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Thank you to all the students and staff who

have contributed to this year’s magazine.

Bella Thomsson - cover design.

Sam Drayton - proofreading.

Mandy Sherson - advertising.

Jacky Toepfer & Chrissi Pettit - sports photos.

Liz Breslin - editing.

Andrew Miller - design.

ILC 38


P R I N C I P A L ' S


I runga i te whakaro ko tea mea nui o oa tenei

tangata kua mai ra koutou katoa

Greetings and welcome to our magazine

celebrating 2019. I have been reflecting on the

changes since I have been at the college and I

would like to share some of those reflections with

you. When I first arrived we had 350 students

compared to today’s roll of 1070. That increase has

told the story as, not only the college but also our

town and its surrounding communities have grown

and developed well beyond the expectations of

the 2020 plans that many of us were involved with.

What is the MAC story from my perspective?

• Mission statement:

Our mission is to provide a unique, exciting and holistic

learning adventure for individuals. We aim to provide a

happy, innovative, inclusive and respectful environment

in which to develop lifelong learners. In partnership

with our community, we will help individuals to

develop self-responsibility and confidence to strive for

personal and academic excellence in order to reach

their potential as global citizens.

• Learning vision

Our students will be creative, responsive, independent

and resilient, acting with kindness and respect.

Our curriculum will be broad, emphasising student

agency, critical thinking and collaborative approaches.

• SOAR VALUES - Self, Others, Attitude, Respect.

• We aim to help produce good people with a real

sense of community.

What remains important for me?

• Developing close relationships and knowing

our students - vertical whanau, extra-curricular

involvement, Team Up Conferences, passing on

information via KAMAR, Year 6 to 7 handover.

• Providing many opportunities - a broad, well

rounded educational experience, offering leadership

opportunities, making connections to our community

and further beyond.

• Celebrating and acknowledging success.

• Enjoying the journey.

• Students of all ages mixing successfully and feeling

safe in each other’s company.

• Learning is not restricted to the classroom -

appreciation for and experience of our environment.

• Having home and school working together in

harmony for the benefit of the student.

• Front office - recent discussions on restructure

identified the need to never place efficiency over

openness and welcome.

• Student voice and student leadership.

• Developing systems and strategies to acknowledge

individual progress - Data - academic, behavioural

(pastoral entries and fortnightly grades), notes

from KAMAR.

• NCEA and Junior School academic results.

• Supporting the wellbeing of students and staff.

• Without living in the past we wish to enhance the

features that allowed MAC to be a place where

students (and staff) are happy to come to the college

every day and work alongside each other.


What am I most proud of?

• I was asked this the other day by a visiting principal.

The simple answer was the students. They prove

over and over again that they value people and

support each other. I am very rarely let down when

the students and staff are in out of school contexts -

(relates to the good person being paramount).

• The breadth of experiences that are offered to our


• The academic results that we do achieve, have

trended up over time.

• To work with a staff that may not agree with each

other but everyone of them interacts with students

as people first and will do everything they can to

support their students.

• The number of students who will always greet you

with a smile, a greeting.

• The spirit or wairua that is always evident in house


• The willingness for our staff not to be risk averse

but more so prepared to ensure that EOTC activities

remain available for students.

• COTC Central Otago Teachers Conference.

• PDS Personal Development System.

• KAMAR is now familiar to all staff and more user friendly

than the previous student management system.

What have we improved on?

• Collecting and analysing data which narrows down

to the individual student or groups of students. This

includes academic data, well-being data, pedagogical

feedback, attendance, fortnightly grades.

• From above, developing strategies and supporting

individual needs.

• Including student voice to create change (we are

more adept at saying we know rather than we feel or

think as we have in the past).

• Creating class settings or courses to suit our learners

- Year 9, NCEA course changes.

• Change to Pastoral system to a vertical system in 2020.

• Pathways for students not focussed on university

education (Trades, Gateway, Tourism, OP, Pathways

course) - individualised learning.

• Literacy and numeracy support programmes in Years


• Increased counselling resources to support students.

• Smaller class sizes in Years 7-9 to assist them to cope

with re-location and to recognize their large cohort size.

• Development of HQ - providing a setting for

students with high and complex needs that allows

their individual learning needs to be met.

• Personal Development System (PDS)/Appraisal this

has been developed since the last ERO visit and is

now embedded. It is now an online digital version

where teachers can access and add evidence when

appropriate across the year.

• Increased understanding of Te Ao Māori through

professional learning groups and accessing Te

Wananga Tikanga Māori course. Normalising use

of mihi and the ability to run haka, powhiri etc very

naturally are indications of the growth.

• Increasing opportunities for student leadership,

inaugural leaders 2014 and developed to include

leadership committees and student executive who also

in turn mentor the next year groups through the process.

• Curriculum Structure - HOLA - (future proofing -

for growth - understanding and appreciation of

curriculum change on the whole school.

• Change of behaviour management system to

incorporate PB4L Tier 1 and 2 strategies.

• Staff wellbeing - Professional confidential free

counselling available to all staff along with raising

awareness of wellness through full staff meetings.

• BYOD - student use of technology and improved stability

of access via upgraded AP’s and network infrastructure.

• Access of equity devices such as Chromebooks.

These are now deployed first thing each morning

from one place and students ‘self issue and return’.

• WIFI Network architecture upgraded/redesigned to

allow for more control over groups of users.

• Health and Safety improvements, including

procedure updates. We do not pay lip service to

Health and Safety. We take it seriously.

• Property is a continuing growth area and has been

so for 15 years. MAC Staff Info site set up as “the one

stop shop” for staff.

• Website reviewed and improved.

• Meeting structure improved.

• Use of Google G-suite has become embedded in

everyday practice.

• Introduction of Blues Awards to recognise

achievement in academia, sport, culture and service

for Year 12 and 13 students.

• Visit from Qtopia to raise awareness around

diversity within the student body which included

a full staff session and a specialised pastoral

session for deans - employment contracts,

enrolment forms, building plans are examples of

changes as a result.

What are we working on?

• Developing strategies that embrace growth as an

opportunity to allow students to flourish.

• Remaining one school but functioning in a way where

no-one is ever lost. People will always override systems.

• Identifying and resourcing individual student needs.

• Developing learning spaces which enhance learning,

not determine it - Flexibility - not preordained style

for the most current fad in education.

• Providing a safe environment in the face of external

pressures, increased levels of anxiety, social media

and instant gratification.

• Developing/building collective leadership capacity

within staff particularly middle leaders. We have

found a professional consultant with a proven

track record that understands the intricacies and

personalities within an organisation and navigates

their way through delivery of a particular message

in a manner which is respectful and well received

by the target audience. (Responsive Consultants)

Although early in the piece, this has been fantastic

in terms of helping senior leaders develop middle

leaders leadership capacity. We have had one of

four sessions so far.

• Building collaborative relationships with colleagues

in the Central Otago region (COTC).

• How do we describe and measure the wellroundedness

of our students?

• Developing report layouts that are visual, easy to

understand for parents with less teacher speak.

• Working on developing understanding and knowledge

of HR within the SLT group through various conferences

and sessions with an employment law firm.

• Using data to make informed decisions for our

learners - we are starting to know what is happening,

now what do we do with it?

• Developing a business manager role to take a

strategic approach to finances and human resources.

• Buildings/spaces created with architects will give us

the flexibility to put people first.

• Teacher wellbeing via the workload survey.

• Level of student voice asked for, listened to and actioned.

• Vertical Deans and increase in number of deans.

• Context of rapid growth (student and staff numbers

in 2015 - present - future) Student roll 2015 - 789,

2019 - 1079 (36.7% increase), Staff roll 2015 - 117

(Teaching staff 75) 2019 - 132 (Teaching staff 90).

Many years ago my dad told me that you must enjoy

what you do. I continue to love my job, although some

of the challenges differ from those I experienced earlier

in my career but the joy of working alongside young

people never changes.

Enjoy your summer and stay safe.




Kia ora koutou,

2019 has been a busy and challenging year and I

would like to thank everyone who has contributed

positively to the college over the past twelve months.

As MAC continues to grow so too do the challenges

faced in terms of campus, cohesiveness and culture.

The Board Agenda in 2019 has been dominated by

future campus developments (frustratingly these

are still a work in progress), the uniform review

which is getting closer to completion and the ERO

review. There is no doubt MAC is a more complex

organisation than it was twelve months ago and the

challenge we face collectively over the next year is

to ensure the entire MAC community (students, staff,

community and BoT) work together to enhance the

key elements that make MAC great.

I would like to acknowledge and thank Paul Tamati

and Dave Crawford who stepped down from their

roles on the BoT and MAC Foundation respectively

after long periods of selflessly donating their time

and energy to MAC. Thank you to Bronson Toghill

and Luke Faed whose terms as Student and Staff BoT

representatives have come to an end. Thank you also

to the staff who do everything they can to prepare

our students to be the best that they can be.

To the 2019 leavers - the BoT wishes you all the best

for whatever comes next in your lives.

We hope you leave with many happy memories of

good friends and great experiences and that you feel

prepared to make your mark on the world.

Have a safe and enjoyable summer and all the best

for 2020.

Ngā mihi nui




Back: Tim Harper, Ruth Farquhar, Jude Faircloth, Ruby Cave, Gareth Hodges, Neil Stuart, Sye Johnson, Emily Richardson, Helen Best, Rob Bruce, Ed Waddington,

Clare Scurr, Andrew Sloan, Roy Gawn, Dave Cassaidy, Christina Gott, Marcus Bate, Andrew Allen.

3rd row: Carol Bradley, Carys Overton, Vicky Brown, Rachel Warne, Kate Brown, Joanna Hewson-Williams, Stephanie Botha, Natalie Whyte, Sharon Arlidge, Ellie Russell,

Renee Plunkett, Emily Wilson, Nicole McCone, Hannah Gardyne, Megan Van, Jacky Toepfer, Kirsten Mason, Kim Tomlin, Rochelle Robertson, Euan Simpson.

2nd row: Brianna Lobb, Angela Richardson, Tiffany Kemp, Dawn Bosley, Shelley Smith, Deb McMillan, Claire Easterbrook, Melissa Thomson, Gemma Thompson,

Jenni McDougall, Kay Hart, Lana Whipp, Sandra Findlay, Sarah Millwater, Liz Breslin, Michelle Suddaby, Craig Jefferies, Marc Nyika.

Front: Andrew Miller, Perry Brooks, Denise Bruns, Murray Allen, Alastair Hose, Lincoln Bruce, Cameron Flude, Vicki Ashton, Dean Sheppard, Wayne Bosley, Hamish Crosbie,

Simon Nyhof, Gena Bagley, Kathryn Miller, Mat Doyle, Chris Waugh, Charlotte Lucas, Karen Gilfedder, Emily McRae.

Absent: Eleanor Basterfield, Jenny Bayliss, Lesley Baynes, Delfina Blatchley, Tania Brett, Anna Brown, Sarah Carlton, Helen Carter, Nikki Cotter, Jan Craig, Blanca Csiky,

Dan Cullen, Samantha Drayton, Jenny Edgar, Amanda Everingham, Luke Faed, Michelle Fenton, Donna Green, Caitlin Harvey, Liz Hawker, Katharine Heap, Erin Hurley,

Renee Johnson, Katrina Johnstone (leave), Graham Knauf, Sarah-Jane Knowles (leave), Kris Logan, Thelma McMurray, Florence Micoud, Pip Miller, Ronnie Moffat,

Karyn Munro (leave), Jane Newell, Nikki Parker-Webb, Chrissi Pettit, Danielle Pullar, Vicki Rice, Bernie Rillstone-Caig, Georgie Roberts, Kaz Roberts (leave),

Brendon Robertson, Clayton Sargisson, Mandy Sherson, Pete Smalley, Nick Steenson, Graham Stewart, Stephen Tarasiewicz, Clare Thomas-Moore, Kathy Tweedie,

Joanne Waide (leave), Jane Watson-Taylor, Heather Watt, Sonia Williams, Andrea Woolley.






Scholar is the word that would

probably best define Jaime Toepfer.

The 18-year-old Mount Aspiring

College pupil has a wide range of

interests, but reading and learning

about new things are what she has

always enjoyed the most. Jaime

said she reads both fiction and

non-fiction, ranging across subjects

as diverse as politics, history and

physics, and in the holidays she would read a book every two days.

This year, as well as studying for NCEA level 3, Jaime completed online

papers in law and international relations from the University of Waikato in

the first half of the year, achieving A grades in both, and she is currently

studying a philosophy paper from the University of Canterbury.

In July and August, Jaime spent two and a half weeks at the London

International Youth Science Forum attending lectures on science and

different cultures, and visiting universities and institutes around the

United Kingdom.

Although Jaime has described herself as ‘‘quite academic’’, she said

moving to Wanaka from Auckland when she was 10-years-old gave

her the opportunity to get involved in outdoor activities such as skiing,

mountain biking and tramping.

She sailed on the Spirit of Adventure in 2016, completed a 21-day

Outward Bound course in 2018, and is working towards achieving her

gold Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award.

As she also has Dutch citizenship, Jaime is considering studying for a

liberal arts degree in the Netherlands next year, with a view to eventually

having a career working in an embassy, the United Nations, "or somewhere

I am helping others and making a difference".

Jaime credits her success to having a supportive family, her "amazing"

friends with shared interests, and the teachers who encouraged her to further

explore her passions beyond what she was being taught in the classroom.

Achievements: NCEA levels 1 and 2 with excellence; highest number of

excellence credits at NCEA level 2 (2018); University of Waikato first-year

law and international relations papers (2019); school awards for highest

overall achievement in years 7-10, highest achiever English years 11 and

12, highest achiever biology year 12, highest achiever distance learning

year 12; academic blues (2018); academic committee member (2018-19);

attended University of Otago Gifted and Talented Marine Science Camp

(2016); Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Silver Award (2017); attended Aotearoa

Youth Declaration (2019); attended Wellington Model Westminster

(2019); awarded Royal Society Te Aparangi scholarship and selected to

attend the International Youth Science Forum in London (2019).

Role models: No role model.

Hopes for the future: To work for an embassy or the United Nations.


Speaking te reo is a big part

of Flynn Rosie’s busy life.

The 17-year-old Mount

Aspiring College pupil is

part Māori and has a strong

desire to speak the language

fluently — something he

believes will help open doors

for him in future. "My Māori

culture is really important to

me. I love to speak to other

speakers whenever I find

them and I love to make sure

others can hear us speaking".

The 1.85m basketballplaying

musician never

misses a chance to further

his ability in languages.

"I’ve been studying Māori

properly at school for about

three years, and I’ve picked

up a little Brazilian Portuguese, and Mandarin. I’d love to be able to

speak heaps of languages when I’m older".

Flynn was born in Dunedin and spent his early years in Queenstown

before his family moved to Hawea Flat, where Flynn attended

primary school and began Māori language classes. When he was

10-years-old, the family went on "a bit of an adventure" to Perth for

two years while his father David worked on oil rigs.

Flynn was well accepted by his classmates at Craigie Heights

Primary School, in Joondalup, who particularly enjoyed his New

Zealand accent. "Everyone loved it. Coming from New Zealand, we

had grown up quite a bit different, such as sport-wise".

He played football and Australian Rules, and continued his interest

in basketball. He now plays for Mount Aspiring College in the Upper

Clutha men’s basketball league.

He plays guitar and has been drummer in the college jazz band and

two rock bands — Theory and Liquid Breakfast — which have done

well in the Smokefree Rockquest.

Flynn works part-time at the Big Fig restaurant, where he is able to

practice his language skills.

He expects this will help him as he begins an international business

course at the University of Otago next year.

"This will help me on to the track of foreign diplomacy and

foreign relations".

Achievements: Taha Māori award (2018); cultural and sporting

blues; Māori award; Te Waipounamu scholarship and business

award; kapahaka leader; cultural committee deputy chairman;

head Māori pupil; basketball captain (2018-19); band member

and worship team member at New Life Church; Matariki tipu hou

kapahaka member; drum teacher; involved in Yami and MACStock

music events.

Role model: Dad. "I’ve always looked up to him, often without

even realising".

Hopes for the future: To study business at the University of Otago

and travel the world.




Timetable for 2018


Christie, Riley






Timetable for 2018

Level 3 Excellence






Christie, Riley Hoffman-Wall, Tilly Kaye, Zachary McDougall, Luci



2019 Timetable Actual


McNabb, Hannah



2019 Timetable Actual

2019 Timetable Act

Christie, Riley Hoffman-Wall, Tilly Kaye, Zachary McDougall, Luci

McNabb, Hannah Sharratt, Joseph Simpkin, Emily Strawson, Joe

Weir, Lachlan

Riley Christie Tilly Hoffman-Wall Zachary Kaye Luci McDougall Hannah McNabb Joseph Sharratt Abbott, Libby Emily Simpkin Baird, Lucas Joe Strawson Bates, Olivia Lachlan Burrows, Weir Otto

Level 3 Merit

Timetable Erica Actual Ayres

Manu Barnard

Megan Blackley 2019TT

Jess Brennan

Kine Diallo

Florrie Dixon

Bowen Greenaway

Max Hall

Emilie Barnett Lucas Buckley Sam Dougherty Jono Harknett

McNabb, Hannah Sharratt, Joseph Simpkin, Emily Strawson, Joe

Dara Beattie-Johnson Jake Connolly

James Beere

Kate Binns

Jessica Curtis

Samuel Davey

Stirling Deaton

Abbott, Libby Baird, Lucas Bates, Olivia Burrows, Otto

Thomas Edwards

Gregor Findlay

Ciara Foggin

Bella Fraser

Millie Heine

Oscar Hetherington

Briar Hight

Alyssa Horning

Hannah Humphreys Chloe McMillan Alex Plimmer 2019TT Niamh Schmack

Simone Johnson 2019 Timetable Michael MeekActual Greer Porter Casey Scurr

Olivia Weir, Johnstone


Millie Kaiser

Leo Munro-Heward

Jake Nicholson

Ashdon Reid

Bella Richardson

Howard Smith

Wilfred Spearing

Students Frankie 9Kraayvanger

Males 4 Females Milo Palmer 5

Tom Rizzi

Julius Staufenberg

Maggie Little

Kimberley McArthur

Sonya Palmer

Lena Peter

Joshua Rogan

Eliza Rogers

Melanie Telford

Students 9 Males 4 Females 5

Ronan Thompson

Macy Toovey

Annabelle Treacy

Lissie Welch

Holly Wigg

Phoebe Young

Cadzow, Kim Fothergill, Jessie Greeks, Tyler Green, Emma

Abbott, Libby Baird, Lucas Bates,


2019 Timetable Actual

Level 2 Excellence

ucas Bates, Olivia Burrows, Otto

Cadzow, Kim Fothergill, Jessie Greeks, Tyler Green, Emma

Kelly, Emma McKay, Peta Nathan, Toby Nepia, Stellar

Abbott, Libby Baird, Lucas Bates, Olivia Burrows, Otto

Cadzow, Kim Fothergill, Jessie Greek

Weir, Lachlan

Students 9 Males 4 Females 5


, Jessie Greeks, Tyler Green, Emma

Kelly, Emma McKay, Peta Nathan, Toby Nepia, Stellar

Novak, Franta Robertson, Jesse Sandri, Billy Toepfer, Jaime

Greeks, Tyler Green, Emma

Kelly, Emma McKay, Peta Abbott, Libby Baird, Lucas Bates, Olivia Burrows, Otto

Cadzow, Kim Fothergill, Jessie Natha


Mt Aspiring College

18 Feb 2019 3:04 pm (MS)

, Peta Nathan, Toby Nepia, Stellar

Novak, Franta Robertson, Jesse Sandri, Billy Toepfer, Jaime

Toovey, Ashley Watson, Sam Woodnorth, Max Yule, Hayley

Nathan, Toby Nepia, Stellar

Novak, Franta Robertson, Jesse Cadzow, Kim Fothergill, Jessie Greeks, Tyler Green, Emma

Kelly, Emma McKay, Peta Sandr

le Actual

Libby Abbott

Lucas Baird

Shawna Allan

Clements, Oliver

Ruth Bennie

Sarah Bloomfield

Georgia Budd

George Burns

Olivia Bates

Otto Burrows



2 Merit


Charlotte Chittick

Samantha Clark

Holly Costello

Brayden Courtney

Robbie Craig

Kim Cadzow

Jessie Fothergill

Mt Aspiring College

, Jesse Sandri, Billy Toepfer, Jaime

Chin-Nyika, Kelly, Emma McKay, Peta Nathan, Toby Nepia, Stellar



Tyler Greeks

Emma Green

18 Feb 2019 3:04 pm (MS)

Emma Kelly

Peta McKay

Toby Nathan

Stellar Nepia


Franta Novak

Jesse Robertson

Billy Sandri

Jaime Toepfer

Ashley Toovey

Mt Sam Aspiring Watson College

2019 Timetable Actual 2019TT

2019 Timetable Actual 2019T

Max Woodnorth

Hayley Yule

20 Feb 2019 9:58 am (MS)

2019 Timetable Actual

Boyd, Zelda Burke, Ruby Chin-Nyika, Billea-Nova Clements, Oliver


Isabella Culshaw Jessie Fraser Ruby Jamison 2019 Timetable Actual

Toovey, Ashley Watson, Sam Woodnorth, Max Yule, Hayley Milan Martinovich Hunter Paull


2019 Timetable Morgan Actual Sarginson Molly Todd

Novak, Franta Robertson, Jesse Sandri, Boyd, Billy Zelda Burke, Ruby Toepfer, Chin-Nyika, Jaime Billea-Nova

Andre Dearsly Madi Gainsford Ethan Kerr

Lucas McTavish Ava Plimmer

Clements, Oliver

Tom Scott

Neale, Curtis, Laura Brianna Norman, Eastwood, Estelle

Bronson Toghill

Combe, Alex Lillian Poilvert, Erickson, Gary Ava

Grace Doherty Harry Grimsdale

Mt Aspiring College Patrick Lusty20 Feb 2019 9:58 Lukas am (MS) Morton Nick Richards Tait Scurr

James Watherston


Mt Aspiring College

Annabel Fairbairn Blake Hartley Devlin Lynden Jasmine Murray Caitlin Roberts Sam Teal

Eva Wilson

Izzy Finlayson 2019 Timetable Actual Lexie Heaphy2019TT

Kobi Maibach 2019 Timetable Jessica Actual Paddon

2019TT Hamish Robinson Bella Thomsson

Toovey, Ashley Watson, Sam Woodno

Combe, Alex Neale, Curtis, Laura Brianna Eastwood, Lillian Poilvert, Erickson, Gary Ava

Boyd, Zelda Burke, Ruby Chin-Nyika, Billea-Nova Clements, Oliver

Schafer, Gealogo, Lukas Michael Schmack, Gibson, Annika Ryan Shannon, Gray, Grace Kiera

Pujol, Findlay, Olive Jack Eastwood, Lillian

Erickson, Ava

Level 1 Excellence


, Sam Woodnorth, Max 2019 Timetable Actual Yule, Hayley


2019 Timetable Actual

Novak, Franta Robertson, Jesse Sandri, Billy Toepfer, Jaime

Toovey, Ashley Watson, Sam Woodnorth, Max

Norman, Estelle

Yule, Hayley

Gibson, Annika

Gray, Kiera

Boyd, Zelda Burke, Ruby Chin-Nyika, Billea-Nova Clements, Oliver

Combe, Alex Norman, Eastwood, Estelle Lillian Findlay, Pujol, Olive Jack Schmack, Gibson, Annika Ryan Gealogo, Schafer, Lukas Michael Shannon, Gray, Kiera Grace Curtis, Neale, Laura Brianna Poilvert, Erickson, Gary Ava

Smith, Heath, Emma Emily Smith, Hollow, Isobel Jessica Staufenberg, Horan, Rata Leo

Shotwell, Harry, Sammy Siena

Mt Aspiring College

20 Feb 2019 9:58 am (MS)


Mt Aspiring College

20 Feb 2019 9:58 am (MS)

2019 Timetable Actual 2019TT

Hollow, Jessica

Boyd, Zelda Burke, Ruby Chin-Nyika, Billea-Nova Clements, Oliver

Horan, Rata

Combe, Alex Curtis, Neale, Brianna Laura Eastwood, Norman, Estelle Lillian Poilvert, Erickson, Gary Ava

Harry, Shotwell, Sammy Siena

Smith, Heath, Emma Emily Smith, Hollow, Isobel Jessica Staufenberg, Horan, Rata Leo Findlay, Pujol, Olive Jack Gealogo, Schafer, Lukas Michael Schmack, Gibson, Annika Ryan Shannon, Gray, Kiera Grace Thompson, McArthur, Maddy Aimee Viloria, McKenzie, Czaliya Jessie Vink, McNabb, Jaimee Ben

Suddaby, Jewell, James Sam


Mt Aspiring College

18 Feb 2019 2:54 pm (MS

Toovey, Ashley Watson, Sam Woodnorth, Max Yule, Hayley

ng College

McKenzie, Jessie

Combe, Alex Curtis, Neale, Laura Brianna Norman, Eastwood, Estelle Lillian Poilvert, Erickson, Gary Ava

McNabb, Ben

Pujol, Findlay, Olive Jack Gealogo, Schafer, Michael Lukas Schmack, Gibson, Annika Ryan Shannon, Gray, Kiera Grace Suddaby, Jewell, Sam James

Thompson, McArthur, Maddy Aimee Viloria, McKenzie, Czaliya Jessie Vink, McNabb, Jaimee Ben

Shotwell, Harry, Sammy Siena

Smith, Heath, Emma Emily Hollow, Smith, Isobel Jessica Staufenberg, Horan, Rata Leo Watson, Jono


20 Feb 2019 9:58 am (MS)


Mt Aspiring College

Zelda 18 Feb 2019 2:54 Boyd

pm (MS)

Mt Aspiring College

Alex Combe Jack Findlay

Ruby Burke Brianna Curtis Michael Gealogo

Billea-Nova Chin-Nyika Lillian Eastwood Annika Gibson

Oliver Findlay, JackClements

Gealogo, Michael Ava Gibson, Annika EricksonGray, Kiera Gray


Level 1 Merit

Harry, Sammy Heath, Emily Hollow, Jessica Horan, Rata

Meg Breen

Libby Bron

Phoebe Bron

KAMAR Angus Cagney

Ethan Carleton


Annabel Carter

Aden Cassaidy

Yasmin Christian

Jacob Curtis

Quinn Curtis

Jewell, Sam Thompson, McArthur, Maddy Aimee Viloria, McKenzie, Czaliya Jessie Vink, McNabb, Jaimee Ben

Watson, Jono


Mt Aspiring College

18 Feb 2019 2:54 pm (MS)

Himaya Dalton

Tyler Danielson

Hugo Darby

Winter, Abigail

Sophie KAMAR Fenn

Levi Fletcher

Sammy Harry

Emily Heath

Jessica Hollow

Rata Horan

Sam Jewell

Cecilia Gardner

Phoebe Garland

Kate Goodsell

Kahu Mt Aspiring Griffin College

Aimee McArthur

Jessie McKenzie

Ben McNabb

Laura Neale

Estelle Norman

Sophie Hodgkiss-Blyth

Charlie Holmes

Ned Hudson

Rhys Hughes

Maye Hall

Oscar Humphreys

Marcus Hetherington Finlay Jones

Gary Poilvert

Olive Pujol

Lukas Schafer

Ryan Schmack

Shotwell, Harry, Sammy Siena

Smith, Heath, Emma Emily Hollow, Smith, Isobel Jessica Staufenberg, Horan, Rata Leo Schafer, Lukas Schmack, Ryan Shannon, Grace Suddaby, Jewell, Sam James

Thompson, McArthur, Maddy Aimee Viloria, McKenzie, Czaliya Jessie Vink, McNabb, Jaimee Ben

Watson, Jono

Suddaby, Jewell, James Sam Thompson, McArthur, Maddy Aimee McKenzie, Viloria, Czaliya Jessie Vink, McNabb, Jaimee Ben

Smith, Emma Smith, Isobel Staufenberg, Leo Watson, Jono

Winter, Abigail

Wright, Campbell

Mt Aspiring College


18 Feb 2019 2:54 pm (MS)

Mt Aspiring College

Wright, Campbell

18 Feb 2019 2:54 pm (MS)


18 Feb 2019 2:54 pm (MS)


Winter, Abigail

Mt Aspiring College

Wright, Campbell

Mt Aspiring College

18 Feb 2019 2:54 pm (MS)

18 Feb 2019 2:54 pm (MS)

Liam Kemp

Zoe Labes

Owen Lea

Ashley MacCulloch

Lachie MacDonald

Tess Martin

Grace Shannon

Siena Shotwell

Emma Smith

Isobel Smith


Winter, Abigail

Wright, Campbell

Jack Miller

Maggie Miller

Josephine Plimmer

Fergus Read

Ella Robinson

18 Feb 2019 2:54 pm (MS)

Leo Staufenberg

James Suddaby

Maddy Thompson

Czaliya Viloria

Mt Aspiring College

18 Feb 2019 2:54 pm (MS)

Milly Robinson

Maude Rogers

Hayley Secker

Ines Stephani

Greysea Steven

Winter, Abigail

Wright, Campbell


Jaimee Vink

Jono Watson

Abigail Winter

Campbell Wright

Willow Strawson

Joel Suddaby

Samantha Traynor

Laurie Watson

Paris Woodhouse

Mt Aspiring College



2 0 1 8

Year 7

Highest Achievers (class)

Anton Jones, Amy Benson, Tai Treadwell-Burke, Brooke Hutchison,

Archie North, Bayne Deaton, Jack Wyeth, Lena Pollard, Neve Brugman,

Nina Iseli-Adams, Sara Ambrose, Tom Sides.

High Achievement (subjects)

Amy Benson, Tai Treadwell-Burke, Lena Pollard, Tom Sides, Ben McMurray,

Tay Simpson, Bonnie McGregor, Nina Iseli-Adams, Kelly Quirke,

Sophie Walsh, Otis Murphy, Lulu Pettit, Max Byrne, Melissa Emasu,

Neve Brugman, Kobi Simmers, Abi Croft, Annika Massey,

Anton Jones, Archie North, Bayne Deaton, Ben Infantado, Ben Pell,

Bryne Bloxham, Chloe Latimer, Ella Sarginson, Emily Schmidt,

Eva Gilbertson, Hannah Piper, Isaac Beale, Isabella Noble-Kirkbride,

Jack Wyeth, James Dougherty.

SOAR Awards

Otis Murphy, Anna Corthell, Sophie Walsh, Ben Infantado, Ruby Cochrane,

Kyan Prince, Kobi Simmers, Jonty Keenan, Evelyn Armstrong,

Chloe Latimer, Ben McMurray, Abi Croft.

Year 8

Highest achiever (class)

Annelise Wedgwood, Bradley Gendall, Caity Curtis, Clarke West,

Connor Waghorn, Giovanni Austin-Moorhouse, Isabella Soper,

Jamie Burdon, Jemma Brake, Sebastian Rhind, Tayla Doran, Zara Bailey.

High achievement (subjects)

Annelise Wedgwood, Nina Lee Smith, Matilda Metcalfe, Jemma Brake,

Isabella Soper, Clarke West, Ella Faithful, Jake Green, Jessie Winter,

Melia Brett, Oscar Goodwin, Tayla Doran, Thomas Benson, Zara Bailey,

Muireann Green, Milly Lewis, Max Birkby, Kate Beaton, Jem Curtis,

Cade Cameron, Caity Curtis, Anataia White, Ella Miles, Emily Redwood,

Giovanni Austin-Moorhouse, Henry McConnell, Illume Sadowski-Synnott.

SOAR Awards

Zoe Eckhoff, Oscar Goodwin, Niamh Townsend, Ngaio Groenen,

Max Roughan, Jake Green, India Yule, Harry Anderson, Ferg Perriam,

Eve Bretherton, Emma Arthur, Ajay Quirk.

Year 9

Highest Achievers (class)

Abby McArthur, Benjamin Silipo, Emma Palmer, Harry Gilbertson,

Hayden Watson, Hayley Ambrose, Isla Henderson, Jamie Kerr,

Layton Osnabrugge, Matai Wells.

High Achievement (subjects)

Hayden Watson, Bella Robertson, Kiara Bercelli, Luke Smith, Matai Wells,

Benjamin Silipo, Hayley Ambrose, Isla Henderson, Holly Davey,

Jazz Simonsohn, Kimiya Byrne, Layton Osnabrugge, Casey Irwin,

Scarlett Norman, Tao Hawkey-Hight, Abby McArthur, Amon Gasson,

Bryan Clark, Christie Southwick, Dakota Rowe, Ella Parker, Emily O'Donnell,

Hunter Rowan, Ikey Emanuel, Jacob Field, Kiara Searing, Kyle Evans,

Liam Williamson, Lucia Kamphuis, Olivia Jones, Olivia McLachlan,

Romy Guichard, Samantha Laird, Sophia Perkins, Tamara Burrows,

Bella Sarginson, Toby Davies.

SOAR Awards

Claire Edwards, Cormick Lea, Hana Dean, McKay Watson, Millie Cranfield,

Rory Read, Seth Carleton, Tao Hawkey-Hight, Taylor Gilson, Yasmin Coombe.

Junior Mathmatics Award

Layton Osnabugge.

Year 10

Highest Achiever (class)

Annabel Hutchison, Zoe Smith, Tom Millis, Thomas Gibson, Tesoro Levy,

Ollie Blyth, Lea McTavish, Kahu Nepia, Hannah Craig, Caleb Eason.

High Achievement (subjects)

Annabel Hutchison, Tesoro Levy, Jack Willson, Danielle Carney,

Evie Simonsohn, Hannah Craig, Holly Chamberlain, Jessica Courtney,

Kahu Nepia, Tom Millis, Lucia Brown, Lucy Fenton, Ollie Blyth, Abby East,

Summer Rasmussen, Red Simpson, Patrick Hartley, Molly Thomsson,

Mackenzie Barnett, Aleisha Turner, Alexa McKay, Caleb Eason,

Emma Davies, Holly Gibson, Indy Wilton, Julian Barker, Patrick Hartley.

SOAR Awards

Abhishek Rameshanand, Georgia McGregor, Grace Green, Isla Gellatly,

Jack Culshaw, Nikita Sinclair, Ryan Young, Hunter Hewson, Tesoro Levy,

Taki McLachlan.

Year 11

Highest Achiever

Abigail Winter (Geography, Science, English), Siena Shotwell (Visual

Art, Drama), Ben McNabb (Mathematics, Computing), James Suddaby

(History), Oli Prince (Woodwork), Laura Neale (Food & Nutrition),

Annika Gibson (Spanish), Michael Gealogo (Physical Education),

Ryan Schmack (Spatial & Product Design), Estelle Norman (Music),

Ruby Burke (Economics, English and Business), Molly Baverstock

(Outdoor Pursuits), Olivia Vuleta (Māori).

High Achievement

Abigail Winter (Mathematics, Music), Jessie McKenzie (Science,

Mathematics), Maddy Thompson (Physical Education, Science),

Siena Shotwell, Kiera Gray, Jaimee Vink, Annika Gibson (English),

Ben McNabb, Jack Findlay (Science), Ruby Burke (English, Visual Art),

Charlie Holmes (Mathematics), Jono Watson (Economics and Business),

Liam Kemp (Outdoor Pursuits).

Special Awards

Liam Kemp (Treble Cone Scholarship), Ben McNabb (Mathematics


Year 12

Highest Achievement

Hayley Yule (Economics, Geography, English), Olivia Bates (Visual

Art Photography, Visual Art Design), Ruth Bennie (Spanish, Biology),

Peta McKay (Food & Nutrition, Mathematics with Statistics),

Stellar Nepia (History, Drama), Billy Sandri (Music, Mathematics with

Calculus), James Watherston (Physics), Angus Harraway (Mechanical

Engineering), Flynn Rosie (Māori), Heidi Niederer (Tourism),

Jack Harker (Woodwork), Jamie Toomey (Outdoor Pursuits),

Tyler Greeks (Visual Art Painting), Jesse Robertson (Chemistry),

Robbie Craig (Spatial & Product Design), Annabel Fairbairn (Physical

Education), Sam Teal (Business), Tom Scott (Computer Studies),

Molly Todd (Agri-Business), Shea Williams (Gateway), Ella James


High Achievement

Olivia Bates (English, Business), Otto Burrows (Outdoor Pursuits, Physics,

English), Billy Sandri (Chemistry), Jaime Toepfer (Biology, Distance

Learning), Jessie Fothergill (English), Jordan Fox (Outdoor Pursuits).


Year 13

Year 13 Highest Achievement:

Hannah McNabb (Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics with Calculus),

Bella Fraser (Geography, Spanish), Zachary Kaye (Economics),

Dara Beattie-Johnson (History, Drama), Holly Wigg (Visual Art Painting),

Gregor Findlay (Spatial & Product Design, Physical Education), Erica Ayres

(Food & Nutrition), Annabelle Treacy (Visual Art Design), Luci McDougall

(Visual Art Photography), Joe Strawson (Physics, Mathematics & Statistics),

Emilie Barnett (Business & Enterprise), Sam Howard (Agri-Business),

Riley Christie (Music), Nicholas Boyne (Gateway), Marli Reyta (Tourism),

Manu Barnard (English), Joshua Rogan (Design Technology),

Olivia Johnstone (Mathematics with Statistics), Tom Rizzi (Computer Studies),

Wilfred Spearing (Outdoor Pursuits), Dara Beattie-Johnson (Drama).

High Achievement

Phoebe Young (Biology, English), Hannah McNabb (Physics, Mathematics),

Zachary Kaye (Chemistry), Maggie Little (Business & Enterprise),

Lucas Buckley (Physical Education), Kate Binns (Geography).

Special Award

Dara Beattie-Johnson (Historical Records), Emilie Barnett (Senior Language).

Special Awards

Junior Sports Awards

Tom Sides, Millie East, Zach Smith, Zoe Smith (Cross Country),

Archie North, Grace Heath, Cruz Morland, Kate Bennie, Benjamin Silipo,

Emma Palmer (Swimming), Thomas Benson, Riley McRae, Millie East,

Niamh Townsend, Ryan Young, Georgie Bruce, Zoe Smith, Fergus Read,

Rhys Hughes (Athletics), Lucia Georgalli (Snowboarding), Kahu Nepia

(Sailing), Zoe Smith (Junior Sport).

Premier Sports Awards

Erica Ayres (Fairplay), Zoi Sadowski-Synnott (Girls Sports), Gregor Findlay

(Boys Sports).


Maude Rogers - Grade 3 Guitar (Pass), Erica Hudson - Grade 1 Piano (Pass),

Erica Hudson – Initial Flute (Distinction), Olivia Helmore – Grade 1 Clarinet

(Distinction), Amy Benson – Grade 1 Clarinet (Distinction), Bayne Deaton -

Grade 1 Piano (Distinction), Bayne Deaton – Grade 1 Jazz Saxophone (Merit),

Lena Pollard – Grade 1 Flute (Merit), Saffron Millar - Piano Grade 1 (Pass),

Bryne Bloxham - Grade 1 Piano (Merit), Matilda Metcalfe – Grade 2 Jazz

Piano (Merit), Matai Wells – Grade 5 Clarinet (Merit), Kimiya Byrne – Grade 5

Clarinet (Merit), Lauren Rimmer – Grade 4 Flute (Merit), Daisy Orbell – Grade

1 Jazz Saxophone (Distinction), Abby McArthur- Grade 3 Piano (Merit) and

Grade 4 Piano (Merit), Meadow Chamberlain - Grade 3 Violin (Distinction),

Isobel Smith – Grade 5 Piano (Merit), Seth Carleton - Grade 5 Violin (Pass)

Kahu Nepia – Grade 4 Jazz Saxophone (Distinction), Lillian Eastwood - Grade

3 Piano (Distinction) and Grade 5 Flute (Pass), Estelle Norman - Grade 7

Piano (Distinction) and Grade 6 Theory (Distinction).


Maude Rogers - Grade 4 Theory (Distinction), Evie Simonsohn - Grade 5

Theory (Distinction).

National and International



Bella Fraser (Orienteering), Aden Cassaidy, Joel Suddaby,

Madi Gainsford, Red Simpson (Kayaking), Ronan Thompson, Cam Melville

Ives, Lucia Georgalli (Snowboarding), Campbell Wright, Daniel Wright,

Olivia Helmore, Olivia Jones (Cross Country Skiing), Phoebe Garland,

Thomas Benson (Skiing), Benjamin Silipo (Swimming), Kalani Muirhead

(Mountain Biking), Deia Carson-Wolfe (Trampolining).

National and International

James Suddaby (Kayaking), Zoi Sadowski-Synnott, Rory Johns

(Snow-Boarding), Ben Harrington, Kate Richards, Alistair Garland,

Howard Smith, Maggie Little, Chloe McMillan, Manu Barnard, Luca Harrington,

Gustav Legnavsky (Skiing), Meg Harraway (Waterskiing), Holly Wigg (Karate),

Phoebe Young (Cycling and Mountain Biking), Natalie Mitchell (Triathlon).

Junior Cultural & Service Awards

Flynn Phillips, Anataia White (Speech), Nicole Meyer (Debating),

Luke Smith (Monologue), Kimiya Byrne (Music), Tamaki Yamamoto (Top

Junior International Student).

Cultural Awards

Flynn Rosie (Te Korowai o te Maatauranga), Casey Scurr (Drama),

Leo Munro-Heward (Performing Arts), Rory Johns (Music), Eliza Rogers


Service Awards

Mel Telford, Kate Binns, Emily Simpkin, Erica Ayres, Stirling Deaton,

Sonya Palmer, Jessica Curtis, Greer Porter, Bella Richardson,

Alicia Stock, Bella Fraser, Sam Coupland, Tilly Hoffman-Wall, Toby Balls,

Simone Johnson, Ashdon Reid, Pyper Turner, Gregor Findlay,

Claudia Wilkinson, Wilfred Spearing, Mitchell Collett, Kenzie Muir,

Nadia McNeilly, Casey Scurr, Sam Pearce, Hannah McNabb, Millie Heine,

Chester Neill, Bowen Greenaway, Madi Mulqueen, Sampson Mollan,

Riley Christie (Students in the Community with Distinction).

Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award: Libby Bron, Emily Heath,

Oliver Thomas, Dylan Rimmer, Neve Stalker, Nicole Meyer, Emma Davies,

Lucy Fenton, Gracie Cartlidge, Tesoro Levy, Meg Thomas, Maddi Frazer,

Whitney Bennett, Olivia Connolly, Lauren Rimmer, Molly Thomsson

(Bronze), Aimee McArthur, Olive Pujol, Siena Shotwell, Ben McNabb,

Meg Weedon, Mila Arnerich (Silver), Millie Heine, Simone Johnson,

Sam Coupland, Erica Ayres (House), Olivia Johnstone (Top Hosteller),

Lena Peter (Top International Student), Riley Christie, Erica Ayres,

Shenee Pryde (Special Recognition), Maggie Little (Student Council

Recognition), Luci McDougall (Whole-Hearted Contribution).


Ruth Bennie, Amy Richards (Leadership), Kenzie Muir (Medical),

Jake Nicholson (Hospitality), Madi Mulqueen, Gregor Findlay,

Bella Fraser, Emilie Barnett, Simone Johnson, Julius Staufenberg

(Leadership and Role-model), Hannah McNabb (Engineering),

Leo Munro-Heward (Music), Dara Beattie-Johnson (Law), James Beere


Junior Premier Awards

Tayla Doran, Millie Scott, Abi Croft, Zoe Frazer, Dylan Rimmer,

Ollie Blyth, Mihi McLachlan, Kahu Nepia (Culture), Thomas Benson,

Lucia Georgalli, Gustav Legnavsky, Kate Bennie, Benjamin Silipo, Abby East,

Georgie Bruce, Zoe Smith (Sport), Jemma Brake, Angelique Price,

Charlotte Hunt, Sebastian Rhind, Holly Gibson, Red Simpson,

Maddi Frazer, Meg Thomas (Service), Jemma Brake, Ollie Blyth,

Holly Gibson (Whole-Hearted Contribution – Junior).

Premier Awards

Zachary Kaye (Dux), Hannah McNabb (Proxime Accessit), Bella Fraser

(Best All Round Girl), Sam Coupland (Best All Round Boy).




A r e

T h e y



Best All Round Girl 2018

The thought of university always made me feel

scared but excited at the same time as I had no

idea what to expect. I was buzzing to move out

of Wanaka where I had lived my whole life to a

new place while studying something I always

dreamed about.

I followed this dream and I am now in

Christchurch at the University of Canterbury

studying a Bachelor of Teaching and Learning

in Primary. I am halfway through the second

semester and getting prepared to go on

placement for four weeks.

My highlight of this year has definitely been

living in the halls. I have always heard past

students say living in the University Halls of

Residence is one of the best experiences

you will ever have… they were not wrong. I

would recommend anyone who is thinking

of attending uni or polytech to live in a

hall. The social environment means you

will create lifelong best friends. The social

aspect is amazing, but most halls offer extra

academic support from residential assistants

and tutors. The house mums and other staff

help the transition from home to uni life. I

would recommend being in a catered hall as

this means you do not have to stress about

cooking and cleaning. This allows you to

focus on attending lectures, spending more

quality time on assignments, exercising (to

avoid the “Fresher 5”... or 15!) and having a

social life. The first year of uni is full on and

there is so much to take in. It is important to

maintain a healthy balance between having

fun and keeping a high standard of your work.

Halls will, most likely, be the best part of your

university experience.

My advice to Year 12 and 13 students would

be… Be excited and do something you enjoy.

I think this is very important if you are going


to study or work, as it will make you so much

more enthusiastic and diligent. If you still don’t

know what you are doing, don’t rush to make

a decision as there is no pressure. To the Year

12’s who have to start thinking about what they

will do, I think the most beneficial thing to do is

talk. I talked to Year 13’s, I talked to people at

uni so I could get an idea of how they found the

teaching degree and the city. This helped me

decide if going to Christchurch to do teaching

was the right decision for me. I also volunteered

at the local primary schools for Students in the

Community. By talking to people and getting

involved in schools, I knew that I found teaching

fun and interesting and it was definitely

something I could see myself doing.

I didn’t feel fully prepared when I moved away

from home to uni, but I quickly realised you just

have to open your arms, soak it all in and be

ready to step out of your comfort zone. Moving

out of the bubble we call Wanaka is so different

to what I could have imagined. Christchurch is a

fun city and very different from the small town I

grew up in as there is so much happening and

I still learn new things all the time. It is hard to

be fully prepared because living at home and

going to MAC is completely different from

being in a big city with new people and high

expectations from the tertiary institution. I

am quite nervous to be teaching the future

generation but I am looking forward to seeing

where I end up and what I achieve.

To the 2019 Year 13’s: Good luck with the rest

of your schooling adventure and I hope you

all have a good time at university, polytech,

travelling or anything you do!


Best All Round Boy 2018

After leaving high school I initially moved to

Timaru where I completed my private pilot's

licence through the South Canterbury Aero

Club. This would have to be the highlight of

my year so far. I am now living on-campus

at the Nelson Aviation College where I am

currently completing the theory exams for my

commercial pilot's licence.

The thing I have found most difficult since

leaving MAC was not having a course structure

for the first half of the year; I was required to

self-manage my studying and organise times

and dates to sit my exams. I found this a bit of a

shock coming straight out of high school.

The best advice I can give to current Year 13

students would be to consider every available

option and not feel pressured to go to

university if that isn't what you are wanting to

do. And the best advice I can give to Year 12s is

to get amongst everything that your final year of

school has to offer as you will regret it if you just

watch from the side-line.


2018 Dux of Mount Aspiring College

Zach is currently studying a Bachelor of

Engineering at the University of Canterbury and

planning to specialise in Software Engineering.

Initially, moving to live and study in Christchurch

seemed like a huge step but, "once I settled in, I

found it easy to remain focused and motivated

with my course work and also to enjoy the

time meeting new people. If I did have any

issues, the University of Canterbury and Hall

of Residence staff along with my family were

incredibly supportive."

Zach says that he felt well-prepared for his

university course because Mount Aspiring

College had provided him with a wide number

of NCEA internals and externals. Some of his

university friends struggled because their

schools had not offered such a broad scope

which meant that they had to learn whole new

topics from scratch within a matter of weeks.

A highlight of Zach’s time at university so far

has been meeting new people. "The University

of Canterbury and its clubs and societies give

you a great opportunity to meet new people

as they host many social events throughout

the year". What aspect of university life has

been harder for him than expected? "In the

last week of term, you often find out that

there are multiple tests and assignments due

the first week back from break", says Zach,

"I found it difficult adjusting to the fact that

your lecturers expect you to do a lot of study

during the term breaks".

Zach has some sound advice for MAC students

thinking of attending university or polytech

next year: "For the students who are interested

in tertiary education, I would recommend a

hall of residence in your first year. At a hall,

you get to meet a bunch of new people and

the halls offer numerous services, tutors, social

events, etc. I would also recommend studying

a degree you will enjoy. Most degrees offer

electives, so if there is a subject that you

enjoyed at school but is not what you intend to

major in, then you can still take it".

And advice for current Year 12 students: "Next

year is your last year at high school. Don’t

stress too much over your grades and exams.

Try and spend as much time as possible with

your friends because it can become difficult

to remain in contact once everybody leaves

school. Don’t worry if you are currently unsure

of what you want to do when you leave

school. Talking to friends who are already at

uni can be a major help in deciding if it is the

best option for you".




Ruby Burke

Otto Burrows

Alex Combe

Ava Erickson

Jack Findlay

Michael Gealogo

Annika Gibson

Kiera Gray

Emily Heath

Rata Horan

Sam Jewell

Aimee McArthur

Jessie McKenzie

Laura Neale

Ryan Schmack

Siena Shotwell

Isobel Smith

Emma Green

Maddy Thompson

Jonathan Watson

Abigail Winter

Campbell Wright

Libby Abbott

Olivia Bates

Jesse Robertson

Billy Sandri

Bella Thomsson

Mia Treadwell-Burke

Hayley Yule


Flynn Rosie

Jaimee Vink

Daniel Hadida

Estelle Norman

Jessie McKenzie

Isobel Smith

Kiera Gray

Siena Shotwell

Cecilia Gardner

Stellar Nepia

Ruby Burke

Laura Neale

Ayla Smalls


Kate Goodsell

Annabel Fairbairn

Eva Wilson

Peta McKay

Kate Richards

Max Swift

Caitlin Roberts

Hayley Yule

Olivia Bates

Ruth Bennie

Aimee McArthur

Christina Lamb

Emma Smith

Maggie Stiven

Meg Harraway

Siena Shotwell

Madi Gainsford

Fletcher Cavanagh

Jessie Fothergill

Daniel Kemner


Fiona Murray

Michael Gealogo

Leo Staufenberg

Campbell Wright

James Suddaby

Ryan Schmack

Molly Todd

Lukas Schafer

Kate Richards

Brianna Curtis

Jack Findlay

Maggie Stiven

Meg Harraway

Georgia Budd

Aden Cassaidy

Madi Gainsford

Milly Robinson

Hamish Robinson

Joel Suddaby

Fergus Read

Rata Horan

Lachie MacDonald

Fletcher Cavanagh

Ines Stephani

Rhys Hughes

Phoenix Brownlie

Sam Teal

Ruth Bennie



Class name: 7BB

Front: Eve Buckland, Will Blyth, Luca Frires, Eden Faed, Dorothy Anderson, Cody Gemmell, Riley Upfold, Jessica Penney.

Middle: Lachlan Christian, Dylan Brown, Chantel Thurston, Olivia Huddleston, Jessie McNeil, Jack Lamb, Zeph Foster, Isaiah Chin-Nyika, Mrs Brianna Lobb.

Back: Elizabeth Pell, Che De’Souza, Grace Thomas, Kyra Secker, Carys Miller, Cholula Brown, Ania-Kanu Saklani.

Absent: Niks Yates, Celeste Rumore.


Class name: 7BW

Front: Nathalie Urquhart, Cody Labes, Joseph Combe, Joe Miller, Isaac Moore, Eli McArthur, Hannah Gibb.

Middle: Arliya Bartley, Catty David, Ethan Prince, Coast Morland, Eli Walker, Zoe Nicholson, Mila Culpitt, Mrs Kate Brown.

Back: Lily Cousins, Chad Blunden, Kyra Secker, Jack Gollop, Evy Green, Seb Small, Midori Osnabrugge.

Absent: Arlo Hanning, Millie Quick, Lucy Radford.



Class name: 7CA

Front: Axel Macdougall, Ryan Enoka, Zoe Blasby, Rebecca Blanc, Beatrix Creswick, Sophie Gillies, Jazmine Allison, Lia Hunter.

Middle: Summer Schryvers, Amaya East, Jorja Miles, Harry Oxley, Jack Scott, George Allwood, Flynn Kilbride, Mia Waite.

Back: Monty Brown, Luke Gendall, Mikayla Duncan, Dan McKean, George Geck, George Holland, Myles Nichol, Amber Leslie, Miss Ruby Cave.

Absent: Douglas Wise.


Class name: 7KN

Front: Louie Macandrew, Sophia Gooch, William Schurink, Ashley Rasmussen, Mae Pfahlert, Harris Orbell, Jemma Spear, Fletcher Davison.

Middle: Hunter Shuker, Jessica Hodge, Kezik Magill, Bede Pemberton, Vincent Gerrard, Jah Skeen, Marley Scott Walker, Lili Kaler, Miss Sarah-Jane Knowles.

Back: Ella Asberg, Lily Campbell, Lucas Stewart, Jessie Dye, Eliza Rowley, Lincoln Rimmer, Leah Polk, Chloe Field.



Class name: 7KP

Front: Lucas Barron, Barnes Metcalfe, Caitlin O’Donnell, Dara Gahan, Isis-Joy Duffy-McLeod, Kate Castillejos, Sam Beale, Hugh Ragg.

Middle: Louie Hose, Ben Hilton, Joe Rowley, Aryn Henderson, Amelia Sramek, Ryan Coupe, Lucas Hay, Xander Maguire, Mrs Tiffany Kemp.

Back: Mia Cohen, Jackson Smitheram, Taja Rowan, Kaya Knights-Johnston, Arlo Mackay, Amelia Latchford.

Absent: Zoe Hindmarsh, Jack Mitchell, Tabitha St Amand.


Class name: 7RU

Front: Jack Labes, Chloe Laird, Lola Ritchie, Chloe Murray, Olivia Shore, Sophia Tuck, Isabella Urquhart, Ryan Clark.

Middle: Charlie Roy, Victor Edwards, Jalen Carleton, Pieta Craig, Fenella Craig, Gabe Booth, Tyler Gawn, Harrison Eastwood, Miss Ellie Russell.

Back: Toby Gunn, Xander Hearle, Ruby Norman, Sophie Emmerson, Olive Sedon, Isley Tata.

Absent: Josie O’Brien, Marley Lahood.



Class name: 7SC

Front: Ryan Stembridge, Max Bretherton, Lorenzo Prescott, Oskar Sharpe, Max Good, Ayla Howard, Robert McRae, Angus Beaton.

Middle: Stella Dineen, Otillia Pryor, Madison Hosking, Janie Colebrook, Lucy Maibach, Kate Barrett, Bella Edwards, Mathilda Watterson.

Back: Alex Coupland, Korbyn Palmer, Sylvia Trotter, Caitlin McConnell, Lexi Brown, Lucy Liddell, Saxon Pepper, Mrs Clare Scurr.

Absent: Lucas Parry, Oliver Bardwell.


Class name: 7TO

Front: Cody Brett, Ollie Taylor, Archie Bruce, Hannah Gillespie, George Young, Tom Bankshaw, Blaise Lockie, Skye Watson.

Middle: Sam Soper, Savannah Abell, Violet Davidson, Kahlarni Hondelink, Cormac Lee-Smith, Abby Jago, Kiana Babbington, Mrs Gemma Thompson.

Back: Caitlin Evans, Sienna Christian, Aria Winter, Ashleigh Peat, Hunter Cranfield.

Absent: Benjamin Eckhoff, Saria Halabi, Zack Kirk.



Class name: 8BS

Front: Archie North, Madi Cooper, Anton Jones, Olivia Rudhall, Sara Ambrose, Kyan Prince, Sofia Heath, Harry Hope.

Middle: Chilli Papai, Amy Benson, Daniel Wright, Bianca James, Lola Underwood-Vize, Zavier Taylor, Layla Brooks, Isaac Beale, Ms Helen Best.

Back: Ollie Morgan, Jonte Connolly, Max Porter, Finn Van Maren, Thomas Buick, Cam Melville Ives.

Absent: Archie Goodall, Stella Dawson.


Class name: 8HU

Front: Sacha Swanson, Shelley Lambert, Melissa Emasi, Ella Briscall, Flynn Phillips, Hugo Sinclair, Laura Bacigalova, Tai Treadwell-Burke.

Middle: Miss Erin Hurley, Sienna Collins, Livi Arnold, Jack Humphries-Ladbrook, Charlie Anderson, Baxter Pollard, Max Byrne.

Back: Finn Thomsson, Jin Ho Hong, Caoimhe Heath, Otis Murphy, Sam Pratt, Zedyn Fellows.

Absent: Nina Iseli-Adams, Tia McCutcheon, Jai Horkings, Lena Pollard, Sam Pratt, Abbey Pedersen.



Class name: 8LB

Front: Ben Infantado, Brooke Hutchison, Lili Arratia, Erica Hudson, Kelly Quirke, Neve Brugman, Melody Macdonald, Jaime Olley.

Middle: Fred Johnson, Georgia Lindsay, Charlie Scurr, Will Thomson, Evie Pendlebury, Reuben Dale, Bayne Deaton, Anna Corthell, Ms Lesley Baynes.

Back: Fin Melville Ives, Gabe Jefferson, Emily Stembridge, Lulu Pettit, Ava Fussell, Justin Lam.

Absent: Ezekiel Marr, Riley McRae, Harriet Sargood Ross, Meadow Johnstone.


Class name: 8JN

Front: Lucia Georgalli, Huck Levy, Daisy Sanders, Riley Henley, Philip Massey, Suki Leigh, William Bale, Sabina Gibson.

Middle: Tara Hewitt, Emily Schmidt, Ben Davies, Campbell Lanigan, Ethan Van Niekerk, James Masters, Jessica Gould, Zoe Learmonth, Miss Renee Johnson.

Back: Beau Gordon, Ben Webb, Evelyn Armstrong, Riley Miller, Isabella Noble-Kirkbride, Emily McCarthy.

Absent: Aiden Fitzpatrick, Hudson Weathington.



Class name: 8RI

Front: Miki Bercelli, William McKeown, Taylah Jones, Sophie Walsh, Bonnie McGregor, Emily Gibb, Jonty Keenan, Abbey Ragg.

Middle: Caelan Purnell, Will Anderson, Anthony Edwards, Ollie Baldwin, Tay Simpson, Will Miller, Cooper Scott, Jack Wyeth, Miss Emily Richardson.

Back: Bryne Bloxham, Madi Jolly, Carlos Parker, Paige Blunden, Olivia Helmore.

Absent: Rowan Rosie, Tawa Carson-Wolfe, Jinwoo Hong, Vanessa Vickers.


Class name: 8RN

Front: Mya Walker, Kanuka Elms, Tamehana Urquhart, Hannah Wright, Morris Gordon, Ben McMurray, Marshall Bell, Zoe Raffills.

Middle: Emily Lovelock, Caspin Orbell, Blake West, Tom Sides, Kyle Millar, Kate Watson, Charlotte Hunt, Tivi De’Souza.

Back: Henry Allison, Rylan Nichol, James Dougherty, Sophie McKenna, Annika Massey, Tom Gasson, Nicola MacKay, Kobi Simmers, Ms Rochelle Robertson.

Absent: Jackson Clark.



Class name: 9BP

Front: Lilly Hampson, Matthew Nolan, Angelique Price, Lochie Hunt, Luke Horrocks, Billie Willson, Joshua Allison, Matilda Metcalfe.

Middle: Presayous Tata, Muireann Green, Zoe Antone, Sam Parry, Trae Hessian, Aria Thor-Poet, Haylee Jermyn, Mia Carter.

Back: Bailey Shuker, Sakiko Saka, Bradley Gendall, Isabella Soper, Niall Alexander.

Absent: Grayson Bailey, Gabrielly Dias.


Class name: 9CD

Front: Cade Cameron, Molly Wilson, Hamish Sherlock, Emilie Nicholson, Bella Templeton, Finn Kemp, Zoe Frazer, Connor Waghorn.

Middle: Lindsay Lambert, Thomas Benson, Julia Gilson, Sage Kellahan, Hunter Wilton, Rhi David, Elliot Bain, Jaleesa Webb.

Back: Emma Arthur, Chloe Cartlidge, Ella Miles, Laura Watkins, Bryce Voyce.

Absent: Sam Caumette, Locky Dey.



Class name: 9GL

Front: Ben Hawkins, Tayla Doran, Eva Humphreys, Milly Lewis, Max Carter, Oscar Georgalli, Carter Titterton, Maddox Peneamene.

Middle: Zoe Eckhoff, Jessica McKenna, Niamh Townsend, Oscar Waddington, Lily Ashe, Brooke Leslie, Tyler McGregor.

Back: Nova Gillam, Mica Drake, Noah Stephens, Eleanor Bennett, Ashley Buckland.

Absent: Max Birkby, Zac Scott, Otto Young.


Class name: 9MD

Front: Freya Berry, Morgan Antone, Kate Bennie, Ajay Quirk, Lila Grace, Amba Cameron-Small, Pyper Arnold, George Crotty.

Middle: Nina Lee Smith, Estelle Gellatly, Jorja Liddell, Holly James, Lucas Buick, Caity Curtis.

Back: Kalan Nichol, Oscar Goodwin, Ty Muirhead, Harry Pelle.

Absent: Harry Anderson, Louis Darby, Ella Kaler, Blake Lang.



Class name: 9SF

Front: Anataia White, Max Knight, Annalise Millar, Jessie Winter, Gustav Legnavsky, Henri Fenn, Amelie Woonton, Brooke McWhirter.

Middle: Mai Beattie-Johnson, Alexandra Hewson, Charlotte Aubrey, Lachlan Davison, Ally Paterson, Oliver Cohen, Cooper Mills.

Back: Caleb Turner, Leo Duncan, Luca Dennison, Karin Murata, Julia Shepherd, Will Carney.

Absent: Sierra Clegg.


Class name: 9SP

Front: Indigo Thompson, Sebastian Rhind, Paige Gawn, Archie Orbell, Jack Jeffs, Grace Gillies, Scarlett Fenton, Ava Hay.

Middle: Jake Green, Saffron Millar, Jemma Brake, Sam Sharratt, Hazel Murray, Clarke West, Illume Sadowski-Synnott, Mrs Michelle Suddaby.

Back: Ben Payne, Ruby McLachlan, Breanna Thurston, Amelia Young, Jack Kilbride, Sara Jewell, Cuba Pavlovich.

Absent: James Portugal, Cruz Morland.



Class name: 10BP

Front: Aimee Harrold, Josh Webb, Louis McCutcheon, Ryan Reid, Ben Silipo, Dane Morisawa, Lyla Chamberlain, Ruby Boyd.

Middle: Penelope James, Sophia Perkins, Charlotte Bell, Aneka Rossiter, Eliza Hardaker, Xion Lippe.

Back: Liam Williamson, Amelia Mitchell, Olivia McLachlan, Torben Craig, Kimiya Byrne.

Absent: Amon Gasson, Ocean van Riel, Nico Arnold.


Class name: 10CD

Front: Cullen Meyer, Layton Osnabrugge, Nico Semeri, Cormick Lea, Toby Davies, Isla Henderson, Olivia Jones, Bonnie Traynor.

Middle: Mr Neil Stuart, Daisy Orbell, Tai Olley, Kyle Evans, Ikey Emanuel, Louis von Heraud-Parker, Tayla Upfold, Evie Sinclair.

Back: Kaia Rosie, Anika Fay, Mikaela Harridge, Hunter Rowan, Samara Goodall, Lucy Miller, Tamara Burrows.

Absent: Kaia Cassaidy, Taylor Gilson.



Class name: 10MD

Front: Timo Heath, Sam Johnson, McKay Watson, Logan Hay, Lewis Gardner, Jackson Vallance, Olly Lyon, Emma Pearce.

Middle: Mr Roy Gawn, Ella Parker, Amelia Holmes, Scarlett Norman, Bella Sarginson, Neve Faed, Mrs Kirsten Mason.

Back: Samantha Laird, Millie Cranfield, Amber Kelsen, Jenna Peat, Bella Robertson, Jacob Field.

Absent: Taane Bayce-Horsley, Andraya Abo Saada, Wilson Bell, Kriti Bhandari, Ben Simmers.


Class name: 10SF

Front: Luke Hancock, Kyle Castillejos, Quinn Secker, Otis Harry, Ryan Clements, Heath Parkhill, Jessica Owers, Corin Suddaby.

Middle: Pipi Horan, Bryan Clark, Matai Wells, Jessie Barkman-White, Hayden Watson, Kahu Allan, Hayley Ambrose, Mrs Dawn Bosley.

Back: Rose Armstrong, Hugo Smith, Caitlin Bailey, Jamie Kerr, Kate Harry, Luka van Maren.

Absent: Christie Southwick, Luke Smith, Mackenzie Allison.



Class name: 10SP

Front: Corbin Te Wehi, Toby Horton, Minnie Harker Gilmour, Tao Hawkey-Hight, Eligh Hollegien, Caleb Wright, Reuben Collett, Benji Pujol.

Middle: Dart Watson, Lucia Kamphuis, Emma Palmer, Charlotte Laming, Maggie Dougherty, Ma’nea Apa, Amber Hewitt, Ms Nicola Parker-Webb.

Back: Deia Carson-Wolfe, Sophie Plimmer, Taine Smith, Kiara Bercelli, Will Collins, Monty Hewson, Jazz Simonsohn.

Absent: Maisy Millwater, KC Miller, Phoebe Brownlie.


Class name: 10TC

Front: Ewan Hughes, Rory Read, Hunter Kee, Bailey Sharp, Harry Gilbertson, Emily O’Donnell, Emily Findlay, Finn Thomson.

Middle: Jemma Jordi, Jack Lanigan, Mia Gerrard, Claire Edwards, Dakota Rowe, Abby McArthur, Mr Euan Simpson.

Back: Lukas Henderson, Seth Carleton, Romy Guichard, Carter Hewson, Tammy Miller.

Absent: Maya Mueller, Casey Irwin, Hana Dean, Kiara Searing, Caleb Smith.


Year 11

Year 12

Year 13


Tug O'War

House Day






• Members of Certified Builders Association of NZ

• Design & Draughting

• Residential Construction

• Alterations & Renovations




The Berwick experience is one that will stay in the

minds of every Year 8 student. We spent hours

laughing, singing the school song and working

together, while at Berwick. 8LB in particular, learnt

a lot about each other. We learnt of each others

strengths and of our own weaknesses.

Collaboration was a key factor to our Berwick trip

and our class strived to work as a team for every

minute of those four days. We would always be

offering to help and contribute to others. The

memories we made are unforgettable, without

them we would not be the class we are today.


Year 8 is no longer a bunch of singular students,

we are now a group of students who can work as a

team until the end.






The picture which I have chosen is from

my first day when I arrived in Wanaka and

visited Beacon Point, which was a very

important moment for me, because it was

such a beautiful place to be, but it felt so

weird to be so far from home. - YONA




My time in Wanaka was incredible!

With my new loving family, MAC and

amazing friends, I got to experience

so much. I couldn't have possibly

imagined a better time, which I'm so

grateful for!

Hi! I’m MARIA (14) from

Germany. I am a very enthusiastic

and exuberant person. I love

Wanaka and the community of

Mount Aspiring College as well as

the activities in and around town.

Helooo! I am ENZO, I’ve been here

for one term. I think I spent one of

the best moments of my life here,

I made lots of friends around the

world and for once in my life, I

was glad to go to school. About

myself, I love swimming in the lake,

mountain biking, hiking and skiing

but also being with my friends.

SVEN - 'chilling' at the Snowfarm!



1 9

I have to admit that no food is as good as Italian cuisine (of

course, lol), but this place is "sick as"! Here are some pics

of me doing random stuff around Kiwi Land, but right now

I'm wondering why are photos square if the camera lens is

round??? If you search the number 241.543.803 in Google,

you'll find pictures of people with their heads in a freezer???

A 'Z' is just a 7 on his knees!?! - GRETA, direct from Italy






SILKE, FRANZI and me (NINA) on top of Mount

Roy after watching the sunrise.


Konnichiwa from Sosei High School,Hokkaido

Hi, I am MARINA from Germany and I really enjoy

my time in New Zealand. A few days ago I visited this

beautiful waterfall with my host family:



I loved my time at MAC! Everyone was so lovely

and made my stay amazing. I really enjoyed doing

stuff and going out with my friends, like doing a few

hikes! - SOPHIE

Enjoying my time in Wanaka :) - JOSEFINE KLATT



from Chile. I'm really

enjoying my time in

New Zealand! I've been

skiing and hanging out

with my friends. Here is

a picture of me and a

friend skiing at Treble

Cone for OP!

This is me, - MORITZ at Treble

Cone with WELTON. It is great

here in NZ. I think it is one of the

most beautiful countries I have

ever seen. I am very happy to be

here and I have already done so

much cool stuff.

Hi, I am BRIT from Amsterdam.

I’m really enjoying my time in NZ!

Hi I'm MARIA, and

I am from Denmark.

In this picture

I'm down by the

lake and enjoying

my time here in



Don't mind me on those pictures. Mind the beautiful nature! That's

why I am here. WYN BACHLER

After 18 intense months, Overseas

Flight Training is complete!!!!! Last 737

simulation done. Give me back some

props please! - MARILOU (former ILC

student 2015)




2 0 1 9

The Hostel 2019 has definitely been one to remember. With lots of

highs and lows, twists and changes, we have all come out of it grateful

for the experience and for our weird and wonderful family. We have

done many exciting outdoor pursuits during the year, some of which

will be named as highlights by our five houses. This year we had three

girls houses, Rob Roy, Cascade and Avalanche and two boys houses,

Arawhata and Liverpool.

ROB ROY 2019 consists of, Emma Green, Grace Doherty, Georgia

Taylor, Megan Lockett and Sarah Bloomfield. As a collective, despite the

various injuries, we have gained some amazing experiences through OP

with some of the most memorable consisting of, the orientation tramp,

the Catlins, the Kepler, and skiing every Sunday. Other memorable

moments which we’ve experienced together include the ball, MAC’s

Got Talent and the awards ceremony, plus many more. Our dysfunction

has bought us closer together as we spend hours cleaning the stacks

of dishes. All in all, we are a family and have had the best year together

getting to know one another and sharing amazing times together.

Introducing AVALANCHE aka Avo est. 2019

Lexie is where? Libby is biking. Sam is studying.

Ashley (Poovey) is eating too many Weet-Bix. Izzy is making her lunch.

Our week consists of late night baking, honest hour, cinnamon-brown

sugar toast, fighting over vermicelli rice paper rolls. Some fascinating

features of Avo include, the scoby living in our cupboard, fire wardenspaceship

shower and the broken momento shelf just to name a few. As

a unit we have had an absolute blast this year and consider ourselves a

very tight family. We have many highlights including, the Kepler, skiing,

Brewster Hut, the Catlin’s, the school ball but more importantly the after

party. Overall we are grateful for our mini family and the bond we will

have for many years to come. Thanks to Cat for helping make the year

one of the best ever.

This year in CASCADE, with Betty Chapman, Lizzie Laws, Emma Kelly,

Niamh Stuart, Charlotte Chittick and Michele Olsen has been one of

the best for each girl in this house. When we came into this house

there was an immediate family connection between the six of us. We

have worked together late into the night on projects due the next

day, baked together (a few too many times), had fancy dress dinners

together and have supported each other through thick and thin each

and every day of the week. It was a challenge at the start figuring out

who would cook on what night and who would clean what part of the

house when it needed to be done but soon enough we came up with

a steady routine and it has worked ever since. Us girls in Cascade have

a tight connection that will never be broken and we will always be a

family even once we leave the hostel.


LIVERPOOL is a clean house consisting of six people Ashton, Andre,

George, Franta, Lukas and Paddy. Liverpool shows what it's truly like to be

at the hostel and what each individual has to go through during their time

in the hostel. All six members of the house display their true personality in

different ways all of which bring our house together and have made our

year thoroughly enjoyable. OP has been the biggest highlight for most this

year. Fears have been conquered on these Sundays. Patrick going up and

beyond three metres without shedding a tear, or Lukas going upside down

in a kayak without having to wet exit. Apart from conquering these fears,

each member has had a one-of-a kind experience, and each member has

a highlight.

Ashton, Andre, George, Franta, Lukas - The Kepler.

Patrick - Not the Kepler.

Hi from ARAWHATA (Max, Blake, Toby, Harry, Morgan and Damon) We all

have had such an eventful year, full of so many different highlights. From

the seemingly basic stuff such as organising our own food to epic new

experiences like surfing in the Catlins, this year has been incredibly valuable

to all of us. One of the most noticeable skill improvements that we have

made is our ability to cook, and our ever-increasing ability to consume

milk by the gallon, which may have caused a hostel milk shortage. We

have truly become a family and have enjoyed many epic traditions such

as poker nights and various other traditions. We have all bonded and have

become masters of mediation skills, through our many disagreements. But

these disagreements have only made us stronger, our whole house agrees

that OP has been the pinnacle of our year in the Hostel. From surfing in

the Catlins, hiking through thigh-deep snow on the Kepler trail, the OP

programme has given us so many lifelong memories. Thanks so much to

Cat for making all of these amazing experiences happen. We have also

been so delighted to have the marvellous Jenny and Ellie joining the

hostel team this year, you guys are doing an epic job.





Images by DC Photos






























































































BAS - Caitlin Bailey, Sam Bastion, Sam Beale, Angus Beaton, Eve Bretherton, Fenella

Craig, Beatrix Creswick, Hugo Darby, Abby East, Archie Goodall, Luke Hancock,

Alexis-Sofia Harvey-Wills, William Hogg, Casey Irwin, Finn Kemp, Kaya Knights-

Johnston, Lachie MacDonald, Xander Maguire, Joe Miller, Lukas Morton, Kalani

Muirhead, Flynn Phillips, Josephine Plimmer, Lorenzo Prescott, Kahu Rupapera, Kyra

Secker, Julia Shepherd, Cam Truebridge, Amelie Woonton, Hayley Yule.

BBR - Sara Ambrose, Will Anderson, Ma'nea Apa, Pyper Arnold, Sam Caumette,

James Dougherty, Linus Gerold, Kahu Griffin, Damon Jackson, Marley Lahood,

Christina Lamb, Gustav Legnavsky, Xion Lippe, Ibrahim Mohammed, Lucas Muniz

Silveira, Zoe Nicholson, Sam Parry, Rurika Sekino, Olivia Vuleta, Sophie Walsh.

BBU - Marcel Bartley, Max Byrne, George Crotty, Abby Fisher, Estelle Gellatly,

Holly Gibson, Samara Goodall, Ngaio Groenen, Cormick Lea, Annika Massey,

Lucas McTavish, Estelle Norman, Elizabeth Pell, Saxon Pepper, Max Roughan, Ella

Sarginson, Morgan Sarginson, Quinn Secker, Hunter Wilton.

BBW - Arliya Bartley, Kriti Bhandari, Max Bretherton, Georgie Bruce, George Burns,



Samantha Clark, Mila Culpitt, Louis Darby, Kate Goodsell, Lilly Hampson, Flynn

Harvey-Wills, Alexandra Hewson, Jessica Hodge, Madison Hosking, Jonty Keenan,

Shelley Lambert, Fin MacDonald, Caitlin McConnell, Jessie McNeil, Coast Morland,

Tai Olley, Lucas Parry, James Roughan, Lukas Schafer, Charlie Scurr, Hayley Secker,

Benjamin Silipo, Bonnie Traynor, Sylvia Trotter, Jaleesa Webb.

BCB - Seth Allan, Henry Bowering, Archie Bruce, Kim Cadzow, Robbie Craig, Maggie

Dougherty, Theo Greenlees, Bianca James, Madi Jolly, Philip Massey, Damien

McGilvray, Tammy Miller, Emilie Nicholson, Ryan Reid, Kaia Rosie, Harriet Sargood

Ross, Hamish Sherlock, Anna Villa Alta Galeano, Niks Yates.

BFL - Sam Bastion, Olivia Bates, Wilson Bell, Phoebe Bron, Mathew Brooks, Jasmine

Edwards, Victor Edwards, Aiden Fitzpatrick, Declan Lambert, Patrick Llewellyn,

Nicola MacKay, James Masters, Laura Neale, Cuba Pavlovich, Dylan Rimmer, Zac

Scott, Molly Thomsson, Sam Watson, Tamaki Yamamoto.

BJN - Dorothy Anderson, Lily Ashe, Grayson Bailey, Tama Battson, Lily Campbell,

Kyle Castillejos, Caleb Eason, Jessie Fothergill, Brit Gruental Klestadt, Clover Lippe,







Aimee McArthur, Ernst Meyer, KC Miller, Riley Miller, Cruz Morland, Carlos Parker,

Toto Tanabe, Ashton Towers, Samantha Traynor.

BLO - Isaac Beale, Marshall Bell, Sarah Bloomfield, Bryne Bloxham, Kate Castillejos,

Janie Colebrook, Timo Fitzpatrick, Phoebe Garland, Blake Hartley, Amber Hewitt,

Kareem Jodeh, Lindsay Lambert, Greta Lattuada, Brooke Leslie, Gary Poilvert, Sakiko

Saka, Tait Scurr, Alex Sudron, Aleisha Turner, Portia Vuleta, Josh Webb.

BMO - Shawna Allan, Livi Arnold, Weston Bell, Ollie Blyth, Gabrielly Dias, Millie East,

Kiera Gray, Penelope James, Devlin Lynden, Thomas Masters, Bonnie McGregor,

Ben Pell, Lincoln Rimmer, Marley Scott Walker, Jay Sherlock, Cate Sullivan, Jackson

Vallance, Maria Wassard, Indy Wilton.

BPL - Hayley Ambrose, Ashley Bates, Thomas Benson, Matthew Botting, Maelle

Darby, Oscar Goodwin, Lila Grace, Carter Hewson, Fred Johnson, Liam Kemp, Zach

Kirk, Amber Leslie, Sophie McKenna, Scarlett Norman, Shanae Sanders, Callum

Smith, Eamon Smith, Zoe Smith, Keltan Voyce.


BSC - Amy Benson, Toby Blatch, Will Blyth, Libby Bron, Flynn Brown, Kimiya Byrne,

Brittany Dunckley, Amaya East, Levi Fletcher, Isla Gellatly, Patrick Hartley, Olivia

Huddleston, Abby Jago, Jemma Jordi, Emma Kelly, Logan Lambert, Lea McTavish,

Tawhiri Rupapera, Ania-Kanu Saklani, Jack Scott, Taine Smith, Franzi Traunfellner, Caleb

Turner, Bryce Voyce, Ben Webb, Sara Wright, Kevin Yoo, George Young, India Yule.

BWI - Hannah Craig, Locky Dey, Jack East, Bella Edwards, Madi Gainsford, Romy

Guichard, Tara Hewitt, Luke Horrocks, Taylah Jones, Jaydon Jordi, Jessie McKenzie,

Haydn Miles, Ollie Morgan, Rowan Rosie, Summer Schryvers, Corbin Te Wehi, Bella

Thomsson, Noah Vincenzi-Johnson.

BWE/BWP - Charlotte Bell, Eleanor Bennett, Isaac Chung, Neva Clausen, Marcus

Hetherington, Monty Hewson, Harry Hope, Jack Lamb, Owen Lea, Jessica McKenna,

Tom Millis, Ty Muirhead, Lulu Pettit, Lauren Rimmer, Flynn Rosie, Daisy Sanders, Hugo

Smith, Finn Thomsson, Ashley Toovey.








IBA - Laura Bacigalova, Mackenzie Barnett, Jessa Bennett, Eve Buckland, Mia Carter,

Enzo Clasadonte, Torben Craig, Lachlan Davison, Kate Fryer, Luca Harrington,

Ruby Jamison, Milly Lewis, Patrick Lusty, Harris Orbell, Tom Roberts, Ari Rowe,

Nikita Sinclair, Isobel Smith.

IBE - Jazmine Allison, Shae Barrett-Corrigan, Meg Breen, Phoenix Brownlie,

Piper Cavanagh, Sierra Clegg, Joseph Combe, Jacob Farrell, Harry Gilbertson,

Holly James, Amber Kelsen, Matthew Nolan, Emma Palmer, Benji Pujol, Zoe Raffills,

Nick Richards, Phenix Smith, Jemma Spear, Blake West.

IBL - Caycee Beck, Seth Carleton, Deia Carson-Wolfe, Annabel Carter,

Luca Dennison, Ben Infantado, Rasmus Jansen, Louie Macandrew, Brooke

McWhirter, Lucy Miller, Daniel O'Donnell, Michele Olsen, Caspin Orbell, Eve

Paddon, Nicole Pittaway, Lucy Radford, Sebastian Rhind, Vanessa Vickers, Hayden

Watson, Moana Watson.

IBN - Liam Allan, Zoe Antone, Danielle Carney, Bryan Clark, Zedyn Fellows,

Emily Gibb, Grace Gillies, Emma Green, Lia Hunter, Jake Jamison, Anton Jones,

Zoe Labes, Chloe Laird, Cormac Lee-Smith, Tess Martin, Eli McArthur, Carys Miller,

Daisy Orbell, Jessica Paddon, Jessica Penney, Sam Sharratt, Bailey Shuker, Seb Small,



Jackson Smitheram, Amelia Sramek, Ryan Stembridge, Sam Teal, Jack Willson.

IBV - Lili Arratia, Lyla Chamberlain, Alex Combe, Tayla Doran, Jordan Fox,

Cameron Gibbins, Lucas Hay, Sam Horton, Charlotte Hunt, Noa Hunter,

Tegan Labes, Milan Martinovich, Cam Melville Ives, Jasmine Murray, Pippa Raffills,

Dakota Rowe, Joe Rowley, Hugo Sinclair, Liam Williamson.

ICS - Layla Brooks, Trinity Clegg, Jonte Connolly, Fletcher Davison, Bayne Deaton,

Imogen Dougherty, Phoenix Fay, Sven Frischgesell, Sophie Gillies, Mikaela Harridge,

Otis Murphy, Matthias Pfeil, Emily Schmidt, Luke Smith, Martha Toghill, Connor

Waghorn, Blake Walker, Annelise Wedgwood, Eva Wilson.

IDL - Ben Boyd, Aden Cassaidy, Fletch Cavanagh, Olivia Connolly, Pieta Craig,

Brianna Curtis, Mica Drake, Jessie Fraser, Eligh Hollegien, Olivia Jones, Fin Melville

Ives, Emily O'Donnell, Archie Orbell, Olly Rowe, Cooper Scott, Red Simpson, Finn

Thomson, Billie Willson, Bobbie Wilson-Davies, Amelia Young.

IED - Niall Alexander, Ethan Arratia, Cody Brett, Betty Chapman, Hollis Chow, Mae

Cradock, Ava Fussell, Mia Gerrard, Brooke Hutchison, Maggie Miller, Rylan Nichol,

Ally Paterson, Jenna Peat, Ajay Quirk, Charlie Roy, Emily Stembridge, Will Thomson,

Louis von Heraud-Parker, Mathilda Watterson.

IHR - Kahu Allan, Melia Brett, Ashley Buckland, Jalen Carleton, Will Carney, Kaia

Cassaidy, Charlotte Chittick, Jack Culshaw, Jacob Curtis, Ashleigh Doran, Anika Fay,

Eva Gilbertson, Andrew Hay, Sophie Hodgkiss-Blyth, Ashleigh Peat, Hunter Shuker,

Shuto Suzuki, Jono Watson, Skye Watson.

IJO/IKP - William Bale, Phoebe Brownlie, Alex Coupland, Amelia Craig, Isabella

Culshaw, Caity Curtis, Stella Dineen, Jessie Dye, Jacob Field, Troy Fryer, Vincent

Gerrard, Lochie Hunt, Holly Ingram, Cody Labes, Samantha Laird, Suki Leigh, Jack

Miller, Caitlin O'Donnell, Joshua Orton, Alfredo Ospina Robledo, Maude Rogers,

William Schurink, Oskar Sharpe, Charlie Sharratt, Tay Simpson, Emma Smith,

Presayous Tata, Carter Titterton, Ollie Williams-Holloway.

ISM - Morgan Antone, Whitney Bennett, Gabe Booth, Ruby Boyd, Neve Brugman,

Georgia Budd, Lucas Buick, Daniel Clark, Sophie Emmerson, Chloe Field, Hannah

Gillespie, Saria Halabi, Ben Harrington, Lexie Heaphy, Timo Heath, Ayla Howard,

Oscar Humphreys, Jack Labes, Olivia McLachlan, Ben McMurray, Will Miller, Neco

Richter, Celeste Rumore, Billy Sandri, Grace Shannon, Marina Susse, Isley Tata,

Clarke West, Ryan Young.

ITO - Julian Barker, Zelda Boyd, Thomas Buick, Tawa Carson-Wolfe, Colomba

Corces, Annabel Fairbairn, Hannah Gibb, Ava Hay, Cameron Howell, Jack

Humphries-Ladbrook, Nina Lee Smith, Axel Macdougall, Eliza Rowley, Evie Sinclair,

Leo Staufenberg, Dart Watson, Kate Watson, Grace Winter.

IWG - Joshua Allison, Angus Cagney, Ethan Carleton, Blaze Clegg, Anna Corthell,

Amelia Dore, Eliza Hardaker, McKenzie Hart, Logan Hay, Caoimhe Heath, Toby

Horton, Eva Humphreys, Kezik Magill, Abby McArthur, Karin Murata, Joshua Nolan,

Olive Pujol, Illume Sadowski-Synnott, Zach Smith, Bronson Toghill.













PAL - Josh Arthur, Kate Bennie, Yasmin Christian, Ikey Emanuel, Mitchell Evans,

Eamon Green, Daniel Hadida, Emily Heath, Jack Lanigan, Phoebe McFadgen, Tyler

McGregor, Jessica Owers, Emma Palmer, Sophia Perkins, Hannes Reinhardt, Caitlin

Roberts, Romili Townsend, Tai Treadwell-Burke, Laura Watkins, Aria Winter.

PBD - Andraya Abo Saada, Otto Burrows, Yannick Coombe, Catarina David, Grace

Doherty, Kanuka Elms, Ryan Enoka, Thomas Evans, Jack Findlay, Zeph Foster, Dara

Gahan, Jake Green, Aryn Henderson, Leightyn Hessian, Ashton Holsted, Pipi Horan,

Jack Kilbride, Josefine Klatt, Zoe Learmonth, Georgia Lindsay, Ewan Little, Nikita

Mayen, Matilda Metcalfe, Mae Pfahlert, Ellise Price, Ethan Prince, Aneka Rossiter,

Bailey Sharp, Molly Wilson.

PBK - Taane Bayce-Horsley, Ruth Bennie, Miki Bercelli, Yasmin Coombe, Rhi David,

Benjamin Eckhoff, Henri Fenn, Cecilia Gardner, Lukas Henderson, Paul Katthoefer,

Ronan Kaye, Ethan Kerr, Huck Levy, Emily Lovelock, Charlie McKean, Helene Price,

Olivia Shore, Christie Southwick, Tabitha St Amand, George Taylor.

PBT - Alfie Baldwin, Kasia Balls, Jessie Barkman-White, Brayden Courtney, Katey

Donovan, Melissa Emasu, Caspian Ferens, Sabina Gibson, Minnie Harker Gilmour,

Sam Johnson, Campbell Lanigan, Georgia McGregor, Barnes Metcalfe, Zak Miller,

Chloe Murray, Angelique Price, Ollie Taylor, Daniel Wright, Otto Young.

PCL - Elliot Bain, Ollie Baldwin, Amba Cameron-Small, Madi Cooper, Tivi De'Souza,

Leo Duncan, Harrison Eastwood, Ava Erickson, Maddi Frazer, Josh Hasler, Sofia

Heath, Zoe Hindmarsh, Victor Justen, Jamie Kerr, Louis McCutcheon, Myles Nichol,

Ella Parker, Silke Schneider, Niamh Stuart, Zavier Taylor.

PGO - Mackenzie Allison, Ottavia Barra Caracciolo, Cholula Brown, Monty Brown,

Luke Gendall, Oliver Haines, Trae Hessian, Jinho Hong, Nina Iseli-Adams, Meg

Kilbride, Ella Miles, Toby Nathan, Rory Read, Milly Robinson, Olivia Rudhall, Kiara

Searing, Tamehana Urquhart, Finn van Maren.

PHO - Max Birkby, Sarah Bloomfield, Baylee Campbell, Chicane Cooper, Violet

Davidson, Che De'Souza, Luca Frires, Cody Gemmell, Jessica Gould, Evy Green,

Aimee Harrold, Grace Heath, Tom Heather, Hunter Hewson, Sam Jewell, Olly

Lyon, Dan McKean, Fiona Murray, Kalan Nichol, Leah Polk, Ashley Rasmussen, Ella

Robinson, Tom Sides, Sophie Spaninks, Hannah Stephens, Meg Thomas, Nathalie

Urquhart, Jessie Winter.

PRB - Emma Arthur, Will Christian, Mikayla Duncan, George Geck, Thomas Gibson,

Harry Gillespie, Sophia Gooch, Albie Haynes, Jessica Hollow, Louie Hose, Hunter

Kee, Flynn Kilbride, Chloe Latimer, Ashley MacCulloch, Tia McCutcheon, Jorja

Miles, Hazel Murray, Jaime Olley, Maddox Peneamene, Mohan Piron, Oli Prince,

Sam Soper, Noah Stephens, Jamie Toomey, Tess Treadwell-Burke, Isabella Urquhart,

Ocean van Riel, Dilara Van, Campbell Wright.

PSL/PTA - Jemma Brake, Sienna Christian, Reuben Dale, Annika Gibson, Ben Hawkins,

Leithen Henderson, Ewan Hughes, Lizzie Laws, Blaise Lockie, Elena McFadgen, Taki

McLachlan, Cooper Mills, Emma Niederer, Chilli Papai, Fergus Read, Caleb Smith,

Ethan Van Niekerk, Czaliya Viloria, James Watherston, Caleb Wright.


Best wishes to all Mt Aspiring College

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New Zealand has many introduced species that have both

positive and negative impacts on our native environment.

Early settlers have introduced a number of these animals

and plants. Five of the most impactful species are rabbits,

mustelids, deer, cattle and pine trees.

Rabbits were introduced to New Zealand in the 1830s to make

it more like the English countryside, where they were shot as

a recreational sport. However in areas such as Central Otago

rabbits have eaten much of the expensive grass supplied

for cattle by farmers as well as burrowing out lots of dirt and

making the ground unproductive and unstable. As they can

reproduce up to six babies every two months they have

become more of a pest. Currently, nationwide, rabbits eat

almost $50 million worth of grass every year so some people

have invented ways to try to limit their numbers. Unfortunately

it would be almost impossible to completely eradicate them

without causing damage to other innocent animals and plants.

Methods to eradicate them have been those such as shooting,

poisoning and hole plugging. Hole plugging is when the

rabbits hole is blocked with dirt and rocks so that the rabbits

can’t escape to get food. They eventually starve to death.

However some more insightful ideas were attempted such as

introducing their natural predator mustelids to hunt them.

Mustelids such as stoats and ferrets were introduced in the

1870s to help control the ever growing rabbit population.

Although rabbit numbers stabilized for many years, native birds

and eggs were killed because they were a defenseless target

that would make for an easy meal. As a result of this many of

these native species are now endangered and millions of

dollars worth of government funding is being poured into

trapping and poisoning mustelids. The goal is to make New

Zealand predator free by 2050, so some islands and sanctuaries

are purely dedicated just to keep them alive for that day. From

that though another problem may arise. With all of the mustelids

gone from here rabbit numbers may rise again uncontrollably.

Another issue is 1080. Currently agencies such as DOC use the

controversial poison, 1080, to kill these predators. As 1080 is

large scale drop, many people are opposed to it because other

animals like deer also die from the poison.

New Zealand has many species of deer, most of which were

introduced in the mid 1800s. Deer came to introduce hunting

as a sport in the country. However deer thrived in the alpine

environments of the southern area, and by the 1930s, paid

deer cullers were employed to kill hundreds of thousands

of deer. Deer were killed mainly because of the damage in

the bush they were causing, purely as a result of their size

and destructive nature. Deer culling continued on late into

the 1900s until it was eventually stopped when deer farming

began in Central Otago. Nowadays deer farming makes

millions for New Zealand through the export of meat and

also the antler velvet which is used in medicine worldwide.

We have the largest deer farming industry in the country

in Central Otago and New Zealand is currently the largest

industry in the world with approximately one million deer

inside the fence. Still there are many wild deer but there is no

need to eradicate them as their numbers are kept steady by

recreational hunters such as myself. Though there are many

deer in New Zealand sheep and cattle outnumber them 20-1.

We try and try so hard to fit in

So much time is spent becoming ‘perfect’

All this time we try to figure out who we are,

who we want to be

Never realising the answer was standing before us all the while

We are who we are

Every one of us unique

In each and every way

Everything we do

The choices we make

They outline our future and show us who we truly are

The person truly in our heart and soul


Sheep were introduced to New Zealand by Captain James

Cook in 1773, the very first time a European strode our

shores. Cattle came not long after in the early 1800s. Since

then they have become by far the biggest industry in the

country and their products such as meat, wool and milk

have become world famous. However lots of native bush

has been cleared for them to graze on grass and in Central

Otago especially, thousands of dollars worth of water is

being used for irrigation. On top of that these animals

can pollute the air and the waterways. The methane that

comes from cows (poo, fart, burp) is a greenhouse gas

and emissions are contributing to climate change. Poo can

also end up in rivers and streams leading to heaps of our

waterways being deemed to be un-swimmable. On a high

note, farmers have made lots of money out of their animals

and many people are employed because of them, such as

shearers, farm workers, factory employees and vets. This

leads to sheep and beef being the two biggest industries in

the country ahead of forestry.

The forestry industry is built around pine trees which were

introduced to New Zealand in the 1870s by Californian gold

miners. They were planted to make an easily sustainable

wood and paper supply for the influx in population of the

area due to the Central Otago gold rush. Because they grow

fast and tall, and seed often, they became a very invasive

species that quickly spread out across the land suffocating

other plants from the sunlight, and invading native habitat.

Eradication methods include group fellings, poisoning and

if the situation is completely uncontrolled then forestry NZ

may buy the land and log it themselves. Nowadays there

are approximately two million pines (1,575,900 forestry

and about 450,000 privately planted); most of which are

logged and then shipped overseas to be made into either

paper, furniture or planks. Although New Zealand’s forestry

industry supplies only 1.1% of the worlds wood it makes $5

billion for our economy, as well as employing over 20,000

people. However almost 7% of NZ’s land area is planted up

with pines, much of which used to be native bush. Luckily, as

of 2019 though, the local population of pine trees is quite

small and fully under control. Thankfully they no longer

pose a deadly threat to the surrounding forest and habitat.

On a whole New Zealand has seen its fair share of introduced

species, most of which have varied effects on the native

area and are difficult to keep under control. The planning

needed when introducing a new animal or plant needs to

be monumental, and unfortunately our native environment

was not ready for some of these species. Thankfully, because

of modern technology and insight some of these unwanted

species are being eradicated, making New Zealand a better

home for our natives.



The boat slides through the water. We soon get

to our favourite fishing spot. The boat slides

away from the reef so we cruise back over the

reef and bait up again.

Suddenly I feel a tug. Another one comes - then

I strike. I have got one, so I flick the switch and

the reel pulls it up. It is a bluenose. We gaff it

and put it in the chilly bin.

We head to a different spot where you catch

blue cod.

We get heaps. We start to gut the fish and have

a little fish while we do that. We cruise back into

shore, pack up and drive back to Wanaka.






The BP Business Challenge was an incredible experience

that was really eye-opening for the eighty students in Year

11 that participated in the three day event. Wednesday

22 nd May was the first day - we were introduced to our

facilitators for the next three days, Paul and Erica, both

with plenty of experience with all things business,

architecture and thinking outside of the box. On this day,

we didn’t just think out of the box, some of us also got out

of our comfort zones.

Day 1 was all about introducing and getting used to

things. We competed in the North Block as groups in lots

of challenges, one of them including re-designing the

traditional ‘shopping trolley’ and then pitching our ideas to

everybody else. All of us developed a deeper understanding

for the concept of pitching and what to do as well as what not

to do. It built up our confidence and got us all comfortable

with speaking in front of others.

Day 2 was not just another day in a row that we got to

wear mufti. Rather, it was a day of getting our heads

down and turning our passions into a business. At the

end of Day 1, we all wrote on sticky notes, huge issues

and problems we see in the world, some including plastic

pollution, education, mental health, etc and if there is

one thing we learnt from Erica and Paul, it was that you

can’t have a solution without a problem. There must be

a reason behind the drive of creating a business, so we

all chose the problem we felt resonated with us the most

and started to create our business from there. We were

in groups of around six, but it differentiated. It was really

important that we were in groups with the topic that we

were passionate about, it gave us an inner drive to fight

for a solution to the problem. We got into our groups,

brainstormed and all tried to put our weight in to make

the best business of them all.

We started Day 3 with our minds full of ideas. Some of us

had done the hard work on their pitches the night before. It

was a mad rush to the end but Paul’s kind words and Erica’s

enthusiasm helped us to the finish line. One crazy kahoot

later determining which space in the North Block we got

to use to present our business, all of our pitch locations

were set up and ready for the five local community judges

to come and experience our blood, sweat and tears of the

last 48 hours. After five intense eight-minute pitches the

challenge was done.

Every team left it out on the table, with amazing ideas

that left the judges with a hard decision ahead of them.

During the time we all filled out a survey to say how

amazing Erica and Paul were, then they were back with

the rankings. Everyone did amazingly well, Paul said that

we were "up there" in all the many schools he has visited.

A huge congratulations to third place - CEO Georgia

Robertson with their idea of SEA 2 SEE (blue light glasses).

Second place was awarded to Nico Richter’s group, who

designed CO2 absorbing tiles. Winners, Meg Thomas’

team, deskYOUcation, created a tabletop that wowed the

judges. Her amazing team consisted of Isla Gellatly, Nicole

Meyer, Whitney Bennett, Alexa McKay, Tess Treadwell-

Burke, Dylan Rimmer, Luca Harrington and Nevada

Wolfgramm. Congratulations!

If you are considering participating in the BP Business

Challenge, we would wholeheartedly tell you… do it!

The business skills and confidence you gain is priceless.

Take these opportunities, it is well worth it. Many of us

definitely consider the memories and challenge of it to

be a highlight of Year 11.



Open 7:10pm - 7:30 Start


on Door - Adults $10 / Students $5


by Year


Drama 13



By Dennis Kelly

Wednesday 23rd & Thursday 24th October

Presented by Box Theater and Mt Aspiring College Year 11 Drama students

Eating The




7pm MAC Peeerformanceee Room

Tueeesday 24th & Weeedneeesday 25th Seeepteeembeeer

Entry by Gold Coin Donation

by arrangement with playmarket



e a s e

Paris Woodhouse,

Jessie McKenzie.


Luca Georgalli, Lillian Eastwood

Waning Gillibous

Oscar Goodwin, Otis Murphy,

Philip Massey, Max Byrne.

Liquid Breakfast

Luca Geogalli, Daniel Hadida,

Patrick Lusty (absent), Flynn Rosie,

Devlin Lynden.


Oliver Prince, Hadley Tamati, Luca Harrington, Dylan Rimmer.

Smashing Yams

Kimiya Byrne, Oliver Prince, Lauren Rimmer, Kahu Nepia,

Oscar Goodwin.

Absent: Tao Hawkey-Hight, India Yule.

Last Minute

Caleb Eason, Tana Hansen,

Red Simpson, Elliot Frost.

Absent: Evie Simonsohn.

Better than nothing

Archie Orbell.., Harry Anderson:D, Henry McConnell?,

Clarke West!

Okie Dokie

Ethan Arriata, Ollie Blyth, Kahu Nepia.

Moss on Rock

Imogen Dougherty, Eve Paddon, Georgia

McGregor, Emma Niederer, Helene Price.

Purple Hats

Billy Sandri, Liam Beaton, Kobi Maibach.

Not Relevant

Harry Grimsdale, Liam Allan, Luca Georgalli,

Hunter Paull.

Not Yet Rated

Ethan Carleton, Tom Heather, Quinn Curtis, Toa Roode,

Owen Lea.


Senior Jazz Combo

Lauren Rimmer, Flynn Rosie, Kimiya Byrne, Olly Rowe,

Daniel Hadida, Estelle Norman, Alastair Monteith.

8th Dimension

Front: Otis Murphy, Nikki Cotter, Kimiya Byrne, Silke Schneider, Amy Benson.

Back: Helen Carter, Tao Hawkey-Hight, Max Porter, Matai Wells, Liam Williamson, Max Byrne.

Absent: Lauren Rimmer, Ollie Blyth.







1 2


4 5

6 7 8 9 10




14 15 16






21 22


24 25


27 28

29 30 31

1. Hamish Robinson. 2. Samantha Clark. 3. Kodi Maibach. 4. Bella Thomsson. 5. Joel Suddaby. 6. Ella Robinson. 7. Ruby Burke. 8. Amy McArthur. 9. Jessica Hollow. 10. Georgia Budd. 11. Sophie Fenn.

12. Ruby Burke. 13. Georgia Budd. 14. Milly Robinson. 15. Ruby Burke. 16. Kobi Maibach. 17. Fiona Murray. 18. Ava Erickson. 19. Luca Georgalli. 20. Samantha Clark. 21. Ella Robinson. 22. Sophie Fenn.

23. Rata Horan. 24. Jessica Hollows. 25. Ruby Burke. 26. Hamish Robinson. 27. Luca Georgalli. 28. Phoebe Garland. 29. Siena Shotwell. 30. Georgia Budd. 31. Ruby Burke.


Proudly Supporting Mt Aspiring College


72 Ardmore Street, Wanaka. phone: 03 443 6748

All the staff at

PlaceMakers Wanaka

wish the students of

Mount Aspiring College

every success.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.

We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?

Actually, who are you not to be?

You are a child of God.

Your playing small does not serve the world.

There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.

We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.

It is not just in some of us, it is in everyone.

And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.

As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

Marianne Williamson

Locally Owned and Operated

Wanaka Placemakers, 8 Connell Terrace, PO Box 275, Wanaka

Phone: 03 443 0080 / Fax: 03 443 8270 / Email:



Front: Izzy Finlayson, Bridget O’Brien, Abby East, Sophie Hodgkiss-Blyth, Meg Breen,

Summer Rasmussen.

Back: Indy Wilton, Zoe Smith, Piper Cavanagh, Annabel Fairbairn, Holly Gibson,

Emily Wilton (COACH).


Front: Alexa McKay, Whitney Bennett, Nicole Meyer, Kirsten Blackley.

Middle: Tracey Gibson (COACH), Shanae Sanders, Maggie Stiven,

Jordan Fox, Emily Wilson (COACH).

Back: Abigail Winter, Isla Gellatly, Josie Plimmer.


Front: Scarlett Norman, Emily O’Donnell, Olivia Jones, Emily Findlay, Ella Parker.

Back: Lucy Miller, Samara Goodall, Neve Faed, Eliza Hardaker, Olivia McLachlan.


Front: Ava Hay, Eva Humphreys, Emilie Nicholson, Jessie Winter, Annalise Millar.

Back: Renee Plunkett (MANAGER), Sara Jewell, Georgie Gillespie, India Yule,

Pyper Arnold, Isabella Soper, Louise Carney (COACH).


Front: Grace Heath, Taylah Jones,

Bonnie McGregor, Eva Gilbertson,

Sophie Walsh, Millie East,

Ruby Cochrane, Mya Walker.

Back: Lili Kaler, Amaya East,

Millie Quick, Sophia Gooch,

Mila Culpitt, Evy Green, Ella Asberg.

Absent: Livi Arnold, Daisy Sanders.


Front: Rory Read, Eligh Hollegien, Harry Gilbertson, Toby Davies, Otis Harry.

Back: Ben Simmers, Ewan Hughes, Ben Silipo, Xion Lippe.


Front: Amelia Holmes, Kiara Bercelli, Olivia Jones, Emily O’Donnell, Scarlett Norman.

Back: Eliza Hardaker, Jamie Kerr, Samara Goodall, Lucy Miller.



Front: Ben Silipo, McKay Watson,

Jack Liddell, Zach Smith, Laurie Watson,

Campbell Wright, Olivia Jones,

Emilie Nicholson.

Middle: Piper Cavanagh, Emma Palmer,

Kate Bennie, Amelia Holmes, Jack Findlay,

Nicole Meyer, Ella Parker, Oliver Haines,

Olivia Sutherland.

Back: Isabella Soper, Rose Armstrong,

Amelia Young, Rhi David, Pippa Raffills,

Daniel Kemner, Ben McMurray,

Cooper Mills, Tom Sides.


Front: Ben Silipo, Olivia Jones,

Red Simpson, Zach Smith,

Campbell Wright,

Laurie Watson, Jack Liddell,

McKay Watson.

Middle: Rata Horan, Ella Parker,

Jack Findlay, Emily Heath,

Emilie Nicholson,

Amelia Holmes,

Piper Cavanagh,

Olivia Sutherland.

Back: Muireann Green,

Rhi David, Pippa Raffills,

Melia Brett, Abigail Winter,

Rose Armstrong.



Front: Millie East, Catarina David,

Amaya East, Ania-Kanu Saklani,

Emily Stembridge, Lulu Pettit.

Row 2: Blaise Lockie, Grace Heath,

Taylah Jones, Anton Jones,

Ben McMurray, Millie Quick,

Ryan Enoka, Riley McRae.

Row 3: Sam Beale, Louie Macandrew,

Skye Watson, Fletcher Davison,

Tom Sides, Jojo King,

William Schurink, Codi Gemmell,

Fred Johnson.

Back: Sophia Tuck, Chantel Thurston,

Kezik Magill, Louie Hose,

Jessie McNeil, Harriet Sargood-Ross.


Georgia Robertson, Lachy Moore, Red Simpson, Alexa McKay,

Whitney Bennett, Jessica Courtney, Jack Liddell, Zach Smith.


Front: Lucas Barron, Hunter Cranfield, Ania-Kanu Saklani, Catty David, Taja Rowan,

Bella Edwards, Stella Dineen, Amaya East, Chantel Thurston, Tilly Pryor.

Middle: Hugh Ragg, Sam Beale, Arlo Hanning, Georgia Lindsay, Annika Massey,

Abbey Ragg, Harry Hope, Louie Macandrew.

Back: William McKeown, Riley McRae, Tom Sides, Hunter Tuck, Millie East, Caoimhe Heath,

Kate Brown (MANAGER).


Apparel Studio are proud to be

associated with Mt Aspiring College


Screen Printing - Embroidery

School Uniform - Leavers Hoodies

Sports Team Apparel

11 Frederick St (off Ballantyne Road)

Ph: 443 1882


Front: Millie East, Scarlett Norman, Pippa Raffills,

Rhi David.

Back: Amelia Young, Henry Bowering, Amaya East.

Absent: Archie Bruce, Georgie Bruce, Abby East,

Jasmine Edwards, Kyle Evans, Abby Fisher,

Estelle Gellatly, Danny Holt, Ewan Hughes,

Rhys Hughes, Olivia McLachlan, Emilie Nicholson,

Ryan Schmack, Zoe Smith, Leo Staufenberg,

Niamh Townsend, Laurie Watson, McKay Watson,

Skye Watson, Jessie Winter, Campbell Wright,

Ryan Young.


Liam Williamson, Ben McMurray.


Front: Romy Guichard,

Maggie Miller, Ava Plimmer,

Monty Hewson.

Back: Sophie Plimmer,

Carter Hewson, Ellie Bennett.


Front: Joel Suddaby,

Madi Gainsford, James Suddaby.

Back: Dave Cassaidy (MANAGER),

Corin Suddaby, Aden Cassaidy.


Emma Pearce, Cruz Morland, Eamon Smith, Ewan Little, Zach Scott, Caleb Smith.

Absent: Sabina Gibson, Leightyn Hessian, KC Miller, Tammy Miller.


Ruth Bennie, Jacob Curtis.

Absent: Reuben Collett.


Front: Amy Benson, Cooper Mills, Ty Muirhead, George Crotty, Thomas Benson,

Kalani Muirhead, Niall Alexander, Rylan Nichol, Emily Schmidt.

Back: Ryley Spargo, Archie Orbell, Luke Hancock, Henri Fenn, Mica Drake,

Taane Bayce-Horsley, Ned Hudson.

Absent: Flynn Harvey-Wills, Mathilda Watterson, Vincent Gerrard.


Front: Tom Millis, Erica Hudson, Kahu Nepia, Stellar Nepia, Yasmin Christian.

Back: Will Christian, Anataia White, Sebastian Rhind, Bonnie McGregor.

Absent: Caleb Eason, Ned Hudson, Nina Lee Smith.


Front: Emily Findlay, Ashley Toovey,

Sophie Fenn, Sophie Hodgkiss-Blyth,

Tao Hawkey-Hight, Emma Smith.

Middle: Quinn Curtis, Ruby Boyd,

Lyla Chamberlain, Pipi Horan,

Maggie Stiven, Ella Parker,

Neve Faed, Owen Lea.

Back: Aneka Rossiter,

Samara Goodall, Rata Horan,

Sammy Harry, Hayley Ambrose,

Amber Hewitt.

Absent: Lucia Brown, Patrick Hartley,

Sophia Perkins, Bella Sarginson,

Oliver Thomas.



Back: Ashton Towers, Zak Miller,

Kamryn Reddy, Mitchell Evans,

Sam Teal, Jono Watson,

Ryan Jones, Jesse Robertson,

TJ Lilly.

Middle: Hamish Crosbie (COACH)

Harry Gillespie, Sam Horton,

Marcus Hetherington,

Milan Martinovich, Rhys Hughes,

Ollie Williams-Holloway, Otis Harry,

Callum Smith, Matthew Robinson


Front: Carl Schmack (COACH),

Ryan Schmack, Fergus Read,

Tait Scurr, Hamish Robinson (CO-


Ethan Kerr, Matthew Wilson,

Lachie MacDonald, Craig Read



Front: Anna Barrett, Emma Kelly, Lizzie Laws, Georgia Budd, Ashley Toovey, Bridget O’Brien, Amy Richards, Tayla Upfold.

Back: Shelley Barrett (MANAGER), Michele Olsen, Jamie Kerr, Kate Richards, George Taylor, Olive Pujol, Eliza Hardaker,

Lauren Rimmer, Samantha Laird, Tony Barrett (coach), Jono Groters (COACH).

Absent: Amber Kelsen, Bobbie Wilson-Davies, Jessie Barkman-White.



Front: Ben Simmers,

Rory Read, Cullen Meyer,

Eligh Hollegien, Otis Harry,

Luke Hancock, Ewan Hughes,

Louis McCutcheon.

Back: Jacob Field, Jake Green,

Clarke West, Taine Smith,

Ben Hawkins, Dane Morisawa,

Benji Pujol.

Absent: George Crotty,

Thomas Evans, Lochie Hunt,

Tyler McGregor,

Maddox Peneamene.


Front: Edward Jackson,

Henry Bowering, William McKeown,

Ruby Cochrane, Bonnie McGregor,

Kyle Millar, Riley McRae,

James Dougherty.

Middle: Rylan Nichol,

Kahlarni Hondelink, Kate Watson,

Tom Sides, Marshall Bell,

Ella Sarginson, Riley Upfold,

Flynn Kilbride.

Back: Monty Brown, Aria Winter,

Kiana Babbington, Evy Green,

Henry Allison.


Your local Consulting Engineers providing quality innovative civil and structural

engineering solutions for Residential, Commercial and Industrial projects.

“Proud to support MAC students with an annual

Engineering Scholarship.”

Wanaka Christchurch Queenstown Invercargill


to all students

and staff on a

wonderful year

and we wish you

all the best

for 2020

PO Box 655

Wanaka, Central Otago

0274 382 352



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– Work and play at the best office in the world

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– Internationally recognised qualifications

Opportunities to work in New Zealand and overseas

– Opportunities to work in New Zealand and overseas

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Ski or snowboard, enrol for 2020 today!

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