CosBeauty Magazine #86


CosBeauty is the #BeautyAddict's guide to lifestyle, health and beauty in Australia.
In this issue:
- The 2019 Christmas Gift Guide
- City Skin Detox
- Fool Proof Steps for Party Survival
- Diet is a Dirty Word
- Hair Trends from Catwalk Zimmerman
- Fertility Options for Cancer Survivors

Jess’s Story


Two days after her 30th birthday in

2017, Jess Braude was riding high.

She had just enjoyed wonderful

birthday celebrations with beloved

family and friends and was looking

forward to a year of happiness,

love and joy with her childhood

sweetheart Travers Marony, also 30 at

the time. Neither of them could have

imagined their world would be turned

upside down just two days later.

But then, the unthinkable

happened. Doctors found a lump in

her breast.

‘It was two days after my birthday

– can you believe it?’ she asks with

a wry smile. ‘I mean, I knew there

may have always been a chance – I

discovered that I had the BRCA2

gene in October 2016, so I was having

six-monthly testing anyway. But to

find out so close to my birthday was a

bit of a rude shock!

‘On my second-ever test in July

2017, they found a one-centimetre

lump. It turned out to be breast

cancer, specifically triple-negative

breast cancer. Triple-negative breast

cancer is a cancer that tests negative

for oestrogen, progesterone and HER2


‘Put simply, it’s the worst kind, as

it’s considered to be more aggressive

and have a poorer prognosis than

other types of breast cancer, mainly

because there are no targeted

medicines that treat triple-negative

breast cancer.’

If there was a silver lining, it was

probably that Jess and Travers had

been together for over a decade,

so the conversation about fertility

preservation wasn’t as highly

pressured as it might be for those

who’d just started a relationship, or

indeed, those who are single.

‘Travers and I had been together

for 12 years, so we were in a lifelong

Jess and Travers remain positive and bouyant

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