CosBeauty Magazine #86


CosBeauty is the #BeautyAddict's guide to lifestyle, health and beauty in Australia.
In this issue:
- The 2019 Christmas Gift Guide
- City Skin Detox
- Fool Proof Steps for Party Survival
- Diet is a Dirty Word
- Hair Trends from Catwalk Zimmerman
- Fertility Options for Cancer Survivors


8 Editor’s Letter

10 Beauty Insider

124 Ed’s Faves


22 Who Nose?

It’s hard to tell which celebrities

have had a nose job. You be

the judge.

64 Bare Beauty

After months of jeans and

jumpers, our hair removal

routine often requires some

attention as spring replaces

winter. We look at the best

defuzzing options.

70 Hair Trends From The Catwalk

Zimmermann brought the

Australian summer heat to

hairstyles at this year’s NYFW.

80 Silly Season Survival

Here are our tried and tested

ways to survive this summer in

good shape.

94 Debbie Delgado

Her artistic eye and professional

expertise are key to the

amazing transformations she

achieves with makeup and


94 2019 Christmas Gift Guide

No matter who you need to buy

a gift for this Christmas, we’ve

got you covered. If you end up

spoiling yourself in the process,

then that’s ok too!

116 Fertility options after a

cancer diagnosis

A cancer diagnosis often comes

out of the blue and starting

or extending your family will

probably be the last thing

on your mind. However, it’s

important to consider your

options for the future, explains

Shonagh Walker.


24 City Skin Detox

It’s not called ‘The Big Smoke’ for

nothing. Our skin is at the mercy

of pollution and environmental

forces. We show you how to

minimise damage.

32 Eye Wonder

Not everyone is born with a

perfect set of peepers. If you

feel your eyes could do with a

little optical illusion, we live in an

age where the possibilities for

makeup are endless. With a few

expert techniques and products,

a steady hand can create ways to

really make your eyes pop.

36 All Dressed Up & Ready To Go

With the festive season just

around the corner, we’re dishing

out some handy makeup tricks to

keep you looking fierce, fabulous

and oh so fine!

54 Bag It! Makeup In A Stick

We all love fuss-free makeup

sticks and when they come

in such attractive packaging,

they’re a cinch to take with you!

Throw them in your bag to take


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