Newsletter 4 -1.11.19

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LUDGVAN SCHOOL NEWSLETTER <strong>1.11.19</strong><br />


NEWSLETTER <strong>1.11.19</strong><br />

LUDGVAN SCHOOL NEWSLETTER <strong>1.11.19</strong><br />

Artwork courtesy of Y6

A word from the Principal...<br />

Welcome,<br />

I hope you all had an enjoyable half term. The children have come back to school recharged and<br />

ready to learn which is great to see.<br />

Prior to half term you had the first formal opportunity to meet with your child’s teacher for the<br />

first time in our parents’ consultations. The feedback I received was very positive and I hope these<br />

meetings gave you an insight into how your child has settled into their new class and how they are<br />

progressing with their learning.<br />

We signed off last half term with the FLS Monsters Ball Discos. Both the KS1 and KS2 events were<br />

incredibly well supported, so thank you for allowing your children to attend and and to those of you<br />

who helped during the evening, it is very much appreciated. The FLS run lots of events like this<br />

through the year, with all proceeds going towards improving our school. However, their numbers<br />

are low, so if you are able to help the FLS in any capacity, please let Gail Terry know or speak to<br />

Grace in the office.<br />

This week, we held our cake stall to raise money for a memorial flower garden for Mrs Gee. Thank<br />

you to all of you who sent in cakes or money or attended the cake stall, it was hugely successful<br />

and we raised over £350. Raffle tickets will continue to be on sale until Wednesday.<br />

This half term is one of the busiest of the year and I am looking forward to telling you about what<br />

has been going on in our next newsletter.<br />

Kind regards,<br />

Adam Anderson<br />


Broad and balanced...<br />

EYFS<br />

This week the Rainbow Class have<br />

been very excited about Halloween!<br />

We had fun making our own magic<br />

potions, listening to stories, learning<br />

about how other people celebrate Halloween,<br />

making and tasting pumpkin<br />

soup.<br />

Y2<br />

Year 2 have been making their own<br />

story books about plastic pollution in<br />

our oceans. They planned,published<br />

and have illustrated them. They also<br />

used the Chromebooks to select their<br />

front cover image.<br />

This week Year 2 have looked at how<br />

Lego is made and the benefits of plastic.<br />

They then created an animal using<br />

the Lego.

Broad and balanced...<br />

Y3<br />

Year 3 have been observing and<br />

experimenting with light in recent<br />

weeks. We have found that light<br />

sources produce light which is the<br />

fastest thing on the planet. However,<br />

UV light (Ultra Violet) can be both<br />

beneficial to us but also harmful to our<br />

eyes and skin. We know that the sun<br />

is the main producer of UV light and<br />

is also the closest star to our planet<br />

which is why it looks so big. We can<br />

see all objects due to light reflecting<br />

from surfaces and into our eyes.<br />

Y4<br />

Y4 have been working on some beautiful<br />

artwork this week. They have<br />

produced stunning pastel images depicting<br />

what the sea could look like if<br />

it weren’t for plastic pollution.

Broad and balanced...<br />

Y5<br />

Geography - Class 5 have been learning<br />

about places and features of the<br />

United Kingdom. The children can<br />

name all of the countries in the United<br />

Kingdom and talk in depth about<br />

the physical and human features that<br />

exist across the lands.<br />

Big Write - This week the children<br />

completed a descriptive piece of writing<br />

based around Halloween. They<br />

were very scary and very imaginative.<br />

Y6<br />

In RE, we have been looking at Buddhism<br />

and the Eightfold Path. We<br />

discussed the meaning of the eight<br />

practices and which of these we follow<br />

in our own lives. Each group then created<br />

a freeze frame to represent each<br />

practice and we had to guess which<br />

practice they were representing. Afterwards,<br />

we reflected on which practices<br />

we would like to start following<br />

in our day to day lives.

What’s been going on...<br />

Congratulations...<br />

Well done to our most recent winners of Star of the Week and Times Table Rockstars.<br />

Stars of the week<br />

Y1: Lawrence, Miaya, Lyla and Bryony<br />

Y2: Tyler, Isabella, Osian and Matilda<br />

Y3: Tamlin, Emily, Adam and Cameron<br />

Y4: Ezra, Jacob, Ena and Seth<br />

Y5: Casey, Laurie, Beau and Oliver<br />

Y6: Leah, Lucas, Amy and Tyler<br />

Times Table Rockstars<br />

Pen Licences

What’s been going on...<br />

Other news...<br />

Parking in the Community<br />

Please be considerate when parking in our local community at the start and end of the<br />

day. We appreciate it gets very busy, which is why we have staggered ends of the day<br />

for KS1 and KS2 and have built the community path. There have been several incidents<br />

this year of driveways and garages being blocked and residents being verbally<br />

abused. This is not acceptable behaviour and not what we want to model for our children.<br />

Please use the Community Centre Car Park at busy times and make the short<br />

walk to the school. Thank you for your support.<br />

Ludgvan Parish Council Logo Design Competition<br />

The Parish Council have been in contact and would like our input to design their new<br />

logo. You should have received a letter with a design space on it this week. This is for<br />

you and your child to design a logo and enter the compeition. It is a great opportunity<br />

to get involved and have an impact in our local community.<br />

Children in Need<br />

Children in Need is on the 15th November. We will be doing our bit by wearing pyjamas<br />

for the day in return for a £1 donation. This is charity that does great work and<br />

one that we do our best to support every year. Thank you.

Term Date Event<br />

15-17 Oct<br />

Dates What’s Congratulations... for been the going year... on...<br />

21 st -25 th October<br />

28 th October<br />

Parents Evenings<br />

Half term<br />

Inset Day<br />

15 th November Children in Need<br />

Autumn<br />

Term<br />

9 th Dec EYFS Nativity<br />

11 th Dec Christmas Dinner (wear<br />

Christmas Jumpers)<br />

Tuesday 17 th December 6pm Ludgvan<br />

Church<br />

Christingle KS1<br />

Spring<br />

Term<br />

Thursday 19 th December 6pm Ludgvan<br />

Church<br />

Friday 20 th 1pm/1:15pm -<br />

Monday 6 th January<br />

17 th – 21 st February<br />

4 th March<br />

9 th March<br />

Christingle KS2<br />

Break up for Christmas<br />

Return to school<br />

Half Term<br />

Parent Consultation Day<br />

Inset Day<br />

18 th March EYFS High Tea<br />

Friday 27 th March<br />

Break up for Easter<br />

Summer<br />

Term<br />

Tuesday 14 th April<br />

Return to School<br />

1 st June<br />

Inset Day<br />

25 th – 29 th May<br />

Half Term<br />

30 th June<br />

Sports Day<br />

13 th July KS1 Summer Show<br />

14 th July<br />

Y3 and Y4 Summer<br />

Show<br />

15 th July<br />

Y5 and Y6 Summer<br />

Show<br />

Thursday 23rd July<br />

Break up for Summer



Starting Saturday 2 nd November at<br />

St. Uny School (indoors if raining). Boys and girls<br />

welcome! Only £3 per child!<br />

Ages: 4 – 6 yrs<br />

Ages :7 – 9 yrs<br />

Ages: 10 plus<br />

Time: 9 – 10am<br />

Time: 10 – 11am<br />

Time: 11 – 12pm<br />

Please bring football kit, boots and trainers,<br />

shinpads and drinks.<br />

To book a place ring or text Scott Goodchild with<br />

your Child’s Name and Age to 07763171524.

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