Business Chief USA November 2019


“Duke has been

around for more

than 100 years

and I believe

customers really

appreciate the

stability that

Duke provides”

Josie Broome,

Director of Procurement & Operational

Excellence, REC Solar

in Colorado which is the largest rooftop

in the state. The project saw the

installation of 17,000 panels spanning

19 acres and boasting a capacity

of 6MW. “It was a real team effort.

We worked together to secure the

products that were used, found ways

to reduce costs and achieve higher

productivity in the field,” she explains.

“Our typical approach is defined prior

to the beginning of the project working

directly with the field on setting up

workstations, collaborating with them

on their instructions and providing

guidance on the sequence of work.

Every project is unique, it’s up to us to

look for ways to maximize efficiency in

material handling, loading the roof, and

how the crews move throughout the

site. We track all of that.” Broome has

worked on a diverse and broad range

of projects and her role is to influence

them from a supply chain and operational

excellence perspective. “In my

previous roles at REC, I managed projects

and project teams directly; from

schools to hotels, cash to financed, on

carports, roof, and the ground. The

variety, volumes and regions are vast,

however there are still opportunities to

learn and improve.”