Bishopsgate Notes 2018/19


A review of our school year



2018- 2019



opportunities for

Bishopsgate pupils

to grow and enjoy

their learning

Nil Nisi Optimum

Nothing but the Best

Go Anywhere

do Anything

The year’s magazine

provides its reader with

another comprehensive

round-up of an exciting

twelve months at


There is so much to

celebrate on a daily basis

and the task of selecting

stories and highlights is a

challenging one, but one that

our Editor, Sarah Farrell, has

clearly achieved in producing

such a rich and vibrant

summary of life in a leading

prep school.

Whilst the children quite

rightly take centre stage

on many of the pages,

this edition also puts

the spotlight on staff,

parents and governors who

play such an important

role in supporting the

School’s aims, providing

outstanding opportunities

for Bishopsgate pupils to

grow and enjoy their learning

in an environment where

they feel safe and unafraid

to take risks and tackle the


Each year, the magazine

covers a number of events

that have become almost

rites of passage for pupils

and their families over the

years. Some, such as the

Bishopsgate Arts Fest, have

become a fundamental part

of our fabric in a remarkably

short space of time.

The magazine reflects

a number of recent

initiatives that have

transformed the way in

which we communicate with

parents, both current and

prospective. The launch

in the past year of a new

website, supported by a

new Parents’ App, as well

as a significant surge in the

school’s use of the most

appropriate social media

platforms has allowed us

to spread the message of

our educational philosophy

and our many successes

as a community, far more

effectively and efficiently.

Pupils, both current and

former, teachers and

parents are all visible in

this year’s edition. As

always, the success

of our school depends

upon the dedicated input

and commitment from

every member of our

community. The strong

relationships that lie at

the heart of our everyday

lives at Bishopsgate

are, for me at least, our

greatest asset. It makes

saying goodbye to those

that have played such

a crucial part in our

many successes all the

harder. I hope we have

done justice on our final

pages to pupils, staff and

parents who move on to

pastures new.

So please enjoy your

trip down memory lane,

and if you are new to

Bishopsgate, I hope you

will be excited by what

could lie in store for your


Rob Williams





Head’s Letter 3

Head Boy and Head Girl Speeches 6

Speech Day 8

Year 6 Leavers 10

Year 8 Leavers 12

Where are they Now? 14

Social Committee 18

Top Tweets! 20

Forest School 22

Lower School 24

Lower School Nativity 26

Middle School 28

Peter Pan 30

Subject Showcase 32

French Trip 38

BLS Camps 40

Boys’ Games 42

Girls’ Games 44

Other Sports 46

Music 50

Beauty and the Beast 52

Nursery and Reception Sports Day 54

Years 1 and 2 Sports Day 56

Middle and Upper School Sports Day 58

Arts Fest! 60

Staff Starters and Leavers 62

Editor - Sarah Farrell

Creative -

Photographs supplied by Sarah Farrell and Lorraine Martin

Bishopsgate Notes 2019

Head Boy

Arthur Jacobs

Wow. Just wow.

This is definitely the end of

an era. I am ready to move

on, but not ready to leave.

My entire family has come

through this school, grown

through this school and

moved on from this school.

The youngest of four siblings,

it is now my time to move on.

I joined in Nursery where

they immediately began

to shape my personality. I

remember making friends

there and playing with the

little toy cars. I remember

moving into Year 2 and being

so proud of myself that I was

the top of Lower School!

The top! And now here I

stand, at the top of the entire

school and about to become

the youngest of an entirely

different environment.

In Year 2 I found my love for

drama that is something

that is truly a big part of

me now. It was Nativity

time and I was playing a

child who was learning that

Christmas isn’t all about

presents - not an easy lesson

to comprehend at that age!

I remember standing on

that stage with friends that

are still here today and, I

hope, will be with me in

the future. These are some

of the most valuable gifts

that Bishopsgate has given

me... A sense of community.

A sense of belonging,

happiness, safety and

friendship. The atmosphere

is what I love most here.

Speaking of opportunities,

Mr McCue approached me

in Year 3 to ask if I wanted

to row. I said yes. 5 years

down the line I stand here as

Captain of Boats, a medallist

at the South of England

competition and gold medal

winner in a quad at the

Blenheim Palace regatta.

Years 5 and 6 were a big

couple of years. I really felt

grown up. I had moved into

the Jubilee Building. The

building where all the big

kids are, where you have to

do exams and homework!

Year 7 came and I had my

first leadership position

as ICT monitor. This role

has also shaped me. When

I was given ICT monitor it

provoked me into doing a bit

of research into computing.

Now I program with python

and use a Raspberry Pi

(a programmable mini


This time last year I was

honoured with the role

of Head Boy. A role I had

hoped and worked towards

for ages. Being Head Boy

has given me an insight

Bishopsgate Notes 2019

into the difficulties and

enjoyment of being a leader.

Leading people can be

quite hard sometimes, but

I have improved this skill

massively throughout my

time at Bishopsgate. From

that bossy Lower School

child, to a more conscious,

balanced individual today.

My only hope is that the rest

of Upper School agree with

this statement! Year 8 has

given me many amazing

memories, culminating in the

recent Leavers’ Programme.

The Leavers’ Programme

has been one of the most

fun few weeks of my life, an

experience I will never forget

and the perfect way to end

my time at Prep School.

As you have heard,

Bishopsgate provides a

wealth of opportunity.

My parting gift is a piece

of advice to the younger

children here today. When

you get given an opportunity,

take it. What is the worst

that can happen? If you don’t

enjoy it, then simply give

it up but, opportunities are

great things and who knows

how they will shape your



has given

me... A sense

of community.

A sense of



safety and


Head Girl

Olivia Pratt

If the school had asked me

last year to stand up in front

of you all, I’m not sure that

I would have been able to

do it with confidence. Being

given the opportunity to take

on such a role as Head Girl

at Bishopsgate has given

me the ability to believe in

myself and to know that if I

try, I can succeed and I have

really enjoyed every aspect

of being your Head Girl as a


I’d like to tell you briefly

about some of the key duties

that go with being a Head

Girl. Some of it, you do

not notice on an everyday

level, however, I think the

responsibility of being Head

Girl becomes second nature.

I now have an awareness

of other pupils around

the school from Nursery

upwards and instinctively try

to do the right thing.

I also have fond memories

and thanks to give for all the

other years I have been here.

My journey at Bishopsgate

started in 2015 in Year 5. That

means Mr Williams and I

started our journey together.

Pupils come to school

to learn, to grow, and

Bishopsgate has certainly

allowed me to do this. Aside

from the academics, playing

a massive role in my time

at Bishopsgate has been

team sports. I have had the

privilege of being coached

in Netball, Athletics, Rowing

and Swimming by a selection

of superb Bishopsgate

sports staff.

They have been instrumental

in my time here. Giving my

team the opportunity to play

and win the London Live

2017 Netball Tournament and

gaining top places at the

National IAPS Netball and

Swimming competitions, to

competing in the Southern

England Indoor Rowing

Championships which

ultimately led to competing

in my first ever regatta just

two Saturdays ago.

It is easy to take these

opportunities for granted in

a school like ours. A school

that offers so much to its

pupils. A school where I feel

I have been able to flourish

in areas I wouldn’t have even

dreamt of on my first day.

The combination of great

teachers, coaches and pupils

has really enabled me to

become a great team player,

and I will always be truly

grateful to Bishopsgate for


The camps at Bishopsgate

continue to become more

fun the further up the school

you travel, from Year 5 and

the trip to the New Forest to

the last trip in the Brecon

Beacons. We have made so

many memories and they will

stay with me as I move on to

senior school.

It is easy to

take these


for granted in a

school like ours.

A school that

offers so much to

its pupils

One of my greatest

memories at Bishopsgate

would definitely have

to be our Year 8 camp.

We ran through a tunnel

underneath a mountain,

Climbed up Pen-Y-Fan in the

eventual sunshine, and even

witnessed Finn Airikkala

attempting to jump over a

bog but failing miserably and

falling straight in! However,

one of the funniest moments

has to be when we tried to

build a bridge across the

river behind our camp. We

built it with rocks, but hadn’t

really considered the fact

that our bridge was more

dam shaped. Let’s just say

that we got away with a little

‘light’ flooding!

My final thank you most

definitely goes to Mr

Williams, the Leadership

Team and the whole of the

Bishopsgate staff. Teachers,

Catering staff, Groundsmen

(including Hagrid), and all

the staff in general. You have

all contributed to an amazing

experience at Bishopsgate.








The Marist



The Marist







Anna Sophia


The Marist


















The Marist

Tilda Liv





The Marist











The Marist



The Marist






The Marist







Bishopsgate Notes 2019





The Henderson-Williams Cup

The Appleby Cup



The Design & Technology




The Harry Gregson-Williams

Drama Cup

Callum LAING


The Dermott Cup

Brodie LAING


The Dunning Cup





Louis BENN


Progress in Science Prize

The Hale IT Cup





The Art Prize



The Sadler French Prize



The Taee Endeavour Cup



Harrison COX






The Evans Sporting Cup

The Osborne Geography Cup



The Constable Cup

The PE Prize

Olivia PRATT


Progress in English Prize

The Ambidge Best All-Rounder Cup

Headmasters’ Salver

Joshua DUKE






The Marks Academic

Progress Cup

Joseph PYM


The Eaton History Shield

The Senior All-Rounder Cup

The Music Cup



The Bishopsgate Way Cup

Kshitij SAXENA


The Dixon Mathematics Cup

Matthew HARMAN


Progress In Mathematics Cup

Carly HO


William HOPES


The Van Zwanenberg Cup

The Nordhagen Cup



The Music Cup

Narayan SURI


Nihaal SURI


The Braithwaite Cup




The Senior Poetry Declamations Cup

The Religious Studies Prize

Headmasters’ Salver



George KINGI




Scarlett TUNN


The Harman Classics Cup




Oscar Lawson

Eton College

After last year’s emotional

speech day, I started at

Eton in September, along

with the 270 new boys in

my year. I am in a house (1

of 25) with 8 other people

in my year and 5 years in

all. As many of you will

hopefully get to experience,

boarding was tough at first.

However, the extra time

which it brings provides

massive opportunities to

try new sports (I have really

enjoyed beagling with the

school’s pack of 50 hounds),

go to clubs and talks of

which there are tons, as

well as spend time building

relationships with lots of

friends and teachers.

Another thing I really value

about Eton is something

which a lot of people

Where Are



wouldn’t expect: where

many schools have loads of

rules which are strongly and

harshly enforced, the focus

for Etonians is on doing

the right thing for its own

sake and making our own

decisions based on our logic

and morals. This has allowed

me to develop quickly as a

person and has provided

a refreshingly relaxed


Building on experiences

from Bishopsgate such as

the PSB (which as I have

found few other prep schools

offer), I have learnt a lot

not just in the classroom

but skills and attitudes

which will prove invaluable.

For example, I have been

involved with editing and

selling a magazine for the

youngest 3 years at school

which featured interviews

with famous Old Etonians

such as Tom Hiddleston.

I have also been a part of

one of our two main school

choirs. Rehearsing 8 times a

week, with 2-4 services in the

same amount of time is really

challenging but incredibly


I know that boarding has

become a less popular option

recently, but I urge families

to consider it as a really fun

and in my opinion, rewarding


Sofia Sweeney

Lord Wandsworth


I honestly can’t believe it’s

been a whole year since I left

Bishopsgate! My first year

at Lord Wandsworth College

was super busy and flew by

really quickly.

I started the year by

successfully auditioning

for the part of Gloria in the

Middle School production of

“Brassed Off”. It’s a story of

a small brass band formed

by the miners during the

turbulent Margaret Thatcher

times. It was quite a change

from my part as Mary

Poppins in Year 8!

Lord Wandsworth College

runs many student-led

events, one of the highlights

being the Performing Arts

Evening, where I was lucky to

have performed my singing

solo in the school’s beautiful

music hall.

I particularly enjoyed

LWC Academic Scholars’

Programme, which has

stretched and challenged

me through a series of talks,

discussion groups and

extension work. We’ve had

some thought-provoking

lectures ranging from “How

to Tackle Climate Change” to

“Art and the British Prison

System” with some amazing

guest speakers.

Bishopsgate teaches us to

seize the opportunities we’ve

been given. This has helped

me gain both knowledge and

experiences throughout my

first year at senior school.

I still cherish the many

happy memories of my time

at Bishopsgate, and feel

confident about starting my

GCSEs next year.

Scarlett Gogna

Brighton College

I remember this time last

year, nervously in the

car, heading down for

my first day at my new

school, Brighton College.

I remember anxiously

wondering will I get on

with the people, will I be

able to keep up with all the

work, who would be in my

dorm? I had no idea what

an amazing journey my first

year at my new school would

take me on, and how much

I would grow in confidence,

independence and strength.

I remember my first night,

all the girls chattering away

until late, desperately trying

to get to know each other,

and figure out their place in

this huge new school.

Time for my first lesson,

everyone lining up outside

the classroom, first time

I’d met any of the children

from other houses. Once

again, we all nervously

chatted away, trying to find

out who we would become

friends with. The teachers

were amazing. They pushed

us, definitely, but never

over pressurised us. They

taught us in a way that was

interesting but made us work

hard. I learned so much in

the term, I would come home

excitedly to show my parents

everything I had learned that


One of my most memorable

moments was getting the

train by myself for the first

time, I was terrified, I could

end up anywhere, I even had

to do a change by myself.

Nervously my friends and

I got a taxi from school to

the station, and stumbling

managed to get ourselves

a ticket. From there we all

clambered on the train and

somehow got ourselves to

Clapham Junction. This is

where it got tricky. I waved

goodbye to all my friends and

I was on my own. I found my

platform, and asked around

trying to work out how to

know which train I needed to

take. At last I worked it out.

My train next. I squeezed

myself through the huge

crowd fighting to get on

the train and managed just

to make it before the doors

closed and it left the station.

When I got out of the train,

and I saw I was at the right

station I was filled with so

much pride, I felt amazing.

So what I’m saying is that

I’ve learned and grown as a

person so much this year,

and I can now do things I

never dreamed I would be

able to achieve a year ago.

This year has been the most

amazing adventure and I

know that when it’s time for

you all to move on to your

next schools, you are going

to be faced with a huge

adventure like I was, but I

also know you will all rise to

the challenge and love it as

much as I did.

I remember my

first night,

all the girls


away until late,


trying to get to

know each other


groups and we have loads of

fun on our training camps to

Italy and Portugal each year.

Isabella Izod

LVS, Ascot

I joined Bishopsgate in Pre-

Nursery in September 2007

and left in July 2016 after

being awarded a sports

scholarship to LVS Ascot.

Since joining LVS, I have

made great progress in many

subjects (even in maths!).

I have gone from strength

to strength in my sports,

representing the school

at ISA National Athletics

Competition every year

for shot put and this year I

qualified in javelin as well.

I now have 3 silver medals

and was National Shot Put

Champion in 2018! I have

also qualified for Berkshire

county events in shot put,

again medaling at each


Last year I also started

playing hockey for a club

and I now play for the U16s

and the ladies team as well.

I am now in Year 10 and have

started my GCSE courses.

I have chosen to do French,

Geography, BTEC Sport, DT

and Food Tech and Nutrition

alongside Maths, English and

the Sciences.

Emmie Kirkhope

Sir William Perkins’s


I left Bishopsgate five years

ago and joined Sir William

Perkins’s School (SWPS),

where I have just completed

my GCSE year and was

very happy with my results.

I am now taking Maths,

Chemistry and Biology for

A-level and am lucky to have

been awarded a Sports

Scholarship for the Sixth


At Bishopsgate, I really

enjoyed the academic

challenge and wide array of

extra-curricular activities,

which I was very pleased

to also find at SWPS. I

have continued to take

up all opportunities on

offer (such as DofE and

STEM projects) and have

now really developed a

passion for Rowing. SWPS

has a fantastic training

programme and an amazing

new boathouse, where I get

to train six days a week.

We have great coaches and

are a very tight-knit group. I

particularly love that I get to

train with girls in other year

Highlights include racing

at Henley Royal Regatta

Qualifiers and Henley

Women’s Regatta, getting

a Silver medal at the Junior

Sculling Regatta, and, most

of all, winning a Gold medal

in the J16 double and a Silver

medal in the J18 quad at

the British Rowing Junior


Matteo Loria


I left Bishopsgate in

2014 to go and study at

Charterhouse. I had a great

5 years there where I played

a lot of football and made

many new friends.

During my time there, I went

on a month-long trip to Peru

where I worked in a school

and reached Macchu Picchu

via the Salkantay Trek. I

also got my Silver Duke of

Edinburgh Award.

Now that I have completed

my A-levels, I am studying

Economics at University

College London (UCL) and

looking forward to another

few years of education and

enjoying the university life in

all its glory!




The Bishopsgate Social Committee is celebrating the

conclusion of yet another year of fantastic events and

amazing support from Committee members, parents

and of course, the children

In the last academic year, the school

raised in excess of £16,000 thanks to the

generosity of family and friends. This, in

addition to monies from previous years,

allowed an expenditure of over £36,000

on new projects. The most exciting

of all being the new Outdoor Learning

equipment that has been installed and

every child will benefit from this new

lesson in the curriculum. Monies also

helped purchase additional Audio Visual

equipment for the Drama and Music

Department and furniture for the Years

7 and 8 Common Room. Basketball

hoops for the playground and gardening

equipment for the children’s gardening

projects were also purchased.

In addition to the regular events such

as the Back to School BBQ, outstanding

Fireworks Display, Children’s Parties,

Christmas Bazaar with authentic Santa’s

Grotto and Christmas Raffle, Elderly

Christmas Party, Easter Egg Hunt and

Quiz and the Mother’s Day Sale, the

school enjoyed two new events. A

traditional Ceilidh where parents danced

reels all night to the fantastic band

“Licence to Ceilidh”, and the Father’s

Day Sale where children purchased an

array of colourful socks for their fathers.

Our fun-filled school year culminated in

the much-anticipated Summer Ball with

its James Bond theme, live band, casino

and live entertainment. A memorable

night was enjoyed by all.

The Nearly New

Uniform shop goes

from strength

to strength and

the new donation

format has helped

us raise over £4,500

for the school this


To reiterate the objective of the Bishopsgate Social Committee is twofold; firstly, to

organise events that bring the school community together; and secondly, to generate

funds to enable us to purchase equipment and redevelop facilities to further enhance

the life of the children at school.

A big thank you

to all our Class

Reps, parent volunteers and Committee

Members whose participation and

efforts have helped make 2018/2019

such a fun and successful year for our

school community.


Bishopsgate School Trips


Bishopsgate School English


Bishopsgate School


Bishopsgate School


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Off to the Gower for a week of adventure with Years 7 and 8!

#bgsadventure #bgsyear78





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Bishopsgate School Sports


Top Tweet earned 1,163 impressions

An amazing display by the U10A team today!

Champions at the Cranleigh Netball Tournament

- winning all their matches, scoring 45 goals and

conceding 0!! Brilliant girls! #BGSnetball #thisgirlcan


Top Tweet earned 2,042 impressions

Feeling very proud of these

three excellent ambassadors for

the school at the Holme Grange

Performance Poetry Competition

this afternoon. The standard was

incredibly high and our finalists rose

to the challenge splendidly. Well

done! #inspiringyoungpeople @


5:49 PM · Nov 13, 2018 · Twitter for iPhone

What better way to celebrate

Christmas than Chris Evans playing

our wonderful Senior Choir singing

“Believe” on his final ever BBC radio

2 breakfast show?! Merry Christmas


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Bishopsgate School


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The Inter-House Hakka took place

this morning with special guest All

Black legend Zinzan Brooke as the

judge alongside the Headmaster. A

fantastic performance from each

house with Shackleton taking

the crown! #hakka #interhouse


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Bishopsgate School


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Congratulations to Liz Amos,

one of our fantastic Girls’ Games

teachers, who won the 400m and

800m at the British Masters Indoor

Championships last week. Her next

stop is the World Indoor Masters

Championships in Poland.

#bgs_sportsdept #teamGB

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Bishopsgate School


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Years 3 and 4 had a challenging

resilience morning on their first

day back at School and learnt how

to improve their resilience through

three different collaborative

activities. #resilience #BGSpastoral

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Bishopsgate School


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Bishops(gate) Cross Country

Club crash their first Stag Do!

#deerstalker #funinthesun #bgs

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Windsor Great Park · Twitter for iPhone

Bishopsgate School


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Speech Day marks the end

of term with Eddie ‘the eagle’

Edwards as guest speaker - we

bid farewell to our Year 8 and wish

them well in their new schools.

#seniorschools #nilnisioptimum


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Bishopsgate School


Schools out for the Summer


8:13 PM · Oct 3, 2018 - Twitter for iPhone

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Bishopsgate School is closed today

due to the snow and treacherous

roads - stay safe everyone!

#snowday #winter


7:46 AM · Feb 1, 2019 · Twitter for iPhone

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Arrived safe, had an activity packed

afternoon, tents pitched, soon be

starting to cook their own dinner.

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The children had a wonderful surprise when they saw

blue tits flying in and out of one of the nesting boxes.

Over the next two weeks, the children eagerly watched

the male and female birds busy feeding their hungry

chicks. This provided a great opportunity to learn about

this lovely bird. Reception children followed up this

experience back in the classroom by writing some facts

about the blue tits.

During Spring, the Forest School saw an explosion of

colour. First the bluebells flowered, followed by the

rhododendrons and the children observed the changes

in them throughout the season.

In May, the school celebrated National Hedgehog Week

by learning lots of hedgehog facts. During the sessions

in Forest School, the children learned how mankind has

contributed to the decline of this creature. They thought

of some great ideas about how to stop the decline

of hedgehogs. Reception children each made a clay

hedgehog and Nursery collaborated by working together

on one large hedgehog.



We are so lucky that our Forest School

is bursting with nature


The camp fire is everyone’s favourite part of Forest

School. The Nursery and Reception children enjoyed

watching the flames and listening to the fire crackle and

the children in Years 1 and 2 learned the skills to build

and light the fire themselves using a fire steel.

As always, the children have enjoyed some tasty snacks.

Pizza, pancakes, hot cross buns and the most popular



Throughout the year, the

children have used the bow

saw, hand drill, pen knives

and bill hook to create

some wonderful natural


Bishopsgate Notes 2019

The fire has also kept them warm on those cold Winter days



Lower School

A year in the life of Bishopsgate Lower

School is full of endless opportunities

and limitless learning. The children range

from being explorers to inventors; problem

solvers to artists and all with a shared

aim of following their interests and

feeding their thirst for learning.

As they move through to

Year 1 they are inspired

to ask questions as they

have ‘WOW’ moments

to open their project

work. The opportunities

to find out about topics

of interest first hand

through trips, visitors

and real-life artefacts,

allow them to carry

out more purposeful

research. This, in turn,

encourages an intrinsic

motivation to continue

that learning.

During their time in the Early

Years they have developed

their ability to ask a question

and find ways to discover

the answer. Through various

activities including constructing,

planting, cooking and designing

they have developed their

skills as communicators and

collaborators; all the while

understanding what it means to

be resilient and independent.

The purposeful learning

continues into Year 2

as they explore the

wider world and work

collaboratively to

research and present to one

another our findings. Learning together and

realising each other’s strengths encourages

limitless learning, open- ended questions

and endless possibilities of the direction our

research. The children use all means of finding

answers including technology, books, real-life

objects and each other’s experiences.


Lower School

Nativity 2018

Bishopsgate Notes 2019



Middle School

In Year 3, the children were

hooked into their first topic of

story writing with their class

reader ‘We’re sailing down the

Nile - a journey through Egypt’.

This linked in naturally with their Humanities topic

on Ancient Egypt. The children learnt to write exciting

stories using interesting vocabulary, connectives,

varied openers and the correct punctuation. They then

moved onto writing instructional texts and discovered

how to trap a dragon successfully!


Maths in the Middle School is taught in a creative and fun

manner and the children are kept active throughout

their lessons. There are a wide range of sub-topics

taught that are repeated each year. Some of the

sub-topics include problem solving, mental

and written addition, subtraction,

division and multiplication, times

tables, fractions, geometry,

place value, telling the time,

angles and statistics to

name but a few.


Science across Years 3 and

4 has continued to include

a variety of hands-on topics

and active exploration. The

children loved drawing upon

their own experiences and

taking part in whole class


Both Year groups were given

the valuable opportunity

to visit the Environmental

Centre in Windsor Great

Park. Here the children

gained a hands-on insight

into a whole host of

activities including ponddipping,

mini-beast hunting,

bug sweeping, animal

classification and owl pellet

dissection. Both classes

enjoyed being Nature

Detectives for the day!


Teaching History to children is a joy. As they discover

what life was actually like for people in the past and

imagine how they would feel living through those times,

they reel with wonder. When the gory details of how a

mummy is made or table manners at a Roman dinner

party are explained, their eyes light up in amazement.

The children have thoroughly immersed themselves in the

History topics this year.


To start the year, everyone drew self-portraits for a ‘Guess Who’

display. They learnt about the scale and proportion of the different

parts of a face and had to use their observational skills to make their pictures as

realistic as possible.

The Year 3 children made their own papyrus by weaving strips

of paper together and drew typical Ancient Egyptian images

onto real papyrus paper whilst the Year 4 children printed

Celtic Knots in the Art Room and collaborated together to

build roundhouses.



¦ at Bishopsgate ¦



Pupils in Year 6 studied

the Swiss artist, Alberto

Giacometti’s work in their

Art lessons.

Giacometti researched how

people moved in crowds

and Year 6 pupils created

their own crowd of people,

all interacting and moving


As Giacometti once said, ‘If

we master a bit of drawing,

everything else is possible.’

The children were inspired by the artist’s tall thin sculptures of

people and took on the challenge of creating their own. They

began by sketching images of moving figures, then used wire

to create a form that incorporated movement. This was a tricky

process and the children had to be resilient to keep going. After

taping the forms, the children carefully covered them in Modroc

and the final stage was to paint their sculpture.

The fine pieces were all placed together to create a collaborative

installation in the foyer of the Jubilee Building.

the children’s determination to persevere,

their creativity and attention to detail

made their final piece’s very effective

Bishopsgate Notes 2019

There’s been an abominable break-in and book

burglary at Bishopsgate! While the children solved

word problems, hopped over hurdles and lit bunsen

burners, they were blissfully unaware of an intrepid

intruder ransacking the Jubilee Building book


As you can see from the photo, the incident was swiftly dealt with by the relevant

authorities and it soon emerged that our very own Mr Baumgart was the culprit!

Fortunately, the books were seized before he could list them on eBay and most

importantly, the children were fired up and ready to write newspaper reports on

this troublesome topic.

Refugee Boy

With the power to transport our minds

to distant lands and alternate realities,

books really can bring a topic to life.

In Year 8, the children kickstarted the

Michaelmas term with Refugee Boy by

Benjamin Zephaniah, a compelling story

that shines a light on the exceptional

challenges facing so many young

people across the globe displaced by

conflict. The children used this novel

as an opportunity to explore character

emotions as Alem, the main character,

finds himself caught up in a whirlwind

of a journey. In the story, this young boy

faces the prospect of deportation from

the UK, a notion that the pupils often

find hard to comprehend. With a sense

of injustice and a better understanding

of immigration, the children wrote

persuasive letters to the Prime Minister

which set out Alem’s situation and

campaign for him to be granted asylum.

With such powerful issues at its core, this

topic not only broadens the children’s

understanding of the world around them,

but also inspires them to apply their

learning to something with real life relevance.

10 Downing Street




Bishopsgate School

Bishopsgate Road

Englefield Green


TW20 0YJ

Wednesday 7th November 2018

RE: Providing support for young and

vulnerable refugees.

Dear Ms May,

Every two seconds a refugee is

brutally snatched from their home.

We immediately need to take action

and end the countless innocent

lives that are constantly suffering

in a never-ending torturous world

of despair. Alem is a poor, hopeless

young boy who feels like he’s in a

world of his own. He’s got no one to

go to. He only wants one life changing

wish - to be granted asylum in the UK,

where he doesn’t have to live in fear.

Together we can guide him to a bright

future. Can you spare five minutes of

your life to save this poor humble boy?





Play, explore,

think, reason

and discover.

Our pupils

have certainly

had many


to develop




skills this

year. Pupils

have shared findings from experiments

and investigations with each other through conversation, strengthening their

communication skills, another very underestimated but incredibly important skill for a

scientist. They’ve challenged themselves to look at problems and come up with their

own solutions, trying them out, maybe failing, but never giving up.

Every year, unexpected scientific discoveries challenge what we

know and we should never stop learning. One of our key areas of

focus has been asking questions, looking for evidence and then

asking even more questions. Our lesson covered a wide range

of topics from inventions during the Victorian era to the work

of paleontologists; maybe some pupils were inspired to invent

something of their own or hunt for fossils on the Jurassic Coast!

Some of our pupils even dissected some owl pellets to find out

more about what our native Bishopsgate owls fed on!

A running theme

throughout many discussions in our lessons

was our responsibility to care for the

environment. Many links were also made with

studies in Geography to consider how we could

use our energy resources more carefully and

it is great to see more pupils now cycling and

walking to school.

This year’s

challenge is

to see how

we can be

even more environmentally

responsible at school. What

changes could you make at



Alongside teaching

Maths fluency, the pupils

learn about problemsolving

across the

school. It allows them

to make connections

between different strands of mathematical knowledge and understand how

to solve an unfamiliar problem. It can provide pupils with the opportunity

to work individually or collaboratively, in order to find a solution.

Different ways that problem-solving skills have been used


Year 3 pupils worked together to problem-solve with

‘fraction of amount’ questions.

Year 6 pupils used creativity and

collaboration to produce their own


Year 7 pupils used their Maths skills alongside their IT

proficiency, to plan and budget a holiday for a family.

Outdoor Maths

Maths doesn’t have to be dull or confined to the indoors!

As a department, we try to make the most of having

amazing grounds to explore and use them to expand the

pupils’ learning. Getting out of the classroom allows

the engagement of learners with the world around them

and gives better access to the main pathways to learning

(Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic). This is something

that the Maths department are looking to develop

further next year.



Trip to the Houses of Parliament

and Museum of London

Year 7 pupils visited the Houses of

Parliament and Museum of London to

complement their class learning on some of

the key moments that have shaped Britain’s

history between 1066 and today.

On arrival at Westminster, the pupils

explored Britain’s journey to the democratic

nation it is today and visited many of the

most important and iconic rooms in the

country, including the Queen’s Robing Room,

House of Lords and House of Commons.

This proved the perfect place to bring

to life and extend the children’s learning

on the changing role of the monarchy

and the origins of parliament and the

government, as well as seeing first-hand

where our politics is debated today.

The pupils then travelled along the Embankment to visit the Great

Fire of London and Plague Gallery at the Museum of London. Once

again, this allowed them to extend their previous class learning on

the subject. Whilst a small exhibition, the children were able to get

hands on testing out and comparing fire helmets through the times

and looking at different ways that people tried to cure the Plague.

They were able to make judgements on the different people involved

during the Fire of London,

view some of the changes

that the fire caused and learn

many new facts about both

the Plague and Fire. The pupils

certainly enjoyed the trip and it

really helped to enhance their

knowledge of the topics.

Bishopsgate Notes 2019

Year 6 pupils had a fun-filled and exciting trip to

Normandy in the Summer term. During the week, they

were able to listen to lots of French and practise it

in the market and other places. They did lots of very

interesting things, including a visit to a local cider farm,

biscuit factory and chocolaterie, Bayeux Cathedral and

an aquarium. Linking in with their studies in History, they

visited the D-Day Landings beaches where they were

able to see the remains of the Mulberry Harbour at Gold

Beach. The Bayeux Tapestry, depicting the buildup and

subsequent Battle of Hastings, was also a highlight. At

nearly 1000 years old, it is incredible! They also had lots

of fun at the bowling alley and at Festyland.

Bishopsgate Notes 2019





Every summer term the children from Years 3 to 8 enjoy the wonders of camping in

our beautiful natural environment. They spread themselves far and wide; from the

wonderful Windsor Great Park to the beautiful Brecon Beacons, where they are offered

the opportunity to work in teams and challenge themselves in activities ranging from

campfire cooking to climbing, canoeing to coracle building. The BLS (Bishopsgate

Learning Skills) camps build upon the foundations of independence, collaboration,

leadership and resilience and offer the children hands-on learning experiences outside

of their comfort zones. At the conclusion of Year 8, the children resemble the offspring of

Bear Grylls!

Bishopsgate Notes 2019


Michaelmas Term

It has been a recordbreaking

year for Football

in the Boys’ Sport

Department and one

that will not be forgotten

anytime soon. For the first

time in the School’s history

the U11 and U13 football

teams qualified for the

National Football Finals

after two superb displays

at the Regional Qualifying

rounds held at Rokeby

School. This booked finals

dates for both age groups

with the U11 team booking

a once in a lifetime trip

to St George’s Park - The

Home of English football!

Both age groups played

their hearts out and

achieved top 10

in the country

status, in what

are unbelievably



Across the board, teams showed superb attitude,

commitment and determination to achieve a win and draw

percentage of 64% in what seems to be an increasingly tough

but well-balanced fixture circuit. A special congratulations

must go to our Colts C team who finished the season

unbeaten and our U8As, who only suffered one narrow loss!

Lent Term

What a superb Rugby

season! A 70% win and draw

ratio achieved by all our

teams shows how far rugby

has come at Bishopsgate

over the last few years.


Total Football Matches Played: - 163

Matches Won: 72 (48%)

Matches Drawn: 28 (16%)

Matches Lost: 63 (36%)

Total Tournaments Played: 8

Cup Winners: 2

Runners Up: 1


A stunning set of results

saw the 2nd XII and U8Bs

go unbeaten for the season

and the 1st XII, Colts A and

U8A teams only suffering

one loss. All coaches are

thrilled with the enthusiasm,

concentration and desire

Total Rugby Matches

Played - 130

Matches Won: 74 (57%)

Matches Drawn: 17 (13%)

Matches Lost: 39 (30%)

of all the boys in order to improve and perform at their highest possible level. Skills and

techniques keep getting better and better across the board. So much so that Mr Baumgart

and Mr Wood are contemplating entering some national tournaments next year...

Summer Term

Unfortunately, our Cricket

season was heavily

disrupted by rain resulting

in us playing over 20 less

matches than last year

significantly affecting our


However, we still had some

superb team performances

with our powerful 1st XI

going unbeaten for the first

time in a number of years.

They also entered the IAPS

National Cricket Tournament

for the first time but were

unfortunately eliminated

early on due to the match

being suspended by rain and

the result being determined

by current run rate! Mr

Pym (1st Team coach),

was certain that the team

would have progressed had

weather not intervened.

Colts A also finished the

season with only one loss,

missing out on an unbeaten

season by two runs in their

final match. Overall, the skill

development showed by all

pupils was extremely positive

and leaves a lot to be excited

about for future years.

Total Cricket Matches Played - 84

Matches Won: 39 (48%)

Matches Drawn: 3 (2%)

Matches Lost: 42 (50%)


Michaelmas Term

This year has proved to be the most successful Netball

season in Bishopsgate history. This is a reflection of the

skill level, passion and dedication of all the girls. The

hard work began in the Michaelmas term with over 100

matches played and many hours of training. There were

tournament wins for the U11A team at The Marist and the

U10A team collected a hat-trick of tournament wins at

The Marist, Newland House and Cranleigh - an impressive


Congratulations go to the

1st VII, U11A, U10A, U9/9B

teams who were undefeated

all term and to the U8A,

U10B and U11/10C teams

who only lost one match all




Michaelmas Netball Matches Played - 104

Played: 104

Matches Won: 78 (75%)

Matches Drawn: 6 (6%)

Matches Lost: 20 (19%)

Total Tournaments Played: 4

Cup Winners: 4

Lent Term

The Lent term was another amazing term for Netball

with all teams pushing themselves to play their very

best netball. The U11A, U10A and U11/10C were all

undefeated this term and the 1st VII, U11B, U9A and U8A

teams only had one loss.

There was plenty of

tournament action with

great results across the

board - Silver medal places

for the U9A team at The

Marist, the U8A team at

Bishopsgate, the U10A team

at St George’s, Weybridge

and U11A team at Newland

House and Eagle House.

Bishopsgate entered the U11

Surrey Schools Tournament

for the first time this year

and the girls played superbly

and were crowned County


The 1st VII and U11A teams

both successfully qualified

for the IAPS by performing

brilliantly at their respective

regional tournaments. The

U11A team were runners up

and the 1st VII were Regional

Champions. This is the first

time in Bishopsgate history

that the U11 and U13 teams

have both qualified for the

National Finals! Both teams

rose to the occasion at the

finals - the U11 team finished

in 4th place, our best result

at this age group. The 1st VII

made it through to the final

and it was a nail-biting affair

with the scores level after

extra time, it all came down

to a golden score which

unfortunately did not go our


Lent Netball Matches Played - 59

Matches Won: 45 (77%)

Matches Drawn: 2 (3%)

Matches Lost: 12 (20%)

Total Tournaments Played: 14

Cup Winners: 5

1st VI - Runners-up at Nationals

U11 - 4th place at Nationals

The girls were runners up which is an outstanding result and

again our best ever result at this age group. Wow - what a term!

Summer Term

The final Rounders season

at Bishopsgate was greatly

affected by the weather

with several fixtures being

cancelled. However, the

girls achieved great results

in the matches they were

able to play.

Congratulations to the 1st

VII, 2nd VII, U11A, U10A,

U10B, U9A and U9B who

were undefeated this term

and also to the U8A and

U11B who only lost one

match. Bishopsgate entered

the U11 IAPS competition

for the first time this year. It

was in a tournament format

held at Windlesham House.

The girls played incredibly

well and had 8 matches

back to back. They showed

dazzling fielding skills

and also produced their

best batting performance

ever! They finished in 6th

place nationally which is

a great achievement. The

Bishopsgate girls are now

looking forward to starting

cricket in Summer 2020.

Total Rounders Matches Played - 38

Matches Won: 36 (94%)

Matches Drawn: 0 (0%)

Matches Lost: 2 (6%)



On the river we continued to perform

well at Maidenhead, Blenheim and

Egham Regattas. Teamwork was key

in outdoor rowing and our seniors

showed on many occasions how

well they could work together as

a crew. The J12 Year 7 rowers were

particularly outstanding at this,

motivating and offering astute

advice to each other. This mature

approach and hard work paid off

when they won at Maidenhead in their

first ever regatta. All bodes well for

the future!


Our rowers continued to excel this year. They showed mental grit

and determination on the indoor ergs and this approach paid off

once again with many medals achieved in indoor competitions.

Our outstanding success story of 2018-19 was Finn in Year 8, being

named British and Welsh Indoor Champion and winning Bronze at

the European Championships in Denmark.

This year has seen the biggest

success of Swimming in

Bishopsgate’s history

22 children qualified for the IAPS Finals

which took place at the London Aquatic

Centre. The U10 Girls’ team included

Lexie, Emily, Freya and Sophia who were

placed 1st in the country for both team

events making them National Champions.

They also broke the national record which

had been held for five years previously.

Freya and Sophia also placed 1st in their

individual events earning them three Gold

medals. The Bishopsgate

Girls’ team also placed

3rd in the country overall

behind Millfield

and Mount Kelly College.

All the finalists deserve recognition as qualifying in the Top

20 of the country for an event is an incredible achievement.

Bishopsgate has had great success in its galas and

numerous school records have been broken. For the first

time ever, a Year 2 team was formed and competed against

eight other schools. Bishopsgate came joint 1st with

Yateley Manor.

One of the highlights of the year

was the residential camp to Mount

Kelly College. The team spent three

days in Devon, training hard and

enjoying some outdoor activities.

The camp was a great success

and the children are still talking

about it to this day.

Overall, a fantastic year of swimming and some great

success from pupils representing Bishopsgate.







Cross Country











Cross Country







It has been another excellent year on the tennis courts at

Bishopsgate. In March, we held our annual Championships

and once again the standard was incredibly high. Special

congratulations go the winners: Charles (U9), Sam (U11) and

Max (U13). In the matches against local schools and clubs, the

children acquitted themselves extremely well and were able

to provide competitive matches to over 30 boys and girls.

For the first time in Bishopsgate history, we entered six

children into the IAPS Tennis Championships at Rugby in May. The team spirit over

the weekend was exceptional and the children showed great determination, character

and no shortage of skill. William and Amrik performed extremely well and enjoyed

excellent wins against St Mary’s Hall and

Dulwich Prep. Max and Luke ended as the 10th

best U13 pair with fine wins against Arnold

House and Hoe Bridge. Zahra and Sara can

be particularly proud of their performance

as they won a Bronze medal, having lost to

the eventual winners in the semi-final. Very

well done to everyone who represented the

Bishopsgate Tennis Squad this year.



But the culmination of the

year was definitely our

performance of ‘Seven

Nation Army’ at the Arts

Festival in the Summer Term.

the world. The children

danced to Japanese rap

music, played traditional folk

songs on the xylophone and

sang children’s songs from


An incredibly busy and exciting year for

the Music Department

The highlight of the Michaelmas Term was the Carol Concert, held at St

John’s Church in Egham. There was a candlelit choral procession by the

Senior Choir, followed by a huge variety of songs and carols sung by the

Junior, Senior and Staff Choirs, interspersed with readings from members

of the school community.

The wonderful candlelit

evening recitals in the

Chapel were held throughout

the year, each one featuring

around fourteen performers,

from beginners to advanced

musicians. These evenings

gave individuals an

opportunity to perform

to a small audience in an

intimate setting and were

once again, a huge success.

During the Lent Term, the

Senior Choir performed

as part of the London

Southbank’s Regional

Festival of Music for

Youth. They travelled to

the Southbank Centre,

London, and performed

two songs to an incredibly

high standard in the Clore

Ballroom, watched by

family, friends and members

of the public. On the way

back to the coach, the choir

decided to do an impromptu

performance in the middle

of Trafalgar Square, which

was met with enthusiasm

and appreciation from

many tourists who gathered

around to listen!

In the Summer Term, our

drummers had another

chance to show off

their skills in our annual

‘Drummers’ Showcase’.

Twelve boys and girls from

Years 3 to 8 performed their

favourite track onstage

in the Music School, with

audience members tapping

their feet, itching to get up

and dance.

Curriculum music has

also gone from strength

to strength, with topics

including Samba, African

Drumming, Blues & Jazz and


Year 4

The Year 4 children had a

memorable year learning a

new instrument! Each class

received either a trumpet,

trombone, or clarinet, and

spent the year learning to

play that instrument.

Every single pupil made

progress playing their

instruments and tackled

the challenges of their own

instrument with resilience

and determination. In the

autumn, we performed

an arrangement of Jingle

Bells at assembly, and

also attended specialist

brass and clarinet

workshops run

by Bradfield


Each instrument had its own

part, and the children all

learned their own notes and

rhythms, and how to play as

part of a band, to create a

memorable performance.

Lower School Music

Lower School


was full of


this year.

From Nursery

through to

Year 2, the

children have

developed their singing

voices, learnt to play new

instruments, and they found

out about music from around

All the




in singing

the songs

for our

Nativity in


In Year 2, pupils even began

to learn how to write their

own music. The Lower

School Choir, including

children from Reception,

Years 1 and Year 2 also

performed beautifully at the

Arts Fest.





Bishopsgate Notes 2019

Nursery and


Sports Day



Years 1 and 2

Sports Day

Bishopsgate Notes 2019



and Upper

Sports Day

Bishopsgate Notes 2019



Art Fest





Throughout the year we welcomed a number of new colleagues on to the teaching staff at Bishsopsgate. There were also

some new roles for some of the Office team. In September we were thrilled to welcome back Laura Harben (Year 1) and

Lisa Soullier (Year 4), Lisa was joined in her job share by Tizzy Aalders, who was already a familiar figure having provided

cover for a number of terms. Already a key member of the music department, Mich Mazzocco took up her new, permanent

role as Assistant to the Director of Music. Rebeca Guillen Felipe energetically took the helm in Nursery, where she was

also joined by new Teaching Assistant Kevin Dartnail. Former Head of Classics at Reading Blue Coat, Natalie Evans

confidently took up this positon at Bishopsgate and, later in the year, James Spiller brought a new spin to the teaching of

Computing. In Learning Support, Janet Thomas welcomed two new LSAs, Fabiola Craddy and Maria Williams who have

offered such valuable support to their pupils. All our new teachers have enjoyed a very successful inaugural year.

Colette Firestone, who so beautifully provided after school care for our youngest pupils, followed her partner Ben Tilbrook to

London, where she has joined the ranks of the teaching profession.

Roberto Greenwood used his experience as a sports coach to great effect and is looking to further his career in teaching.

Maisy Jacobs, who is currently studying Film at Westminster University, provided short term cover for Ben who left during the

summer term. Maisie commented as she returned to university, “I’ve had such a great time, I don’t want to leave!” The feeling

was mutual, so who knows what the future may hold.

Ben Tilbrook and Claudia Carmichael - proved their value as aspiring teachers within days of joining Bishopsgate.

For now, Claudia has chosen to undertake a Marketing Internship and we congratulated Ben on securing a role with

Pan MacMillan as a Production Assistant in London.

Tizzy Aalders

Year 4 Teacher

Natalie Evans

Latin Teacher

Mich Mazzocco

Assistant to the Director of Music

Libby Cutting was an exemplar to any TA. She supported and nurtured our Years 3 and 4 pupils with great compassion and

dedication. We wish her every success in her new role in a care home for the elderly. They are very lucky to have her!

Hugh Gurney volunteered as a teaching assistant, primarily in Mathematics, his passion! We were very grateful to Hugh for all

that he offered, especially to some of our pupils who find this subject so challenging.

Maria Roberts Hunt sadly left to support her husband in the family business. An outstanding practitioner, Maria will be sorely

missed by her Lower School colleagues and we very much hope that she will be able to return to the fold at a later date.

Jo-Ann Airikkala

School Administrator

Rebeca Guillen Felipe

Nursery Teacher

Lisa Soullier

Year 4 Teacher

Alex Imbastari, having taken some time out of teaching, stepped in to help when we needed cover for Malcolm McCue. A strong

mathematician, we soon knew the children were in very safe hands and they have clearly benefitted from not only his expertise as a

maths teacher but also his incredibly calm and nurturing approach. Alex has returned to the Primary Sector in Slough.

Lindsey Marriott played a fundamental role in introducing our youngest pupils to the learning of French for many years. It is a

huge responsibility providing children with their first exposure to a new language. Her pupils have always enjoyed the fun that

she brought to learning.

Charles Carver


Laura Harben

Year 1 Teacher

James Spiller

Computing Teacher

Malcolm McCue moved on to a new role on the Leadership Team at Crosfields School, Reading. He has worked wonders for

both our technical and computing provision, proved to be an excellent Maths teacher, enjoyed his time as a sports coach

and referee and then, of course, there is Rowing, perhaps Malcolm’s greatest passion. Bishopsgate now has an excellent

reputation in each of the facets of school life that he has led. We are incredibly grateful for the dedication he has shown over

the years and wish Malcolm every success in his new role.

Helena Pearson wears her heart on her sleeve. You could always see that teaching was in her DNA. She found it incredibly

hard to accept that the career that she loves so deeply must come to an end for reasons beyond her control. Generations of

Bishopsgate pupils have benefited from her warm and dedicated approach. We wish Helena and her family every happiness

as they look forward to new beginnings and hopefully a stress free retirement in Leicestershire.

Fabiola Craddy

Learning Support Assistant

Kevin Dartnaill

Teaching Assistant

Natasha Ladyman

School Administrator

Adele Mayhew

Head’s PA

Marie-Elena Williams

Learning Support Assistant

Sian Wood

Year 1 Teacher

In Administration, Charlie Carver stepped into the ‘big shoes’ of Alan McNish as our School Bursar and he has very quickly

managed to get his feet under the proverbial table. With the biggest capital project the school has ever undertaken as his

first major task, Charlie has joined at an exciting moment in the school’s history. Natasha Ladyman, and later in the year

Jo-Ann Airikkala, quickly immersed themselves in their roles in the Front Office. Adele Mayhew, who also joined the Admin

Team in September, after only two terms on the Reception desk, seamlessly moved to the role of the Headmaster’s PA. Adele

in turn replaced Dawn Bulley who moved into Admissions to assist new Marketing and Admission Manager, Sarah Farrell.

The new team is proving to be incredibly effective and those who have switched are clearly relishing their new roles.

Simon Perry was with us for only a couple of years, but in that time he consistently delivered high quality tuition and helped

maintain the strong reputation of the English Department. He was also a key participant in the growing visibility and presence

of rugby at Bishopsgate. Judging by the speed at which his pizzas sold at the Arts Fest!, Simon will enjoy a healthy future in his

new commercial venture.

Rowena Prescot A talented all-rounder, Rowena has been a strong member of the teaching team in a number of core subjects,

but is clearly most at home in the Science laboratory. Ask any of her pupils! We will miss her ability to wear several hats, but as

we always encourage pupils to follow their dreams, we wish Rowena every success as she follows hers. We are convinced that

she will make a success of her decision to transition to life as a homeopath.

Alan McNish, a term later than originally planned, at last had the chance to join his wife Dianae who had already moved to

the new family home in Melrose in the Scottish Borders. Alan has been an integral part of the school’s success over the past

decade. He should not be seen in any shape or form as a stereotype of his role. The children’s interests were uppermost in his

mind when making any decision. He has, of course, ensured that we remain in a very healthy financial state, with premises that

reflect this achievement. However, Alan has also been involved with the leadership and success of so many aspects of school

life, with Bishopsgate quite evidently in his heart. We all wish Alan the very best of good fortune in the next chapter of his life.

Jayne Webster After many very successful years of leading our admissions facility, Jayne Webster decided it was time to

step down from her role. She hastened to add that she is not retiring, but, switching to a less demanding role. Whilst a full and

successful school is a reflection of the work and dedication of everyone involved in the school community, the role of the

registrar in making it all happen should never be underestimated and I am sure that parents will all join me in thanking Jayne

for the warm and professional manner in which she has guided families through their introduction to life at Bishopsgate.

Nick Jamison After an association with the school spanning more than two decades, first as a parent and latterly as a Deputy

Chairman on the Governing body, Nick decided it was time to allow fresh blood and ideas onto the Board. Nick has been a

true supporter of all things relating to Bishopsgate. As Head, I have valued Nick’s support, especially his legal counsel, over

the past four years. I am sure I speak on behalf of the community as a whole and wish Nick and his family every success for

the future.

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