Business Chief USA November 2019




There is an increasing focus on

incorporating resilience into new

structures, as well as updating

existing infrastructure. However,

addressing sustainability requires vision

and clear communication to ensure it

gets the attention it deserves prior to

and during delivery.

Increased public awareness of the

impact of climate change and the UK

Government’s recent decision to set

a legally-binding target to reduce

greenhouse gas emissions to net zero

by 2050, are driving decision-makers

in the construction sector and other

industries to prioritise sustainability.

In setting this new target to reduce

carbon emissions, the UK is the first

G7 nation to align with the Paris 2015

agreement, but others already have

plans to follow.

To assist those responsible for the

design and development of new

buildings and infrastructure, the

sustainability assessment methodology

– BREEAM – has been rolled out to

more than 70 countries around the

world. Used to measure and certify


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