NZPhotographer Issue 25, November 2019


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Preserving Anvil House

by Peti Morgan

I’m a Wellington based photographer who uses the

camera as a tool for creative expression. My work

spans landscape, architecture, fine art, travel, and

abstract - often focusing on the sea, and aspects of


Some key moments in my photography journey

include receiving my licentiate honours from the

Photographic Society of New Zealand in 2014, winning

a gold medal in the PSNZ Canon National Exhibition

(NATEX) in 2015, and exhibiting at the New Zealand

Academy of Fine Arts in 2016.

It was during a PSNZ convention that I was able to join

an architectural workshop with Jim Simmons, at Anvil

House on Wakefield Street, Wellington. We toured up

the stairwell, into one of the empty office spaces, and

onto the roof.

Anvil House was built in the ‘50s, for Smith & Smiths. A

little light research reveals that “Anvil” was actually

their paint brand, and their emblem is still shown on

the front of the building (the two blokes whacking

an anvil). Their original building was burned to the

ground, and Anvil House built in its place.

The stairway is exquisite. For such an outwardly

unpretentious building, this was a lovely surprise!

Looking up, or looking down, the stairwell is a

convergence of clean lines and warped angles. It

felt best to photograph it in black and white so that

I could focus on these lines and shapes. Given that I

was on a photography walk, I admit to having cloned

out the odd photographer in the finished images!

Sometimes though, I left them in to illustrate the




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