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Gurinder Chadha Scores

Bringing Bend It Like Beckham from Stage to Screen


Sonja (Sofie Mikhaylova)

Toronto Sound

Festival Puts


Sounds in the


Gurinder Chadha doesn’t hesitate

when asked if she prefers Bend It

Like Beckham as a stage musical

or film. “The movie is great,” says

Chadha. “But the musical is a much

richer and deeper experience.”

Chadha returns to adapt her

2002 film in which 18-year-old

Jesminder defies her Sikh parents

to play soccer. The sleeper hit

launched the careers of Keira

Knightley and Parminder Nagra

and the musical debuted in

London in 2016. The Bluma Appel

Theatre December’s production

marks Beckham’s North American


The musical celebrates diversity

through a fusion of western musical

theatre, Indian bhangra dancing,

and mad soccer skills. “The idea of

making Bend It Like Beckham in the

first place was to have images of

women being powerful and athletic.

Regent Park Film

Festival unites us all

For the last 16 years the Regent Park Film Festival has delivered programming

that poses a powerful counter-narrative to dated perceptions

of which stories deserve our attention, and who gets to be in the

director’s chair while telling them.

This year continues the festival’s tradition of thoughtful, forward-thinking

programming that directs a critical lens at the conversations

leading our zeitgeist like “Our Dance of Revolution” the story

of four decades of black queer activism in Toronto, and “Life Without

Basketball,” the story of Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir, the first Division I athlete

to play basketball while wearing a hijab.

According to the festival’s executive director Angela Britto, while

the festival has remained devoted to creating accessible spaces for

film and media arts to their core audience—“BIPOC (Black, Indigenous

and People of Colour) and low-income communities— the

festival has started to attract a larger group of curious viewers.

“I think what’s changed over time is that much of our audience

increasingly lives outside of Regent Park, and so we welcome people

from all over the city to experience our programs,” she explains.

The 2019 Regent Park Film Festival runs Nov. 20 to Nov. 23.

The dancing shows that.”

When asked about finding songs

to enhance her prior work, Chadha

compares Beckham to her recent

film Blinded By the Light. “With

Blinded, I had Bruce Springsteen’s

catalogue to play with,” says Chadha.

“I spent a lot of time poring

over different songs and lyrics to

see what worked narratively with

Javed’s story. In a musical, it’s the

opposite. We get to create songs,

music, and sentiments that fit the

story, tone, and style that we want.”

When asked what’s changed

most since the 2002 film, Chadha

points to herself and her 12-yearold

twins. “Horror of horrors, I’ve

now become the mum of Bend It

Like Beckham!” laughs Chadha. “I

started off as the girl and now I’m

the mum telling them off for not

learning their language or how to

cook Indian food.”

Life Without Basketball


If sound design, synthesizers

and drum machines are your

thing, there’s a festival just for

you happening in Toronto this

month. While music festivals

are certainly no new concept,

a sound festival is much less


Instead of putting musicians

on stages to perform, the twoday

Toronto Sound Festival

celebrates the process behind

the music by examining music

production techniques, synthesis,

and the business behind it.

And instead of being geared

around a fan experience, this

festival is organized specifically

for, and by, musicians.

The immersive talks and

workshops will cover a variety

of topics relevant to sound

enthusiasts including mixing

and mastering your own music;

sound design ideas for film and

media; building your own DIY

synth; and synthesis 101. Label

owner Sonja (Sofie Mikhaylova)

will also lead a workshop on

what it takes to run your own

independent label covering

topics including financing,

digital versus physical formats,

and marketing. If you’ve ever

wondered about a different side

of the music industry, this would

be an excellent place to start.

Toronto Sound Festival /

November 23-24 // $45,


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