Get Out! GAY Magazine – Issue 443 November 6 2019

Featuring content from the hottest gay and gay-friendly spots in New York, each (free!) issue of Get Out! highlights the bars, nightclubs, restaurants, spas and other businesses throughout NYC’s metropolitan area that the city’s gay population is interested in.

Featuring content from the hottest gay and gay-friendly spots in New York, each (free!) issue of Get Out! highlights the bars, nightclubs, restaurants, spas and other businesses throughout NYC’s metropolitan area that the city’s gay population is interested in.


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Amuka is best known in gay clubland<br />

for “Appreciate Me,” her #1 hit with<br />

the late, great Peter Rauhofer.<br />

This month, she has joined forces<br />

with NYC-based super-producer<br />

Robert Cotnoir of Grapefruit Sound<br />

Lab for a song that could be the<br />

slogan for next year’s Democratic<br />

convention. “Don’t Fall for It” is a<br />

rally cry against Trump and all his<br />

nutty rhetoric. The song is the first<br />

single off of the upcoming Grapefruit<br />

Sound Lab album “Eight Days Across<br />

America,” and it’s already in the top<br />

25 on the Billboard dance chart - and<br />

rising. We spoke with the legendary<br />

dancefloor icon from her home in<br />

Detroit.<br />

INTERVIEW > > > > ><br />

Why does America need a<br />

song like “Don’t Fall for It”<br />

now more than ever?<br />

We must work to bring us<br />

back together as a nation.<br />

What better way than through<br />

music?<br />

Is it time we impeach<br />

Trump?<br />

We are indeed a nation<br />

divided, and we have to do<br />

whatever it takes to bring us<br />

back together. Division only<br />

weakens us. We have to ask,<br />

what does America really<br />

stand for? I believe America<br />

is wounded, and we have to<br />

stop the bleeding before we<br />

have nothing to save for our<br />

children. No one is above<br />

our laws in the Constitution,<br />

which includes the president.<br />

If he is found guilty, and the<br />

case is made, he has to be<br />

responsible for his actions<br />

like any other person who<br />

commits a crime.<br />

Why do you think half of<br />

America believes Trump’s<br />

lies?<br />

He is a master of disguise<br />

and never admits<br />

wrongdoing, even if the truth<br />

is staring him in the face.

I also think it’s very<br />

difficult (for those who<br />

voted him into office)<br />

to admit they made a<br />

mistake, and they will<br />

ride with it until the<br />

wheels fall off, if need<br />

be.<br />

His most repeated<br />

claim is that his<br />

border wall is being<br />

built. What are your<br />

thoughts on the<br />

wall and Trump’s<br />

immigration policy?<br />

How is it OK to deem<br />

one man’s life more<br />

worthy of living than<br />

another? We are all<br />

one, and no one man<br />

is better than another.<br />

Putting people in camps<br />

and snatching and<br />

abusing women and<br />

children is appalling.<br />

There is absolutely<br />

no justification for<br />

treating other human<br />

beings with such a lack<br />

of concern for their<br />

wellbeing.<br />

He has said he has<br />

nothing to hide<br />

from the Russia<br />

investigation. Do you<br />

believe him?<br />

I believe he was made<br />

an offer he could not<br />

refuse: The Trump<br />

Tower Moscow deal.<br />

I believe they dug up<br />

dirt on Hillary quid<br />

pro quo, just like what<br />

is happening with<br />

Ukraine and Joe Biden.<br />

I believe he thought<br />

he was getting away<br />

with it, and he decided<br />

to test fate and try it<br />

again. The truth always<br />

outruns a lie, and<br />

karma is real. These<br />

are principles that<br />

never change. I have<br />

watched him contradict<br />

himself so many times,<br />

I have lost count. That<br />

makes it very difficult<br />

to believe anything he<br />

says. His integrity is<br />

nonexistent.<br />

Is Trump the main<br />

reason you decided<br />

to record “Don’t Fall<br />

for It”?<br />

The moment Bobby<br />

[Cotnoir, of Grapefruit<br />

Sound Lab] presented<br />

the song to me, I knew<br />

we had something<br />

special. Its message of<br />

“love yourself enough<br />

to never toy with<br />

disaster” resonated with<br />

me. I once fell for two<br />

people proposing two<br />

projects, one a movie<br />

and one a scripted<br />

series. Both were<br />

smoke and mirrors, and<br />

I was fortunate enough<br />

to realize it before I<br />

signed anything. Be<br />

very careful who you<br />

give your time and<br />

energy to. Pay attention<br />

whenever that little<br />

warning voice shows up<br />

and says “don’t do it.”<br />

I especially love when<br />

you take us to church<br />

with the lyric, “Thank<br />

you, Lord, for giving<br />

us another day.”<br />

Every day we wake up<br />

is a blessing indeed.<br />

I am a spiritual being,<br />

and I do not judge<br />

people for where they<br />

are on their spiritual<br />

journey. I know where<br />

I am on mine. I thank<br />

God for the ability to<br />

express myself through<br />

the gift of music.<br />

Last question: Who<br />

among the current<br />

list of Democratic<br />

candidates are you<br />

liking the most?<br />

Well, judging from<br />

what happens when an<br />

amateur is at the helm,<br />

I’d like someone who is<br />

well seasoned. We all<br />

know what’s going on<br />

behind that curtain, and<br />

this is not “The Wizard<br />

of Oz.”<br />

Grapefruit Sound Lab and<br />

Amuka’s “Don’t Fall for It” is being<br />

distributed through Howe Records,<br />

and its remixes are available on<br />

Apple Music, Spotify and all digital<br />

retailers and streaming services.<br />


Visit grapefruitsoundlab.com.


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‘What Do Diana Ross, Sylvia Miles<br />

and Non-Binary Have in Common?’<br />

Superstar journalist, actor, TV and film star, singer and nightlife<br />

personality Michael Musto is about to get extremely busy. I have a<br />

relentless urge to introduce the esteemed former Village Voice, New<br />

York Times and <strong>Out</strong> columnist—who now writes for NewNowNext—as<br />

a former club kid, movie actor, music video celebrity, TV personality<br />

and favorite nightlife hero, but New York already considers him a<br />

household name.<br />

I absolutely adore speaking with Musto, because he is edgy, creative,<br />

always has something going on and is a complete blast.<br />

Where should we<br />

start?<br />

Sylvia Miles was pretty<br />

much my first celebrity<br />

once I got out of<br />

college in the ‘70s. At<br />

the time I worked for<br />

a fan magazine, and<br />

I was obsessed with<br />

Sylvia Miles, because<br />

I used to read about<br />

her in the gossip<br />

columns every day.<br />

When John Simon,<br />

that horrible, hateful<br />

critic, wrote that Sylvia<br />

was a gate crasher—<br />

in other words, a<br />

party crasher—I loved<br />

reading that she<br />

went up to him in a<br />

restaurant and poured<br />

a plate of pasta on his<br />

head.<br />

I love her already.<br />

So I asked if I could<br />

interview her for the<br />

fan magazine I worked<br />

for, and it worked<br />

out. I took her to the<br />

Russian Tea Room, and<br />

we became friends.<br />

I went with her to<br />

Studio 54, and she was<br />

a very complicated<br />

person. At Studio 54<br />

she would just run up<br />

to directors and beg<br />

them to hire her, and<br />

she would chase down<br />


So I felt a little bit like I was hanging<br />

out with Norma Desmond. I did<br />

like her glamour and her style. So<br />

we are having a memorial that is<br />

being organized by her niece and<br />

by Mauricio Padilla, MAO PR, at the<br />

Walter Reade Theater at Lincoln<br />

Center. It’s on the 21st of <strong>November</strong><br />

at noon. I will be giving the opening<br />

remarks, and then I’m going to<br />

emcee the rest of it.<br />

Was she a singer, actress?<br />

She was an actress with two<br />

Academy nominations. One was for<br />

“Midnight Cowboy,” and the other<br />

was for “Farewell My Lovely.” She was<br />

also on Broadway, including “Night of<br />

the Iguana.” She was a real New York<br />

fixture. Anyone who was around in<br />

the ‘70s and ‘80s in New York knew<br />

her. She was in the columns every<br />

day, she was at every event, she was<br />

just one of those New York people,<br />

like Andy Warhol. She worked for<br />

Andy Warhol. She was in a movie<br />

called “Heat.” That’s another thing<br />

I loved about her—she was doing<br />

Academy Award movies and she<br />

was doing Warhol films, and she was<br />

doing Broadway. She was on “All My<br />

Children” for a while too. She was<br />

in “She Devil.” She stole that movie.<br />

“Wall Street.” She was in a million<br />

movies. Sylvia was everywhere. She<br />

was one of the most well-known<br />

personalities in New York. She was in<br />

her ‘90s when she died.<br />

Awww.<br />

The last few years she wasn’t<br />

going out at all. She was pretty<br />

homebound.<br />

Did you remain friends until she<br />

died?<br />

Mauricio would go visit her and<br />

would report back to me. He would<br />

send me pictures of her and report<br />

back on how she was doing. The day<br />

before she died I had announced that<br />

Sylvia was going to play my mother<br />

in “Japanese Borscht” by Eric Rivas.<br />

Geraldine Smith is another actress<br />

from Warhol films, and she was<br />

a dear friend of Sylvia’s. She got<br />

Sylvia to play my mother, and then<br />

the next day Sylvia died. It was<br />

really sad, but Eric Rivas put a<br />

video montage in the movie. That’s<br />

how the movie ends, with a tribute<br />

to her. It was really sweet.<br />

Before that you have Diana.<br />

What’s that about?<br />

I love Diana Ross. She’s my #1<br />

celebrity of all time, like you love<br />

Adam Ant. Diana is my Adam Ant.<br />

I always joke that I turned gay as<br />

a kid in the ‘60s when I saw the<br />

show “Tarzan” with Ron Ely, this<br />

hot guy in a loincloth. There was<br />

one episode where they had Diana<br />

and the Supremes as nuns in Africa.<br />

That made me not only gay but<br />

the gayest kid in Bensonhurst,<br />

Brooklyn. Everything about them<br />

made me gay. I followed her career,<br />

and I just adored her.

She just glitters and she sparkles.<br />

I was there for the Central Park<br />

concert when the skies opened up.<br />

It rained, and people stampeded in<br />

the mud—it was really dangerous.<br />

So I just sat there for a while,<br />

because Diana Ross didn’t leave the<br />

stage. I had like a private Diana Ross<br />

concert. She was telling everyone<br />

to calm down, because the rain<br />

makes the flowers grow. She was<br />

very inspiring. I felt bad for her,<br />

because everybody was running and<br />

abandoning her. I went to a party<br />

for her on the Intrepid boat, and I<br />

decided that I had to meet her. I had<br />

never met her, and I was wondering,<br />

“How am I going to go up to her?”,<br />

and she came up to me. She said,<br />

“Hi, I am Diana Ross.” I said, “I know.”<br />

We talked a little bit about her<br />

album and some of the songs on it.<br />

That must have been an epic<br />

experience for you.<br />

It really was. I met her and David<br />

Bowie, and those were two of my<br />

top, and Patty Duke was another<br />

one. I’m at 99% of my idols. For<br />

some reason I just wanted a tribute<br />

to Diana Ross. If you notice, she’s<br />

always getting awards. She<br />

was touring last year, and<br />

I pitched it to some other<br />

promoter two years ago,<br />

and he never got it together.<br />

So then I went to Danny<br />

Nardicio, who was totally into<br />

it. He kicked ass and got it<br />

together. This will take place<br />

on Saturday, <strong>November</strong> 9, at<br />

8 p.m. It’s a benefit for “Black<br />

Lives Matter.” From 7 to 8<br />

there will be a meet and greet<br />

from the cast for the people<br />

who buy the $40 tickets. It will<br />

be an all-star tribute. I’m not<br />

sure if I’m going to sing “Love<br />

Child” or “You Can’t Hurry<br />

Love,” or maybe more than<br />

one song. I know the entire<br />

catalog, believe me.<br />

You could do a medley.<br />

Just wind me up. Then there<br />

wouldn’t be room for anybody else.<br />

I would do everything from “Where<br />

Did Our Love Go” to “Endless Love.”<br />

I could easily just get up there now<br />

and do it. I grew up as a little gay<br />

lip-syncing to Diana Ross in my<br />

bedroom. I was always different<br />

from the other kids, just like a “love<br />

child.”<br />

When did you suspect that you<br />

were gay?<br />

I was 12 or 13, but I wasn’t 100%<br />

sure, because I didn’t know<br />

what it even meant. You know,<br />

Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, is not the<br />

most progressive place in the world.<br />

Especially not in the 1960s. It was<br />

a very old-school Italian-American<br />

neighborhood, where gay just<br />

wasn’t on anybody’s radar. In fact,<br />

my parents had a medical book, and<br />

I looked up homosexuality, and it<br />

said it was a mental illness. At that<br />

point it was considered a mental<br />

illness. This is before Stonewall. Even<br />

after Stonewall, that didn’t exactly<br />

impact Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, right<br />

away, believe me.

Did you walk around thinking that<br />

you were mentally ill?<br />

No, I knew I wasn’t mentally ill, but<br />

I thought, “What am I going to do<br />

about these feelings? Maybe they<br />

will go away.” For a second I thought<br />

maybe I liked women, because I<br />

would look at these little travel<br />

brochures, and there were women in<br />

bathing suits, and I thought, “They<br />

are kind of cute.” They were the ones<br />

with no breasts. They looked like<br />

guys. Then I had to realize that this is<br />

not the way it’s going, I’m definitely<br />

gay. Once I went to Columbia at age<br />

16, I found a whole community, which<br />

I didn’t know existed. The media had<br />

portrayed gays as sad, lonely people.<br />

At Columbia, I saw open gays who<br />

were attractive. They were holding<br />

hands, they were making out, and I<br />

realized at that point there’s a future<br />

for me. There was a community, there<br />

was a family. I tell everyone, just go<br />

over that bridge, but of course now<br />

you have to go back to Brooklyn<br />

where fabulous is happening.<br />

Brooklyn is like the new Manhattan.<br />

I’m not going back. I couldn’t wait to<br />

get out.<br />

It’s a good time to segue into that<br />

gender medley you do.<br />

I guest-star with Dorothy Bishop at<br />

the Dozen Divas Show at The Triad,<br />

and I introduced it there. It starts<br />

out with “Stand By Your Them”<br />

(“Stand By Your Man”), then it goes<br />

to “Spawn of a Preacher” instead of<br />

“Son of a Preacher Man,” and then<br />

“It’s Raining Them” by “The Weather<br />

People.” Then I end up with “We<br />

Just Wanna Have Fun.” First I did it<br />

with Dorothy’s show, and then I did<br />

it again at a club called Norwood on<br />

14th Street. Now it’s one of my set<br />

pieces where I could just go out and<br />

do it.<br />

I love it!<br />

I can’t do it for the Diana Ross show,<br />

though. It won’t make a lot of sense.



The Camera Loves Helix Model<br />

Alex Riley - and the Feeling Is Mutual<br />

Dallas native Alex Riley has five survival tips for<br />

anyone considering a career in adult film. The first:<br />

Make sure that you’re comfortable with people<br />

knowing you work in adult film. The years of having<br />

a hidden porn career are over. Movies last forever,<br />

and you can’t unfilm a scene.<br />

Second, hydrocortisone cream is a necessity.<br />

(Huh?)<br />

Third: Be yourself on camera. Don’t pretend you’re<br />

a big, dominant top when you’re really a hungry<br />

bottom, because fans can spot a phony on their<br />

computer screen. Also, be cool around the other<br />

models when you’re not on cam.<br />

Fourth: Have fun! Enjoy the exotic locales and the<br />

wild and crazy guys you get to hang out with while<br />

on set. Alex says he makes it a vacation every time<br />

he heads out to film.<br />

And last: Work out your body. It’s important to stay<br />

in shape, because they’re not kidding when they<br />

say the camera packs on extra pounds.<br />

We spoke with Riley in Las Vegas while he was on<br />

the set of his next Helix Studios film.<br />

INTERVIEW >>><br />

What compelled you to<br />

get into adult film?<br />

There was a moment in the<br />

fourth grade that I knew<br />

I wanted to get into adult<br />

films. I was watching a<br />

clip on my grandmother’s<br />

computer thinking, “Wow.<br />

I want to be one of those<br />

guys one day!”<br />

Tell us about growing up<br />

in Dallas.<br />

As a child, discipline,<br />

respect, school and sports<br />

were my whole life. My<br />

baby brother and I lived<br />

with my grandparents<br />

from, I believe, the middle<br />

of fourth grade until the<br />

middle of ninth grade. We<br />

lived with my mom for all of<br />

the other years before and<br />

after. I’ve never met my<br />

father, but it’s never been<br />

something that’s made me<br />

feel weird or different. As<br />

far as sports, I excelled in<br />

football, cross-country and<br />

track & field. Being good<br />

at sports didn’t necessarily<br />

make me popular in high<br />

school, but I was well<br />

known and liked.

Do your mom and<br />

grandparents know about<br />

your adult film career?<br />

Yes, I’ve told everyone,<br />

including close friends, and,<br />

for the most part, all have<br />

been supportive. I’ve learned<br />

to totally ignore mean things<br />

that people say to, or about,<br />

me. They have their lives and<br />

shouldn’t be worrying about<br />

mine.<br />

Who is the real Alex Riley<br />

when the cameras are off?<br />

I’m pretty much the same<br />

crazy, giggly, ADHD young<br />

man that I am on camera. I’m<br />

smiling and laughing a solid<br />

23 hours of any given day and<br />

eating snacks like it’s no one’s<br />

business.<br />

What is the best thing about<br />

porn?<br />

The people and the traveling.<br />

Traveling is so much fun, and<br />

I’ve had sex with some really<br />

hot guys that have become<br />

close friends.<br />

Worst?<br />

It can be physically draining<br />

at times. Luckily, I love what<br />

I do, so the worst isn’t really<br />

that bad, yenno?<br />

Weirdest place you’ve had<br />

sex?<br />

On the third story rooftop of<br />

my last boyfriend’s parent’s<br />

house.<br />

What is one thing your fans<br />

would be most surprised to<br />

learn about you?<br />

My nationality. I’m black,<br />

Caucasian and Italian.<br />

What is your least favorite<br />

part on a guy?<br />

Hole hair. A clean-shaven hole<br />

is unbeatable.<br />

Life motto?<br />

I’m the superstar of my own<br />

life, and I decide my future.<br />

What makes you angry?<br />

Uncalled for disrespect. Also,<br />

slow walkers and people that<br />

take the good things in life for<br />

granted.<br />

You can the run the world<br />

for a day. What would you<br />

do?<br />

I would go on national<br />

television and act like an<br />

absolute child until someone<br />

stopped me!<br />

Who would play you in a<br />

movie of your life?<br />

Cameron Boyce, before he<br />

passed away.<br />

When was the last time you<br />

cried?<br />

I cried a couple of days ago<br />

when I started thinking about<br />

myself and about how well<br />

my life is going. Then I prayed<br />

and started crying some<br />

more. I normally only cry for<br />

good purposes.<br />

What is your most treasured<br />

possession?<br />

I have a box at home that<br />

is completely full of sports<br />

items that I’ve been collecting<br />

my entire life. It’s packed<br />

with NFL helmets, posters,<br />

books, footballs, cards and<br />

autographed memorabilia.<br />

If you could give your<br />

younger self a piece of<br />

advice, what would it be?<br />

Work hard. Be smart. Go be<br />

great, and no matter what,<br />

remain humble!<br />

What items have you<br />

checked off your bucket<br />

list?<br />

None yet, sadly.<br />

What items do you have on<br />

your bucket list?<br />

I want to buy a home. A car. I<br />

want to invest in a company.<br />

I want a dog of my own!<br />

I want to go to Ibiza and<br />

get drunk with friends on a<br />

yacht. I’d also like to visit San<br />

Francisco, Cabo, Vancouver<br />

and Italy! I want to experience<br />

skydiving.<br />

That’s some list!<br />

I have a lot of life yet to live.<br />

Learn more about Alex Riley<br />

at HelixStudios.net.<br />


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STEAMY<br />


<strong>Get</strong>ting Intimate<br />

With Helix<br />

Studios’<br />

Latin Stud,<br />

Ashton<br />

Summers<br />

Ashton Summers<br />

admits he’s always<br />

had a thing for people<br />

watching him while he’s<br />

having sex. The tall,<br />

athletic and extraordinarily<br />

personable former<br />

dancer - he shimmies to<br />

everything from jazz to<br />

hip-hop to classic ballet<br />

- is originally from Puerto<br />

Rico and says he has<br />

never been shy about<br />

getting it on in public.<br />

Why should he? His lean<br />

and mean, bronze body is<br />

every twink-lover’s dream.<br />

He’s very active on his<br />

socials and loves to give<br />

his fans what they want:<br />

more photos! His tips<br />

to young twinks who<br />

aspire to follow in his<br />

footsteps: be nice,<br />

professional and<br />

respectful of people’s<br />

time. That’s sound<br />

advice for everyone!

INTERVIEW >>><br />

The new photos are<br />

spectacular, Ashton.<br />

Thanks! I wasn’t expecting<br />

to shoot that day.<br />

What did you have to do<br />

to prepare for the shoot?<br />

I didn’t do anything except<br />

comb my hair as nicely as<br />

possible and pose.<br />

Has the camera<br />

always loved you?<br />

Growing up, I was<br />

always kinda shy in<br />

front of the camera.<br />

When I first started<br />

modeling, it was hard<br />

to come out of my<br />

shell. Now it’s pretty<br />

easy!<br />

Were you always so<br />

lean and muscular?<br />

Yes, I grew up in<br />

sports. Did them<br />

my whole life. As a<br />

kid, my teams and<br />

friends were always<br />

my biggest support<br />

system.<br />

Were you close<br />

with your family?<br />

Yes, my family has<br />

also been supportive.<br />

Even with my career<br />

decisions. When my<br />

mother found out<br />

I was doing adult<br />

films, she was most<br />

concerned that I was<br />

doing it safely.

What led to your<br />

career in adult film?<br />

I studied architecture in<br />

college. It was intense.<br />

I had no time for friends<br />

or a full-time job. I<br />

literally had no social<br />

life. I needed a way to<br />

pay my tuition.<br />

What do you love<br />

most about the<br />

adult industry?<br />

I get to meet a lot of<br />

people, and it’s<br />

really fun.<br />

Biggest turn-on?<br />

<strong>Out</strong>door sex.<br />

And turn-off?<br />

Weird smells. Also, someone<br />

who doesn’t have good hygiene.<br />

Worst pick-up line someone<br />

has said to you?<br />

“I can’t wait to be in you,” or<br />

“I want you in me.” I’m<br />

more of a<br />

romantic.<br />

What is the most<br />

difficult part about<br />

your job?<br />

Not eating all day<br />

if I’m preparing for<br />

a bottoming scene.<br />

It’s a nightmare!<br />

Deep down, I’m<br />

a fatty.<br />

How would<br />

(or does)<br />

your Grindr<br />

profile<br />

read?<br />

Um, well,<br />

honestly,<br />

I have no<br />

idea!<br />

What<br />

superhero<br />

do you most<br />

identify with?<br />

Superman,<br />

because he<br />

flies, and<br />

I’m a free<br />


What would a film of your<br />

life be called, and who<br />

would star as you in it?<br />

It would be called “The<br />

Truth” and star me,<br />

of course.<br />

What’s your<br />

life motto?<br />

Huh?<br />

Skip it. What makes<br />

you smile?<br />

Everything, even the not<br />

very good things.<br />

What is the most beloved item of<br />

clothing in your wardrobe?<br />

None! I wouldn’t count any of my<br />

clothes as important.<br />

Which celebrity would you most<br />

like to slide into your DMs?<br />

Shawn Mendes. Such a cutie!<br />

You’ve been abducted by<br />

aliens. What is your parting<br />

message to planet Earth?<br />

You could’ve done better!<br />

What makes you angry?<br />

Hunger.<br />

Your house is<br />

on fire. What one<br />

possession would<br />

you save?<br />

My dog.<br />

You’ve been given 24<br />

hours to live. How do<br />

you spend your day?<br />

Doing what I love<br />

with the who I love.<br />

You can travel back in time.<br />

Where would you go, and<br />

what would you get up to?<br />

I wouldn’t! Everything<br />

that I’ve been through<br />

is who I am now.<br />

Visit HelixStudios.net.<br />


Congratulations<br />

on seven years<br />

of SPUNK.<br />

Thanks! We’re<br />

thrilled to<br />

be going<br />

strong with a<br />

great team of<br />

dancers, hosts,<br />

performers<br />

and crew.

What is Luis Gomez Presents<br />

SPUNK?<br />

SPUNK is a weekly series<br />

of parties that feature our<br />

signature combination of<br />

naughty fun, drag divas,<br />

gorgeous men and thumping<br />

DJs. We have three distinctly<br />

different shows featuring the<br />

most male go-go dancers<br />

under one roof in NYC.<br />

What makes SPUNK different<br />

from other similar parties<br />

around the city?<br />

A few things contribute to<br />

the unique atmosphere of<br />

a SPUNK event. To begin,<br />

SPUNK takes place in the<br />

historic West Village where,<br />

as host Holly Dae often<br />

says, “Your freak flag can fly<br />

high!” In addition, we have<br />

tried to create a place where<br />

everybody feels welcome to<br />

join in on a little stripper fun<br />

without feeling intimidated.<br />

We feature over 35 dancers, from<br />

muscle boys to twinks, plus Blaine<br />

Petrovia, the current North American<br />

pole dance champion, who wows the<br />

crowd with jaw-dropping performances.<br />

What’s new since the last time we<br />

interviewed you guys?<br />

More of everything! More dancers,<br />

more customers, more drag queens,<br />

more DJs… more FUN!<br />

Who hosts your events?<br />

Drag queens, of course! We are thrilled<br />

to have a fantastic lineup of drag diva<br />

hosts. Holly Dae is the original SPUNK<br />

girl and has been with us since the<br />

beginning. She currently hosts Saturday<br />

and Sunday. Thursday nights we rotate<br />

the amazing talents of Brenda Dharling,<br />

Bootsie LeFaris, Inita D, Olivia Luxe,<br />

Skyla Versai and Jasmin Van Wales. Plus<br />

a few surprise hosts from time to time.

Who are your nightly<br />

DJs?<br />

Jonny Mack, David<br />

Michael, Xavier Mazara,<br />

DJ Nandi and our most<br />

recent addition to the<br />

SPUNK family, Nicky<br />

Boom Box.<br />

Tell us about your<br />

different nights.<br />

Thursday at The Monster<br />

Thursday is the original<br />

SPUNK and the largest<br />

of our weekly parties.<br />

It’s wall-to-wall men with<br />

three dancer stages,<br />

two stripper poles and<br />

the most diverse crowd<br />

around.<br />

What do you have<br />

planned to celebrate<br />

your anniversary and<br />

for the future?<br />

As per tradition, we’ll<br />

have our signature<br />

SPUNK t-shirt giveaways<br />

all week, special guests<br />

and a few surprises in<br />

store! As for the future,<br />

who knows… Maybe<br />

there’s a SPUNK Friday<br />

ahead?<br />

Sunday at Pieces Bar<br />

Sunday nights are a bit<br />

more intimate. Sit back<br />

and enjoy the show from<br />

your table or brave the<br />

narrow gauntlet of men<br />

at the bar.<br />

Saturday at The<br />

Monster<br />

This party picks up<br />

where we left off after<br />

our three seasons on Fire<br />

Island. It’s a go-go dance<br />

party with an emphasis<br />

on getting your weekend<br />

groove on with a room<br />

full of hunky men.<br />

Let’s talk about your<br />

dancers. How do you<br />

find so many hot guys?<br />

Thankfully, at this point<br />

in the game, the guys<br />

tend to find us. Word of<br />

mouth and our history of<br />

welcoming guys from all<br />

over the world provide<br />

us with a steady stream<br />

of new dancers every<br />


For more information,<br />

or if you think you<br />

have what it takes to<br />

become a dancer,<br />

visit spunknyc.com.<br />


Mobile is<br />

HOTTER<br />


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