NZPhotographer Issue 25, November 2019


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I find stairwells in general, fascinating as they can be such a

beautiful feature of a building, and are often well preserved.

But I also felt there was some preservation required by us,

as photographers, as some parts of the building were in a

state of disrepair and no doubt would be renovated soon.

The peeling paint was a great representation of this. It was

quite a juxtaposition of beauty and age - in normal lighting,

the peeling paint showed the age and state of the building.

But when the sun filtered through the cubic windows of the

stairwell it became beautiful.

It’s funny to walk into what is considered a utilitarian

space and yet spend hours poring over the details. But as

visiting photographers, we had the temporary advantage

of seeing with fresh eyes. So the exquisite details that may

have been missed by the buildings’ residents, walking

those stairs daily, glowed like neon to us.

There are many opportunities around us to capture a

point in time, a historic perspective - but it’s easy enough

to become so used to the cities and towns we live in, that

we are immune to their beauty. If you want to reopen

your eyes to these possibilities, challenge yourself to

photograph an unfamiliar space each day. If you make

the challenge long enough (100 days?) you may push

yourself far beyond the familiar to the truly unknown.

Our spaces are always changing, so you can think of

yourself as a visual historian - because that’s exactly what

you are. Preserving a point in time, documenting history.



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