche liked

their alloy pressure cast cases, so their fix was to change

the exhaust-side stud material from steel to “dilvar.”

Dilvar had the expansion coefficient of

aluminum; the theory was that the aluminum

cylinders were expanding more on the lower

(exhaust) side, causing the threads in the case to

fail. Unfortunately the dilvar alloy was so brittle,

the studs would break; so much for the bestlaid

plans of mice and engineers. The alloy was

extremely hard; carbide drill bits were required to

drill out a broken stud.

In 1976, with the introduction of the 911

Turbo, Porsche used aluminum as the case

material. It was more forgiving than the

magnesium alloy. They kept the aluminum cases

through the SC, 3.2 Carrera, 964 3.6, and the

993. Several iterations of head stud were tried.

The problem does not show up on the 964 or

993 cars but is a ticking time bomb on the SC

and 3.2 cars.

If you are thinking about the purchase of a

3.0 or 3.2 911, absolutely have a pre-purchase

inspection done. Include removal of the lower

valve covers (drain the oil out of the engine, to

be refilled later), with a torque wrench set at 12

ft-lbs (half the prescribed head nut torque of 24

ft-lb), turn the wrench, and observe if there is any

movement of the head nut. If there is any movement at

all, that stud is in an early stage of failure.

I have removed lower covers during the course of

an engine maintenance and had sections of broken

head stud with nut still attached fall out on the floor.

Replacing head studs is essentially doing a “top end”

on the engine. Depending on where the stud broke, it

could mean total disassembly - see attached pic of an SC

case with studs broken off inside the case. I no longer

use dilvar studs; I use steel studs for upper (intake side)

and lower (exhaust side). In 20 years, have not had a

single problem using steel studs.

Having fun!!



You can test your

knowledge (or Google

search ability) of all

things Porsche by

participating in the

monthly trivia contest

posted online at http://

Answers are due by the

last day of each month.

The winner of the trivia contest receives a $25 gift

certificate from our sponsor, Zims Autotechnik. In the case

of ties, a random drawing determines the winner.

Here are the questions for the September 2019 Trivia.

We went with a trivia that brings Q&A this month dealing

with miscellaneous Porsche items. The winner this month

was Tom Martin, getting all 5 of 5 correct.

Congrats to Tom.

1. A company in England builds very high-end model car kits. This

company has a 1/8 scale model of a 1957 Porsche 356A. The

headlights work, the doors open by remote control, and more. You

too can have one for about _________!

a. $3500 b. $5800 c. $9200 d. $11,300


Maverick Trivia: Are you a Porschephile?

Jerry DeFeo

sponsored by Zims Autotechnik

Answers: 1)d, 2)c, 3)b, 4)b, 5)b

2. Anton Piech and Louise (Porsche) Piech were the parents of Ferdinand

Piech, “father” of the 917. Carlo Abarth was an Italian motorcycle

racer in the 1930s and founder of the Abarth company. Abarth

married someone very close to Anton Piech - who was it?

a. Piech’s sister b. Piech’s sister-in-law c. Piech’s secretary d. Piech’s

mistress (Abarth was Italian you know)

Source: Excellence magazine, April 2012, p 48

3. Carlo Abarth was responsible for the arrangement with Porsche to

build the Type 360 1.5-liter Cisitalia Grand Prix car. Porsche was

under contract to build three more items for Cisitalia: a small tractor

(Type 323), a sports car (Type 370), and a _________ (Type 385).

What was a Type 385?

a. Turbine Indy 500 car b. Water Turbine car c. Electric all wheel

drive car d. Turbocharged Diesel sports car

Source: Excellence magazine, April 2012, p 48

4. Recently at a Monterey auction, a 1939 Porsche Type 64 failed to sell

due to a bidding error. It mistakenly had an opening bid of ________ ?

a. $10,000,000 b. $30,000,000 c. $50,000,000 d. $70,000,000


5. The first Porsche 911s had some interesting items that you may not

see the newer models. Which of the following four items did the 1965

Porsche 911 NOT have?

a. Wood dash b.Weber carburetors

c. Gauges with green numbers d.

Orange vs red Porsche crest on the

front deck lid

Source: Excellence magazine, June

2012, p 80


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32 November

From the exotic to

the everyday driver,

we’ve got you covered.

• Preventative Maintenance & Scheduled Service

• Repairs on Electrical Systems, Engine and Drivetrain

• Full Restorations

• Paint Protection Film and Detailing

Factory level diagnostics for

Mercedes, Volkswagen, Audi,

Porsche and BMW

serving north dallas since 1989

13595 Floyd Circle #400

Dallas, TX 75243



Maverick November Anniversaries

45 Years

Hiram Saunders (Emily)

30 Years

John Dumford (Charlotte)

25 Years

William Neil (Mike Mosley)

15 Years

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Martin Prinz (Jane)

Paul Ruckman (Jo Anne)

Douglas Rutledge









Trophy Club


Flower Mound









Trophy Club

Correction from the October Anniversary list:

Julia Underwood actually joined PCA on November 1, 1986.

Her anniversary date is incorrectly listed as October 1, 2014

in the PCA National database.

Member Moment - 15th PCA Anniversary, Sept. 2019

Gilberto Delgado


Retired, AT&T

First Porsche

1955 Speedster 1500

Current Porsche(s)

1983 911 SC and 1994 911 (964) Speedster

Most memorable Maverick or PCA event

Many of the Drivers Education sessions - too many to list.

Best thing about Porsche ownership


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34 November

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Zims Autotechnik is not affiliated with Porsche AG or PCNA Registered Trademark of Dr. Ing h.c.F. Porsche A.G.

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Oversteer: Letter from the Editor

by Kurt Scaggs, Managing Editor

While putting together this month’s issue and wondering

what new fangled technology I was going to bad-mouth, a

photo submitted by Steve Louden caught me eye. For those of

you that remember Slipstream in those days, thanks for sticking

around. For those of us that don’t, this

was the current issue in September

1978. Archie and Linda LeBron were

the editors and Barry Gibbs, President,

wrote about airbags and quartz-halogen

headlights. Cutting edge stuff. Ed Mayo

wrote an article called Crankshaft

Crisis. It begins: “Every so often I hear

of people who have overhauled a 356

or 912 and then shortly thereafter the

crankshaft breaks. If you’ve checked

the new price of crankshafts lately, you

know you can buy a decent running VW

for the price of the crankshaft.”

Well the more times change, the more they stay the same

don’t they? I imagine you can probably still buy a decent running

VW for the price of a 356 crankshaft. (I checked. They start at

a little over $4,000 depending on which you’re looking for.)

Slipstream has been a part of the club since its very beginning,

as a one page newsletter in September of 1963. Slipstream has

changed a lot through the years, but its mission has not: t o

bring Maverick members relatable and informative stories

and updates on things happening in the

club. I hope we’re still doing that.

As always, we are constantly looking

for interesting stories and contributors

to help telling them. There is a limit to

how many times I can insist that the

world (and its engine) is flat without

getting thrown out of the penthouse

Slipstream offices. If you have interest

in helping out with any aspect of the

club, please contact Landon Stogner,

our Volunteers Chair. He will get you

plugged in with an event that can use

your help. If you would like to share a

story, share your garage adventure or help us out at Slipstream,

please let me know. And if you’d just like to see Ed’s article

yourself, check out the archive at and

search “slipstream”. Enjoy the (virtual) drive!

Porsche Specialists - Experienced Enthusiasts

Dealer-Like Service at Independent Prices

Excellent Service Maintenance & Repair Sales

•All Porsches’ Serviced

•Fast Turnaround Times

•Same Day Service In Some


•Serving DFW Area For Over

14 Years

•Family Founded, Owned &


•100+ Years of Porsche Tech Experience

•11,000 sq. ft. State-Of-The-Art Facility

Equipped with the latest Diagnostic


•Comfortable Waiting Area with

Free WiFi & Coffee Bar

•Same Services and Capabilities as the


•Consignment Sales performed

on a case-by-case basis

1975 Archer Ave • Lewisville • TX 75077 • 972•317•4005

36 November

motorcar serv ces

Constant SLIPSTREAM Advertiser Since 1978























Award winning service for 40+ years

Rated “Best in Dallas” a record 3 times

Rated “Best in Texas”

Rated “Top 10 Shops in U.S.”

Rated “Best in the West” by the ROBERT BOSCH Corporation

A Better Business Bureau accredited business for 3 decades with an A + rating

The first ASE “Blue Seal of Excellence” business in Dallas

Racing background at Daytona, Sebring, and Riverside

Master Certified Technicians

BOSCH Authorized Service Center

Air conditioned shop for technician efficiency and comfort

We do not sell cars, thus we must survive on our 40+ year service reputation

See what our customers are saying about us at:







N h x




11454 Reeder Road, Dallas TX 75229








Hiram Saunders, Slipstream

155 Jellico

Southlake, TX 76092

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Paid at Fort Worth, TX

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