8th Grade November Bulletin


Middle School

8th grade

November 2019


November 1

November 21

All Saints Day - Holiday

Thanksgiving activity for Service Personnel

November 26 Thanksgiving reflection for MS - Students will leave at 12:30

November 27-29

December 4-6

December 6

December 7 - January 6

Thanksgiving Break

Second Marking Period Exams

Jingle Fest - 3:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Christmas Break - School resumes on January 7th

Information from the Office

Thank you to the families that have attended the activities for School for Parents. We

have discussed important issues.

On November 21st, MS students will share a Thanksgiving activity for our Service

Departments personnel. More information will be sent home.

On November 26th, we will have a group of moms leading the Thanksgiving Snack for

our students.

● Exam schedule: Wednesday December 4 Social - Language

Thursday December 5 Math

Friday, December 6 Science- Español

On December 6th, we will host our Jingle Fest, from 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Important reminders

The use of the electronic devices at school is limited only to academic purposes.

Students should not have games or social media applications installed on

their devices, as well as VPN´s. Please, check this with your kids.

“Vales” from the cafeteria are meant to be used ONLY in case of an emergency.

Please, send a note to MS Office authorizing your son/daughter to buy at the

cafeteria using “vales”.

On November 26th, all students will leaving at 12:30, please take note.

Students in Action

Subject Information


Idioma Español

Ms. Beatriz Lemus - beatriz.lemus@decrolyamericano.edu.gt


1. Revisar plataformas


a. CommonLit.

b. Classroom.

c. Rediker.

2. Proyecto a entregar:



Este mes:

1. Continuaremos con


2. El discurso persuasivo.

3. Sintagma verbal.

4. Fiesta de publicación.

5. Iniciaremos con la



Language Arts

Mr. Aiden Killick - aiden.killick@decrolyamericano.edu.gt

During the month of November, we will be continuing our unit entitled “A Starry

Home,” which focuses on the theme of exploration. Our reading and writing

activities center around this theme, and our culminating writing assignment will be

an argumentative essay in which students will have to defend their position on a

topic related to exploration or technology.

Additionally, as we read our choice novels, our focus will be the role of conflicts in

the novel and hypothetical approaches to resolving them.



Ms. Grecia Córdova - grecia.cordova@decrolyamericano.edu.gt

This month, we will be learning about linear functions and sets of numbers. This is the last month before

period exams.

In the class we will be following up the next methodology:

-Project based learning

-Spiral review

-Pre test and post test





Ms. Cristina Orellana - ana.orellana@decrolyamericano.edu.gt

Students will be working in a solar system scale model.

They will be analyzing the visible light spectrum.

Students will be creating a model to represent the phases of the moon using oreo cookies.


Visual Arts

Ms. Rebeca Lemus - diana.lemus@decrolyamericano.edu.gt

In November we will be creating our final projects

and on Monday 25 we will be exhibiting them in the

art’s department (third floor of the main building).


Performing Arts

Ms. Julissa Lara - julissa.lara@decrolyamericano.edu.gt

In november we will be practicing two christmas songs, using

different instruments and voices.

They will present this songs on December in the Jingle Fest.


Innovation Technology

Mr. John Halliwell - john.halliwell@decrolyamericano.edu.gt

This month during our innovation classes, we are focusing on how we can integrate

technology into other subjects. This will include creating short videos for elementary

school on Space travel, as well as elements of multimedia, and 3D drawing.

Este mes, durante nuestras clases de innovación, nos estamos centrando en cómo

podemos integrar la tecnología en otras materias. Esto incluirá la creación de videos

cortos para la escuela primaria sobre viajes espaciales, así como elementos multimedia

y dibujos en 3D.



Ms. Marian Alvarado - marian.alvarado@decrolyamericano.edu.gt

-Cultura tributaria: Alentar la voluntad ciudadana en el

pago de tributos, por convicción y no por coerción social


-Ciudadanía:Concientización sobre la importancia del

ejercicio de la ciudadanía y la aplicación de valores.

-Ciudadanía digital: Buscar, acceder y evaluar la calidad

de pertinencia de la información en diversas fuentes

virtuales, así como el uso de la información digital.


Adolescentes con Personalidad

Ms. Marian Alvarado - marian.alvarado@decrolyamericano.edu.gt



You can find us at

Ms. Mabel de Moreno - Principal


Ms. Sheila de Morales - Assistant Principal


Ms. Michelle Aguirre - MS Secretary

ms.office@decrolyamericano.edu.gt 16

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