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Whether you're married, dating, have living

relatives or know someone you can kind of call a

friend, make up a new tradition with them.

of Java, let’s make the best of our time on the frozen

prairie with yet another list of some not-too-bad ideas

for your loved or liked ones and you to do together this


Winter Sur-thrive-al Activities

1. Learn a language on your own or with a friend

or lover

There are plenty of apps and podcasts available that can

teach you other languages for free. Coffee Break Languages

podcasts and the DuoLingo app are two excellent options.

If you learn with a buddy, you can challenge each other and

keep the momentum going. Once you have some fluency

going on, you can also have secret conversations in public

and talk about other people in front of their backs, just

like my Spanish speaking friends did to me in high school.

Please note: When people stare, point and laugh, they’re

definitely talking about you.

2. Make up some traditions

Whether you're married, dating, have living relatives or

know someone you can kind of call a friend, make up a

new tradition with them. There's a reason people have

lasting traditions throughout their family lineage. It helps

people bond, and it's something to look forward to during

the season of depression (this excludes lutefisk).

3. Sleep in on a Saturday and watch cartoons

Maybe it's because my love for cereal as a child was an

unhealthy obsession. Perhaps it's because I still love and

protect my stuffed animals. Whatever the reasons are,

I still believe some Saturdays should be spent sleeping

in until at least 9:35 a.m., eating cereal and watching


4. Host dress-up dinner parties

Tim and I are big proponents of costumed dining (dressup

dinner parties). In the last few years, we've probably

had at least one every season with some of our friends.

You can make it a murder mystery, too, if you desire.

The main point is to have a theme, make sure everyone

dresses up, assign food or beverage items for people to


bring, and see what strangeness ensues throughout the

evening. Remember to take pictures.

5. Plan a trip, big or small

You can take a little excursion during the months

aforementioned or plan ahead for a spring or summer

vacation. Having something to look forward to is of

utmost importance, and, if you do the planning early, you

don't have to spend your time indoors on your devices

hashing out all the details when you could be outside

planting asparagus or kayaking down the dirty ol’ Red.

6. Sunday dinner

This kind of ties in with No. 3, but consider having a

weekly or monthly ritual of feasting with those whom you

love the most.

7. Volunteer and help others

The Midwest is a brutal place in the fall, winter, and,

well, the spring, especially if you don’t have a warm place

to call your own. Help people and animals often. This

actually benefits you, too, and will give you a greater

sense of purpose. Even if you don’t volunteer at a soup

kitchen or a shelter, you can help the homeless by creating

care packages filled with everyday items. When you see

them on the street, you’ll be prepared. Maybe throw in a

blanket, some food, water, gloves, socks, and a Bible or

another book filled with reminders of hope — anything to

help people survive.

8. Get all kinds of cozy with your kids (or S.O.)

Don’t underestimate the power of playing games (not

mind games). Maybe Candy Land isn’t in your top 10,

but playing board games, working on puzzles, or finding

some other activity your kids will love helps you connect

and lighten up — unless you’re one of those crazies that

has to win every time in order to be happy.

Whether you choose to try any of these ideas or not,

make sure you set fun goals for yourself this winter. We

need little things to look forward to every day amidst the

simultaneously bland and busy weeks. Don’t just wait for

excitement; create it. •

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