Business Chief USA November 2019





NewCold values the impact its

partners have on its success and

collaborates with TGW Logistics

Group, SKT, B-Built, Ancra,

Celonis, Fisher Construction

Group, CGI, Kingspan, SSI

Schaefer, Masterveil/De Weerdt

BVBA and Subzero Constructors.

This affirms why each of these

partnerships are critical to

driving success at NewCold.

TGW Logistics Group

TGW Group is NewCold’s partner for the

conveyors and lifts in the cold storages,

which takes care of pallet transport within

the warehouse. It is a global, preferred

supplier of NewCold, the two firms have

worked in partnership for a considerable

amount of time.


SKT is NewCold’s supplier of industrial

cooling solutions for the European market.

SKT delivers the industrial equipment to

control the freezing temperatures in the

cold storages. It’s a Belgian family-owned

company which NewCold has a long-term

partnership with.


B-Built is a general contractor of NewCold

for the European market. B-Built takes

care of the actual construction of a

NewCold facility. It is a family-owned,

small scale company with a lot of flexibility.


Ancra is NewCold’s preferred partner in

the innovative application of Automatic

Loading and Unloading systems for

warehouses and trailers. With this system,

no human hands touch the food products

from loading at the producer to in- and

outbound at the NewCold warehouse.

Ancra is a Dutch company with a global


Fisher Construction Group

Fisher Construction Group is a preferred

general contractor of NewCold in the USA.

Fisher built the NewCold facilities in

Tacoma (WA) and Burley (ID). Fisher has

long-term experience in the construction

of cold storages which is of great value in

its projects.


CGI is a global IT and consultancy services

provider that helps maximise the

technologies that transform the business of