Business Chief USA November 2019


people at each of our facilities and the

strategy we have for delivering our

products and services has proven to

be successful.”

That success is leading T5 to nearly

triple its staff (from 150 to 400) to

support new projects. “After building

data centers for more than a decade,

we are seeing changes in the market,

and so we are adapting our operations

and scaling to meet the evolving

needs of our customers,” says Marin.

T5 is committed to supporting

veterans and “we were among the

first in the data center industry to

recruit former nuclear personnel from

the navy,” he reveals. “We find that

within that talent pool we’ve been able

to identify great candidates to be

retrained for the data center business.”

In August this year, T5 was nominated

among the top ten places to work in

Atlanta, so clearly Marin and his team

are on the right path. “We’re a small,

private company,” reflects Horowitz.

“But we have the communication and

the collaboration across the business

from our investors, down to the folks

in the field, fueling a culture I believe

is superior to any of our peers in the

industry. We’ve developed this from


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