The Good Life Men's Magazine - November/December 2019


On the cover - West Fargo Fire Chief Dan Fuller, Local Hero - Fargo Police Sergeant Kevin Pallas, Having a Beer with Radio Host, Scott Hennen, Hunting with Bret Amundson and more in Fargo Moorhead's only men's magazine.

kids are heavily involved in sports including lacrosse, football, track & field, and

basketball. Although the two youngest aren’t involved with sports yet, Fuller is

almost certain they will be.

Serving as West Fargo Fire Chief is, without a doubt, a team effort and Fuller’s

family plays a huge role in making it possible.

“My family supports me through understanding that, occasionally, Dad has to

leave for a fire or emergency and that, a few nights a week, I’m in meetings until

8 or 9 at night. When I am gone, my wife Naomi really supports me because she

stays here and takes care of five kids who are involved in several sports teams

and after school activities. My in-laws live in Fergus Falls, and they are great to

come and watch the kids when I have out of town meetings and Naomi travels

with me,” said Fuller.

Dan at age six.

“It is making a difference,

every day, and just maybe,

leaving the community in a

better place than when you

walked in.”– Dan Fuller

A Learner at Heart

Aside from reading in his free time, Fuller routinely seeks continued education.

“Continuous learning leads you to constantly look at the way you are and compels

you to make changes based on others’ best practices. In the fire department, we

are constantly changing to meet a moving goal of providing the best services

possible to the community. I am constantly changing and adapting my leadership

style to meet the demands of a growing organization and community and readying

myself for whatever is next in my career,” said Fuller.

He recently completed a four-year training course from the Federal Emergency

Management Agency’s U.S. Fire Administration’s National Fire Academy

Executive Fire Officer Program. The EFOP is a series of four graduate equivalent

courses with four applied research projects with concentrations on executive

development, community risk reduction, fire services in emergency operations

and leadership. / THE GOOD LIFE / 21

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