How to Recover Your Yahoo Mail Account?


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How to Recover Your Yahoo Email


To recover your Yahoo mail password, first, try to log into your account. If your

password is changed, select “Trouble signing in?”

You will have the option to sign in into your account using your Yahoo sign-in

email address or phone number, and recovery email address.

Recovering your Yahoo Mail account when

you backed it up with an email address


Just type in your back-up email address when you see the screen above and click continue.

Then, you will see the screen below, where you have to select “Yes, send me a verification


Step 2

You will receive the verification code on your back-up email address and should be good to go.

Recovering your Yahoo Mail account when you

backed it up with a phone number


If you connected your account to a phone number, after you type in your number. First of all,

you will be asked to prove you are not a robot. After you confirm, you can click continue.


If you have access to that phone, select “yes, text me a verification code”.


You should receive an SMS on your phone with the verification code.


Then type in the verification code you received via SMS.


Once you enter the code you received, they will conform the phone number is linked with your

Yahoo mail account.


As soon as you click on the account name, you should be logged into your account.

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