Business Chief USA November 2019


81% of companies expect customer

experience to be the most important

competition metric by 2020.

Seeking to perfect the customer

experience is going to become an even

greater point of differentiation for companies

in the next few years. Social

media is a valuable tool for companies

to understand, sell to and interact with

their customer bases, but the sword

swings both ways. Debacles like Fyre

Festival and Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat

Tweet prove that brands have nowhere

to hide anymore; the customer


Another Bostonian firm, Drift was

founded in 2014 and has since

become the world’s leading conversational

marketing and sales

platform that helps businesses

connect with their customers.

With a focus on immediate revenue

generation for its clients, Drift

has undeniably displayed the

trend with regard to its own


After just two years on the market,

the company has become one

of the fastest growing SaaS companies

of all-time and was named

to the Forbes Cloud 100, LinkedIn

Top 50 Startups, Entrepreneur’s

Top Company Cultures, Boston

Business Journal’s Best Places to

Work, and SaaS Company of the

Year by the NEVCA.

“Using Drift chatbots you can

answer common questions in real

time, route qualified leads to the

right sales reps and start conversations

with prospects in real time.

Rep in a meeting? No problem,

leads can book a time that works

for them and your rep in seconds

flat,” according to the company.


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