Business Chief USA November 2019


its customers. CGI supported NewCold in

Melbourne to define KPI’s and test

protocols for the start-up of a crucial

functionality. Their knowledge of Business

Intelligence and Testing Methodology

helped NewCold to optimise its operation.


Kingspan is NewCold’s global supplier of

insulation panels; they form the external,

high insulating cover of NewCold’s

facilities. Its high-quality panels are always

at the forefront of innovation, which is – in

relation to fire safety and insulation value

– a high-impact value for NewCold.

It’s a Belgian based company with a a high

innovative drive and flexibility.

Subzero Constructors

Subzero Constructors is NewCold’s supplier

of industrial cooling solutions for the

Northern-American market. Subzero

Constructors, a US-based company,

delivers the industrial equipment to control

the freezing temperatures in the cold



SSI Schaefer

SSI Schaefer is NewCold’s preferred

supplier of pallet racking. The racking in

the high bay construction of NewCold’s

facilities takes care of the huge storage

capacity. SSI Schaefer is a global, solid

company, originated in Germany, with

which NewCold has a long-term


Masterveil/De Weerdt BVBA

Masterveil is the designer and supplier of

NewCold’s aircurtains and dehumification

systems. These systems take care of a solid

closure of external openings in NewCold’s

cold storage, for instance at train docks.