November 2019


Dear friends at St. Timothy’s,

This letter comes to you, my home parish, with a

combination of joy and tears. The joyful news is that

I have accepted a call as Associate Rector for

Formation and Parish Life at Calvary Episcopal

Church, Fletcher, NC. As you know I have been

applying for jobs, and this is perfect for me because

it combines the chance to use my experience from 8

years of being a DRE in Episcopal churches in NJ,

FL, GA before I came to Greenville, and new

responsibilities as an ordained priest.

The tears are part of all I am letting go of, especially of being with dear friends at St.

Tim’s, as I start a new chapter in my spiritual journey to serve God in the Episcopal

Diocese of West Carolina. I will always cherish how the St. Timothy’s family supported

me and my family in countless ways during both the deep joys and sorrows of the last

12 years.

We first joined St. Timothy’s in 2007, when Haley and I were drawn into that year’s

upbeat Christmas Pageant which featured music from the Who, (Who are you? Whooo,

Who-oo?) as a way to ponder the Christ child in the manger. Then Haley joined

EYC and I joined the WE ensemble, and both were a source of complete joy for us for

years to come. I knew I was in the right place as I joined Leslie Bowman, Suzanne

Shelton, and Tom Czaplinski and many others, to sing out thanks and praise! In

addition I helped out for several years by leading Children’s Chapel and several adult

formation classes, especially while obtaining the Anglican Studies Certificate between

2013-2015. When I started the ordination process, I was not as physically present, but I

still considered St. Timothy’s as my church home. Just like our family homes, we come

back and forth between our various attempts at carving a place for ourselves in the


I have always loved the Asheville area, and actually considered working there 12 years

ago, but chose Greenville instead because I felt it was a better place for my family at

the time. So it is no surprise to consider working there again now!

It is not too far, and I hope you will all feel welcome visiting me at Calvary next time

you driving through the Smokey Mountains! You are also welcome to join me for my

ordination to the priesthood at St. Paul’s Greenville, on December 14 at 3 pm. I will be

ordained with Matt Babcock with whom I became a Transitional Deacon last June in


May you all be well as St. Timothy’s continues to be a welcoming presence for so many

in Greenville.

In Christ,

Rev’d Deacon Nanette



There have been three or four occasions over the past

fourteen years, that I have used words from a Leonard Cohen

song as part of a benediction. “Ring them bells that still can

ring. Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack in

everything. That’s how the light gets in.” You will likely hear

them from me again this coming Sunday.

This Sunday we celebrate the Feast of All Saints. One of my

favorite metaphors around the lives of saints is attributed to the

mind of a child. When asked if the child knew what a saint was, they replied “They are the ones

who let the light in,” referring to the people pictured in the stained glass windows of their church.

How right they were. They are the ones from whom we see God's light. The saints I have met in

my life, as well as the ones I have met in scripture, history, or literature, have all been people who

understand their own brokenness and use those cracks to let God’s light, which we can see, into

their own lives. John the Baptist sums up those broken human’s transformation into saints of God

when he says “(Jesus) must increase but I must decrease,” alluding to John’s need to make space

for the power of God found in Jesus our Messiah. Why is it then, that most of us, if we were to try

to live a more holy and God centered life, would begin our efforts by trying to decide what more we

need to do? Why don’t we begin by finding our cracks and trying to make more space for God to

fill those places of inadequacy.

I hope you have had the same experience of life around St. Timothy’s as I have had these past

three years. I hope that you have seen the love and power of God as people have cared for one

another and for perfect strangers in the name of Christ. I hope you have felt energy rising and a

desire to find and accomplish the work that God has for us to do at this time in this place. I wonder

if you are able, as I sometimes am, to see the brightest moments of power and love coming

through the cracks of death, pain, sorrow, failure and limitation. If so, perhaps we can turn our

eyes to those same places in our corporate present and future. We have cracks that are not

healthy to hide or ignore.

The level of giving and commitment expressed in this years stewardship campaign is

overwhelming and our collective gratitude is owed to each other. The doors will remain open. It is

not clear, however, whether we will be able to fill any of the cracks that we had hoped to. We

currently have a $17,000 operating deficit and still have unmet needs in music, property,

administration and programing. Exactly how and where we will identify the ways that God can

shine through are not clear but I do believe we will see the light coming through those cracks if we

choose to look. Maybe it will come in unexpected funds, or volunteers. Maybe it will come in

unexpected shifts in ministry and partnership. Just as sure as the sun will rise and stained glassed

saints around the globe will shine on children seeking understandings of the holy, I fully expect to

be in awe of the ways God uses us, and our cracks to fulfill the

ministries that he is calling us to. Why? For there's not any reason,

no not the least, why (we) shouldn't be one too. Happy All Saints.





Senior Warden


What a great fall season! Lobster Fair was a

huge success and so much is going on here

at St. Tim’s. I hope you find activities and

worship that enriches your life and soul.

The Stewardship Campaign is well

underway. Please, please bring or send in

your pledge card so that we will know what

to count on to remain a strong church as we

seek ways to expand our ministries of love

for our neighbors and ourselves.

For pure enjoyment join many of our St.

Timothy’s family and others at our first

outdoor movie night. It will be right here on

our campus on November 8th. Read the

article further in the newsletter for details.

Bring friends and your own chairs and

blankets for fun on a Friday evening.

As you read this newsletter look for

something you didn’t know about St.

Timothy’s or maybe find an activity you

might be interested in or a service you don’t

usually attend. This fall try something new

here and become even more part of St.

Timothy’s family.

Junior Warden


Wipes in the Pipes

Reminder we have had

our sewage lines flushed

twice over that past 2

months and we keep

finding Paper Towels in

our sewage lines!

This is extremely costly to our Parish!!!!

Help us wipe out a costly and messy sewer


The Problem: wipes, rags, paper towels and

materials are being flushed into the sewer system,

causing serious problems for St Timothy’s


The Solution: Flush only toilet paper and human

waste – nothing else! If you use wipes, trash ‘em,

don’t flush ‘em.

Disposable Wipes and Paper Products: cause

serious problems for the sewer system, as they do

not break down easily (or at all) once they are


Increased Maintenance Costs: when these

items are flushed our sewer pipes require

maintenance and Repair. This results in higher

operational costs from St. Timothy’s.

Our Campus Landscaping- later on in the late

fall/early winter you may see some major

cutting/trimming/pruning to our bushes/trees…two

reasons...(1) We need to have adequate air flow

and drainage around our buildings (2) Safety and

security, many of our bushes are taller than the

window sills and after meeting with our local

Sheriff’s office we have some recommendations to

make our campus safer.




St. Timothy’s Pledge Drive has officially

closed but not ended. To date we have

received 49 pledges (of 110 parishioners) for

a total amount pledged of $173 260. We still

have a way to go before we reach our goal

of $314,000. Members of the Stewardship

Committee are in the process of writing a

personal “thank-you” note to each

parishioner who has submitted a pledge. In

the thank-you note we remind each

parishioner how your gift to our 2020 budget

funds one of the many vital ministries of St.

Timothy’s Episcopal Church. It brings great

joy to each committee member’s heart to

write these thank-you notes. In doing so, the

notes personally connect each of us with

each of you.

If you have not yet completed and submitted a pledge card in support of our 2020

budget, please do so today. Members of the Stewardship Committee truly believe in our

theme for this year’s pledge drive—Loving God by Loving our Neighbor. We also

recognize that this is a transformational time in the history of St. Timothy’s Episcopal

Church. In addressing this moment in our history, we are committed to bringing all

parishioners on board as a faith community to work collectively in meeting the many

needs of St. Tim’s parishioners and members of the greater Greenville community. It is

in reaching out to and helping others that WE experience the rewards of loving our

neighbor in ways we never expected. In doing so we are blessed beyond all measure.

The Stewardship Committee is hosting NEIGHBORHOOD MOVIE NIGHT on Friday,

November 8, 5:30-7:30pm in thanksgiving for all our gifts, especially the beautiful

campus that we have been entrusted to use for ministry.

Please invite your friends to this community event and come prepared to have fun

with other families while veiwing Disney's Moana

The movie and popcorn are free

but we will have some drinks and pizza for purchase.

Please bring cash if you think you will be hungry,

or, unlike a local theater, you are more than welcome to bring food of your own as

well as beach chairs, beach blankets & pillows or whatever you need to be


A special thanks to John Crawford and AuburnAV for donating

all the equipment and labor needed for this event.



Congratulations on another smashing success in the

books! Every generation would declare this year's

Lobster Fair a smashing success having provided a

wonderful event for the community and raised the funds

we need to continue to invest in meaningful outreach.

Thanks goes out to all of the people that gave so much of their time and talent to make this

year run so smoothly. A special word of thanks goes out to Frank Cassiano who returned

to chair his second Lobster fair this year after stepping last year to relieve Bibb Baugh after

many years at the helm.

The Lobster Fair really only works with the shared leadership of new and returning

volunteers. In a very intentional effort to insure we are doing what we need to do to

incorporate not only new volunteers, but also new leaders, next year's chairs have already

been sought out and are ready to begin their work.

It is my joy to announce that Joyce Wittman and Marie Cooper have taken on the

responsibity of co-charing next year's event. Joyce and

Marie will not only have the work and responsibility of the

Lobster Fair deligated to their care, but the freedom to

work with the vestry and other church leadership to

reinvision how this event can even more fullly reflect the

mission and values of St. Timothy's. Make your suggestions

known and be a part of shaping Lobster Fair 2020.


Programs offered this far have been well received. Weekly guest speakers are

contributing excellent information, in keeping with the theme, Loving God By Loving

our Neighbors . November will feature a focus on Interfaith worship and include

speakers from Muslim, Jewish and other Christian perspectives. Rev Bob Hudak will

share thoughts and perspective on what it is like to be disciples of Jesus in Interfaith


Adult Formation is committed to offering programs that deepen you understanding of

our faith, our work, and assist you in discerning and understanding God’s call to you.

If you are not present, you are missing out on living a full Christian life.


Fall fun and wild winter adventures.

After a record group at our kick off back in September, Youth Ministry has been a little slow getting

started this fall. It must be time for a few shots of excitement to make sure we have

everyone's attention.

Friday November 8th: Neighborhood movie night at the church.

It might be a little chilly but we hope you will join us to help provide a wonderful experience for any

guests we have attending this community outreach program. You can help us give away popcorn,

sell drinks and pizza and also enjoy Disney's Moana. (you may pretend you don't like it but I'm

gonna catch you singing along). Bring a blanket, chair, and some cash for treats.

Saturday December 7th: Greenville Christmas Parade

Scott Krippen is donating a trailer and a generator so that we can twinkle and

sing our way through downtown, tossing out candy and letting people know

they should come check out St. Timothy's. We will work on design ideas and

gather materials but depending on the materials we are going to use, we will

likely decorate the day of or maybe the day before. See if you can pull your

Christmas decorations out of the attic a little earlier this year and bring something in for the church to

borrow until after the parade.

Sunday December 22nd: Christmas Party with old fashion Hayride and Caroling.

Back on a trailer again, but this time loaded with hay, we will cruise the streets of

Cherry Oaks, singing the good news of Christmas. When we are frozen and

famished we will return to the church for holiday food and fun.

Early 2020: It is about time to travelIf you ask me, we have waited long enough! It

is time for a proper youth retreat and what better way to

start than a ski trip. Details to come but save room on your christmas list

to ask for the cost of a ski trip this winter.


C H I L D R E N ' S F O R M A T I O N

Dear parents,

We are so happy to have had a wonderful two months with your children! We have had two fun Children’s

Chapel and Fellowship Sundays where the children get to know each other, participate in their own

worship service, and learn how things are done in the big church.

We look forward to our special Halloween tithing event on

November 3 where we collect Halloween candy to donate to

Packs4patriots. All parishioners are invited to participate in this

event. We will collect candy from the children during

Sunday School and will have a collection

box in the Narthex. Not only will this be a

fun Outreach project, it is also an

opportunity to begin teaching our children

about the spiritual practice of tithing.

Each child is asked to contribute 10% of

their candy to the church in support of this

outreach ministry. We believe that 10% of their candy has a much greater impact on their learning than

asking them to bring in money. When you are talking about a child's candy, you are talking about

something they value. Learning that it is good to give away things we care about in thanksgiving for all

the blessings we have is a great lesson for all of us.

Children’s Chapel in November is on the 17th. Please remember you can sign your child up for a job

through our online sign-up sheet that is sent out via email. If you are not receiving these emails, please

let us know.

Pageant practice begins November 24. We will

pick parts this day and begin talking about the

meaning of Christmas. The pageant is on January

5, Epiphany, during the 10:15 service.

Please mark your calendars for December 1,

which is our special intergenerational Advent

Festival held in the Parish Hall during regular

Sunday School time.

We look forward to this special and busy month

with your children!

Megan and Kathryn


T H E O & K A T E

a r e h a v i n g a

charlie & katie are

BABY engaged!



Leslie Bowman, Preschool Director

Preschool News:

The preschool has gotten off to a good start this year. The teachers and students have

quickly settled into their daily routine, with lots of fun and learning going on. Most of our

classes are full, but there are still spots available in the Pre-K class. Last month we also

opened a second Young 2s Class for children aged 15-24 months. If you know of anyone

looking for a preschool home, please have them call me at 355-2125 to schedule a tour.

There are a few additional things you can do to help our program:

*Link your VIC card to St. Timothy’s Preschool at Harris. This must be done annually, and

you can link to more than one school!

*Like us on Facebook/follow St.Timothys.greenville on Instagram and spread the word

about our awesome preschool program. Invite friends and neighbors with small children to

come in for a tour.

*Display some of our brochures, our flier or our business cards at your place of business.

Email me at to let me know how many to print for you-or I can send

you an electronic copy.

Thanks for all you do to support our preschool ministry. And thanks to all who “picked” an

apple and donated a wish list item! Looking for a delicious Christmas gift idea? Beginning

November 18th the preschool will be selling gift cards to

Texas Roadhouse. Businesses may customize their cards to

display their company logo. The preschool will earn a

percentage of the sales. Email or

speak to preschool director Leslie Bowman (252-355-2125

ext. 202) to place an order.


Leslie Bowman, director


Our Parish Choir now has 9 members, but we still have room for more.

Come and join us each Wednesday evening at 7 pm and on Sundays for the

10:15 worship service.

Music Makers is busy already working on music for the Advent season. All

children are invited to join us on Sundays at 9:15 am.

Belinda Butler

Director of Music Ministry



The $1000 grant recently received will

be used to offer healthy eating classes

to families and small households. This

will be held at the church Saturday

mornings Nov 9th and again in January.

(The Nov 2nd class has been

postponed) 10 different people will be

able to sign up for each class.

The first ten people to sign up will receive a ticket to their cooking class. A voluntary $10

donation is suggested. Classes will be Kid Friendly Healthy Meals, and Busy Lifestyles

Cooking. The November 9th class only has three more openings. Please sign up on the

sheet in the narthex.

Dinner groups have resumed and should be meeting each month. Mark your

calendars for the Adult Christmas Social at Bitsie Harwell's 6 pm.

Please continue to sign up to host Coffee Hour. This is a great way to connect to

your fellow parishioners.

A Thanksgiving Potluck will be held on Sunday, November 24th following the


ECW will provide Turkeys & Hams.

Last names beginning with A - S please bring sides

Last names beginning with T-Z please bring deserts.

There will be a sign up in the Narthex for an accurate count.

All are welcome. Healthy eating classes November 9th and January

Nov. 24th Thanksgiving Potluck

December 8th Christmas Party at Bitsie Harwell's

January 7th possible Birthday Celebration

Events! Upcoming

February 9th Putt Putt Mini Golf $5.00/person or $10/family

March Celtic Caylee Music Fest


(Women's Prayer Group)

The Daughters of the King are asking for your contributions to Greenville’s CCC Homeless

Shelter with a donation period from Oct 6 to Nov 17. Please leave donations in the Narthex in

the blue box. Items needed: Gently Used/New Towels & Washclothes, Backpacks & School

Supplies, Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, Rain Ponchos, 32 Gallon Plastic Totes with Lids for

Clothing Storage (Highly Needed at this time), Paper Plates and Cups, Plastic Forks,

Spoons, Knives, Cleaning Supplies (Bleach, Lysol, Tub Cleaners, Toilet Bowl Cleaners, Dish

Washing Detergent (they do not have any dishwashers), Laundry Detergent, Gently

Used/New Twin Size Sheets, New Pillows, and Shower Shoes/Flip Flops.



charlie & katie are


Diane Hatfield, from St. Timothy’s is a Facilitator for GriefShare at

Unity Church (contact information 252-714-0213, email:

How GriefShare works

GriefShare is a friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through

one of life’s most difficult experiences. You don’t have to go through the grieving

process alone.

GriefShare seminars and support groups are led by people who understand what

you are going through and want to help. You’ll gain access to valuable GriefShare

resources to help you recover from your loss and look forward to rebuilding your


Loss of a Spouse (1 night program) will be at Unity Church in January 2020

Surviving the Holidays (1 night program) will be at Unity Church on 11/13/2019

6;30-8:30, cost is $5.00 for the booklet.

GriefShare Support Group – 13 sessions, each independent,

Starts at Unity Church 9/18/2019 – 12/18/19 at 6:30-8:30 in the evenings (4301

Charles Blvd. enter in the back of the church), New sessions starting in January 2020

Starts at Jarvis Memorial church 9/18/19 – 1/8/20 at 11:30-1:30 during the day (510

South Washington St, Downtown Greenville), New sessions staring in January 2020

Greenville has multiple GriefShare groups and a free daily email for encouragement

go to - enter your zip code for a group that meets your

schedule and to sign up for emails.

St. Timothy's Annual Adult Social Holiday Party. December 8, 6-8 pm at Bitsie

Harwell's home, 105 Dundee Drive (Brook Valley), Greenville, NC. If you have any

questions, please contact Bitsie 756-5339 or Julie Crippen 246-9442. There will be a

sign up in the Narthex. This is a Fellowship sponsored event.



What does Cursillo do?

It helps to renew and deepen Christian commitment. Many people

have said Cursillo provides an important learning experience which causes many

to feel like newly made Christians with apurpose and with support. I’m very

that excited Margaret Miller will be attending EC 99, November 7-10 2019 at the Trinity

Center. Serving on team this year will be: Mark Tull, Marty Michaels, Leslie Bowman

and Diane Hatfield.

We will host our Welcome Back - LaPaz Ulreya meeting for Goldsboro, Greenville,

Washington and Kinston Cursillo members on December 1st from 1-3 pm in the

Parish Hall. All are welcome to attend, especially if you want to learn more of what

Cursillo is about. We will have food, fellowship and great music, so come join us!

Interested? Want to learn more? Ask your ‘rector, Diane Hatfield, or someone who

has been to Cursillo…many of us at St. Timothy’s have. Our next weekend for

Cursillo will be April 23-26 2019. We are looking for individuals LIKE YOU! We will

have a HUGE group of folks going for their first time and Team members serving for

the Spring Cursillo from St. Timothy’s….Don’t Miss out!!!!!

Dear Family of Faith at St Tim's,

This has been a busy month for the Well. We are

working on our plans to participate in an event at the

Ladonia Wright Cultural Center focusing on the many

religious events held during Christmas season.

Our group will be focusing on Advent. This past month we had Dr. Calvin Mercer

join us from the ECU Religion Department to discuss transhumanism. We enjoyed a

lively conversation. Matt Sculley invited us over for dinner at The Scullery. We

enjoyed working behind the food counter making coffee and dipping ice cream.

Rev. Diane Tomlinson joined us to talk about the Enneagram. We will end the

month by carving pumpkins on Halloween.

A number of us will be going on retreat at Camp

Agape during the first weekend of November. We

will be joined by the students from UNC-


Thank you for your support of our ministry. We

appreciate all you do for us and especially enjoy the

wonderful meals you prepare for us.


Well Students and Pastor Donna



Many Hands Made Light Work And Increased Blessings

Thanks to all of you, the 2019 Lobster Fair Silent Auction raised more

than $3,100 for outreach efforts!

The success of the auction is due to the participation of so many in

our Church family. We appreciate the generosity of all those who

donated treasure from their attics or gave or solicited gift certificates

for goods and services. A wide variety of household and personal

items made up the 165 selections put out for bids and created an

interesting market which drew more than 80 bidders. Bidding activity

was robust; and we extend our thanks to all of you who participated.

We hope you are well pleased with your new finds!

And a warm thank you to all

those who worked to make the

auction run smoothly

....cataloging merchandise,

setting up displays, manning

the bidder check-in and checkout

....thank you for your time

and your good will.

Our coming together for the benefit of others comes back to us in more ways than we

could imagine. When the funds raised by our collective good work are combined with


commitment and caring of the St.

Timothy's Church family, there is no

doubt our outreach efforts will continue

to increase the blessings we all enjoy!

Thank you all!

The Silent Auction Planning Committee









4 Barry and Susan Allen

6 Richard and Linda Lane

7 Billy and Kathryn Lloyd


2 Keith Holmes

Alice Escallier

6 Bruce Overby

Cheri Proctor

9 Alex Cullen

16 Jackie Racine

18 Trent Brame

20 Richard Peterson

James Proctor

21 Jac Chatham

22 Samuel Huxel

23 James Loy

Ruthie Richards

24 Steve Lichti

26 Ray Franks

27 Thomas Keeter

29 Bill Redd

Megan Roberts

Bryan Bell

30 Chris Candler


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