The Good Life – November-December 2019


On the cover - West Fargo Fire Chief Dan Fuller, Local Hero - Fargo Police Sergeant Kevin Pallas, Having a Beer with Radio Host, Scott Hennen, Hunting with Bret Amundson and more in Fargo Moorhead's only men's magazine.


Beyond Policing

Aside from the support, affirmation, and companionship

from Kris, Sgt. Pallas has also benefited in receiving free

haircuts. “Kris has been a stylist for over 25 years - she

does a fantastic job. I haven’t paid for a haircut in 27

years,” said Sgt. Pallas.

Celebrating 38 years together, the couple enjoys simply

spending quality time together.

“In the summer months we enjoy being out and about.

We bought a Camaro convertible a few years back and

treated ourselves for our 50th birthdays. We do some light

travel to Lake Superior and the countryside of Northern

Wisconsin to visit family and enjoy the lake.”

“We’ve been to well over 100 concerts since we’ve been

together. We enjoy live music from different genres. My

wife is a fantastic cook and baker. So, we like to experience

different foods and restaurants,” said Sgt. Pallas.

Heart First

Although Sgt. Pallas’s track record is undoubtedly

impressive, what truly stands out the most about him is

his heart. In every role that Sgt. Pallas has held, he has

sought to lead with his whole heart while striving to do

his best each day on the job. Simply put, he’s the kind of


“I couldn’t have asked for a

better career and being part

of a such a large picture of what

it’s all about. It’s about community

service and knowing that you have

made a difference in people’s lives,

along with getting to know people and

making connections. That’s priceless.”

Kevin Pallas

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